Eren sat slouched in his bed and thumbed at his bandages. His hands just kind of ached- but his head hurt more. He couldn't stop thinking about the prince last night. He would get flustered every time he thought about it. Levi was just so graceful…

That night everyone was sent to their rooms-including the princess. Of course all the staff snuck into his room that night…some to ask if he was okay, and others to make fun of his knack for trouble.

It was morning and he felt like a grounded child. He had strict orders to stay in his room and not work today. Therefore, he was alone. Armin was hesitant to leave him this morning but Eren assured him it was fine. He's such a good person. Eren looked over at Armin's well-made bed. He was torn from his thoughts by a knock on the door.

It was gentle and a little hesitant, but Eren's ears picked up the tiny rap. He hesitated a moment, and the small knock was there again. Too gentle to be Prince Levi Eren mused. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and walked over to grab the doorknob carefully. He pulled open the door to see Princess Sina. Her eyes widened, and she bent at the waist. The princess bowed- her hands were placed together like she was praying.

"I am so sorry!" She cried out.


Eren was shocked. He immediately jumped forwards to stop her- "No, princess please, don't bow to me." He grabbed her hands and pulled her up straight.

"It is entirely my fault." Her eyes watered.

Eren sighed, and tilted his head so he could see her face properly. "As Prince Levi said…" Her eyes looked up as he spoke. "It wasn't anyone's fault. You didn't know I was behind you." Her worried expression seemed to lessen, and Eren grinned. He reached up and tapped her forehead, "Come on, it's unbecoming of a princess to look so troubled."

She smiled, "..ah…okay." Eren took a step back and she continued, "I am still terribly sorry you got injured."

"Nah, it's not a big deal; the heir probably thought I was going to sue him."

"Oh…yeah…" She looked down. Eren raised an eyebrow, "Hey…do you want to come in?" He held open the door a little wider. She looked apprehensive, so Eren assured, "Just to talk?"

She smiled, "Yes, please."

The princess was very sweet- that was a given from the beginning. Once Eren got her talking she wouldn't stop. Sina was very apologetic, and talked about how sorry she was for being so forceful about marriage to the prince. She apparently just really cared about him.

"If you feel bad…" Eren sat cross legged on his bed while she sat respectfully on Armin's. "You should tell him."

"Oh…why I did!" She covered her eyes. "He was just so angry with me- how I cried, Mr. Eren. I even called off the marriage and still he wouldn't speak to me."

"Hmm…" That guy is being a big baby. Eren rubbed at his nose, and the distressed princess sighed.

"I leave today… I just hope I can go without any hard feelings…especially with our countries in mind."

Eren surprised her by suddenly standing up and nearly shouting, "Don't worry about it princess." He smiled. "I'll go talk to the grumpy heir for you."

"A-are you sure?" She stuttered.

"Of course." Eren grinned. "It won't be a proble-"

The girl jumped up and wrapped him in a hug. He stood there unsure of what to do. The princess caught herself, and took a step back-embarrassed. "I-I, I am so sorry-"

Eren just laughed, so the princess laughed too.

"Knock knock?" Eren said out loud. He heard no noise on the other side of the door. Eren had scowered the mansion and no Levi was to be found. He finally stopped at the office door and tapped his foot against it to avoid using his hands. He finally sighed, and opened the door carefully. Levi looked up from his desk and scowled. Eren walked in, closing the large door behind him. "Sir."

"I told you to stay in your room." The prince shuffled through a stack of paper.

"I do believe, sir, that I am not a dog."

There was a long silence.


Levi looked up and glared. Eren held his stance, even though he felt like running.

Levi surprisingly said, "You are correct. You are not a dog, you are a brat. Now go away."

"Sir, if I may speak freely…" Eren didn't get a response, so he continued, "Who the hell pissed in your cereal?"

"Excuse me?"

"The princess apologized to you; why are you so upset?"

"That is none of your business Jaeger."

"Come on." Eren walked forwards so he was standing in front of his desk. "Be mean to me, but don't be mean to a princess."

"Don't tell me what to do or you'll find yourself homeless again." Levi snapped.

Eren ignored the threat. "She feels terrible and she's leaving today so please just-"

"Get the fuck out of my office."

"Okay, okay." Eren held up his hands. "I'm just trying to help." Eren noticed that the prince's eyes were now on his bandages. It was quiet, so Eren broke the silence by chuckling nervously "It's okay-"

"Do they hurt?" Levi questioned.

Eren blinked, "Oh, um…sort of. But I can work; its fine."

It was silent again; Levi looked like he was thinking. Eren just stood there, a little unsure. He thought about leaving, I guess I'll have to tell the princess. Suddenly Levi looked up from his seat and Eren stood up straight.

"I'll make you a deal."


"I'll talk to the princess." Levi stood up; pushing his chair backwards. Eren jumped from the noise of the chair scraping against the floor. "But you have to be my pet for a week."

Eren blinked, "What does that even mean?!"

"It means you have to follow me around everywhere. I won't let you out of my sight."

"Why?!" Eren snapped. This asshole-

"Because." The heir made his way towards the door. "You seem to attract trouble like a magnet; and if you're going to be unable to hold a broom for a week you might as well be of some use to me."

Eren internally fumed for a moment before snapping; "Fine."


Eren stomped past him and pushed his way out the door, muttering, "Stupid, stuck up, son of a-"

Levi stood in the doorway, internally chuckling.

Well, the prince stayed true to his word. He made nice with the princess and sent Sina on her merry way. Before leaving, she gave Eren her phone number (which was still of no use to him, yet). She told Eren to call her if he ever needed anything. Levi didn't look too happy about the whole ordeal. Eren felt good nevertheless.

But now, Eren was bored. He decided that since Levi held up his end of the offer…he should do the same. So, Eren rummaged through the Prince's office like a child. They both have been in there three hours and Levi hadn't said a word once.

"What's this?" Eren held up a book. The heir continued to type without looking up. Eren huffed, "You're boring."

"And you're annoying."

"How can you sit in here all day?" Eren collapsed in a giant chair across the room. "I feel like a caged bird."

"Go read a book and shut up." Levi continued to type.

"Hey, you're the one who told me to stay with you at all times."

"Yes, that means doing as I say. Now shut the fuck up."

Eren huffed again. He swung his legs over the arm of the chair and recited,

"I know why the caged bird sings, ah me~"


"When he beats his bars and he would be free, "


"It is not a carol of joy or glee-" Eren stopped when a stapler and a folder was thrown his way. He caught the binder but dodged the stapler. "Hey!"

"While I am somewhat impressed you know Dunbar, stop reciting poetry and do some fucking work." Levi rolled his eyes. "Staple all those and separate them by address."

"Fine, fine." Eren opened the folder, laid out the papers, and did as he was told. It was quiet except for the occasional staple or click of Levi's keyboard. Eren looked up at the prince, and then back down at his work. It was quiet for a few more seconds until Eren sighed, "…Thanks for talking to the princess…and…sorry I was a jerk about it."

Levi was surprised, but then jokingly rolled his eyes, "Whatever. Sorry I was an ass and yelled at you."

Eren suddenly laughed, "You must have really hated her!"

"She spilled boiling tea on you!" His voice wasn't as stern anymore, and Eren laughed again.

"Yes, but I got a prince to kiss my hand and a princess to bow to me within eight hours, so I say it wasn't that bad of a day."

Eren dodged a paperweight.

"So you're like his dog now?" Jean stretched across the bed.

Eren snapped, "No, I'm not a-"

"He totally is." Connie laughed. "The boss and Eren sitting in a tree~ K-i-s-s-i-n-g,"

"Shut up, asshole!" Eren growled. "We made a deal-"

"Oh, now they're making deals?" Reiner grinned.

Eren groaned and squished his face into a pillow. Armin sat next to him laughing, but trying to comfort him nevertheless. "This is a good thing! I mean, at least he doesn't totally hate you and want to make your life a living hell." Armin shrugged.

Eren grumbled and everyone else laughed. It was probably two in the morning and everyone has to work tomorrow…but everyone just enjoyed hanging out. Reiner brought his Xbox and Connie got all games. Sasha always has food and everyone else gets movies and card games. Sometimes it's a small fit inside one of the rooms, but Eren couldn't dream of being somewhere else…even if they make fun of him a lot.

Jean challenged Eren to the saltine cracker challenge, Ymir put a mento into a bottle of coke, and everyone else played twister.

They didn't go to bed until six in the morning.

Armin filmed the whole thing.

Eren thought that a week of following Levi around would be boring- but it actually wasn't that bad. They talked a lot about books and movies; it didn't really feel like a job. The prince wasn't as scary of a person as everyone made him out to be. Of course Levi snarled and barked and yelled, but Eren would laugh it off like usual.

By the third day there was a hard knock at his door. He rolled over and groaned while the knocking turned violent,

A voice was muffled, "Get the fuck up dumbass."

"No." Eren called back. Armin, already awake, began laughing. The door snapped open and Levi demanded, "Get up we're leaving."

"Whyyy," Eren's voice was muffled by his pillow.

"I have an interview."

"Take Hanji."

"Hanji's busy."

"Who the fuck needs to interview you so early in the morning?" Eren complained. Levi threw open the curtains, and Eren wailed again. Armin was still laughing.

"It's already nine am and you're a lazy piece of shit. Armin is up, for fucks sake."

"Armin is one of those weird early risers." Eren sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes. The heir was caught off guard for a second by his strangely cute hair that was sticking up in wild directions.

"He wasn't always that way." Levi looked over to Armin who just smiled. The prince sighed and walked out the door, "Put on some normal clothes, you've got ten minutes."

Eren leaned his back against the car window and pulled his legs against his chest. He had on some stone wash jeans and a flannel; nothing as nice as the name brand shirt and jeans Levi was wearing. They sat in the back of some fancy car that Eren didn't know existed; Eren learned the driver's name was Steve.

"So, will this be filmed?" Eren asked.

"Yes." The heir scrolled through his notes on his phone. "You just stay backstage-don't fuck up anything."

"So much trust." Eren held a bandaged hand against his heart sarcastically. His hands didn't really hurt too much anymore. It left some ugly scabs to heal, and Eren was a bit subconscious about it.

Levi snorted, "Let's count shall we? You have been here three months and you've been beaten up by a businessman, nearly raped by my brother, pushed off a ladder, and burnt by boiling tea."

"I also fell down the stairs."

"Oh yes," Levi rolled his eyes but smiled slightly, "And you fell down the stairs."

"Hey, I think that's pretty good." Eren shrugged, and laughed at the prince's glare. "I could totally be worse."

"If you were anyone else, I would have fired you three months ago."

"But you didn't." Eren grinned.

Levi repeated, almost to himself, "But I didn't."

Being backstage was pretty interesting. As soon as they got there, Levi was rushed into the building; there were fans everywhere. Eren had to elbow past bodyguards and people to get somewhat near his boss. All these people know who Levi is. How did I not hear of him? Maybe because I didn't read the news for a couple months.

When they got inside, Eren lost Levi immediately. So…he decided to explore. There were makeup stations, camera people, and all kinds of equipment. Eren found the snack table and he was immediately sold. He grabbed as much as he could before someone noticed.

The prince apparently knew Eren better than he thought.

"The food table…I knew it."

Eren spoke with his mouth full, "Hey, you left me, so,"

"Come on, idiot." Levi grabbed Eren's wrist and yanked him forwards. He followed the prince through the hallway, but they were bombarded by people asking him questions. Levi just ignored all of them.

"Prince Levi! Are you going to donate any money to the red cross this year?"

"Prince! Did you hear about the possible political war between your home country and Sina?"

"Prince Levi!"

This is ridiculous. Eren just stared forwards at Levi's face. He could see his set jaw from where he was walking. A question made Levi suddenly stop.

"Sir, who is man with you?" A random cameraman asked.

"An employee." Levi responded. "And a friend." Nobody heard the last part, because there were so many people talking and ushering him to get on stage. Eren couldn't help but smile, friend?

He obediently followed Levi around as he was rushed to makeup and hair. Eren couldn't figure out why they were putting foundation on him- his skin was already perfect. The prince hissed and snarled like usual, but as soon as he walked out onto the set, he had his charming prince personally turned on. Eren hung back behind the scenes, and watched his boss nod to the audience.

"Why, it is such an honor to have you here Prince Levi!" A blonde host smiled.

Levi gave a half smile in return, "No, the honor is all mine."

"So tell us-"

Eren watched him answer question after question. How does he do it? The prince gave off such an aura. It was astonishing to watch him put on an act. I wonder if people would like him if they found out what he was really like. Levi gave a laugh at something the lady said; Eren could tell it was forced. I like the real him better.

"Yes, my native language is French, although, Stohess has recently made English as its main language."

"French! Why, that Is so romantic, would you mind saying something for us?"

"Of course-"

Eren leaned against a wall and watched the heir entertain the host. French, huh? That's pretty cool, I didn't know that. Eren was still mesmerized by Levi. The large camera lights really made him look astonishing. He could be a model…if he wasn't so short. Eren suddenly resisted the urge to laugh. I need to stop ogling.

"Hey, you." Eren felt a yank on his shoulder. He spun around to see a very large, very scary bodyguard. He had his hair in short spikes and stood a good foot over Eren. "Where's your I.D?"

"Um," Eren tilted his head up to look at the man, "I don't have one. I came in with Prince Levi-"

The bodyguard scuffed, "Yeah, sure. Come with me."

"Hey, I did! I work for him."

"Can you prove it?" The man dressed in black crossed his arms.

"I uh-" Shit.

Eren felt a grip on his arm and he was pulled forwards. He looked back; Levi was still speaking to the host on set. The prince never looked his way so Eren was dragged through the building. It was somewhat embarrassing to be pulled past all these professional people, and then thrown out a door.

He tripped onto the ground and braced himself with his hands. "Ouch! Fuck!" Eren turned his head to see the guard slam the door shut. He could hear the door lock, and he sighed. He slowly got to his feet and wiped his hands off on his jeans. Eren looked around to see his surroundings; he was in a back lot. He didn't see the limo anywhere, so he guessed Levi told the driver to come back at a certain time. All the fans must have moved somewhere else because the lot was empty. I guess I'll just have to wait then…

Eren sat on the sidewalk and pressed his back against the side of the building. He sighed once again; At least it's a nice day. It really was. The weather was warm and he could hear birds off in the trees across the street. He wasn't really sure how long he sat there; it was quiet and somewhat peaceful. It might have been an hour until heheard the side door open and then slam shut. He didn't care to look up and see who it was. The young man just continued to close his eyes and wait.

He could smell cigarette smoke, and smiled, "That's bad for you, you know."

"It was the only way to get those fucker's off me."

Eren let out a grin as he knew the voice, but didn't open his eyes. "By breathing cigarette smoke in their faces? That's bad publicity."

"There's no such thing." Levi grumbled. "Plus I was pretty damn pissed when I learned they kicked you out."

Eren finally opened his eyes, "Did you hurt anyone?" Was he worried?

"That's of no concern to you." Levi smashed his cigarette. "Let's go get lunch."

"Where's Steve?" Eren got to his feet.

"I told him to meet us downtown in an hour." Levi shoved his hands in his pockets. "I want some damn Chipotle."

They sat inside the Mexican restaurant eating burritos bigger than their heads.

"Walking was a mistake." Eren looked at the cameramen and reporters that were staked outside the window. They sat at a booth made for two; it almost felt like a date. Until, Eren looked over and saw people gawking.

"You're a mistake." Levi said with his mouthful.

"Wow. You are such a charming prince." Eren rolled his eyes.

"I don't give a fuck what people think of me."

"There is a girl out there, somewhere, crying because her princely hero is stuffing his face in a cheap restaurant."

"I wanted a burrito."

"I hate you."

"No you don't."

"Whatever." Eren laughed. To be honest, Eren was relieved to see how down to earth the prince was. He looked up at the heir, "Thanks for paying. Although, I think Sasha and Connie won't be happy you ate food that wasn't theirs."

"They need to get out more. Did you know I found them both in a Burger King kicking the shit out of the cashier?" Eren shook his head and Levi continued, "Yeah, something about the food being overpriced and tasting like a heart attack."

"And you hired them?"

"I thought they were funny." Levi shrugged.

Eren smiled, "They still are."

"How old are you?" Levi suddenly questioned.

"Almost twenty." Eren answered.

Levi thumbed at his fork, "What happened?"

Eren knew exactly what he was asking about, so he shrugged. "My parent's didn't like me anymore."

"What, 'cause you're gay?"

"Y-yeah," Eren stuttered.

"You couldn't get a job? Nothing?" Levi questioned.

"No." Eren half smiled, "My family spread rumors pretty quick. Nobody wanted to hire me and I didn't have any money to get out of town."

"That's dumb as hell." Levi replied.

"It's okay." Eren shrugged, "I was hated for loving different people; I'd rather it be that then some unspeakable crime."

Levi's features lightened, "You are a weird kid, you know that?"

Eren laughed, "Yeah. But I'm happy because if all that hadn't happened then I wouldn't have met you."

Levi looked at him, eyes a bit wider than usual. Eren immediately turned red and backpedaled, "Ah-I mean, haha, or I wouldn't have gotten this job!" He rubbed the back of his neck, "And met all these awesome people."

The prince never responded. His lip twitched upwards and he finished his food.

Later that night Hanji came bouncing into the room to rattle off a bunch of random numbers to Levi. Eren took the opportunity to escape out of the room. He strolled down the hallway, happy to get out of his office again. He looked up to see Ymir cleaning the top of the grand stairs.

"Hey, doggy boy!" Ymir waved at him from the second floor. "Finally escape your cage?"

"Ha-ha-ha." Eren said flatly. "How's scrubbing the floor?"

"Um, excuse you," Ymir snapped, "My job is to clean the railings, and they're so fucking clean you could lick 'em."

Eren laughed, "I will definitely not take you up on that offer."

"Hey, hey," Ymir grinned, "Watch this."

She stood on her toes and hopped onto the railing that was still slick from the polish. She balanced her butt on the railing and then pushed off. She slid all the way from the top floor down the stair rail, and then hopped to her feet gracefully. When she landed Eren began to clap,

"Wow, well done, the Olympic judges give you a ten."

Ymir rested her hands on her waist, "Why thank you, good sir."

Their heads both turned back up to the top of the stairs when a voice squealed, "Ymir! You did not just do that!"

"I was just playing Christa." Ymir gave her a goofy grin, but Christa continued to scowl.

"That is so unprofessional! What if the prince saw you! What would he say?!" The blonde girl threw her hands up in the air in exasperation. Eren and Ymir both covered their laughs, but stopped suddenly.

"He'd say nice landing, and, you better wipe your butt juice off my railing, dumb brat."

Ymir and Eren spun around to see Levi with his arms crossed. He was smirking, nevertheless. Was he here the whole time? Damn he's quiet. Eren mused.

Ymir chuckled, "Thank you sir and of course sir."

"Good." The prince nodded. "Come on Eren, we're leaving again."

"Where are we going?"

Eren looked out the window and didn't recognize it as the way back home.

"To my stylist."


"You need a suit."

"What?! Why?!" Eren repeated again.

"The dinner, dumbass." Eren looked completely lost and prince raised an eyebrow, "Did I not mention that? Oops." Levi shrugged and turned back around in his seat.

"…What dinner?" Eren sounded afraid.

"I've got this stupid meeting with all these business partners on Friday. We have to bring a date or something so you're coming with me."

"Hold up." Eren held his hand in the air and cleared his throat, "What the fuck?! You can't take me-"

"Of course I can."

"Don't you think all those businessmen will think it's weird that you're bringing a guy?" Eren was shocked.

The prince crossed his arms. "I don't give a fuck what they think. Also why would it be weird?"

"W-wh-" Eren was speechless, "You don't want these important people thinking your'e or something," Eren's breathing was more labored.

"There's nothing wrong with that." Levi narrowed his eyes. "Got it?"


"Calm down. If it makes you feel better we can call you an adviser." The heir rolled his eyes. Eren just stared at him; the prince resisted an urge to laugh, "What?"

"I don't know shit about etiquette, or how to talk, or-"

"Shut up, brat. You'll be fine. You just have to sit there and look pretty."

Eren flushed and crossed his arms. "This is so not fair."

The trip to the tailor was probably the most embarrassing event in Eren's life.

He stood on a stool in just his boxers while a flamboyant man dressed in pink measured every inch of his body. His blush was so noticeable it crawled down his neck. Levi sat in a chair with one leg crossed over the other as he talked with the tailor.

"What kind of coat are you thinking for him?" The man with an English accent measured across Eren's chest.

"What about a longer jacket?" Levi suggested.

The blonde tailor shook his head, "No, no darling. Can't you see he has a perfect ass? We don't want to hide that."

Levi hummed and nodded his head. Meanwhile Eren turned so impossibly red, and mumbled under his breath, "Of all the fucking-"

He could practically feel Levi smirking behind him.

Eren went back to cleaning on Thursday. He had to pass inspection by Levi, which Eren remembered being somewhat embarrassing.

"Eren, let me see."


"Just let me see your hands, dumbass."

Eren obediently extended his hands and Levi unwrapped the bandages. Levi brushed his fingers across Eren's palm, then all five digits. Eren didn't realize he was holding his breath until his chest began to hurt. The prince gently touched each healing mark and sighed.

"It looks like it won't scar…good."

"So…does that mean I can go back to work?"

"Yes- but you still have to go to the dinner with me."


Eren just could not understand why. Levi could take anyone in the world to this dinner, but he decided to drag him along. It didn't add up-Levi wasn't the guy to do something for no reason. Eren could tell that much by hanging out with him for a week. I still know so little about him though.

"Eren! Guess what!"

"Huh?!" He spun on his heel to see Armin rushing into the room, laughing. Eren set aside the duster as Armin approached him.

"Look at this!" Armin held up a magazine.

"What is it?"

Armin grinned, "Look who's on the front cover!"

Eren suddenly felt sick. "Holy shit."

It was a picture of both him and the prince sitting at Chipotle. They were at their booth and both were somewhat smiling. Eren couldn't really stop looking at it. He had the urge to both burn it and keep it forever. The front cover said, "Mystery friend."

"How cute." Armin giggled.

"Great." Eren smacked his forehead. "Now I'm going to give him bad publicity."

"No such thing." The blonde waved him off. Eren just looked down at his feet.

"Eren you look troubled."


His friend just tilted his head and waited for a response. "Oh…um…"

"Come on, tell me what's wrong." Armin urged.

The maid sighed, "Well, I just…why do you think Levi is taking me?"

"Taking you where?"

"To the dinner thingy."

"Oooh…I keep telling you, Eren." Armin laughed, "The boss likes you."

"But why?!" Eren nearly shouted.

"Why not?" Armin shrugged.

"I can tell you plenty of reasons why not-"

Armin clasped his shoulder to get his attention. "Listen, just go and do what he says. You like him right? Don't worry about it. He's the prince, he'll take care of you."

The next day Eren found his new tailored suit in his closet. He honestly just stared at it for a good ten minutes; he had never really worn a suit before. Yesterday he and Levi had it out about wither Eren was to keep the suit. Levi won.

He decided to worry about it later, and did his chores for the day.

He vacuumed the halls, made the beds, and wiped the windows. He dusted the shelves, mopped the dining room and cleaned the pantry. He took a lunch break with Marco, Jean, and Armin before finishing up the rest of his work.

At the end of the day Eren was again standing in front of the suit hanging clean in his closet. He hadn't seen the prince once that day and it was making him nervous. Is this a joke? Is this dinner still happening? Ugh, of course it's not a joke he wouldn't buy me a suit otherwise. Is it a suit? Maybe it's a tuxedo. Fuck, I don't know the difference.

He remembered something about needing to leave the estate around five, so he hurried to brush his teeth and fix his hair. He tried to gel his hair, but the unruly strands just sprung back into place. So he combed his fingers through his bangs and was left with the task of tying his tie. He had to admit, his suit at least fit him nice.

Up, under, over? No, other way around. Eren stood in the mirror fumbling around with the black tie. He had no idea where he was going or what he was to do or what to say, but he took what Armin said to heart. The prince wouldn't fail him…would he?

There was a knock at his door.

It was really hardly a knock; more like a warning before the door was to be thrown open. Levi stood in the doorway…he looked absolutely amazing. Eren could see him from the reflection of the mirror. He wore a tight fitting grey suit and his hair was successfully slicked back. It showed the undercut, as all his long hair was now pulled backwards. The heir huffed, and stomped towards Eren who was staring, dumbfounded.

"Idiot, that's not how you tie a tie."

Eren felt nervous, "I uh, yeah, sorry."

"Let me do it." The prince yanked Eren so he was facing him.

Eren defended, "You don't have to-"

"Shut up." Levi snapped, and reached up to untie the mess Eren made. He smoothed out the tie with his fingers and then perfectly slipped it around his neck. While Eren was a bit taller, he still felt like a child next to the older man. Levi looked up at Eren's eyes when he finished, and took a step back, "There. Now come on, idiot. We're going to be late."

He spun on his heel to walk away, and Eren followed suit. He almost ran into the shorter when the prince suddenly stopped. "Oh, and," Levi looked Eren up and down. His lip twitched upwards into an almost smirk; "Remind me to pay my tailor a compliment. He did good."

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