A/N: Someone pointed out that I made Feral an articulate drunk. I just figure he is a very talented kat. Deal with it!

It's not the flying that scares me, it's the people. Too many variables. At least the flight attendants are no longer arguing with my alcohol consumption. No, with the trash filling with tiny, empty bottles of rum, take this plane down. Now all I have to worry about is her.

Ann Gora, it's strange seeing her without a microphone in her hand. She keeps looking over at me and smirking. She said she's going to pick up some award. Maybe she thinks she's better than me, the last award I won was the fifth grade spelling bee. She does have a cute smile, if I showed up with her on my arm it may make this family reunion interesting. I shake my head, that's just the rum talking.

The flight attendant brings another two bottles, along with an unopened can of soda. Behind me I hear Felina laugh softly. In rare form, she sits comfortably in a plain white t-shirt and jeans. She doesn't seem the least bit concerned about the trouble she's bringing home. I glance at the red-head sitting next to her. Pretty young thing, could have any man she wanted. Little do they know her heart belongs to another. They should be happy someone is bringing home a girlfriend.

I crack the soda, and hand the can back so my niece can make room for the rum. The reporter turns to face the row behind us, and settling on her knees makes a comment to Felina about my drinking. Felina laughs, but sticks up for me-although I appreciate the gesture, I'm not sure suggesting that Ann has a 'thing for men in uniform' is the appropriate way to go.

But Ann laughs, and stays kneeling making idle chit chat with Felina. She doesn't seem surprised with the girlfriend, and even laughs at some of the red-head's jokes. I focus on pouring the rest of my alcohol into the soda that was passed back to me. I'd rather look like a drunk than look at the ass waiving right next to me.

Thankfully the seat belt sign comes on by the time I finish my drink, and Ann complies. We land without incident, but the bumpy ride makes me think the pilots have had as much to drink as I have.

If I had been sober enough to move freely about the cabin, Ann's gymnastics routine may not have been necessary, but the reporter manages to climb over me relatively easily. She is soon gone, and after everyone else on the plane leaves Felina gets up to offer me her arm. Before I can stumble up, she and the red-head start giggling. I look up at them, then down to the source of the laughter. There's something pink and lacy in my lap. How in the hell did that get there?

I leave it dangling on one finger as I bring the undergarment to my face. I smirk as I notice the band has a phone number. I may have a date to the family reunion after all.