A/N; So after writing 'Addict' I couldn't stop carrying it on past the girls leaving school. So hello new sequel! ^^ Wanna know what it's gonna be like? Keep reading :)

Taylor opens her eyes and groans. She's waken up before her alarm again. She sighs and stretches out, looking back when the body next to her twitches. She smiles and wraps herself around the other girl, pulls her back against her chest. She closes her eyes and finds herself drifting off with the sleeping breaths covering the room. She smiles and tucks her chin on a pale shoulder. She doesn't mind being late today.

Andrea's smiling. She loves it when Taylor can't sleep. It means she gets brilliant breakfast cuddles. Taylor's arms constrict around her and pull her even closer. Her lips brush Andrea's shoulder soothingly while her hand begins stroking the skin on her stomach. Andrea sighs contently. She's so warm and comfortable. A deep breath leaves her bed companion and it gently blows in Andrea's ear. She shivers. She turns. Taylor's gone back to sleep. Or she's pretending. Andrea still finds it hard figuring which the chav is trying to pull. But it never takes much to wake Taylor up. She smiles and silently admires the girl in the dim light shining through the blinds. She looks so peaceful and cute. Watching Taylor sleep is still a happy hobby for Andrea. She doubts she'll ever tire of it.

Taylor smiles, she can feel Andrea watching her. She grumbles about her staring and when Andrea laughs she simply huffs and pretends to roll over for space. She can bet Andrea just rolled her eyes at her. Taylor's biting on her lip though, any second now Andrea will try to wake her up. And there's only one way Taylor wakes up for Andrea. And she's not disappointed.

A cool hand touches her shoulder, delicate fingers brush her hair away. Taylor has to really focus on remaining quiet when those lips begin working their magic on her. She really has to hold back the groan. Andrea knows every single weak spot on Taylor's body. She's kissed and licked every last patch. So it's no wonder she goes straight for them today...