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"And if there's one last chance to say it, Rose Tyler, I-"
He's gone.
She watches him fade away into nothingness, she doesn't know if she can take it without him.

"Rose, sweetie, come out, it's been months, you have to move on with your life."
"Mum, don't you get it?" She shouted through the door "I don't want a life without him!"

"He's coming back for me, Mum, I know it. He wouldn't leave me."
"Rose, it's been three months."
"He's coming, he's just a little bit late. Recharging the Tardis or something, or he got captured by the Daleks and is still working out an escape plan."
"Okay, sweetheart." Her mother walks away
"How could he be so careless, taking so long to come back?" she says to no one at all.

She looks out her window at the starry night sky. She connects the stars, they spell out her name in Gallifreyan. She smiles that famous tongue between teeth smile, the one he thought was so beautiful.

"Hello, if anyone can hear me, bring him back, please, I'm begging."She sips her tea looking out at the stars, they look just like the ones she traveled through with him. A dark blue car drives by, she wishes on it with all her heart. The most important wish she ever made.

She leaves the house for the first time in days, going to a club with Mickey. They danced together, she had known Mickey for so many years, but he just felt like a stranger.

She thinks back to the time that she had almost flown into that black hole, the way he had picked her up and given her a hug, spinning her around. She had never felt more at home than when she was in his arms.

She stands out on a street corner eating chips. The same thing she ate last time she was sure she would never see him again. She sees a man with spiky hair, chocolate brown. She grabs his arm as he turns around and gives her a strange look. "Sorry, wrong person." She just wishes she could catch one more glimpse of those beautiful chocolate brown eyes. "Nothing makes sense without you" she whispers under her breath

She goes to Torchwood everyday, trying to find a way to get back to him. The best scientists in the world are working on the job. She's losing hope. So many people in the world, and none of them even come close to him.

She tells her parents that he will come, he's just a little late. "You know how he is with time, it's probably only been an hour for him, remember when he thought we were gone twelve hours when it was actually twelve months? He's probably off somewhere saving the day, he'll come get me after that." She thinks if she says it, it'll come true. He always comes.

Why couldn't things have gone according to plan?, she thinks. She wishes she could have remembered the times he kissed her. She smiles, imagining the life she could have had with him.

He's coming, she knows it. But she's losing hope. She tries to believe, he'll come, pick her up and spin her around, take her hand, whisper "Run!". Then they'll fly through the universe, it will last forever. The Doctor and Rose Tyler. Just as it should be.

"Doctor, come save me, I'm losing hope, come fast as you can, before it's too late. I love you."