Chapter 1: The Escape

Nick sat down in the co-pilot chair with a huff. "Jesus, that was crazy, Jimmy. I'm surprised this ship made it outta there in one piece!" He exclaimed.

"Well, it was definitely by the skin of our teeth. Kartek really doesn't screw around when they want to get ahold of someone." Jameson adjusted himself in the leather seat, attempting to relax and get more comfortable. "Our shields were down just about the entire time. I thought the whole ship was gonna fly apart once we breached into space."

"Then I guess we should count our lucky fuckin' stars, now shouldn't we?!" Nick laid back in his seat as he stared into the quiet of space.

The dynamic duo barely escaped with their lives... The Kartek Industry of Skaerus was a ruthless and underhanded weapons and consumer tech company, often killing independent inventors and stealing any tech advancements to proclaim as their own. Hell, they even iced a guy who invented a slimline digistruct pack. So it wasn't a surprise when the industry turned their attention to them.

A couple years back, the Skaerusian government issued a law that required citizens to receive an implant chip, which contained the owners personal information, like credit cards, for financial use and security. What the government didn't tell them, was that this was a chip designed to track the owner with a GPS signal, and if they were wanted by law enforcement, the chip could produce an electric shock 15 times more powerful than any handheld taser, which would instantly subdue any offender. The chip was also attached to the central nervous system, and capable of 'manipulations'.

That was not the problem, however. The problem existed in the fact that the chip was made by Kartek. And this chip paved the way for them to control and undermine authority to do as they please with the planet of Skaerus and its denizens. Something had to be done...

Jameson, through a lot of trial and error, and participation from Nicholas, he was able to create a piggyback chip that overrode the functions of the main system at the users discretion. Needless to say, Nick got fried quite a few times in the process, but they both knew they could gain their independence and freedom again if they could circumvent the design. It wasn't long after the fact that Kartek found out about missing information, and begin the search for those two.

Nick looked over to his friend, who was intently scanning holomaps in search of a destination. " So, where we headed?"

"I'm not too sure at the moment. Eden-5 would be the closest planet to dock, but I'm sure that they would have our information by now." Jameson pulled up a screen on the dash hub, showing their photos on wanted posters. "Kartek has already placed a bounty on the both of us." He sighed, mildly concerned with their predicament.

"I kinda expected that. A company full of malicious dickbags with a crapton of money. Of course they would place a bounty; they could save face if somebody else does the dirty work." Nick sighed in disappointment. "So I'm guessing Eden-5 is out of the question..."

"We could land here.." Jameson pointed to a big orange planet on the holomap. "This place doesn't have any governmental influence anymore, since the Hyperion corporation was annihilated about 4 months ago..."

"Hyperion bit the dust? Heh, unsurprising. Their firearms sucked ass. The only one I actually liked was their top-tier shotgun, but it was a pain to get ahold of anyway." Nick stood up from his seat and walked closer to the holomap. "So what else do you know about the planet?"

Jameson cleared his throat before proceeding, "Well, I've been following an echo cast from a young girl named Gaige, who currently lives there, and she-" Jameson noticed his partner staring at him with a raised eyebrow and quizzical facial expression. "What is your issue?"

Nick stifled a giggle, poorly, before forcing himself to attempt to look serious. "Oh, nothing, continue..." He urged.

Jameson seemed very excited as he continued to ramble. "As I was saying, she resides there with a platoon of other comrades, and they were responsible for the demise of the ill-fated Hyperion corporation. I've been listening for quite a while and it seems th-"

Nick cut in, a cracking half-smirk on his face. "Jameson, cut the shit. You liiiiiiiike herrrrrr."

"Dammit, Nicholas! She's an engineer like us!"

"..." Nick just gazed at his partner, smile slowly widening.

"She built a combat robot from spare appliance parts! Its incredible!" Jameson attempted to refute the argument, as his face began to redden in hue. Nick's smile grew wider.

"You know your face is red as hell right now, right?" Nick stated with his shit-eating grin still plastered in place

"Can it before I drop you out the garbage chute." Jameson threatened, setting Nick into a fit of laughter. After finally regaining his composure, he flopped back in his seat, and fastened the harness.

"Alright, fair enough. We'll go there to meet your girlfriend and ha-" Nick couldn't finish before being interrupted.

"SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" Jameson shouted.

"Oh chill out!" Nick shouted with a chuckle. "Alright, we'll drop down there and find someplace to land. Lay low, meet some of the locals. Set course for..." He lifted his gaze to the holomap, reading the name aloud...


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