Chapter One: Turbulence

All of the previous contestants stand before their plane, awaiting instructions to board. They're not sure why they're being forced to wait outside in the heat when they could just be waiting inside until their plane is actually ready, but after everything they've all been through on the show, they've learnt to stop questioning strange things. There are stairs leading up to the plane door but Chef Hatchet is blocking them all from entry.

"Can we just get on with it?" Duncan demands. "We kind of have an awards ceremony to get to." He has been temporarily let out of jail specifically for the ceremony, but is forced to wear a tracking device on his ankle so that he can be monitored closely.

"I don't think so, Jail Boy," Chef replies, poking Duncan in the chest. "Chris's orders were to not let you on until he gives permission. Which isn't yet, so shut your mouth up!" Duncan rolls his eyes.

"Can we at least wait inside where we can sit down? My legs are killing me!" Bridgette complains.

"There will be no sitting and no talking!" Chef yells back. Bridgette huffs and folds her arms. They all remain silent as they've been told to do until, finally, Chris appears from inside the plane and begins walking down the stairs.

"Hello my former competitors!" Chris greets them. "How are we all on this fine day?"

"Well now that you mention it..." Courtney begins, but she is cut off by Chris.

"Oh wait, I just remembered, I don't care!" He beams at them all and they glare back. "Thank you all for meeting me here. I know you're all excited to get to the ceremony, so we'll just get straight to it. We've been lent two lovely planes to take us there, but unfortunately after Chef and I claimed the best one for ourselves, the second one seems to only be able to hold twenty people. Due to, you know, legal reasons, we have to supply another plane. I've split you up into the best way I could possibly think of." The ex-contestants all groan. "Your ticket will say which plane you're on. Have fun!"

"But wait, where's the other plane?" Zoey asks. Chris laughs.

"Oh, right, that," he says. "It's just over there." He points in the direction of the old World Tour plane and everyone is hoping they aren't on that one. Zoey looks down at her ticket.

"Oh no!" she cries.

"What's wrong?" Mike asks. She looks up at him.

"I'm on the Death Trap!" she tells him. He smiles at her and takes her hand.

"Me too! At least if we die, we'll die together." She smiles at him sweetly and they head over to the old plane hand-in-hand.

"Oh my gosh Katie, I'm on the dodgy plane! Are you on the dodgy plane?" Sadie says excitedly.

"Totally! Oh my gosh this is going to be so much fun!" Katie replies with the same amount of enthusiasm. They run to their plane, not at all worried about it falling to pieces.

"Yes! I'm on the good one!" Courtney exclaims. "What about you Gwen?"

"I'm on the good one," Gwen snaps at her, walking up the stairs to the plane. Courtney stares after her, mouth agape.

"Me too!" Duncan adds. Courtney glares at him.

"Great." she says shortly and she and Duncan follow Gwen to board the plane.

"Aw man, I'm on that rusty old World Tour plane!" DJ complains. "I had enough trouble on that thing when I was on the show, now I'm risking my life without the chance of a million big ones!" Beth touches his shoulder.

"Don't worry DJ, I'm on that one too! I'll be there if you need someone to freak out with," she offers.

"Thanks Beth, I'm going to need it."

"Is Sam on bad plane with Dakota?" Dakotazoid asks. Sam smiles up at her.

"I sure am!" he replies.

"Me too," Dawn adds. "What about you Scott?"

"Yes," Scott says reluctantly.

"Looks like all of us from Revenge of the Island are on the dodgy one," Jo observes. "Don't wet your pants, Brick! Race you and Lightning to the plane."

"Oh, you're on!" Lightning agrees. Brick nods and they run to the plane.

"Did you know my great great grandfather invented planes?" Staci tells no one in particular. "Yeah, and before him people had to-"

"Oh there is NO WAY I am getting on that scrap heap!" Ann-Maria interrupts. "What if we crash? What about my hair?" Cameron looks at B.

"Care to do the honours?" he asks. B shrugs and picks Ann-Maria up. She kicks and screams in protest as they head over to the plane.

"Eee!" Sierra squeals excitedly, hugging Cody to her chest. "We're on the same plane!" She carries him up the stairs, running because she's so excited.

"After you, fair lady," Harold says to Leshawna, bowing deeply to her.

"Thanks sugar baby!" she says, walking up the stairs.

"Aww I wish I was on the scary plane!" Izzy whines. "I had so much fun on that when we were doing World Tour!"

"I didn't," Owen says nervously. "Do you think this one's a lot safer?"

"Don't worry Big O! I got your back!"

"Yeah, that would make me worry more," Noah says. He and Eva get on the plane and Izzy and Owen follow.

"Thank god I'm not on that crappy old thing!" Heather says, relieved. "There is no way I would get back on that plane."

"But we did have some good times there did we not?" Alejandro reminds her. She shrugs.

"I guess, but I'm glad I don't have to go back there."

"Oh my gosh Tyler, we get to be on the good plane! I can just imagine what it's going to look like inside!" Lindsay says dreamily. "Let's go and check it out!" She runs up the stairs and Tyler quickly follows.

"Right behind you babe!" he calls after her.

"Looks like we get to be together on the good one!" Bridgette says to Geoff.

"We could be on the bad one and I wouldn't care, as long as I was with you," Geoff replies.

"Aw, you're so sweet!" They kiss and head up onto the plane.

"I never realised just how disgusting couples are," Justin comments. Trent nods.

"It's fine when you're a part of the couple, but watching it is kinda gross," he agrees. They board the plane and someone comes along to take the stairs away.
The inside of the plane is amazing; instead of rows of seats there is a horseshoe leather couch at the back, as well as lounge chairs that recline. There's a mini fridge that provides an assortment of fruits and chocolate as well as beverages. In the centre of the horseshoe couch there is a coffee table with a stack of magazines.

"This place is amazing!" Heather says, taking a seat in one of the lounge chairs. "Oh yeah, I'm not moving for the entire flight."

"I don't know how Chris thought this was the most interesting way to divide up the groups," Gwen comments. "It's pretty much just the new cast in one plane and the old cast in another."

"Who cares? We had to be in that dumb plane for an entire season," Heather reminds her. "As long as I don't have to go on it again, I don't care who I'm sharing a plane with." Everyone takes their seats and the plane takes off.

"Isn't this exciting Gwen? I hope we win the award," Courtney says kindly.

"Sure, whatever," Gwen replies. Courtney sighs.

"What's your problem? Why are you so mad at me?" Courtney asks. Gwen looks at her.

"You're kidding, right?" she says. "Season five ring a bell? You made a list?" Courtney scoffs.

"Gwen that was two months ago! You're still mad about that?" Gwen stays silent and Courtney tightens her jaw in anger. "You won't forgive me for playing the game and yet you expected me to forgive you for kissing my boyfriend? Fine, I take back my forgiveness. You can fall off a cliff for all I care." She stands up and stalks off to sit next to Heather.

"What's your problem?" Heather asks.

"Gwen doesn't forgive me for playing the game last season so I unforgave her for kissing Duncan," Courtney replies simply.

"I don't get what she's so upset about. I would've done exactly the same thing," Heather says.

"Yeah, that doesn't really help my case," Courtney points out. "But thanks anyway." The plane bumps. "Great, turbulence."

"If this plane is supposed to hold twenty people how come there are only nineteen of us?" Noah asks. "I mean, not that I'm complaining. The less the merrier. But seriously, wouldn't it make more sense to have as many people in the stable plane as you can get?" Owen doesn't reply, but just cries and kicks his legs.

"Let me off!" he cries. Izzy cackles.

"It's all good Big O! Nothing will happen! This is the good plane," Izzy assures him. "Plus didn't you get over your fear of flying when we did World Tour?"


"I don't know why we have to go to this stupid awards ceremony anyway," Eva complains. "I have more important things to do with my time."

"Like what, beat people up?" Noah asks. She growls at him and the plane bumps. Owen starts crying again. "Don't worry buddy, it's just a bit of turbulence. Nothing to worry about."

Geoff and Bridgette are making out uncomfortably close to Tyler. On the other side of him, Lindsay is going through the magazines trying to find herself.

"Oh look Tyler! There's an article about us!" Lindsay exclaims. She begins reading it and her face falls as she does. "I never said that!" Bridgette and Geoff fall into Tyler's lap. He shoves them off.

"Guys, could you watch where you're going with that?" Tyler complains. Bridgette giggles.

"Sorry man, we'll try and stay out of your way," Geoff says. He and Bridgette start making out again. Lindsay throws the magazine back on the pile.

"You know what? Let's forget about the gossip," Lindsay decides. "Those people don't know anything about us." Tyler smiles at her.

"You're right babe," he agrees. They go in for a kiss but the plane bumps and breaks them apart. Bridgette looks up from her position on top of Geoff.

"What was that?" she asks.

"Nothing babe, just adds to the excitement," Geoff tells her. She smiles seductively at him and they continue to make out.

"Is the plane going tubular?" Lindsay asks.

"Isn't this so exciting Cody?" Sierra asks excitedly. "You're finally going to be my date at an awards ceremony! I've been dreaming of this moment since the first episode of Total Drama Island." Cody rolls his eyes.

"Sure Sierra, it'll be great," he replies.

"I can't wait for you to see the dress I'll be wearing. You won't be able to resist me!"

"I'm sure. Hey Justin, what are you doing?" Cody asks. Justin is painting his face with some kind of green goop.

"I'm putting a face mask on. I want to make sure I look my best for the crowds when we land," Justin replies. The plane bumps. "And now I guess if we die, I'll still be incredibly attractive." Sierra gasps.

"We could die in each other's arms!" she says to Cody excitedly. "And then when they find our remains our skeletons will be holding each other. Won't that be so romantic?" Cody rolls his eyes.

"It's just a bit of turbulence, we aren't going to die."

"Hey Gwen, I have a question," Duncan says, sitting in the seat Courtney left. Gwen looks up at him. "What happened between us in All-Stars?" Gwen sighs.

"You're asking me this two months later?" she asks. He shrugs.

"You didn't exactly come and visit me in jail. This is the first chance I've had to talk to you about it," Duncan points out.

"Look Duncan, I don't have anything against you," Gwen says. "I still really liked you when I broke it off, but I couldn't keep being with you when it was clear you were still obsessed with Courtney." Duncan scoffs.

"I'm not still obsessed with Courtney!" Duncan protests. Gwen looks at him disdainfully and he sighs. Trent comes up and sits on the other side of Gwen.

"Hey what are you guys talking about?" he asks.

"The past," Gwen replies. He laughs.

"Let's not go back there, am I right?" he says, taking a sip of the drink he'd just gotten for himself. The plane bumps and he spills it on his crotch. Duncan laughs and Gwen glares at him and he stops. "Well that's just brilliant."

"I'll get you a cloth," Gwen says, and she goes off.

"I still think I should be the opening act for tonight," Harold is saying to Leshawna. "Or at least the Drama Brothers. We could have been awesome."

"Don't be too offended sugar, some people just don't like your style," she says comfortingly. "But those people don't matter, because I love your beat boxing." Harold smiles up at her.

"Really?" he asks. She nods and he jumps into her lap. "Oh Leshawna, everything you do just makes me love you even more!" Leshawna laughs.

"Don't get too excited honey, we're still just friends," she reminds him. He nods sadly.

"I know, but I still hope that one day you will realise that you're madly in love with me and everything will work out," Harold says. Leshawna rolls her eyes. Harold falls off Leshawna's lap as the plane bumps. He quickly jumps up. "Fear not my love! I'll protect you!"

"Sweetie I think it's just..."

"Ha! Ha!" Harold shouts as he takes a karate stance and hits the air. Leshawna once again rolls her eyes.

The plane ride is getting bumpier and bumpier, making everyone feel sick as they're jolted around from the force of the wind.

"I wonder if the others are going through this as well," Heather yells over the noise of the storm they're going through as she almost pukes. Courtney scoffs.

"This is ridiculous!" Courtney complains. "We hardly experienced any turbulence with Chef's terrible driving and now we have an experienced pilot and we're being shaken around like glitter in a snow globe!" Gwen rolls her eyes.

"I don't think the pilot has anything to do with it!" Gwen yells.

"WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" Owen cries. No one bothers trying to comfort him as the plane starts plummeting downwards. They all scream in terror, holding on to anything they can for dear life. After what seems like a lifetime of falling, the plane finally crashes, and nobody moves for a while, thinking that they must have died. Alejandro is the first to get up. Aside from a few scratches on his arms and face, he appears to be fine. He edges his way out of the wreckage and stands up outside of the plane. He looks around, taking in the tropical island they appear to have crashed on.

"Where are we?"