Hello people, this is MidnightFenrir speaking and i'd like to thank you for reading my first fanfiction : Child of the Fell and Divine dragons. The story is a sort of crossover between Fire Emblem : Rekka no Ken and Awakening, as you have seen in the summary, where Naga sends Robin in the past after he kills Grima. I will probably change a few things as the story goes on and maybe introduce some Ocs and other characters from Awakening. Pairing features Eliwood X Ninian, Hector X Florina and Lyn X Robin with some Lucina X Robin (you'll see why as the story progress). Well, i have only one thing left to say: enjoy!

Robins' appearance is build: 1, face: 4, hair style: 1, hair color: 1 (white), voice: 1, eye color: red (as it should be for any albinos). Yeah, (almost) the basic appearance. What do you mean i'm not original?

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Robin's POV

I awaken to the sound of rumbling somewhere around me and my eyes open slowly. What greets me is the sight of an unfamiliar roof made of wool. I groan at the headache that suddenly manifest itself as I try to recall where I am and what happened. But my mind is blank and I can't seem to remember anything. Is this what people call amnesia?

But before I can even try to answer my own questions, a voice snaps me out of my thoughts.

"Are you awake?"

I turn my gaze to my left to find a woman holding a bowl of water by my side with a smile on her face and relief in her eyes.

"I found you uncouscious on the plains. I thought there might have been a problem but you seem just fine." She jiggles. "There are better places to take a nap than on the ground you know?"

Weird, I think for a moment. I just had a strange impression of déjà vu... Did I heard those words before?

"I am Lyn, of the Lorca tribe. Who are you? You seem a bit lost. Do you remember your name?"

My name? A familiar word rings in my mind. I guess I still remember some things.

"I am Robin. Thanks for helping me." I reply.

"Robin? What an odd-sounding name..." I frown at the comment. Again, I feel like I already heard that before. "But pay me no mind. It's a good name" she says, shaking her head with a smile.

Without a word, I sit up on the bed, taking a good look at my caretaker. I can tell she's young, around twenty maybe, with long green hair tied in a ponytail in her back and blue eyes. I can see she wears traditional nomad clothes, confirming her earlier statement, but I don't see or hear anybody else around us. Where is the rest of her tribe?

"I can see by your attire that you are a traveler. What brings you to the Sacae plains?" she asks me out of curiosity.

The Sacae plains? So that's where I am? Another thing I can't remember, it seems. In fact, I can't seem to even remember the name of the country i'm in. As for why i'm here, this is also a complete mystery to me. Ugh... What a pain... Why did this have to happen to me?

"Would you share you story with me?"

Before I can answer, however, we both hear a crashing sound nearby.

"Hm? What was that noise?" says Lyn, turning to the opening of the tent. "I'll go see what's happening. Robin, wait here." She goes outside and I can hear her footsteps on the grass. With a groan, I swing my legs out of the bed and get up, looking around the hut. In a few seconds, I spot a dark robe laying on a chair beside a belt with severals pouchs and a bag. I can guess, with the odd sense of familiarity and the contrast with the local belongings, that it belongs to me and put it on before straping the belt on my wraist. Opening the bag, I find a sword along severals strange books inside. It seems I were -am- quite a reader. But I can sense something different coming from some of the books, as if there were as trange energy raging inside them.

I shake my head. What is wrong with me? Energy coming from a book? As if it could be possible.

Hearing footsteps again, I turn my head to see Lyn runing back inside the hut with a look of panic on her face.

"Oh no! Bandits! They must have come down from the Biran Mountains!" she exclaims

Biran? I repeat the strange word in my head. Where is that? Wait a second. Bandits?!

"They must be planning to raid the local villages. I... I have to stop them!"

I can see fear, but also courage and detremination in her eyes. It reminds me of someone. Someone I knew before, but can't remember now. Again, it feels weird to know that you have experienced something before, but you can't put your finger on it.

"If that's all of them, I think I can handle them on my own." She rushes past me to a shelf and take a sword out of it before straping it to her wraist. "Robin, stay here. You'll be safe" she says, turning to me.

I shake my head. "As if i'm going to let my caretaker risk her life without repaying her for helping me. I'm coming with you."

Lyn looks at me with wide eyes. "What? You want to help?"

I nod. "Is it really weird for me to repay your kindness?"

" No, but... Well, can you use a weapon?"

I take my own sword out of my bag. "I guess I can, even if I have no memory of using one before. Beside, what sort of man would I be to let a lady protect me when it should be the opposite?"

She smiles at me. "Very well. We'll go together!" She says before dashng out of the hut, with me close behind.

What is it they say in those kind of situations? 'Think before you leap ' I think it was? Or was it 'leap before you think'?

Once outside, I quickly study our surroundings. Nothing but grass fields, exept for a few random trees. I guess the Sacae plains live up to their name. Following Lyn as she jogges to a small village composed of a few huts, I soon see the bandits that are rampaging around the camp, going after the fleeing villagers. There are four of them, all wielding axes that look so dull because of the blood stains on them that I doubt they could even cut a log properly with those.

But they could still kill.

I tense a bit and gripp my sword firmly as Lyn unsheath her own.

"Any advice?" She asks without looking at me.

"Stay sharp and don't die, I guess. They aren't any thing we can use to hide ourselves so once we engage them, it will be hard to do anyhting but stand our ground and fight. But I don't think they are expecting any resistance so the element of surprise should be on our side. Beside, our swords have the advantage against their axes. Also, they are quite overconfident because of their numbers."

I frown. Where did that come from? I wonder how I can know all of this while I don't remember anything about myself.

Lyn lookes at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, that's more than I expected. Could you also be a strategist by trade?"

"Maybe. I don't remember." I reply.

She nods. "Let's go!" she exclaims before running through the village. Soon, we see two bandits cornering a woman with her back to a fence. I can see the arm of one them bringing the axe up in a slow motion while the women shakes in fear at what is going to happen to her.

Scum. Enjoying killing innocent people and taking pleasure in watching the fear in their eyes as they bring down the axe. The worst.

"Stop!" I yell while jumping on the man whose smile turns into an expression of shock as he sees the sword coming at him. I slash at him and cut through the fabric of his clothes, leaving a long gash on his torso. He takes a step back, not believing what just happened and I position myself between him and the woman. His look of surprise turns into pure rage and he charges at me with a cry. He brings his axe down but I saw it coming. Those guys are all muscles and no brain, as I guessed. So the best thing they can do is trying to mall you down with pure strengh. I dodge the first, vertical, strike as I prepare for the second, horizontal this time, strike. This time, I quicly knock up his arm up with a swift strike of my own before plunging my blade deep into his chest. He looks even more surprised now, as if he cannot believe that I killed him. I take a step back, releasing my sword, and blood flows out of the fatal wound I gave him. I watch him as he falls to the groud, dead, and I swing my sword to get rid of the blood on it.

"And good riddance!" I say as I turn to look behind me. The woman is still on the ground and looks at me with wide eyes as I kneel in front of her.

"Are you alright?" I ask while looking for any injury she might have gotten. She nods and I stand up, taking her with me. "Go. We will take care of the rest of them. If you stay here, you'll be in danger."

She nods once again and start running down the path we came. I smile at the fact that I managed to save someone.

Suddenly, the sound of fighting brings me back to reality. My head snaps in the direction of the noise and I see Lyn engaged in a fierce fight with one of the bandits, the corpse of another one lying a few feets beside her in a pool of blood that obviously came from his sliced open throat. I sprint toward them with a shout and stabs her opponent's shoulder. He roars at the sudden pain and turns his gaze to me. Bad mistake. It was all Lyn needed to swing her sword in one fluid motion and make his head fall to the ground, his body following a few seconds later.

We take a few seconds to catch our breath before Lyn brings her sword toward the sky.

"Victory!" she shouts and I smile at her enthusiasm before frowning as I see a gash on her left shoulder.

"You've been injured." I state as I approach her to look at the wound. It's not deep but it's still a serious injury that could cost her life if not treated.

She looks at her shoulder. "Oh yes, I forgot about this. It's weird, but I can't seem to feel pain right now."

"It's the rush of adrenaline. It temporaly blocks your sense of pain but the backslash will leave you exhausted and in pain after it's over."

Again, I frown. Where did I get all this knowledge? This is really weird. But what's weirder is the fact that while this felt like my first battle, at the same time it didn't. I shake my head. That doesn't matter right now. We still have a job to finish.

"We must treat it before going after the last bandit" I say to her.

"Indeed. I have need of a vulnerary." she pulls out a small bottle from her belt and opens it before drink it's content to the last drop. As I see the wound closing before my eyes, I can't help but wonder at how effective such a medecine can be. But that will be for later.

As we make our way across the village, we see the last bandit running at us with a sack full of gold. He stops as he sees us and drops the sack on the ground.

"Who the hell are you? What have you done to my boys?!"

I step forward. "Your 'boys' are dead. And I suggest that you drop your weapon immediately and leave this place if you want to keep your life." But I can see that my words have no effects on him as he readies his axe. Oh well, it was worth a shot, I think with a sigh.

"Who do you think you are?! You think you can stand up to Batta the Beast?!" he shouts.

I ready my sword but Lyn steps with an arm in front of me.

"Don't, Robin. He's mine." she says as she steps toward him.

And before I can say anything, the battle begins bewteen the plain swordswoman and the mountain bandit. While he relies, as his comrades, on pure strengh to take his opponent down, I can see that Lyn favors quick strikes and precision to strengh. There is grace in her movements. It's almost as if she was playing a deadly dance with her opponent. Once again, a strange feeling of familiarity awokens inside me as I watch her. I remember watching someone in the same way and feeling the same about this person as I feel about her. But who is it? Damn this amnesia of mine!

As the battle rages on, I can see that Lyn begins to fall back, little by little. As I feared, she's too exhausted after fighting the two other bandits and the injury she sustained earlier must be taken it's toll on her, even after beeing healed. The longer this fights gets, the harder it will be for her to match her opponent. I can see that Batta has multiple gashes over his body but none of them are deep enough to be decisive. Then, I let out a cry as I see his axe leaving a wound across her right side.


She backs away with a jump and catches her breath.

"Whew! He's tough... It all comes to the next blow." She turns to me. "Robin, if I fall, I want you to flee. Do not be stupid and try to avenge me. You must escape!"

Again, without leaving me the time to reply, she steps toward and drops into a stance. Leaning on one leg with the other forward, her sword paralel to the ground at her shoulder and pointed toward her ennemy, the tip of the blade resting on the hand of her stretched left arm. She closes her eyes and I hold my breath as I watch Batta charging at her with a war cry.

It all happened in an instant.

Lyn suddenly oppened her eyes and became a blur of blue and green charging at high speed to meet her opponent. I only saw a flash as her sword striked twice and true across Batta's chest, leaving two deep gashes that made his blood flow out of his body like water out of a fountain. I guess he didn't even see what striked him.

"What? How... How did you-" He never got to finish his last sentence as a third strike of Lyn's sword beheaded him.

Wordlessly, I watch Lyn clean her sword in the grass before putting it back to it's sheath. With a sigh, she turns to me.

"That was close... I sorely underestimated him. Sorry if I worried you." she says with an exhausted and apologetic look on her face.

"'Worried' is an understatement, Lyn." I reply with an icy tone while coming closer. "You almost scared me to death when you closed you eyes. What were you thinking?! Fighting him alone was bad enough, but you just HAD to fight him while you were exhausted and with a not fully treated injury! Do you realize you almost DIED?!"

I stare as she drops her head in shame. I let out a deep sigh. Although I didn't fight as much as she did, i'm also exhausted. I guess my nerves had enough for one day.

"I'm sorry. I'm tired too. I won't say anything else since you are the one who is standing right now but... Please. For your sake. Don't, ever, do that again. Now let's go home and treat this injury."

She looks up and give me a tired smile as I gesture her to come and lean on my shoulder to help her walk. Once we're out of the village, I tell the village mayor that the threat has been eliminated and that they can come back now. After severals 'thank you' and 'we're grateful for your help', he asks me "What of the corpses?"

"Burn them." I answer. "I think it's the best you can do. For both them and your village."

He nods before leaving and we begin our trip back to Lyn's hut. When we're finally inside, I lay her down on the bed and examine her injury. Because the axe was dull, the wound is worst than what a sharp axe would have done but it's not as deep. Trying not to blush as I tend to her, I clean up the wound and give her a vulnerary once i'm done. She nods her thanks and gulp it down slowly. Having to deal with two serious injuries on her first battle must be quite a shock and she soon falls asleep after I finished examining her left shoulder. Having nothing else to do and not wanting to sleep yet, I draw out our swords to clean them up. I'm pretty sure no one wants their blade to smell of blood. Hearing Lyn mumbling something, I turn my head to the bed and come closer.

"Have to... Become stronger... Stronger... Than anyone... To survive..." she murmurs in her sleep.

I smile and shake my head. This girl... seriously...

With a sigh, I lay down on the groun, tired and in need of sleep. It's strange, seeing that I slept for more than half a day before this. I guess i'm not in top form yet. I yawn before wrapping myself in my robe and I close my eyes. My last thought before drifting into the darkness is 'What will happen now? As I have no memory of myself or what I was doing, what should I do?'

-Scene change-




*Scene change*

Robin's POV

I shoot my eyes open suddenly. My breathing is heavy, rash even, and unsteady. I can feel that i'm drenched in cold sweet but that doesn't matter one bit. Slowly, I sit up on the ground and look outside.

It's still night. I guess I only slept a few hours. But sleeping didn't allow me to rest.


It tourmented me with endless questions without answers. And now... This.

I shiver at the thought of this voice. It seemed as if it came from the depths of hell itself. But it also seemed familiar... although not in a good way.

I sigh. There's no way i'm getting back to sleep now. Not with this still very vivid dream in my mind. I get up and step outside, the cold air of the night greeting me. I look up at the sky. It seems the wind of the plains has been doing it's job well because as far as I can see, there is no cloud obstruing the stars or the moon. As I gaze upon them, I can't help but think that it's strange. I don't know why but the sky seems... unfamiliar. Like there's something wrong with it. Okay amnesia, you are defenitely my top one thing I hate.

I shake my head. I need something to distract me from this -from all this-! If only I had a damn-


I'm a freaking moron.

I slap my forehead before starting to go back to the hut.

Why would I curse over the lack of books when I have plenty inside my bag? And i'm supposed to be a tactician, someone who musn't overlook details. Great, just great.

I freeze suddenly. Wait a second. Just wait a god-damn second.


"So you're saying you can size up the ennemy at first glance?"

"Swords, sorcery, tactics... Is there anything you can't do?!"

"All right, we'll leave it to you to formulate strategy."

"Are you sure you are up to the task, Tactician?"

Voices. Again. I grit my teeth at the sharp pain in my head.

"What the hell is wrong with me...?" I whisper to myself as I sit once again on the ground.

'Everything', I answer myself with a chuckle as I lay down without touching my bag. I'm so messed up. But I guess it's no use trying to fight over something like that. Rather than focussing on something I cannot change with my own will, I should rather focus on what's gonna happen next. On what I CAN do.

I close my eyes.

But that, will wait for tomorrow.

-Time skip- (Since it seems that this website doesn't want me to add separator lines)

"Good morning, Robin! Are you awake yet?"

It feels like i've just gone back to sleep when Lyn's cheerful voice awakens me again.

"No. But I am now, thank you." I groan as I roll on my back. There, the sight of two pools of blue staring right at my face greets me. Her smile then turns to a small worried frown.

"That fight yesterday must have taken a lot out of you. Judging by the dark shades under your eyes."

Not the fight, lady. The voices.

"And i'm sure i've mentioned this before, but there are better places to sleep than on the ground." she says jiggling.

Again with those words.

"In case you haven't noticed, Lyn, there is only one bed for the two of us. And as much as I apreciate your company, I don't think you'd want to share a bed with a man you've just met." I reply with a grin as I see her blushing. " Also, I figured that I would be accustomed to the ground by now."

She slaps me across the shoulder and I laugh as she goes over a closet.

"I bet you're hungry?" she asks while taking a couple of bowls out of it.

As if on cue my stomach starts to growl and I roll my eyes.

"There's your answer." I reply as she laughs at me.

The breakfast was small, yet satisfying. But I guess someone who hasn't eaten for a whole day, possibly more, would be willing to eat almost anything. So yes, I was happy to simply eat rice with some salted meat and drink tea. As I finish to eat my share, I notice Lyn seems to be uneasy over something.

"What's on your mind?" I ask with a raised eyebrow.

She looks at me and seems to consider her options before taking a deep breath.

"Say, Robin..."

"Yes?" I reply, trying to help her get out whatever she has off her chest.

"I wanted to... talk to you about something."

Oh boy. Why do I feel like she's going to confess her feelings to me? Easy there, Robin. This is completely out of her character and you have only met her yesterday. No use to go for the drama/romance scenario.

" And that would be?"

"Well, you have some experience in the ways of war, I can see. And I was wondering... Would you allow me to travel with you?"

Okay, I admit I wasn't expecting that.

Crossing my arms, I think about it for a moment. Sure, I would love to travel with someone but... I wouldn't want to trouble her with my problems. Besides, how could someone want to travel with an amnesic tactician wandering across the land without purpose? And what about her family? I take a deep breath before looking her into the eyes.

"Lyn, I am honnored that you think highly enough of me so that you wish to travel with me but... I don't think this is what you trully want to do. As you've probably guessed by now, I have no memory of who I am, why i'm here or even which country i'm in. I don't think you'd be able to get stronger by traveling with a stranger you've just met who will roam around the country without any goal in mind. Also, you are still quite young. I think you should, at least, get permission from your parents for something like this. This is no slight matter, as I am sure you are aware."

I see shock in her eyes, but not the kind of shock I expected. While i'm sure i've hit the nail, I feel that i've also hit something I shouldn't have.

"What? You... want me to get premission from my parents?" she asks like she didn't hear correctly.

That was not the whole point of this little speech, but whatever. I nod, unsure of where this conversation is going. Then, as I see her face drop, I suddenly realize that i've set foot on a dangerous ground.

Of course, you damn tactician. How could you fail to notice something so obvious?

The fact that she lives alone, with no one around her, not even friends or her tribe's members, should be clear enough.

"My mother and father... died six months ago..." she says quiely.

I resist the urge to hit myself for my clumsiness. Good job, Robin. Way to go. You just had to make her upset did you?

"Lyn..." I begin, but she cuts me off.

"My people -the Lorca- they don't... I'm the last of my tribe..." she continues as her shoulders are shaking with saddness. "Bandits attacked and... They killed so many people... The tribe was scattered..."

I get up and slowly come closer before putting a hand on her non-injured shoulder.

"Lyn... You don't have to-" once again, she cuts me off.

"My father was our chieftain, and I wanted to protect our people. But i'm so young... And our tribe was so clinging to our old traditions... They wouldn't follow a woman. No one would follow me..."

I see the tears dropping on the ground and before I even consider what i'm doing, I take her into my arms. She slids into my embrace, gripping me like she would do to a lifeboat in a storm. I stroke her hair gently, whispering soothing words of comfort into her ear as she weeps and sobs quietly. Once again, I feel like i've done this before. That I embraced someone the same way to let this person cry into my arms. But, as always, I can't remember.

After what felt like hours, probably just a few minutes in truth, she loosen her grip on me and wipe her teary eyes. "I'm sorry... It's just... I've been alone for so long..."

"Don't be. You had every right to cry. No one should have to deal with the loss of someone dear. And the first duty of a friend is to offer a shoulder to cry on." I say gently as I let her go.

"Thank you..." She takes a deep breath. "No more. I will shed no more tears... I think i'm better now."

"If you say so..." I reply before backing up slowly and sitting again.

"Robin, I want-" she shakes he head and I can see fire burning in her eyes. "No. I MUST become stronger! Stronger so that I may avenge my father's death!"

'Revenge, huh?' I think to myself. A noble goal in itself. But where will it get you, Lyn? What do you think you will find at then end of this path? What will it give to you? What will you do after that? What will you have left when you will have finally passed down justice upon your father's murderers?

"Yesterday's battle taught me something." She continues. "I won't become stronger by sitting here alone. So, Robin, I ask you once more: Will you let me travel with you? Will you train me?" She looks at me with determination-filled eyes.

"Very well." I say after a short moment. "It seems we have a deal." I smile as I see her beaming face.

"You will?! That's wonderful!" she exclaims before hugging me fiercely and I can't help but grin despite my blush. "Thank you! Oh thank you!" She stops hugging me and stands up. "We'll be better off working together, I know it! You'll be my master strategist, and i'll be your pearless warrior! We can do it! Right?!" I laugh at her antics while getting up myself. At least, this will not be a boring journey.

It seems that my path is settled then. I know that, should I leave her here, she will end up killing herself against bandits. That is, of course, if she doesn't follow me from afar. And I know she could do it. Because that's the kind of person she is. Stuborn, yes. Strong, yes. But she is also caring, gentle, and, most of all, fragile in her own ways. And there's no way i'm leaving her alone, not with what she has faced recently. After all, that's what friends are for, right?

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