It was the perfect chance for Karin. She had everything prepared. An instant-camera, some tissues to wipe her nose bleed and some ice to cool her fever. She was wearing nothing more than a white fluffy towel. She discarded her glasses on her nightstand some minutes ago, and now she was silently going to enter the bathroom.

''Hehe, this time he won't be here to stop me!'' she thought with a sly grin. She silently opened the bathroom and stepped into the damp mist. She could hear the water flow into the bathtub, and saw Sasuke sitting behind the lilac coloured bathcurtain. She snickered and silently approached the bath. Her plan was water-proof, she had locked the bathroomdoor and Sasuke still did not notice anything. She slid the bathcurtain open.

'' Let me wash your back!'' Karin said with the most sexy voice she possessed. She smiled and sat on the rim of the bathtub, lifting her leg in a sexy manner. When she squinted her eyes to sharpen the image of Sasuke, she fell into the water.

'' You may wash my back '' Suigetsu said with a smirk. Karin spluttered and tried to regain her balance. She was now in the same bath as Suigetsu, not Sasuke's. She was now sitting on Suigetsu's lap, not Sasuke's.

She didn't know what to say. Her face started to match her haircolour.

'' S-S-Sui-'' She stuttered, trying to push him away. '' WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE YOU JERK?!'' She shouted.

Suigetsu sighed. ''I could ask you the same thing'' he said with a sneer. Karin felt her cheeks becoming hot, taking notice of his well-toned upperbody.

'' I HATE YOU! '' She screeched, slipping out of the bath, holding her now-wet towel up. Suigetsu chuckled as he saw her flail. Eventually she left the bathroom, after giving him the finger.

'' He ruined my chances, again! '' Karin sighed deeply. Her mind started to recreate Suigetsu's bare body, and visualised it. She started to blush uncontrollably.

''T-That bastard.. He doesn't deserve such a good body!'' she shouted with a blush.