Michael finally tells Dean everything...then Michael and Gabriel have some brotherly bonding.

. . .

Michael waited patiently for Dean to arrive to the motel room. He felt his grace twisting and turning, his heart pounding in fear. He took a deep breath as the hunter knocked on the door. Michael opened it and Dean rushed in eyes filled with worry as he sensed something was wrong.

"Hey, is everything okay?" Dean asked worriedly.

Michael took a deep breath, "First off," he knew it was going to feel strange for a moment but he grabbed the chalk and began to scroll on sigils that hid their presence from angels. It made his own body feel out of place for a moment but he shook it off.

"What is that?" Dean asked, staring intently at the markings.

"A sigil to hide this room from angels," Michael said, turning back to Dean, "We are actually alone now."

Dean knit his eyebrows, "What...how did you know how to do that?"

Michael contemplated how to tell Dean and he had been for hours but he couldn't come up with a way, "I need to tell you something important...something I should have told you a long time ago."

Dean's expression turned serious and Michael still felt guilty about the beating Dean had gotten from Alistair. He was glad the demon was dead but it didn't change the fact that he should have been the one to tear that demon a new one.

Dean sat down slowly and Michael took a seat on the opposite bed.

"Mike?" Dean asked worriedly.

"I'm not who you think I am," Michael said, "Well, the way I feel about you and the way I act around you is truly me but...I've left out a major detail."

Dean seemed to pale, "What?"

Michael bit down on his lip and he took a deep breath, "I'm an angel."

Dean arched an eyebrow then let out a laugh, "Oh come on, be serious."

"Well, correction. I am an Archangel," Michael said, "I'm being entirely serious."

Dean just stared at him, "No...no, you can't be. I've known you for years. I've seen you get older."

"I can adjust the age of this vessel. Keep it from aging or allow it to age when I want," Michael said, "This is actually a human version of myself from another realm but that's an entire different story."

Dean tried to let his mind take it in but it was nearly impossible to comprehend, "Archangel Michael?" he asked, "Are you telling me that this whole time you've been Archangel Michael? The one that supposedly cast Lucifer into the cage?"

Michael nodded, "I did," he said, "When I cast Lucifer out and sealed him in the cage, nearly all of my grace was locked in with him. I am barely an angel right now. I have just enough grace to not age and to heal myself if I concentrate."

Dean shook his head, "You're fucking with me."

Michael frowned, "I'm sorry...I should have told you."

Dean stood up, "You are being serious. You really are a friggen archangel!"

Michael stood up, "I couldn't tell you."

"You've been lying to me for all of these years...I...I trusted you! You've been screwing around with me knowing all along what was going to happen," Dean shouted.

"I tried to stop all of this," Michael argued, "I tried to stop you from making that deal...you refused. Then I've been trying to stop Sam from using his abilities. It won't end well."

Dean honestly had no idea what to think, "Why would you do this to me? Make me fall for you so you can manipulate me into doing what Heaven wants?"

"I am hiding from Heaven," Michael said, "Which is why I put up the sigils. If I were to be found like this, I could be killed; If I am killed and Lucifer rises, there will be nobody to fight him and he will destroy the planet. I am the only one who can kill him. There are angels rebelling for his cause and I don't know who to trust."

Dean just swallowed thickly, "What about Castiel?"

"Castiel is trustworthy...I told him," Michael said.

"How do I know you don't want to destroy the planet?" Dean asked.

"I've been stuck here on Earth for a very, very long time," Michael said, "I see humanity differently than any other angel other than a few of my brothers and sisters. I see the bad, the murder, the war and death but I also see the good, the love, the hope and faith."

"I fell for you," Dean said, shaking his head, "I..."

"I am still the same person you've known," Michael tried, "I never lied about my life. My father did leave, He did have me cast my brother out of Heaven and lock him away...I do have to kill him when he rises."

"So this whole time that story was about Lucifer? The devil is your brother?" Dean asked, his blood feeling cold. He took a step back when Michael moved close.

"Yes...which is why I am trying to prevent his rising," Michael said, "Sam is the key. If he doesn't stop screwing around with his stupid powers and drinking demon blood, he is going to break the last seal."

"Don't you dare talk about my brother," Dean sneered, "you lying bastard."

"I'm telling you the truth," Michael growled, "Killing Lillith is the last seal."

"How can I believe anything you say?" Dean asked even though he feared it was the truth.

"You know what...I tried," Michael said, shrugging as irritation took over, "Perhaps it is just destiny to have Lucifer rise...maybe I do have to kill my little brother."

"Well your brother is a dick," Dean hissed, "all angels are dicks. Except for maybe Cas. At least he hasn't lied to me."

Michael ground his teeth, "Castiel left a mark upon your soul when he didn't need to...did he tell you that?"

Dean just glowered, wondering now if that was why Michael was so pissed to see the hand print.

"My feelings for you were unexpected. I didn't want to fall in love with you, Dean," Michael said, "I am an Archangel...I am not supposed to but I did. You are my true vessel and we were created to be one."

"Whoa back that up," Dean said, "True vessel? Are you saying that I'm supposed to be your meatsuit?"

Michael honestly hadn't meant to say that yet, "You are my true vessel, yes," he said, "I am supposed to use your body as a vessel to kill Lucifer."

Dean just gawked, "So that's what this was all about? So you can use me as a vessel?"

"Don't you see. I am in a vessel that suits me perfectly. I do not need to use you," Michael said, feeling stressed at trying to explain this, "I would never use you as a vessel even if you allowed it. I couldn't...I love you, not just for your body but your soul."

"Oh just knock off the shit," Dean said angrily, "you don't care about me. Why would an Archangel give a crap about my soul?"

"You really think so low of yourself. You gave up your soul for your brother. You risk your life on a daily basis to protect people you don't even know," Michael said, "You have the most brilliant soul I've ever seen and I have seen a lot of souls."

Dean just stared at him again, "What else should I know? Anything else you feel like enlightening me with?"

"Sam is Lucifer's true vessel," Michael said flatly.

"Oh that's just friggen perfect," Dean muttered, "tell me again why you just decided to tell me all of this?"

"I care about you," Michael explained, "A lot...I don't want to hide anything from you."

"Good, now I can leave," Dean said, his heart crushing at the idea that someone he loved kept so much from him. He had to find out about Sam and Ruby and that lie then finding out about Michael...it was truly just overwhelming. There was nobody he could trust.

"Please try to forgive me," Michael said, grabbing Dean's arm.

Dean froze, feeling the warm sensation that always radiated into him from Michael's touch, "Why does it feel like that when you touch me? Is it an angel thing?"

Michael looked at loss for words, "In a way," he said, "we were made for each other. A human would call us soul mates."

Dean's stomach turned and his heart fluttered at that but he shoved it off and pulled his arm back, "You were right," he said, "I do regret doing anything with you," he regretted the words the moment they fell from his lips and the way Michael's expression went from loving to blank. His eyes looked like one of a child who was just given a puppy only to have it slaughtered before their eyes.

"I understand," Michael said, trying everything in his power to not let any tears fall. He had only cried a few times and they both involved when he had to cast out Lucifer and when Gabriel left.

Dean paused by the door, "I..," he said, feeling literally sick from guilt.

"It's okay," Michael said, swallowing thickly as he debated on what to do to drown the remorse he felt.

Dean wanted to apologize and take Michael back because he really did love him but he was too hurt. So he just threw up his walls and walked out of the room.

Michael stood there, staring at the wall for what felt like hours. He felt as though his grace was just slashed in half. He rubbed a line in the chalk then slowly sat down on the bed and closed his eyes, "Gabriel...it's Micheal. I would really like your company right now."

Michael then waited, hoping his brother would show. Gabriel always had a way of making him feel better no matter what happened. He jumped when he felt a hand suddenly on his shoulder.

"Holy crap," Michael hissed, "you just scared me."

Gabriel's smirk morphed into concern, "Oh no, what happened? You look like someone just kicked your holy hound."

"Can you snap me some of that water from Pluto?" Michael asked, knowing he wanted something strong.

Gabriel arched an eyebrow, "That bad?"

"Please?" Michael said.

Gabriel nodded and snapped his fingers, manifesting a bottle he had at one of his homes. The liquid was naturally warm in his hand and it radiated a swirling blue and green. He popped open the top and took a swig before passing it to his brother.

Michael took a long swig, coughing from the strength of this liquid. It was like alcohol only about a thousand times more potent and not only did it make one feel warmer and happier but it filled any being with euphoria. Michael at his full power only needed a few shots to be plastered for a night and at his grace capacity he needed only what he just took. It would be a few minutes before it really hit.

"What happened?" Gabriel asked as he sipped at the drink, worried when he realized Michael already took a quarter of the bottle in one swig.

"Nothing really. I'm over reacting," Michael said, his grace starting to warm up.

"About what?" Gabriel pressed, ready to tear someone apart for hurting his brother.

"I just told Dean everything," Michael said, grabbing the bottle again. He began to chug it but Gabriel snatched it back.

"What did he say?" Gabriel asked, his grace heating up in the angry sort of way.

"He's pissed," Michael said with a laugh, "I don't blame him."

Gabriel felt his wings stiffening as he fought the urge to track down the Winchester.

"He said he regretted everything he ever did with me," Michael spilled, already feeling better. The stuff worked fast.

Gabriel stood up, his feathers flaring wide, twitching in anger, "Are you kidding me?!"

Michael got to his feet, reaching out to hold onto one of Gabriel's wings, "Please don't do anything to him. I shouldn't have said that."

"That asshole shouldn't have said that," Gabriel growled, "you didn't tell him those things for a reason."

"Let's just have a good night. I want to forget about it for a while," Michael said, knowing he was acting so human but that was how he felt. Being with Dean made him feel more than any human ever could and it was a risk he took when getting close to the hunter. He forged a bond with Dean that was unbreakable on his part. He would forever be one hundred percent unconditionally in love with the hunter. He linked his grace to Dean's soul...it wasn't anything small...and if he ever got his full power back, the feelings would only grow stronger.

Gabriel had to take several deep breaths to calm his grace down as he sat back down, allowing Michael to gently brush his fingers along his feathers. It was something he hadn't felt in many, many years.

Gabriel then turned and reached his own hand out, gently brushing fingers over Michael's warm, silky wings. He frowned a little to feel how tattered they were from not being properly groomed or how they weren't being used.

Michael just closed his eyes and relished in the comforting gesture that Gabriel was doing. The last angel to ever touch his wings was Lucifer. He let out a breath at how the muscles and feathers were already smoothing out from the knots they formed from no flight. It was common and usually an angel would need to fly around every few months to stretch the wings and allow fresh air to naturally groom the feathers but Michael hadn't been able to fly since he locked Lucifer into the cage.

"I'm supposed to be the big brother," Michael said after a while. He found himself leaning against pillows as Gabriel groomed his wings fully, "it should be the other way around."

"Your wings look terrible," Gabriel said, "How are you even standing without trying to rub them against everything?"

"I've grown used to it," Michael said, smiling, "you're just jealous of my wings -ow"

Gabriel grinned as he held a long, silvery feather complete with the gold and a few gems, "What was that?"

Michael turned and smirked as he reached out and managed to yank out one of Gabriel's feathers.

Gabriel then laughed as he began to tickle Michael's wings, knowing he was in control. It made his own grace lighten to hear Michael start to laugh.

"No fair, Gabriel," Michael tried to say between breaths, "I don't have my grace."

"That's the point...payback," Gabriel said, recalling how Michael did the same to him when he was younger.

After a few minutes, he stopped, "So...what's with the Avenged Sevenfold look?"

"What do you mean?" Michael asked, "Oh...my vessel?"

"Yes," Gabriel said, "You got it from Shragarard...that's the human version of you, correct?"

Michael nodded, "You too."

"Yeah...who knew I'd be so short and dorky," Gabriel said, "but still very sexy."

Michael snorted as he sipped at more of the liquid, "You look like a complete dork...at least I'm tall, dark and mysterious."

"You look like a douchebag," Gabriel noted, "only thing your missing is an eyebrow ring and eyeliner."

Michael laughed, "I'm sure if I didn't obtain this body sooner, both of those would have come in time. This vessel was only around the age of 21 when I obtained it," he said, "It's incredible how much more advanced Shragarard is than here...I got this vessel when I first locked Lucifer up...and the tattoos still look better than the ones that are given here now."

"We should go to Shrag again once you get your full grace back...or if you want, I can bring us now," Gabriel said, "We can go check out Luci's human version."

Michael thought about it, "We could go..."

Gabriel smirked as he jumped up to his feet, "Let's go."

Michael had no time to reply before his arm was being grabbed.

. . .

Yeah I realized how badly written this was once I reread it. I wrote it a while ago and I've been nonstop writing a diff fic since. So I'm sorry this seems badly written. I'll do my best to make it up to you.