A treat for Dogmeat

"Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?"

Dogmeat panted happily as his owner fawned over him ruffling his ears and rubbing under his chin despite the caked blood that matted his fur, his tail wagging frantically swatting at the pieces of Ghoul carcass that littered the Metro floor, whilst passing through the Central Metro to get to Museum Station on her way to the Museum of history Zaria found that since her last journey through the Metro it had become infested with Feral Ghouls again and this time in much greater numbers

Since she had Dogmeat with her a stealthy approach wasn't an option so the Lone Wanderer was forced to shoot her way through the shambling horde of Ghouls, armed with her Chinese Assault Rifle she cut through the first six Ghouls with ease blowing them away before they could even react, the ease of the matter quickly disappeared though when Zaria found herself needing to reload and her deafening gunfire had attracted what seemed like thirty more Ferals, calling Dogmeat to her heels the Wanderer retreated to higher ground forcing the next magazine into the Rifle cocking it just in time to shoot at a Feral that was swiping at her back

With Dogmeats help Zaria was able to hold off the horde with only a few scratches and claw marks on her clothing making her curse herself yet again for forgoing protective clothing over her Tunnel Snakes uniform, believing that they were in the clear Zaria let her guard down sitting down to clean the blood and grime from her Rifle unaware of the last remaining Feral that was dragging its way up the broken escalator, Zaria had shot it several times but only managed to ruin its legs forcing the Ghoul to crawl towards her, just as the Feral got close to grabbing Zaria's neck from behind Dogmeat took notice and lunged at the Ghoul tearing it to shreds before it could harm his owner

Zaria tittered as Dogmeats leg began to kick beating his foot rapidly against the floor echoing loudly throughout the deathly silent Metro, Dogmeats kicking progressively got faster and faster as Zaria's hand rubbed down from his chin slowly down to his stomach rolling the mongrel onto his back as her fawning got more and more frantic and her praises became almost like baby talk

As she continued to babble childishly over her dog the Wanderer notice how Dogmeats panting started to get faster and heavier and he seemed to start to squirm a lot under her hands, moving her touch lower Zaria began to rub along Dogmeats lower abdomen and groin Zaria's lip quirked as she started to feel movement in the dogs groin under her fingertips "good boy, let it out, let it out for me" Zaria encouraged licking her lips as Dogmeats cock slowly emerged from its sheath

She knew it was deemed filthy to feel lust for an animal but Zaria wasn't one to ever deny herself on any of her urges, it had started off purely as a series of dirty dreams shortly after she had found Dogmeat tearing Raiders apart in a Junkyard, she dreamed of her loyal pet no longer seeing her as his loving owner but as nothing but his rutting bitch whose sole duty in life was to bend over for him whenever he wanted it, after several mornings of waking up soaking wet with Dogmeat sleeping faithfully at her feet Zaria decided to discard the concept of the taboo and just go for it with the dog, luckily for her it didn't take long for the bright dog to realize what his owner wanted when she got on all fours presenting herself to him and he was perfectly willing to oblige happily mounting Zaria giving her one of the hottest fucks she had ever received in her young life

Ever since that depraved experience Zaria had grown to crave Dogmeats cock on a near daily basis picking up the habit of taking him on long walks into the Wasteland just so they could have the privacy to fuck without anyone judging her, feeling her mouth water at the sight of Dogmeats red veiny cock Zaria leaned down eagerly taking the entire thing into her mouth moaning at the taste that she had grown so addicted to

Dogmeat let out a loud howl as Zaria pumped her luscious mouth along the animals cock pursing her lips tight to massage every inch of his length, using one hand to keep Dogmeat from moving too much Zaria used the other to keep rubbing his underside as her tongue worked every inch of his cock, it took some getting used to when Zaria first sucked the Dogs cock but it didn't take too long for her to develop a unique love of the taste eager to orally please the canine whenever she deemed that he deserved it

After a few minutes Dogmeat started to squirm even more as he began to feel uncomfortable trapped on his back whilst his hips started to buck uncontrollably wanting some control in the act, it was too unnatural for a male Dog to merely lie back during a sexual act so Zaria decided to take pity and let him take over, letting the Dog get up Zaria moved back and started to peel off her clothing feeling it start to get clingy and clammy as her body heated up with lust, placing her Jacket on the ground she unzipped the Vault 101 Jumpsuit underneath pulling it open to let her trapped breasts bounce free sighing in relief as she let the Jumpsuit slip off of her shoulder and down her arms letting it hang from around her waist

With her chest bare for the animal to enjoy Zaria then got into position on her hands and knees facing Dogmeat opening her mouth wide as he moved forward to mount her front, placing his front paws on her upper back he let his owner guide his erection back into her warm wet mouth panting heavily as he started to face fuck her hard, sealing her lips tight around Dogmeats cock Zaria made perfect use of her lack of gag reflex to take the Dogs dick deep down her throat with every thrust to enhance his pleasure loving the feeling of his soft fur rubbing against her face every time he pushed his knot into her mouth

Panting heavier Dogmeat let out a strained howl as his cock started to leak precum all over his owners tongue and down her throat lubricating it and making his thrusts quicker and smoother, moaning at the sharp tangy taste of the precum Zaria balanced herself on one arm using her free one to reach around and rub Dogmeats lower back, quickly finding his weak spot just above his tail Zaria rubbed there making Dogmeats back arch as the beast let out a long primal howl cumming hard in his owners mouth

Zaria's eyes rolled back as her mouth was flooded with the Dogs cum nearly orgasming herself from the thick tangy rush of it, pushing the animal away the Wandered played with his load with her tongue for a few moments before swallowing it down wiping the trickles that had escaped from her lips licking her fingers clean of it "good boy, giving me a nice big load" Zaria praised him ruffling his ears with her clean hand before noticing his cock still erect "you're still hard, that's new" like most animals Dogmeat normally only lasted one round as that was all that was necessary for breeding for his species so seeing him still hard after blowing his load was a surprise "you must be going into heat or something, more fun for me at least" she tittered undoing the rest of her Jumpsuit pulling her feet out of her boots to fully exit the suit

Happy to now be fully naked Zaria got back into position on her hands and knees shaking her big ass in invitation to the Dog starting to pant nearly as heavy as he was in total depraved lust "come on boy, your bitch needs your cock" she breathed shaking her ass making it bounce and clap before spanking herself hard to further encourage Dogmeat to mount her

She didn't have to coax him for long letting out a sigh of almost relief as she felt his weight press down on her back, his fur soft against her skin and his claws adding a pleasant sting to the sensation whilst his cock probed at her wet cunt, reaching back Zaria helped guide him inside letting out a loud moan as she felt that his knot had swelled twice as thick as it was when he was fucking her mouth, biting her lip hard Zaria's body shook in a small orgasm as Dogmeats cock slowly sunk into her to the knot loving the feeling of it inside her paired with the animals hot breath on her shoulders and neck

Setting both hands back on the filthy ground Zaria started to buck back as Dogmeat thrust hard into her panting shamelessly with lust, her tits bounced freely with every thrust Dogmeat took into her "oh god it feels so good" she moaned keening as Dogmeats thick tongue licked around her shoulders "I love being your fucking bitch"

Barking loudly Dogmeat seemed to agree with her statement thrusting harder into his owners as his claws dug into her soft caramel skin, with every thrust he tried to force his knot into her feeling her cunt slowly giving way every time he pushed into it, reaching back Zaria grabbed the tuft of skin at the back of Dogmeats neck pressing his muzzle to her neck encouraging him to bite her and being the smart beast he was he quickly caught on sinking his teeth shallowly into Zaria's neck further securing his hold on her whilst she screamed out from the exquisite pain of the bite

As Dogmeats fangs punctured her skin Zaria orgasmed hard around his throbbing cock clenching and unclenching around him rhythmically, her orgasm didn't slow Dogmeats pace at all though and as her cunt unclenched mid orgasm he thrust in hard enough to force his knot inside making Zaria's groan bulge and her body explode in another orgasm right in the middle of her first one, the tunnels around them practically shook with Zaria's loud screams of ecstasy no longer caring if there were any Ferals left deeper in the Metro, all she cared about at that moment was her Dog and his cock making her his rutting whore

Hot thick precum started to pour deep into Zaria's womb as Dogmeat pounded harder and faster into her nearing another release, feeling his precum warm her insides Zaria reached back with both hands clutching at his fur trying to pull him deeper inside of her as her face pressed against the filthy floor "gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum" she babbled starting to drool heavily as her body began to seize up again, her toes curling and her fingers digging deep into the Dogs fur as he took only last deep thrust until her releasing her from his jaws to let out a long echoing howl

Zaria's scream quickly joined his howl as she felt his cock erupt inside of her filling her slutty womb with his hot canine cum, both of their bodies seized up in their joint release and Dogmeats knot swelled even thicker locking him in place inside Zaria's cunt as they slowly rode out their orgasms, after several minutes Dogmeat went limp on top of his owner pinning her under his weight as he tenderly licked at her neck and behind her ears making her titter as the feeling "mmmmm I love when you knot me, makes me feel so full" the Wanderer simpered reaching under her to rub her bulging groin "I think you deserve a nice juicy Mole rat steak when we get home" she cooed loving the feeling of Dogmeats tail starting to wag frantically against her thighs "that's only if you can keep going after you pull out though, think you can do that for me boy?" a loud affirmative bark came quick as his answer making the Wanderer smile getting comfortable on the floor to wait for his knot to shrink down

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it