Chapter 3

I hate them, all of them. Timothy thought to himself. He sat in an empty auditorium where missions were briefed to a large group. The room was mostly white with hints of gray here and there. Timothy didn't care. He didn't care about anybody. He was sick of being treated like a tool, a weapon. He was neither of those, and he was fed up.

Marcus, Fox, Krystal. They can all go to Hell. If they hate me so much, they can liberate Lylat by themselves. Who needs me anyway?

Timothy shook his head. Maybe he should just leave, away from everyone, away from Lylat, and away from Papetoon. He wanted nothing more but to put a shot of smoldering plasma into anyone's head at this point.

Timothy heard the door behind him open and the sound of a female shouting at someone behind him.

"Fine then! Go on without me! See if I care!" she shouted before the door closed behind her. Timothy turned and got a look at the female. She was a light brown coyote wearing a white suit like everyone else in the base. She spotted him.

"Ears bleeding?" he asked.

"Huh?" she replied.

"Thought so," Timothy added. "What was that all about?"

The coyote gave him a look of disgust.

"Why do you need to know?!" she retorted. Timothy put his hands up defensively.

"Jesus, I just asked," Timothy could easily tell that talking to this person was probably not the best thing to do at a time like this. She seemed to calm herself down before she sat in an isle across from him. Timothy gave her a confused look; he had completely forgotten that he was mad.

"So are you-," Timothy started

"Shut up," she shot back. Timothy had to keep himself from laughing. This was hysterical.


Timothy got up and began to walk up and out of the auditorium.

I'll have to get her on my team. Wait…that's it! I could blow this joint and make my own team and take on Dredd myself! Timothy turned around.

"Hey," Timothy began to walk back down the steps. "I was just wondering…" The coyote suddenly got up and flipped Timothy down the steps. He rolled down a small flight of stairs and stopped at the bottom as he summersaulted back to his feet to see her hop down in front of him. Timothy's rage had overpowered his judgment as he pressed the button on his backpack and drew his blaster. His LCEF suit covered his body and he paused, pointing his blaster at her.

"….if you wanted to come with me on a mission," Timothy impatiently finished. "….and leave these bastards behind."

The coyote gave him a confused look.

"Why me….Timothy?" she replied as she noticed who he was. Timothy was well known due to his affiliation with the Star Fox team. Timothy quickly responded.

"Because you seem to be the only one here who realizes that the people running this operation are a bunch of s**theads," Timothy finished as he holstered his blaster while his suit folded back up behind him. "They're idiots. All of them! Even Fox!"

The coyote looked at him in disbelief. "Fox is a hero! Without him, you wouldn't be standing here today!"

Timothy shook his head and sighed. He slightly laughed. "And without my father…Fox might as well be dead. The whiney b**ch would've killed himself without Krystal."

The coyote shook her head. "Well, I hate her and Marcus. They're both liabilities….. Alright, my name is Lyra, but where do we start for this mission of yours?"

Timothy smiled and nodded. "Welcome to the Star Fox hate club, or what I'd like to call it once we get a certain teammate, Star Wolf."

Peppy stood over a railing in the control center of the entire facility on Papetoon. Many people operated computers that controlled various things throughout the facility. The room was filled with the voices of the workers communicating with people throughout the base. Peppy looked out the large window that overlooked Papetoon's vast ocean and heard footsteps behind him. He could tell it was Fox because no one but him walked up to Peppy so casually.

"Report," Peppy ordered. Fox sighed.

"Well, there's no sign of Timothy," Fox responded. "And a special interest trooper went off the grid." Peppy looked back to meet eyes with Fox.

"Which one?" Peppy questioned. Fox pulled up a bio screen on his wrist pad and showed it to Peppy.

"Trooper 88, or Lyra as most normal people call her. She is one of our finest at hand-to-hand combat, and it says here that she's good with a bow," Fox explained. Peppy gave out a small laugh.

"So is everyone else," Peppy retorted.

"Except Falco. You know how he is with…let's say primitive things."

Peppy laughed. "You know Timothy hit a target from 1,000 yards with one of those things?"

Fox smiled. "It was a bolt-action sniper rifle, Peppy."

Peppy grunted. "Whatever, same thing. Give me a break, I'm getting old."

"You are old," Fox joked. Peppy glared at him.

"Keep talking and I'll have you court marshaled," Peppy shot back. Fox mockingly saluted Peppy and began to make his way out before a yell from one of the workers exploded out of the crowd.

"Sir we have an unauthorized ship attempting to take off!" he shouted. Peppy flung around and gave the order.

"Shut down the hangar!" Peppy shouted. Too late. Two ships flew out of the main hangar and were already about to exit the planet. Peppy slammed his fist on a control board.

"Track those ships!" Peppy ordered. The workers instantly got a lock before the two ships executed a hyperjump. "What's their course?"

"Eladard, sir," a worker shouted. Peppy suddenly put his head down. So that's your play Timothy. Wolf. Well, I would just like you to know that you have just pushed me too far. Fox was right about you. You're just a liability. You better watch your back, because you've just changed sides.

(Well, what do you know, Timothy has officially left everything behind to fight his own battles. But what is Dredd up to? Is an invasion of Papetoon around the corner? Find out soon!)