He faced her with a gleam of mischief in his eye, fire dancing madly in his palm. A lock of dark hair fell across his amber eyes as the tip of his toes dug into the smooth cobblestones.

"You ready?"

"Are you?" she countered, flicking the bladed fan open with a smooth, practiced gesture. "Remember the last time we tangled?"

"How can I forget it?" he returned with a slight quirk of his lips.

She fought a smile as she eyed him, waiting for a betrayal of his body to signal where the attack would come from.

It came a moment later; the barest flex of his right arm, the bared muscle rippling as he stiffened. She dove to the side, somersaulting into a controlled tumble just as he threw the flames in her direction. She closed the fan, rolled into a handstand and back-flipped at him before he could move out of his Firebending stance.

He blocked the blow of her feet with his left forearm, spinning with the blow. She came down on her feet, hit her knees and rolled immediately to the side. A blast of fire passed by her left ear, singeing a stray strand of auburn hair. The heat of it made her eyes water as she rolled straight to her feet and faced him.

She flicked her fan open again and took a defensive stance. She saw his tongue sweep along his lower lip and felt a tug in her mid-section. She immediately locked down on the sensation and watched as fire bloomed in both of his hands.

"That all you got?" he teased, bare chest gleaming.

"Just getting warmed up."

"Me too," he said and huffed out a little plume of fire between his teeth. She swallowed and her hand shook. Just enough that he noticed.

Dammit. Focus.

She spun in in a feint, jabbing her elbow back in his direction. He ducked and she swept her leg back, catching him in the calves. He hit his back in a rush and she turned in a circle, completing the kick in a crouch. He didn't stay still for long though, rolling his legs over his head and somersaulting to his feet. She dived after him, aiming another kick in his direction. He caught her foot and turned it in an attempt to unbalance her, but she launched herself around in a spin kick that collided with his unprotected face. Her heel connected and he let go of her foot.

She landed on her feet as he staggered backward. She imagined he had stars in his eyes. His tongue flicked against his lower lip again as he dug his feet into the cobblestones again. His fists came together, a fireball exploding between them. He moved lithely into a complicated Firebending form, weaving around her so fast she had to move to keep up.

They moved together as if dancing, blocking blows one after another. His flaming hands threatened her unprotected skin and when he went to shoot a column of fire at her, she thrust out her wrist, sending the volley wild. It exploded against the brick wall surrounding the practice ring. The flames on his hands died as he recovered. He jabbed his elbow back in her direction, but she caught his bare shoulder with the bladed edge.

It bit into his skin, slicing open a wound. Blood spilled immediately, trickling down his arm. He winced and glared at her.

"Oops," she said, shrugging.

"Point to you," he conceded with a quirk of his eyebrow.

"Was there ever any doubt?"

"You're going to pay for that," he said, cracking his neck. He shook his hands and dropped into another stance.

"Come and get me then," she said with a waggle of her eyebrows. She flicked the fan open and eyed the blood on one of the spikes.

"Don't tempt me," he shot at her, the wind tossing his hair across his eyes.

"Oh, but I am tempting you. That's half of the fun," she said and crooked her finger at him. His eyes narrowed on her and she saw his eyes following the course of a single bead of sweat that was slowly traversing the gauntlet of her slender neck. She shook in place, biting the inside of her lip.

"I haven't even started to have fun yet," he said and surprised her with a kick that landed in her middle. She staggered back, turning to block the blow of a flaming fist. She turned the blow, jabbing her elbow back into his ribs. His foot landed on hers with a sharp pain and she danced away, only to find him advancing on her again in an aggressive circle.

She blocked blow after blow, bending kicks to his middle that he knocked aside. She caught his fist as it sailed past her face, and tried to backhand him. He caught her fist and they stayed that way, locked in place, struggling for one of them to get the upper hand.

Their gazes met and she saw the sweat on his brow, and the determination in his amber eyes. She saw his muscles quiver and knew what he was going to do a moment before he did it. She couldn't stop it though. He swung his body backward, tucking her against him in a roll that flipped her over his shoulder and onto her back. He rolled with the momentum and came to his knees straddling her.

He grasped both of her wrists and pinned them over her head, his thumb pressing into the nerve there. Her fingers immediately went numb and the fan dropped out of her hand. He knocked it away and it skittered across the cobblestones a few feet away.

A hot grin sizzled across his lips as he hovered inches from her face. His warm breath gusted against her lips. "Oops. Point to me?"

"I wouldn't be so sure," she shot at him, and brought both of her knees up into his groin. Pain immediately crossed his eyes as he fell to the side, clutching at his crotch with both hands. She rolled to her stomach, scrambling for her fan.

"Low blow," he choked, and grabbed her ankle, yanking her back hard enough to scrape her knee open on the stones. She lashed out with her other foot, catching him in the face.

She grabbed her fan and gained her feet just in time to see him flip to his. He was going to bruise where she'd kicked him and she knew it. She flicked the fan open again and waved it in front of her face, blinking demurely.

"Point to me?" she asked sweetly.

"Come on," he said raggedly, licking blood from the corner of his lip. His fingers beckoned her forward and she complied. They moved in toward one another and he aimed a scissor kick at her. The blow landed before she could react and it knocked her back with a lurch of pain.

He advanced on her again and she blocked blow after blow. Ducking his arm, she jabbed her fist at his ribs and the blow connected. Their arms tangled and he used his superior weight and muscle to drive her back against the stone wall of the training ring.

The blow knocked the air out of her as he pressed her against the stones. She freed the hand holding her fan, reeled it back and punched him across the jaw with the blunt end of the fan. He pulled her shoulders back off of the wall and then slammed her against the wall again, his hand capturing hers and pinning it against the wall.

She freed her other hand and grabbed his hair, yanking him forward as she lifted her leg. He caught her leg, hand hooking around her thigh as he pressed into her. Their bodies locked against the wall as they glared at one another, drenched in sweat, breathing hard.

His body pressed into her center as he lifted her up on her tiptoes, trapping her between him and the wall. She tugged his head, nails sinking into his scalp. He winced and gritted his teeth as his nose brushed her throat.

"Drop the fan or I'll set it on fire," Zuko managed against her neck, breathing raggedly. Her chest heaved against his, the hand in his hair tightening, drawing him closer. His hand squeezed her wrist, the other still holding her leg against his hip. He pressed in close, too close. She couldn't breathe. The heady scent of his sweat surrounded her as the heat of his hard, leanly muscled body licked her like a flame.


"Yield," he growled as she tugged on his hair, her mouth against his ear.

"Make me," Suki ground out, every ounce of her body on fire. Her blue eyes flashed as she bit down on the tip of her tongue. She felt his tongue run up her neck, catching the beads of sweat with a low moan that reverberated between the both of them. She shuddered against him, her hips canting forward involuntarily. His tongue flicked against her ear for one hot moment.

Then he whispered, "If you insist."

His hand flattened on his wrist, sliding up her hand and spreading on her fan. Fire bloomed, catching on the fan with a hot whoosh. He let go, but she held on tight, not willing to let him win. She felt the heat of the flames and winced as pain blistered her fingers.

"Drop it."

She bared her teeth, eyes squeezing shut as his hand clasped her wrist again. She held out for another two seconds, and then felt the first of the flames kiss her skin. She let go with a gasp and it tumbled to the ground at their feet. "Ow, damn you!"

"Point to me?" he said and then scraped his teeth along her jaw, firing every nerve ending in her body.

"Point to you," she managed bitterly, and wrenched his head up. Their gazes met with a hot blister and she leaned forward, grabbing his lower lip with her teeth and tugging on it. When she released it, he breathed out against her mouth and pressed himself tighter against her crotch. He was hard and the insistent press of his erection made her knees weak.

"I love this game."

"You only like it when you win."

"To the victor go the spoils," Zuko mumbled and lowered his head. His mouth dragged hotly against hers in a rough clench. Their mouths battled in a frantic clench of lips, teeth and tongue. The hand in his hair eased to the back of his neck and she clasped him to her. He let go of her wrist and put his hand on her narrow waist, dragging her lower body up off of the wall and against the solid contours of his body.

Suki moaned into his mouth, rubbing against him as her hand fell to her waist. Her fingers caught on slender object tucked into the belt of her pants as she pressed herself against Zuko. She broke the kiss a moment later, and they breathed raggedly against one another.

It took him a moment to register the stiletto she'd pressed to his crotch, but when he did, she could see the realization hit him like a thunderbolt.

"I believe I win, not you," she said as he trembled and backed up half a step. His hands dropped from her body.

"That's cheating."

"You know the rules of the game. There are no rules. On your knees, Fire Lord," Suki purred, pressing the slender knife against his inner thigh. He twitched, amusement and rebellion in his gaze as she withdrew the knife and waved it at him. He dropped to his knees before her.

"Game goes to you," he said, tilting his head back to stare up at her. He reached out and slid his hands around the backs of her thighs, dragging her forward.

"Damn right it does," she laughed, tossing the knife down as he buried his face against her bare stomach. A shudder gripped her and she sank her fingers into his hair again.

"Do you have any idea how much I want you right now?" Zuko moaned between kisses to her stomach. He pulled her taut skin into his mouth and rained little nibbles up and down her belly as his hands slid up to cup her ass.

"I think I have some idea," she said as she sank onto his lap. His arms went around her, strong and firm, sweaty and delicious in their strength. She kissed him hard as they both moaned at the contact. "You're bleeding."

"Doesn't hurt. Did I burn you?" he managed.

"I'll live. Just kiss me," she said and he obliged, slamming a rough, needy kiss to her mouth a moment later. She kissed him back, hard, writhing on his lap. His tongue twisted with hers as his hand spread on her lower back, pulling her against his body. Her thighs tightened around his waist as he groaned and twisted them in place.

He laid her down on the cobblestones on her back as she pushed her hands into the waistband of his loose pants, shoving them down his waist. His cock sprang out, pressing against his stomach. He groaned against her mouth as she grasped him firmly in her hand and stroked him.

"Suki… This isn't exactly—" he started, but she nipped his lip with a laugh, her thumb sweeping across the blunt head of his cock.

"I don't care," she said and he hung his head, his hips rolling against the steady stroke of her hand.

"You really do play dirty," he said and kissed her before she could respond. He grasped her pants and tugged them down. She lifted her ass off of the rough cobblestones, not caring where they were, or who could see them. The training ring was Zuko's private ring and no one but his bodyguards could enter. And she was the only guard on duty.

At that point, she honestly didn't care if anyone watched or not. She just wanted him. Needed him. Had to have him.

Her pants hung off of one leg as he lowered himself over her again. She grasped him, tugged him forward and then…sweet bliss. He was inside of her, thrusting rough and hard. The cobblestones bit into her bare buttocks, and bruised his knees, but neither one of them cared. The fire between them couldn't be contained. She needed immediate relief, couldn't wait.

Her thighs clutched his hips as she snapped her hips against his in a desperate attempt to ease the ache he'd caused in her. His thrust into her, hard and high, deep and fast, rough and dirty. She gasped his name as their gazes connected. It didn't take long for either one of them.

His hips battered hers, pressing her into the cobblestones as his mouth attached to her neck. He bit down on her pulse point and grasped her hands, pinning them over her head. Pleasure rolled over her as the fire within her roared its approval like a needy beast. Her eyes rolled back as she felt the first stir of her orgasm, spurred on by the slick friction of his body inside of hers.

"Yes, don't stop!" she said, freeing one of her hands and sliding her fingers into his hair. "Zuko…don't stop…"

"Are you close?" he said raggedly against her throat.

Little zings of intense pleasure were built in her middle, aching for one more thrust, one more spark. She teetered on the brink, clutching him tightly. "Hnnng….yes…"

"Good," he said and pulled out of her. He sat back on his heels, breathing raggedly. She stared at him in confusion, little shudders spreading over her, the orgasm fading back into obscurity.

"What are you doing?"

"Playing dirty," he said, and rucked his pants up. He lurched to his feet with a laugh.

"You bastard."

Zuko grinned down at her. "I win."

Suki lay back on the cobbles and let out a breath, aware of how ridiculous she looked, with her pants half off, on her back before him. Her face flamed and she felt the urge to sweep his legs out from under him. She didn't though. This only meant that she owed him one. And he knew it.

"You win," she conceded. "I'm going to get you for this."

"I can't wait," he purred and walked toward gate of the training ring. She noticed the way he was walking, the way his legs shook. He'd denied himself release just to tease her. She had to admire his restraint and his need for revenge. He stopped and glanced over his shoulder at her. "See you in my room tonight?"

"Damn right you will."

"Good. Because I'm going to fuck your brains out," he said and then walked through the gate, leaving her lying on her back, breathing hard, literally floored.

His words echoed through her skull as she stared up at the blue sky above her. She shuddered, thinking of what would happen later that night. Zuko was not one to shirk on his promises and that thought was both delicious and absolutely intoxicating. It almost made up for what he'd done.


She let out a breath and a smile slid up her mouth. "Best game ever."