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Knock, Knock.

Without looking up from his current paperwork, the Earl of Phantomhive answered the knock with a blunt voice, his pen scribbling away at signatures. "Come in." Sebastian, being the only other person living in the manor, entered the room swiftly and silently, carrying a silver tray that held a cream envelope decorated with a red wax seal.

"A letter from Her Majesty, My Lord." The taller demon informed politely, placing the tray on Ciel's desk. "I'll read it when I'm finished with my work." The boy said without moving either his head or his hand from filling out various forms. "Very well, My Lord." Sebastian moved back to the middle of the room and bowed gracefully. "If you'll excuse me, I must tend to the animals." Sebastian said with a small smile. "As you were." Ciel waved him off and continued with his work. After 125 years as a demon alongside Sebastian and most of that time spent as just the two of them, Ciel had unexpectedly found that the manor had become rather…lonely. Even Sebastian had to admit that wondering around the silent mansion without hearing any other voices felt a bit strange. This was when Ciel had decided that he wanted a dog to keep him company and Ciel being Ciel, he wanted the biggest he could get his hands on, choosing a black Great Dane that was almost the same height as the young Lord. After hearing Sebastian's constant complaints about having a dog around the house, Ciel had given in and reluctantly allowed the older demon to get a cat, mainly to shut him up. Over the years, their weird collection of animals had grown from a parrot that sat quietly in Ciel's study to a huge tank full of marine fish.

After a further ten minutes of trying to complete his ever growing paperwork, Ciel dropped his pen with a sigh and eyed the letter curiously, his usual eye patch not present. He never wore it at home anymore. His curiosity had gotten the better of him, wondering what the current Queen had in store for him this time. With another sigh, his nimble fingers snapped up the letter from the tray, shining blue ring evident on his thumb. Grabbing the letter opener from the desk he was sat at, Ciel easily broke the seal and slipped out the letter inside.

Addressing the Earl, Ciel Phantomhive,

I am writing to you as a request for your services once again. There has been a series of kidnappings in an elite private school in Japan which I would like you to investigate and put a stop to. An attachment holding details of the crimes and the case have been enclosed within this letter. I understand that such a small request from a foreign country is not usually your responsibility however, the niece of a close family friend attends the school involved with this case and would like to ensure her safety. You are the only one I can trust with this assignment.

Thank you.

The Queen.

Ciel dropped the letter with a furrowed brow, now continuing with reading the attachment containing the details. Apparently, 6 young girls from the school had gone missing so far and police had no leads or any suspects. "Useless humans…" Ciel muttered, realising he was starting to talk like Sebastian, much to his distain.

Ouran Elite Private Academy. Ciel read from the page, curious as to what the school would be like. He'd never attended school before, even as a human there was no need to and he was too busy running the company anyway.

There was another soft knock on the door before Sebastian entered carrying a secondary tray holding a tea cup along with a steaming pot and a bowl of sugar cubes. "Tea, My Lord." The taller demon walked over to the desk and replaced the previous silver tray with the one balancing on his gloved hand.

"Perfect timing, Sebastian. Am I right to believe we own an estate in Japan?" Ciel asked, still scanning over the details in his hand. "Yes, My Lord." Sebastian responded, pouring a cup of tea for Ciel. "If you recall, we stayed there during our vacation in the country 50 years ago." Ciel nodded in response, remembering such events. The navy-haired boy sat back in his chair and accepted the cup from Sebastian, smiling ever so slightly at the familiar scent.

"Arrange for my private jet to fly to Japan tomorrow and call to make preparations with the manor. I don't want any complications when we arrive. Oh and hire someone to take care of the animals while we're away." Sebastian nodded whilst Ciel sipped his tea.

"Consider it done, My Lord."


"It's odd you know, this place has been abandoned for 50 years, surprised it hasn't started crumbling away yet." The supposed 'Landlord' chuckled stupidly before looking down at the scowling Ciel and clearing his throat. "You say the deed was passed down from your grandfather?" He asked nervously, receiving an annoyed sigh from Ciel. They'd only been in Japan an hour and already, Ciel's patience was wearing thin.

"Yes, now if you don't mind I would like the keys. I have better things to do then standing here engaging in idle chit-chat." Ciel huffed, Sebastian smirking at the boy's impatience as he stood behind him.

"Y-Yes, of course!" The stranger fished the keys out of his pocket and held them out to Ciel who snatched them away and began storming up the walk way.

Four hours later and the two demons stood staring at two pressed uniforms lying on Ciel's king sized bed. "We're going to be attending the school, My Lord?" Sebastian questioned, wearing the same face of disgust as Ciel.

"Unfortunately, yes. It's the best way to get close enough with the students to find out information." He explained before stepping forward and holding up the uniform, comparing it to his current black, modern but fitted suit with a gothic patterned lining. "Is this really what they wear?" He grimaced at the garish blue blazer before looking up to Sebastian who shrugged and sighed.

"It appears so, My Lord. However, this is for our Queen. We must grin and bear it." Ciel sighed with a groan before nodding in agreement, already regretting this plan of his.

The next day, Ciel and Sebastian pulled up outside the main gates of the academy in a hired black limo along with a chauffeur. Sighing, Ciel reluctantly stepped out the long vehicle followed by Sebastian, both wearing the bright blue blazers they had been complaining about the day before. Sheltering his uncovered eye from the sun, the young demon glared up at the building before him.

"Why…pink? Of all the colours they could paint a school, what possessed their simple minds to settle with pink?" Ciel huffed in disgust. "Indeed, what an unsightly view…" Sebastian agreed.

"Now remember, whilst we're inside, you must refer to me by my name. We can't rouse suspicion in case there's someone inside the school who may be connected with the criminal. We have to act like normal students. Subtly is key."

"Of course…Ciel." Ciel shivered at his name coming from the older demons lips whilst Sebastian smirked for the very same reason.

"Right…let us proceed." With that, Ciel and Sebastian strolled through the gates and through the front ground, eventually reaching the student entrance.

Their first stop was the main reception, having their names registered and collected their timetables before making their way to their first class, which by that time, had already started. Ciel sighed when they reached the door, looking up at Sebastian who nodded with reassurance, urging Ciel to enter the room.

"Ah these must be the new transfer students from England." The teacher explained as the two demons walked through the door, Ciel feeling more nervous than he thought he would. Already he could hear whispers echoing around the classroom about their country of origin.

"Class, may I introduce Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis. From today one, they will be your fellow pupils, please treat them well." Sebastian bowed when his name was spoke whilst Ciel stood staring out at the class, a stoic expression covering his face.

"Hey! Can you even speak Japanese if you're from England?" A male student suddenly called out, annoying Ciel as he scowled at the boy.

"I assure you, both Ciel and I are fluent in Japanese along with many other languages. You needn't worry." Sebastian replied to the outburst with one of his trademark smiles causing some of the girls to start giggling to themselves.

"Okay class, settle down, you can ask them all the questions you want at break. Ciel, Sebastian, your seats are at the back. Haruhi Fujioka!" At the sound of their name, a boy with short brown hair and large chestnut eyes stood up from one of the desks. "Yes?" "Could you be the escort for these two gentlemen, help them settle in?" The teacher asked. Ciel and Sebastian exchanged a confused look after seeing the boy. They both knew something was off about this person but it seemed like neither of them could pin point what it was yet. "Yes, Sensei." The boy replied with a gentle voice and a smile, sitting back down as Ciel and Sebastian made their way to their desks behind this 'Haruhi' boy.

As they both sat down, Sebastian sitting behind Ciel, Haruhi turned around and smiled at the young Lord. "Hey, I'm Haruhi!" He introduced himself in a whisper. "Ciel Phantomhive." The young demon replied with a nod, voice monotone as always. "Your friend there is Sebastian Michaelis, if I heard right?" "That would be correct." "Well, it's nice to a meet you both." He said with another smile. "I'm sure the pleasure is all ours." Ciel replied, a little too sarcastically for Sebastian's liking who was patiently listening to them talk.

The lesson soon ended and as soon as the teacher walked out the room, hoards of student immediately swarmed around Ciel and Sebastian. They all started talking at once, asking all sorts of questions that Ciel couldn't understand through the noise. Getting more and more frustrated, Ciel stood from his desk and slammed his hands on the wood, the sudden bang causing everyone to stop talking and just stare at the boy. No one had expected such a small child to make such a large noise.

"Will you all just shut up!? How am I supposed to answer any of your stupid questions if I can't even hear my own thought processes?!" Ciel yelled through gritted teeth. He heard Sebastian stifle a laughter behind him, the older demon knowing just how little patience Ciel had. As he sat back down with an annoyed huff, two ginger boys pounced forward on his desk, the two of them looking identical. "So, why don't us two represent the class and ask you and your friend there a few questions? How about it, kid?" The apparent twins suggested, eyeing Ciel with devilish grins. Ciel thought it through for a brief moment before sighing. "I guess that's agreeable." "Alright then! Let's get started!" The twins exclaimed and sat themselves comfortably on the desk with Haruhi standing next to them as Sebastian stood up to stand behind me.

"First question…" The first twin said. "What's with the eye patch?" The second twin continued. "I don't see why I should have to explain my appearance to the likes of you." Ciel replied bluntly in a slightly harsh tone, causing a few of the other students to flinch. "Aww c'mon, you promised to answer." The twins pouted and Haruhi rolled her eyes at their response. "I did nothing of the sort!" Ciel hissed, offended by their false accusations. "Besides, that particular topic is not something I favour to discuss." He added, quietly. Just as the twins were about to push on the topic, demanding for an answer, Haruhi stepped in. "C'mon guys, it's obviously something personal so just leave it be." The twins sighed and gave up, realising there was no point and deciding to move on to the next question.

"Okay, next question…" Announced the first twin. "How old are you? You look twelve or something." Continued the second twin, the other agreeing with a nod. Ciel panicked for a brief moment, although it didn't show on his face, trying to remember how old normal students in his year would be. I can't exactly reveal my real age of 137, not that they'd believe me anyway.

"Fifteen." Ciel said once he'd came up with an answer.

"Both of you?" Asked the twins sceptically, eyeing Sebastian who looked older than all of them considering his height.

"Yes." Both Ciel and Sebastian replied, a slight smirk playing at their lips.

"Okay then, third question." The twins looked at each other before leaning forward towards an unamused Ciel. "Why'd you two suddenly move to Japan in the middle of term?"

Ciel sighed at the question and sat up straight whilst Sebastian sat back down at his desk, both of them able to hear the footsteps of the teacher approaching the classroom. "Once again, this is something I do not wish to discuss with such people as yourselves. Now, If you would please remove yourselves from my personal space, I believe the lesson is about to begin." At that moment, the teacher walked in and ushered everyone back to their seats.

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