Chapter one

Harry watched as Ron, with Hermione by his side went to join his family, all of them were still around Fred's body, George crying as he sat beside his twin, Mrs. Weasley still lying over his chest, the others all looked lost. There were so many that looked that way right now, lost, they had lost someone and seemed to have lost part of themselves. All Harry felt was disconnected, from his friends, from everyone. He knew he did good; he did what he had to do, Voldemort died by his hand just like the prophecy said. Even though he told Hermione and Ron almost everything, he never confided all, he left a few things out over the years and tonight there were a few more things he would never tell them. But one thing Harry knew, he couldn't be as he was before, too much had happened, he was different, changed, partly to do with his life and as of now it was going to be a lot different from the way he has been, partly because of the things he saw and the things he had to do, things he never thought he'd ever do. But at the age of eleven he took his first life, Quirrell, he also caused the death of others no matter what his friends said to him. It was his fault Cedric died; he talked him into taking the cup together. Sirius, well, that was completely his fault, if he hadn't been fooled into going there that night, Sirius would still be here, still be with him. Even though now he knew why Dumbledore was dying, he still felt responsible for him as well, Snape, well, even if he lived they would never be friends, he did understand him now though but he could never forgive Snape for what he did, revealing the prophecy to Voldemort. Remus turned up for his father, Harry knew it was his way of letting James Potter know he would do everything he could to help his son. Tonks, she was an auror, but she turned up because they had become friends and her husband was fighting, she couldn't let him do it alone, but this time she should have, for Teddy, now another child was left without parents and to Harry, it was his fault. Even though Fred said it was time to fight, they wouldn't have been so involved in this war if Harry wasn't friends with Ron. Maybe that was his biggest mistake, becoming friends with anyone. Once he knew the story of his life and Voldemort, he should have stayed alone; it would have stopped the Weasley family going through this right now.

Harry sighed, then he took one last look around, glancing at the bodies of Remus and Tonks again before he slipped the cloak over himself and quietly left great hall and made his way to the kitchens where Kreacher helped Harry load up his bag with food and drink, before he finally left the castle.

Once he was down the long drive and outside the busted gates, he took one last look at the ruined castle, his home, not any more Harry thought. That was his old life, now it was time to start a new one, something completely different to what he thought he would do.

Harry turned and disappeared, not just from Hogwarts and his friends, but from his home, his country. He needed space and he needed to learn, learn a new skill, the skill of being able to kill without remorse or hesitation.

Harry found a deserted house deep in the woods in Russia; he looked around then cast his charms. One to stop muggles coming near the place, one to alert him to anyone magical, one to tell him if any magical creatures approach, the last so no one could see the place or hear anything, then he unpacked his bags and got out the information he'd been compiling without his friends knowing. He needed to find someone, someone Sirius had once mentioned, just in passing, but it was enough to peak Harry's interest, so he sat down ready to read and to settle into his new life.

Hestia Jones and Dedilus Diggle were sitting in a small living room listening to the wireless, trying to get any information they could.

'Just in listeners, Harry Potter has killed Voldemort, it's over, the war with Voldemort is over.'

'What?' Hestia cried out loudly making the Dursley's look up, 'Oh Harry.'

'Shhhh,' Dedilus said and turned the sound up.

'Harry Potter turned up at Hogwarts last night, much to the surprise of everyone, including the death eaters that were controlling the school. Fighting started, people surged onto the grounds. Voldemort brought his death eaters and snatchers, but he also had dementors, werewolves and giants with him, there were at least four hundred on his side, maybe more. Harry with the help from Minerva McGonagall got everyone organised at Hogwarts, it was time. At one time everyone thought Harry Potter was dead, Voldemort tried to make everyone believe he killed Harry as he ran away, which we all knew Harry would never do, that is not him at all. More people turned up on hearing that their beloved hero Harry had been killed, so death eaters were falling under the sheer number of people, including the house elves who came out to fight in Harry's name, led by Harry Potter's own house elf. Everyone ended up back in the great hall and eventually Mrs. Molly Weasley killed Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldemort's last supporter, then Harry appeared out of nowhere. To say everyone was shocked would be an understatement. Voldemort tried to taunt Harry, tried to get others to take Harry's place, let others die in his place, but Harry who was calm and looked very relaxed told everyone to stay back that this was between him and Voldemort or as Harry called him Tom, making Voldemort angrier than he already was, that never seemed to worry young Harry though. They talked with all of us watching, Harry was calm Voldemort angry and even got shocked at one point when Harry told him to try for some remorse. Right as the morning sun streamed through the damaged walls of the great hall, the two said their spells with Voldemort falling dead. It took a second before the place exploded with sounds of cheers and shouts of glee. Harry naturally was surrounded by his friends, hundreds of his friends then by everyone else. I need to say, yes we lost people in this fight, some close to Harry died, Remus Lupin who was one of James Potter's best friends and had become friends with Harry when he taught at Hogwarts. Also his wife Nymphadora Tonks Lupin died, leaving behind a baby boy, which they named Harry as godfather. Considering how many he had on his side, and that they were using unforgivables, the loses were minimum, around fifty people. Even though we all wished that none lost their lives, they gave the ultimate sacrifice, but that is what happens in war, people die fighting for what is right. So our hero Harry Potter is our saviour, he brought us out from behind the dark clouds we have been living under for so long, now we are in the light ready to face this new and safe world. I must sign off now to go celebrate with everyone else, but all I ask is that you all raise a glass to our saviour, Harry Potter.'

'He did it, he actually did it,' Dedilus squeaked.

'Yes, Albus always said to trust Harry, that he would end this war. Oh I do hope he's okay, emotionally that is, that boy has suffered enough.'

'He'll have his friends around him Hestia, they love Harry and admit it, Harry is a very easy person to love. Well, it looks like our job is finished.'

'Wow,' Hestia shouted and put her hands to her head, 'Harry's talking to me in my head. He said that their safe now, to get them home but to tell them to expect a visit from him, one day, he's not saying when, he'll just turn up. He thanks us for doing this but now it was time to go back to our world and celebrate with everyone else. Just know that I am not the same as I was, too much has happened, too much death, too much pain. If you ever see me again, expect someone completely different from the boy you knew, you will see a very hard man, someone that is going to keep anything like this from ever happening again. Hestia and Dedilus, I thank you for all your help and support, now go, be with friends and family, just know there are still some of his supporters out there, the cowards that ran away. So as Mad-eye always said, constant vigilance, your friend Harry Potter.'

'How in the name of merlin did Harry do that?' Dedilus gaped.

'I have no idea, I might speak with Kingsley, I hope Kingsley's okay, well, I hope everyone is okay, but Remus, Nymphadora, oh they just had a baby. Just like Harry, the boy will have no parents; well he's got the best godfather anyone could ask for. But it's time to leave, so let's pack up and get on with our lives, just like Harry said,' that's exactly what they did, they packed up, took the Dursley's to privet drive, dropped them off, then apparated away to bewildered and shocked looks from the three Dursley's, but they also felt a little bit of fear, fear that Harry would turn up and that meeting would not be good.