Coyote2486 Presents….


(The following is the voice of Peppy Hare)

How did Dredd do this to us? I've asked myself the same question. He did it with in weeks, the Lylat System was clear of all Union Rebels. First, after the fall of Corneria was Fichina, the most barren of all planets, he fished us out like it was some easy game. Then came Titania, where he sent an armada to once again remove us. The one problem for him was that he couldn't sack anymore planets, because he wouldn't have any left to rule. Apparently Corneria, Venom, and Zoness was plenty for him. After running for 4 days, we made our stand on Macbeth, where massive amounts of weapons were stowed away for our use. But, as before, he destroyed us, and only stragglers survived. The Starfox team has been a help, but 7 pilots can do little against an entire army. We finally fled the system. Dredd had conquered all of Lylat. We were forced to make our official Union base on Papetoon, where we would plot and scheme to overthrow the tyrant. The time has come to free ourselves. To…liberate.

(End of excerpt)

His eyes flung open. Bright light flooded his vision and he quickly shut his eyes. He felt clips and tubes attached to him. The sound of a heartbeat monitor beeped constantly. The room reeked of the smell of plastic. He lifted his arm up to find that he had no strength to keep it that way. He felt weak and helpless for some reason. He finally opened his eyes after they had slowly adjusted to the light.

"Timothy?" a familiar voice sounded to his right. He looked over to see his mother. She looked like she had gone through hell. Anguish clearly shone on her face. Timothy quickly asked.

"How long was I out?" he asked

"A week. You needed it or you may have died. Not everyone survives a fighter crash," she replied. Timothy suddenly looked shocked. He moved his arm, but quickly reclined as a sharp pain shot through it.

"What happened?!" Timothy demanded.

"Everything, just gone. Fichina, Macbeth…..Corneria. We were doing fine, but Dredd's army came and he launched a missile that leveled the Capitol City. We had no choice but to retreat," Ashley replied. Timothy looked around.

"Why isn't Coyote here?"

Ashley looked at him and sighed.

"He's….dead. He died protecting your transport. It was you or him, and he chose to die for you."

Timothy's world shattered around him. He knew that his father was better than that. He usually found a way out of everything. He didn't know how to feel. It made sense to mourn, but at a time like this? He had no time for that!

Timothy suddenly went under as his mother flipped a switch.

Timothy came to again fully rejuvenated. He was lying on a bed in a fresh new set of his gear. But now, he had something else on. He looked to his right arm and found his father's wrist device placed on his own wrist. He was shocked and immediately sat up in his bed. His smile quickly faded as he realized that it was completely powerless. He looked at the rest of his gear to find that he wore some strange suit that was black from neck to toe. He could only see his wrist device that was on the outside of the suit.

Timothy finally decided to make his way out. He walked towards the door that led out and opened it. He was instantly met by a platoon of soldiers dressed in the same suits, but white instead of Timothy's black. As soon as the platoon passed, he came into a hall. He looked to his left and saw a long path and he took it. The hall was lined with lights that illuminated it. He then came by a door that read "Weapons". He decided it wouldn't hurt to take a peek. When he put his hand on the knob, he was put into a headlock from behind. He instinctively used his elbows to wind his attacker. He was quickly freed and he whirled around in a fighting stance.

"Yo! Calm down buddy!" Timothy realized that Falco was there. Age clearly showed on the 46 year old's face. Timothy calmed himself down.

"Really? What was that for?" Timothy asked. Falco shook his head and laughed.

"Just seeing if you still had it in you!" Falco retorted. "And you proved that you did."

Timothy shook his head. "Well, could you explain to me what the hell's going on?"

Falco nodded his head and gestured him to follow. Falco led him down the long hall to a massive main room. It was filled with people in their strange white suits. Timothy then took the time to notice that Falco had a black one on like him.

"What's with the suits?" Timothy asked.

"The rebellion only has so much money," Falco replied. Timothy grabbed Falco.

"Wait….a rebellion?! We're a rebellion?! How have we not been discovered?!"

"Papetoon is out of the Lylat System, or Empire, whatever they call it now. After the fall of Macbeth, we came here to hideout and begin our actual plotting."

Timothy shook his head. No plotting would bring down Dredd's army. And what if Dredd turned his sights towards other systems? Like, the Cerinian system, which contains Papetoon. Then what? What happens then?

"No conventional battle will beat his army. We need something else," Timothy stated.

"Like what?!" Falco spat. Timothy looked up to him.

"We need something exactly like his army. We need….our own crystal."

(Finally this story has begun. High School has definitely brought these updates to a crawl. Hopefully this story turns out well!)