Okay so i just recently started writing fan-fictions and right now i'm writing a Jack x Bunny, Rise of the Guardians but i can't really upload the next chapter yet since i decided to only upload those every Saturday! And now i felt in the mood to write a Death note crossover with Harry Potter!, those will probably also be updated once a week, if i am in a writing mood like i've been lately.

Parings: LxHarry

The one i desire

Chapter one - Beautiful sadness

_The Dursleys_

Pain. lots and lots of pain was what Harry currently was feeling. His last year at Hogwarts was over and he arrived at the doorstep of the Dursleys a couple of hours ago and he was already covered in blood and bruises. Apparently killing Voldemort's arse wasn't enough to get him out of his relatives "care", The ministry had taken upon themselves to see to Harry's safety and there for sent him back despise his protests about him being able to handle it himself. You see since Voldemort died, all the Death eaters was on free foot and was after their Lords killer, Harry, so the ministry thought that the blood protection still would work you see.

False. You see the blood protection was only meant for Voldemort, and as he died it was not need anymore so any bloody death eater had a chance of killing him AND the Dursleys if they so wished. Harry was lucky not many knew where his relatives house were so he was safe at the moment.. from the death eaters anyway. Back to the ministry, as Harry explained this the minister of magic insisted i would keep him safe and ended the discussion with a fake smile plastered on his face.

Harry tried to sit up even though his back was protesting, he looked around the room and saw his trunk being emptied and the bird cage being equally empty. He flinched as he remembered Hedwig's death.. but he wouldn't stray on the though. He crawled to the loose floorboard and saw that at-least his precious belongings was untouched. His photo-album, invisible cloak and wand was still there, he had rushed to hid them since he had seen his uncles bemused face.

Harry signed and looked out the still barred window and let a tear fall down his face. 'I have to leave or i'm doomed' he thought desperate for an escape plan. He wished for the Twins and Ron to come save him like they did in his second year but he knew it was pointless, the car was lost in the forbidden forest and... Ron had died in the war leaving both Harry and Hermione with a deep wound in their hearts. Hermione had moved on and left the wizard world after the war and Harry was.. well alone really. He pitied himself at times like this, all his loved once were gone or had moved on and how much he wished to leave he just couldn't ... or could he? could he leave with out the ministries knowledge?...

He could! they didn't control him! he was a free man just like any-other man, saviour or not! Harry pulled himself up from the floor and looked into his closet to look for some clean cloths and found a large grey shirt and some sweatpants. He pulled of his old cloths and change even tough his body was bloody. He couldn't shower without his relatives knowledge and even though they were asleep he didn't want to test his luck.

He trough the invisible cloak over himself, hiding him from prying eyes, and took his photo album and wand and went to the door and whispered a quiet Alohomora and opened it as quiet as he could.
Before he went down the hall to the stairs he took a last look at the room he spent his last 7 years in.
'Goodbye, for good this time' Harry though as he closed the door and went down to the main hall. As he stepped outside for the first time in a week he shivered to the cold air that hit him but smiled nonetheless and pulled out his wand for the night bus to come and get him. 'Im free' was Harrys last though before he took a seat on the bus taking him to the Leaky Cauldron.

_ To L in Japan_

L is a very slim, tall young man with black hair and dark eyes. One of his most noticeable features is the shadow below each of his eyes, a result of sleep deprivation. Though L doesn't seem as much he is a very intelligent detective and very kind man. He is always shown to be wearing blue jean trousers and a long-sleeved, white shirt and almost never wears shoes or socks, preferring to go barefoot while even in public. To the normal eye L isn't a very social person even though he works with a lot of people time to time he prefer to work alone and communicate to the outside world trough Watari, his assistant.

L is currently working on a new case, Kira. Though L already had his suspicions on the Yagami's son, Yagami Light but had no proof yet which frustrated him even though he didn't show it.

L let out a long sigh as he analysed the newest report while eating a strawberry cake with his usual tea. He kept wondering how the young Light, or Kira if you prefer, could slip away from his conclusions. Maybe L was wrong, but no he didn't think so, or the Light had an outside source to guide him. He gave the boy credit, this was a the most challenging case he'd gotten in a long time and he would solve it, oh he would.

L snickered at the wrong use of grammar the police force had, it was ridiculous for someone at the age of 45 to misspell so much, really. As Watari came in with his newest order of cake he tapped up the new channel and looked for knew signs of the common Kira attacks and decided to relax his brains for the time being, which he didn't do all that much.

_Back in England_

Harry had gotten a room for the night and taken a long shower to get the dried blood of his body. He had used the bandages his room offered and had treated his wounds the best he could. He had slept until 11 a.m and and gone down for a quick breakfast before heading to Gingotts.
As he reached Gringotts around 11.30 he was pleasantly surprised when they offered him to exchange his currently empty pounce with a new Gringotts bank card, functioning in Wizard AND muggle stores world wide, for only 10 gallons. Of-course the money was nothing to one of the riches wizard alive so he had gotten the card and bought a new trunk and some cloths more fitting. And then proceeded towards the airport to get out of the country, he wasn't going to stay and risk being sent back to the Dursleys with stronger spells holding him where they wanted him, ready to be used as a pawn if the ministry needed it.
He looked for a plane leaving as early as possible and he had a few to choose from. There was always America, but Harry wanted a bigger change, then we had Hawaii but Harry noticed it would leave in 5 minutes and he didn't really feel so excited for the place to run to be able to catch it in time and then we had Japan, which he would have time to actually not stress to board.

He picked up his passport and waved his hand over it changing his first name to Harold last name to Black since he didn't want someone to pick up unnecessary ideas and also a fresh new start with a new identity. As he boarded the plane he sat in the first class section to spoil himself some comfort after all he been trough for the passed 48 hours. He still couldn't believe he had went behind the ministries back, it made him feel giddy inside and he giggled softly. He was excited for he's new home and had already looked up the spell that would make him switch language without problem but it would mend together with his current accent, which he didn't mind.

He looked out the window and picked out his headphones the plane offered and listened to the classic music radio station to relax for the long flight and soon fell asleep snuggled in a big, soft blanket.

_Air port, Japan_

When Harry, now Harold, arrived at the airport he was whispered the spell to his alter his current language and soon saw the Japanese symbols change in to English for him and he even tried say a few words in english wish change into Japanese as they left his mouth, He laughed a little at the strange sensation and decided to look for a hotel for the night. Harold soon found himself grabbed by different men at times and saw a few of them wink at him looking a little to friendly. Harold smiled a little unsure back at them and kept walking away from them feeling a bit nervous since he hadn't even left the airport yet at he was already fighting of perverts. Whats up with people Harold though as the searched for a Taxi, this hadn't happened in England. Sure a few had looked at him and even asked him out a few times but right up grab him was a bit to much for him to handle at the moment. Harold put up a 'Notice me not' spell and kept on the search for a Taxi and canceled the spell as he found one. He soon found himself at the front of a fancy looking hotel. He checked in and was led to his room and flopped down on the bed to get a nap to cure his jet-lag.
He chuckled as he closed his eyes thinking that his now, maybe he could live in peace for once.

Done for this chapter i suppose! Tell me what you think and i might continue.

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