March 7

Sherlock. JW [sent at 16:23]

Sherlock. JW [sent at 16:29]

Sherlock. JW [sent at 16:45]

Sherlock. JW [sent at 16:57]

How'd you get that to work on me? JW [sent at 16:59]

March 8

If I say something interesting will you text me back? JW [sent at 10:23]

Cats can sleep for 16-18 hours straight. JW [sent at 10:27]

The dot above the 'i' is called a tittle. JW [sent at 10:36]

It is impossible to lick your elbow. JW [sent at 10:42]

Everyone knows that it is impossible to lick your elbow, John. SH [sent at 10:43]

Got you to speak to me, though, didn't it? JW [sent at 10:45]

I suppose. SH [sent at 10:46]

Please do something about John. He won't quit texting me, you need to get back to him or call him or something. GL [sent at 12:23]

All in good time, Geoff. SH [sent at 12:56]

Oh, my God. GL [sent at 13:01]

John. SH [sent at 15:32]

You choose now to text me? I'm at work. JW [sent at 15:38]

And? SH [sent at 15:39]

Christ. I'll stop trying to get ahold of you, all right? Just leave me alone if you're not coming back. JW [sent at 15:44]

I can see if I can come tomorrow. SH [sent at 15:47]

Don't bother. JW [sent at 15:47]

Honestly, John. You're acting like a child. SH [sent at 15:56]

Ignoring me will not do anything for anyone. SH [sent at 16:32]

I'll call Mrs. Hudson and make her put you on the phone. SH [sent at 16:43]

Mrs. Hudson wasn't there. SH [sent at 16:48]

What if I came back tonight? SH [sent at 16:54]

I can't. SH [sent at 17:03]

I can try and make an exception, maybe? SH [sent at 17:10]

John. SH [sent at 17:20]

John. SH [sent at 17:28]

Shut up. JW [sent at 17:29]

I just wanted to put something up and make sure you guys knew that I was, in fact, alive. I also wanted to get it up before my birthday (tomorrow) 'cause I thought if I gave myself a time limit or something I would write. But oh, my God, this is nothing.