Wow guess who procrastinated and wrote a fanfiction (I did)

To make it easier to read, italics is John, no format changes for Sherlock, and bold is me (hello) up here.

December 10.

John. SH [sent at 10:21]

John. SH [sent at 10:30]

John, answer me. SH [sent at 10:42]

John. SH [sent at 10:50]

JOHN. SH [sent at 10:57]

Jesus Christ, Sherlock, what is it? JW [sent at 11:10]

Why didn't you answer me? SH [sent at 11:12]

I am at work. My phone was off. What do you need, I'm wasting my lunch break to text you instead of eating my sandwich. JW [sent at 12:14]

Waste your lunch break to text? You can multitask, John, can't you? SH [sent at 12:15]

Just tell me what you need, and leave me alone. JW [sent at 12:17]

I wanted to text you. I'm bored. SH [sent at 12:18]

John. SH [sent at 12:25]

I know your lunch break isn't over, it isn't for another twenty minutes. SH [sent at 12:26]

JOHN. SH [sent at 12:35]

For God's sake, John, answer me. SH [sent at 12:37]

No. JW [sent at 12:40]

You just did. SH [sent at 12:41]

JOHN. SH [sent at 12:50]

Sherlock, leave me alone or I swear to god, I will throw away every single body part that enters our fridge from now until the end of time. JW [sent at 12:53]

That's ridiculous. You know you couldn't possibly do that until the end of time. SH [sent at 12:55]

It's a figure of speak, Sherlock. JW [sent at 13:00]

I am aware. SH [sent at 13:01]

Stop texting me. JW [sent at 13:02]

Just because you requested that I stop, doesn't mean I have to. SH [sent at 13:04]

Fine, then, don't. I'm turning off my phone. JW [sent at 13:06]

Fine. SH [sent at 13:08]

See if I care. SH [sent at 13:08]

John. SH [sent at 13:11]

I do care, I'm bored. SH [sent at 13:19]

Bored. SH [sent at 13:21]

I will text you the word 'bored' until you answer me. SH [sent at 13:24]

Bored. SH [sent at 13:24]

Bored. SH [sent at 13:24]

Bored. SH [sent at 13:24]

Bored. SH [sent at 13:24]

Okay, that's getting boring. SH [sent at 13:25]

Are you staying late? SH [sent at 19:50]

Where are you, your shift ended hours ago. SH [sent at 21:30]

Is your phone still off? SH [sent at 21:35]

What if there was an emergency? SH [sent at 21:38]

John. SH [sent at 21:40]

Where are you. SH [sent at 21:50]

JOHN. SH [sent at 21:55]

Bloody hell, Sherlock. Stop texting me. I'm at the bar with Greg. JW [sent at 22:03]

Who's Greg? SH [sent at 22:05]

Lestrade. JW [sent at 22:08]

I thought his name was Graham. SH [sent at 22:10]

It's not. GL [sent at 22:15]

Are you showing him our texts?! SH [sent at 22:17]

Yes. GL [sent at 22:20]

Don't use John's phone to text me, Lestrade. You have your own. SH [sent at 22:25]

I don't know how John puts up with you. GL [sent at 22:30]

Update: John says it's 'years of patience and practice'. GL [sent at 22:35]

Hand the phone back to John. Now. SH [sent at 22:36]

Hello. JW [sent at 22:38]

Don't show Lestrade our texts. SH [sent at 22:39]

Then stop texting me. JW [sent at 22:43]

What am supposed to do, then? SH [sent at 22:45]

I don't know, watch telly. Go say hello to Mrs. Hudson. Just don't text me. JW [sent at 22:50]

I've already said hello to Mrs. Hudson today. And there's nothing on the telly. SH [sent at 22:52]

Talk to the skull. JW [sent at 22:56]

What if I don't want to? SH [sent at 22:57]

John? SH [sent at 23:04]

JOHN. SH [sent at 23:07]

Bored. SH [sent at 23:09]

Bored. SH [sent at 23:09]

Bored. SH [sent at 23:09]

Bored. SH [sent at 23:09]

Bored. SH [sent at 23:09]

Shut up. JW [sent at 23:10]

Why? SH [sent at 23:11]

John. SH [sent at 23:13]

I checked, there's nothing on telly. SH [sent at 23:20]

Mrs. Hudson is asleep. SH [sent at 23:28]

Bored. SH [sent at 23:35]

John. SH [sent at 23:35]

Shut up. JW [sent at 23:36]

Oh, well. Sorry if I wasted your time. Thanks for reading either way.

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