You better buckle your seatbelt kids, this is a long one

The plane was beautiful.

It was practically a hotel in the sky…but Eren should've expected it. Eren skeptically looked to Levi, "Is this all really necessary?"

The couple sat on a couch watching a movie as they stuffed their faces with food. "Is what necessary?"

"The butler. Like seriously, I'm a maid; that's not even butler status."

Levi hesitated before looking up at the server. He waved his hand, and the man nodded before exiting the room.

Eren leaned into the prince's shoulder, "What do you mostly eat in your country?"

"A lot of fucking fish."

"I like fish."

"Good." Levi scooped up a handful of frosted flakes, "'cause that's all you're going to eat for a few days."

Eren grinned, "That's fine with me." He watched Levi scoop up more cereal, "You have horrible eating habits."

"Hey, I just watched you down an entire bowl of maraschino cherries. Come back to me when your point is valid, you peasant."

Eren laughed so hard he had to sit up out of Levi's grasp to breathe. He heard the prince chuckle, and there was a pull on the back of Eren's shirt. The younger plopped back down and an arm was wrapped around his shoulders.

"Eren, wake up."

"Hmm?" He yawned, and took a moment to sit up. He opened an eye to see that Levi was already dressed in his traditional clothes. "Are we there?"

"In an hour or so." The prince answered. He crossed one leg over the other, and looked out the window, bored. "Your stuff is in the bathroom. Go ahead and change."

Eren moved to stand up, but paused. The heir looked exceptionally young for some reason- he had a string of dark jewels across his forehead along with fabric draped around him. It looked natural. Eren wanted to say it had an Arabic taste, but it was different somehow. The prince wore lots of gold bracelets that jingled a little when he moved.

"If you stare like that in Stohess, someone's going to think you want to either fight or fuck."

"Oh." Eren blinked, "My bad."

His lip twitched upwards into a small smirk, and waved him off, "It's fine, get dressed."

Eren nodded, and walked off towards the back of the plane. He stopped right before the door to call back and say, "You look really good."

Levi rolled his eyes, but smiled, "Brat."

Eren laughed and closed the door.

A couple minutes later he walked out shirtless and confused. "How the hell do I put this on?"

Levi snorted and an amused look fell across his face. He opened his arms, "Come here idiot." Eren waddled over to the prince, and Levi took the shirt into his hands. "Arms up." Eren did so, and Levi wrapped the cloth around his torso. His fingers scaled across Eren's sides, and the younger's stomach muscles visibly twitched. Levi grabbed Eren's right arm and threaded it through a long, almost kimono-like sleeve. He turned Eren around, and tied it off in the back.

"Wow, how the fuck was I supposed to know how to do that?" Eren looked over his shoulder.

"You weren't."

"Haha-jerk!" Eren turned around to punch his arm, and Levi huffed a laugh. The prince easily caught the fist aimed for his own chest and looked up at Eren; he brought the hand to his lips. Eren joked, "Gross," and the prince gave a rare grin. Eren let himself fall into the prince's lap.

When the doors whooshed open, Eren was nearly smacked in the face by the humid air. It wasn't hot… just different. It took him a moment to realize they weren't even at a normal airport- they had landed on a private runway.

Levi cleared his throat, and Eren's head whipped over to look at the prince standing at the bottom of the steps. Eren flushed and scurried down the stairs. Levi stretched out his hand, palm upwards. Eren grinned and took his hand. Staff were scampering around, unloading bags and talking to Levi.

They had to take a car to the front door of the palace. Levi explained that the gardens had about a mile radius, complete with pools and whatever. Eren was just amazed that they had to drive through Levi's house to get to Levi's house. There were several layers and gates they had to past through, each complete with guards and security.

Their feet had barely even touched the pavement, when a crowd swarmed around the car. People with cameras were stuck behind the giant front gate, taking pictures from behind.

"Prince! It is so lovely to see you again!"

"Prince Levi you have returned!"

Eren was forgotten in the horde- not that he really cared. It looked overwhelming; Eren laughed behind his hand, damn, Levi looks pissed. Eren watched the prince interact with the staff and various people- when suddenly they stilled. The people parted like the red sea, and Eren peaked around a stranger to see why.

The king walked gracefully towards them… in all his glory. The man's presence was intimidating- he wore gold and various jewels, as well as beautiful robes. Around his forehead was a string of diamonds, like a crown.

Guards walked behind him, each holding an AK-47. Levi immediately turned away from a man he was speaking with, and looked towards the king. He stood up straight, arms at his sides.

Eren marveled, It's him! He looks just like the picture!

The ruler looked to Levi as everyone turned silent. "Son."

Levi's eyes turned cold. "Father." He bowed his head, and placed a fist over his heart. Eren watched with wide eyes as everyone around him did the same. He suddenly remembered the lessons he had taken with Levi, and was quick to bend at the waist.

The king waved his hand, and everyone rested at ease. The king's eyes wrinkled, "You have come home."

"I didn't really have a choice now, did I?" Levi held his gaze. "Especially when you sent Nile after me."

The king uttered one word, "Dismissed."

The various staff scattered, picking up belongings and quickly unloading the car. In seconds only they remained- standing in front of the golden palace doors. The car was taken away, and now Eren had nothing to hide behind. He stood still, frozen- he didn't know what to do.

The king looked passed Levi to scowl at Eren, "Did you not hear me, boy?"

"He is not a servant." Levi matched his father's glare. "He is my company."

The king didn't answer- he turned on his heel and his cape whipped around him. "You will come to dinner."

"I will do what I please."

The royal walked up the steps and into the castle- the guards following close behind. Eren let out a shaky breath, and let his shoulders slack. "Oh my gosh." It was now just the two of them in the courtyard. "T-that was the king." Birds chirped and hopped from tree to tree- the sound of workers snipping bushes echoed. Eren looked to the prince; his eyes looked tired and his lips were pressed in a straight line. Eren breathed, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Levi answered, looking to Eren now. "Are you okay? I apologize for my-"

"I'm excited." Eren grinned. "Don't worry about it."

Levi's eyebrows rose, and he nodded, "I'll show you to our room."

Eren asked as he tried to match the prince's fast pace up the stairs, "Our?"

"I'd put you in a guest room, but quite honestly I don't trust anyone here." He resisted the urge to smirk, "And the idea of letting you lose in a sixty thousand square foot home is unsettling."

"Wait," Eren trailed behind Levi, "Do you- do you want to go find your mom first?"

The prince stopped walking and turned around slowly. His face relaxed, and he gave a half smile, "No, we'll see her at dinner. Thanks though,"

Eren's face reddened a bit, "Oh, uh, yeah okay,"

The prince proudly took his hand and led him through the palace; ignoring the stares of onlookers.

If Eren thought Levi's mansion was big, he was deeply mistaken. The palace made Levi's house look like an apartment. The ceilings were tall enough to fit three houses stacked on top of each other. Just by looking up, Eren would get dizzy and sway. The hallways were wide, and workers scurried around cleaning everything. Eren could only imagine how many maids this place required. The idea of cleaning those chandeliers made his stomach drop. Levi smirked at the look on Eren's face.

"You like?"

"Who the hell needs this much stuff?" Eren wondered.

"This place is practically a hotel. Royals and presidents around the world come to stay here."

"I see that now. This place is practically the eighth wonder of the world."

Levi's room was up a flight of stairs. He offered the elevator, but Eren preferred to make the walk. A nearby worker moved to open the door for him, but Levi waved the man off.

The first thing Eren did was run and face-plant onto the waterbed.

"Holy shit!" Eren's body flopped around. Levi let out a laugh before he could control himself.

Eren sat up and looked around- it was beautiful. Light fixtures, gold moldings, deep purple drapes, fancy sequin pillows- Levi's room was definitely made for a prince.

"I haven't been here in years." Levi said almost to himself. He walked over to the shelves and looked longingly at the knickknacks there. He picked up a picture frame.

"I just can't believe you have a water bed." Eren flopped back down and it made a squishy noise.

"Not gonna lie." Levi turned around and pressed his back against the dresser, "That's not actually my bed. I only got that 'cause I thought it was fucking cool."

"You thought correct." Eren laughed, and looked to the giant T.V., "So this is like the living room to your bedroom?"

"In a way." Levi smirked before walking past Eren into a joined room. "I was determined to only have to leave my room like, once a day. I hate people."

His real bed was bigger- there was another television as well as computer equipment. His closet looked to be in here as well.

"Fuck, Levi." Eren ran a hand through his hair, "Think you have enough shit?"

The prince laughed, and snuck up behind Eren to wrap his arms around his waist. "Part of the reason why I left- it never felt like home."

"I can imagine." Eren rested his head on his shoulder, "I'd get lost looking for the fucking bathroom."

"I can give you a map."

Eren laughed, "Are you serious?"

"Seriously serious."

Eren laughed and he felt the older pull him back onto the bed. He flopped backwards and the prince fell over him. He looked up to the prince's eyes- his stoic mask was gone now. Eren thought to the cold look he had given his father. Eren didn't like seeing such an unhappy expression. He looks so much better when he smiles.

They were close enough to where he could feel Levi breathe. Eren whispered, "You should be nice to your dad."

"No." Levi whispered back, and let his lips touch the bridge of Eren's nose.

"You act like a rebellious teenager."

"It's not just a stage mom."

Eren laughed and wrapped his arms over Levis shoulders. He tilted his head up and briefly kissed the prince. They parted for a moment, and Eren said "At least try."

"He thought you were the help."

"I am the help."

"Not here." Levi's lips ghosted over Eren's. "Here you're my date. You're to be respected, and if anyone does otherwise we're taking the next plane out of here and vacationing in Fiji-"

Eren cut the prince off with another kiss, "Shut up and play nice."

"I don't play." Levi's voice dipped low, and harshly met Eren's lips. The younger returned it with just as much force. There was a hand underneath his shirt- his fingertips dipped into every crevice as they mapped out Eren's chest. Eren had no idea how to get underneath the complicated shirt Levi wore, so he settled for raking his nails through the prince's hair. He heard the man make a low noise at that.

They broke for air, and Levi kissed at the spot beneath his ear.

"There are people in the hallway."

"This room is soundproof."

"Fuck yeah!"

The prince blew air out his nose- Eren took it as a laugh. Levi bit at his neck and Eren sighed. There was a warm hand on his thigh, so Eren moved his hands to trail down Levi's back.

There was a hard knock at the door.

The couple paused, eyes going wide. The knock came again, this time louder. Levi groaned, "Are you fucking kidding me."

Eren sighed, "You better get that."

Levi rolled off of him and stomped over to the door. Eren fixed his shirt before meekly following and peeking around the corner. The prince ripped open the door to reveal three people.

In fact, it was three other princes.


Levi slammed the door shut.

Eren laughed through his hand, "Levi!"

The knocking returned, and the man hissed before opening the door back open, "What?"

Erwin huffed, "That was rude."

Nile cut to the chase, "Father requires your presence."

"What for?" Levi leaned up against the doorframe. Eren slowly made his way into the room. The third prince was very tall- he had a little mustache, but otherwise looked stoic, like Levi.

"You haven't been here in years. He needs to fill you in on some things." The other prince spoke.

Erwin waved his hand around, "You know, military shit. Blah blah blah- super fun stuff. "

"You're in a good mood today." Levi snapped.

Erwin sassed back, "And apparently you are not."

Levi sighed, "Alright...what the hell is it?"

"What do you mean?"

"You came all the way across the palace to personally tell me that daddy wants to talk?" Levi crossed his arms.

Erwin grinned, "Ah, you know us so well, dear brother."

"We were hoping to show your…friend around while you were gone." Nile bowed his neck respectfully.

"Of course, we'd hate to have him be bored, all alone while you talk business." Erwin smiled handsomely at Eren, who was now standing behind Levi.

"Absolutely not." He snapped.

"Ah, well, it's not really your choice, is it?"

"You little shit-"

"It's fine Levi." Eren grabbed the arm that was inches away from caving Erwin's face in. "You go do whatever you need to. I can handle myself."

Levi turned, his features softening as he made eye contact with Eren, "Are you sure?"

"Sure sure," Eren smiled. "I need a tour anyways."

He wasn't exactly ecstatic about walking around with Levi's older brothers, considering that he didn't really trust them. He was introduced to Mike, who oddly smelled him before shaking his hand. Eren had met weirder.

He let Erwin talk as they walked past golden hallways and murals that covered the ceilings.

"That is a 13th century vase that was traded from the Chinese back when we first made trading routes with them." Erwin pointed.

Damn rich people. Eren mentally huffed. In reality he smiled, "Wow, that's very cool."

"That way is the library. We have over thirty thousands books, and two hundred computers open to people working or staying here."

Eren couldn't help but whisper, "Oh my gosh, that's heaven."

Nile handsomely offered, "Would you like to take a look?"

"Can I?" Eren peeked his head in as Mike held the door. They were right- it looked like the library of congress. He was about to step in, as a hand grabbed the back of his shirt. Another hand fell over his mouth, and he was pushed into an unfamiliar nearby door.

His back hit a wall, and the hand around his mouth was removed. He blinked, and looked around. A supply closet.

"What the fuck?!" Eren yelled. He tried to push past them, but the three princes stood like a wall.

"We're not going to hurt you," Erwin rolled his eyes. Mike reached behind him and the door locked.

"Uh huh."

"Really, we just wanted to-"

"Talk." Nile interrupted. "We're interested in you."

Eren was at a loss for words, "Ummm…"

"Yes, interested." Erwin grinned. "You see, Levi doesn't really take a liking to anything."

"That's why we're fascinated when he does." Mike crossed his arms and leaned a shoulder against the wall. The closet wasn't small but it wasn't exactly enormous. The room was already beginning to get a little warm from the bodies.

Eren crossed his arms angrily, "Yeah well, maybe if you didn't lock everything he likes in a closet, then maybe he wouldn't be that way."

"You're awfully sassy." Erwin raised an eyebrow.

"I wonder why he likes him."

"It's probably his eyes."

Eren blinked, and Erwin leaned closer. He gripped Eren's chin and the younger tried to yank back. Erwin grinned, "Why, you're right!"

"Get-off!" Eren shoved at Erwin's chest.

"Come now," Nile shrugged, "We just want to have fun."

Mike was next to him, and in seconds he was easily holding his wrists over his head. Eren yelled out, but the hand was over his mouth again.

Eren was about to raise his leg and do some Bruce Lee shit, but a voice could be heard from the hallway.

"Prince Erwin? Are you around here?"

"If I was a prince…where would I be?"

"Prince Nile? Prince Mike?"

The three heirs paused, and looked to each other.

Erwin asked slowly…"Are those princesses?"

"I believe so."

The grip on his wrists and the hand over his mouth disappeared. He took in a deep breath, and realized that the three had excited the closet and spilled into the hallway.

"Oh, look, it's the princes!"

Eren paused to look over at the girls swiftly walking their way. They were dressed in very beautiful gowns, but wore them like they were a simple summers dress. They approached the princes and giggled.

"Ah, princesses." Erwin smiled warmly, "It seems you have found us."

Nile took the hand of one of the girls, and kissed her hand. She blushed, but smiled promiscuously.

"You boys should come play!"

"Yes, we had the help heat up the hot tub."

"That sounds wonderful," Erwin gave them a princely smile. He looked over to Eren, "Just take the third doorway, and two hallways over is the staircase that leads to the rooms. I think yours is the sixth or something. "

The young man blinked, and watched the royals walk down the hall, giggling and clinging to each other. Erwin waved, "Bye Eren!"

"Third doorway…third doorway…" Eren muttered out loud. He was absolutely lost. He was kind of counting on one of them to at least show him part of the way back. He sighed. Of course he was in the area where there was no staff whatsoever.

Eren was utterly confused at the whole situation. I guess I kinda owe those girls a thanks. He sighed, the messes I get myself into…

The hallway was kind of dark; statues and various paintings littered the hallway, as well as old Victorian style torches. He wasn't exactly worried- he kind of saw it as an exploring opportunity. He peaked in a couple doors, only to see conference rooms, various living rooms, yada yada boring stuff.

Eren wasn't sure what time it was; he just so happened to leave his phone in the room. Responsible. Yep. Eren is that kind of adult.

His attention was caught by a giant painting that stretched nearly the whole wall. He had to take a step back to look at it all. It was portrait of the royal family…probably fifteen years ago. Levi was young, but stood proudly next to his tall older brothers. It made Eren giggle, he still has that angry look. I wish I could just put my thumb over his little ten year old forehead and smooth out that worry line.

He smiled to himself. Erwin was visibly winking, and Nile look visibly annoyed. Mike wasn't even looking at the camera- as the King and Queens looked perfect.

"I wonder why this is all the way back here, and not hanging in one of the living rooms." Eren muttered out loud.

"Because we didn't look 'well behaved enough' or some shit."

"Ah!" Eren jumped, and spun around, clutching his chest.

Levi stood with his hands in his pockets, and his face was neutral. Although, he looked exhausted.

"You scared the shit out of me," Eren breathed out a laugh, and rested his hands on his knees.


"No you're not."

He smirked and walked over to stand at his side, "I've been looking for you everywhere, idiot. Dinner is going to start soon." Eren nodded, and the two started their way down the hall. "I see my brothers ditched you."

"Yeah, thank the Lord and Jesus and Buddha and Allah and –"

"What happened?" Levi's eyes darkened.

"Ah well," Eren stood up straight, "I guess getting shoved in a closet was pretty fun."

"Are you fucking serious?!"

"Woah, it's okay," Eren held up his hands, "I'm fine-"

The prince grabbed his arm to stop walking, and hissed, "What did they do?"

"Nothing- fuck, these girls distracted them before anything happened, I promised."

Levi growled, "I knew not to leave you alone with them, I'm such a-"

"Hey." Eren ripped out of his grasp to playfully punch his arm, "I was totally about to open a can of whoopass, but those chicks distracted them." He held up his hands and took on a ninja stance. Levi rolled his eyes, but his anger slowly dissipated.

"Well, I think you understand why I hate them now."

"Erwin talks a lot."

"I know."

Eren laughed and began his pace again, "So how was your meeting?"

"Annoying." Levi slipped an arm around Eren's waist as they walked. "And awkward. Ugh."

"Did you learn anything new?"

Levi gave him a skeptical look before answering, "No. He just told me shit I already knew. I could tell he was mad at me but he wouldn't fucking confront the issue. The elephant in the room was horrible."

"Well," Eren shrugged, "You're the kind of person who tells it as it is. Why didn't you bring it up?"

Levi didn't answer at first. He just looked forwards, and then down at his feet. "I dunno, man. I don't even know why I'm here."

"Hey-" Eren nudged him with his shoulder, "Don't make that face. Everything will work out."

"You're too optimistic."

Dinner was…oh man dinner was…different.

Anyone important was called into the dining room, where rows of servers stood gracefully in tuxedos. People poured into the room, chatting and laughing. There was live music playing, a violin and cello duet somewhere. Although, nobody was paying too much attention to it.

There were multiple tables. It seemed like guests took to one, and the royal family took to another. Eren watched the three princes take a seat, each with a beautiful girl at their sides. He noticed that they weren't even the girls from before. They looked sweet.

When he walked in, Eren froze, unsure of where to go. Levi rested a hand on his lower back, ushering him towards the table with his brothers, "It's okay, you'll sit next to me."

"But I'm not royalt-"

"Don't worry about it," Levi ensured and walked him towards the table. Eren continued to look at all the unfamiliar faces. He also took notice to the maids and workers, scurrying around to make sure everything happened smoothly. He had a need to escape from this, and help them instead.

Soon he would be at the same table as a king.

Levi pulled out a seat for Eren, meanwhile glaring at his brothers across from them. The three feigned innocent looks. Not a second after Levi had sat down, tall iron doors opened from across the room.

Eren looked around, shocked, as people began to stand up. They saluted with their fist over their heart. It took another moment for him to realize why, and jumped to his feet a little too fast. Levi gave him a steady look, and Eren felt nervous.

The king and his queens were beautiful. Eren immediately spotted Levi's mother- oh my gosh…she's beautiful. She looks just like him.

The other queen looked just as elegant, and the three made their way towards the table. The people were seated once again. The king sat at the head of the table, and a queen on each side. Levi's mother was placed next to her son. Eren watched as her face lit up, and Levi's softened a little as well. She respectfully held her hands in her lap, and her head high, but..

Eren could almost feel her unease. I know she wants to hug him. I just know it. But it would be improper right? This is annoying. Eren looked to Levi, and saw he was sporting a similar expression.

The king noted for dinner to begin, and the servers began pouring drinks and giving the first course.

Eren could hear the young queen whisper, "My son, you've grown so big."

"You look beautiful, mother."

Eren looked down at the table- he felt so out of place. They broke into separate conversations- but you could still feel an awkward tension. Eren looked to the table, and was surprised to see that he recognized all the various silverware from his lessons. How did I end up here of all places?

"What is your name, young man?"

Eren's head popped up, as he realized Levi's mother was speaking to him. He suddenly lost his voice in nervousness, "I-uh, um," He swallowed, "My name is Eren. Uhm, Jaeger. Eren Jaeger, yeah."

Levi couldn't resist a smile, and he turned to his mother, "I met him in America."

She matched his smirk, "I take it he works for you?" She had a lovely French accent.

Levi's eyes snapped wide, "What…how-"

She laughed charmingly, "I'm sorry, boy, but you really don't radiate that spoiled rich ego."

"Ah…yeah," Eren twisted his hands in his lap. "This is all so new to me."

"Well you must be a good man," Her eyes smiled, "for Levi to bring you here."

He was surprised, She's not upset? At all? Eren smiled, "Thank you, miss."

"Well, I guess it would be noble to introduce myself," She smiled, "I am Queen Amelia."

"It's really a pleasure," Eren nodded. He looked to Levi, and was relieved to see that he didn't look upset. It didn't last long, because soon the King spoke.

He stood up from his chair, and all the people in the room looked to him immediately. He raised his glass in the air, and his voice bellowed. "Before we continue our meal, I wanted to propose a toast to my son." He looked to Levi with a smile, but Eren could see the distaste in his eyes. "For my son, who has returned home."

Everyone grabbed their drinks in the toast, and the King returned to his seat. He smiled to the three princes,

"Ah, you boys brought such beautiful princesses here today." The boys nodded in agreement, and the girls giggled. "Levi."

He looked up to his father in response. The man laughed heartily, "Whatever happened to those princesses I sent to you?"

"I rejected them." Levi answered, cold.

The King's happy aura began to dissipate, "And why is that?"

"Because I don't want to get married." He spoke roughly.

"We've spoken about this so many times," The King rubbed his temple, "You don't have to get married, but you have to make connections; get out there in the world. Meet people. Like your brothers do," He waved towards the three princes, each with a pleasant princess at their side.

Levi nearly hissed, "I don't think we should talk about this here."

"We need to eventually, boy." The king grew more upset. "It's exceptionally hard when you keep ignoring me. " The two queens looked to their husband in a silent plea, but he continued to stare at Levi.

"I have someone." Levi answered. "This conversation is over."

"What? This peasant boy?" The King spat.

Levi stood up from his chair, and gripped the table with white knuckles. His chair squeaked against the floor. Eren's eyes went wide, and moved to stop Levi.

The older queen gasped at her husband, "Adrian!"

The three princes sat across the table, silent as they watched the feud. The pleased looks on their faces upset Eren. The guests at the other tables didn't seem to notice, as they laughed and drank amongst themselves.

"I would never say anything like that about your guests, father." Levi spat back, fighting Eren who was desperately trying to pull him back down to his seat. The king looked to Eren, and then sighed.

"We will talk about this later."

Still fuming, Levi sunk back down into his chair. The queen leaned over and whispered something inaudible, and Levi nodded to her.

The king looked to Eren, "What is your name?"

Eren's eyes went wide, but succeeded in answering smoothly, "Eren Jaeger."

"Eren." He bowed his head slightly, "My apologies. That was disrespectful of me."

"Oh, um, no, it's alright." He nodded, "Sir."

The King gave him a skeptical look, and Queen Amelia clapped her hands, "Well, now that's over. Why don't we get rid of these appetizer plates and serve the real dinner," She smiled.

As workers brought out the food, Eren could nearly feel the anger radiating off of the now silent prince.

"Well, I think that went pretty well." Eren shrugged. They had succeeded in making it back to Levi's room in one piece. In which, Levi immediately face planted on his bed and groaned. The act made Eren laugh.

Levi rolled over to say, "Yeah, about as well as shoving my face in a blender."

"Okay, well," Eren crawled up onto the bed and sat next to him, legs crossed. "Nobody died, so. I think that's a success."

"I was about two seconds away from kicking someone's ass."

"I noticed."

Levi mumbled, "Sorry."

"No…thank you for standing up for me." Eren smiled, almost sadly, "I'm just sorry that I was so awkward."

"You didn't do that bad."

"I accidentally called your prince-brother, dude…and then I proceeded to spill champagne on myself."

Levi rolled onto his back. "You still look cute though."

"Wow, thanks." Eren laughed, and plopped down next to him. He felt a hand intertwine with his. The two lay side by side, fully clothed, and looking up at the ceiling. "You always look good, so." Levi snorted, and squeezed his hand. He was about to roll on top of the younger, when again there was a soft knock. Levi whined, and Eren couldn't help but laugh at the noise. "You sound like a dying pig- fine, I'll get it."

Levi made a noise of appreciation, and Eren made his way towards the door. He undid the lock, and pulled it open to look right into the eyes of the queen.

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