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It took little under 45 minutes for Ciel to play against everyone in the host club and by this time, a small group of girls, regular customers Ciel presumed, had gathered around the table to watch this intense battle of skill.

Or at least watch Ciel beat everyone within five minutes each time.

Now, Ciel was sat across from Kyoya, staring directly at the megane with a sly smirk as he slid his black Queen piece from one square to another.

"Checkmate." Was all he had to utter to cause the entire host club to sigh in unison, hoping that Kyoya would be the one to beat him. Ciel quickly straightened his smile and stood up with an extended hand towards Kyoya.

"Good game." Kyoya hesitantly took the boys hand and shook it firmly, not entirely sure what to do or say. "I must say I'm impressed." Ciel started as he let his arm fall back to his side, earning a confused look from the teen across from him. "You were the only one out of these morons to actually present a challenge, it made an interesting game." Ciel then studied Kyoya for a moment, sizing him up before nodding to himself slowly. "I like you." Was all he said, giving the boy another look over before returning to his seat and crossing his legs.

Now, Kyoya couldn't deny the little tremor his heart did at hearing those words and the way he felt his cheeks heat up just slightly, despite the only meaning behind Ciel's statement being "I do not hate you." Yes, this child was certainly interesting and Kyoya still wasn't quite sure what to make of him.

In the corner of the room, where Haruhi stood with Sebastian, the brunette noticed the amused smile that played at the taller boy's lips. "What's so funny?" Haruhi asked with a chuckle of his own. Sebastian looked down at the question before returning his gaze to settle on Ciel. "It's so very rare for Ciel to boldly state that he likes someone like that, in fact it's rare for him to like someone in the first place." he explained as he rubbed his chin. Haruhi followed his gaze over to a now stunned Kyoya, sitting with his back straight and very light rose dusting his cheeks. "He's not really one to get along with other people unless he absolutely has to." Sebastian continued, taking a brief moment to think before another smirk fell across his lips. "Yes this could be very interesting indeed."

As soon as both Sebastian and Ciel had left the club room, Tamaki did a 180 spin towards Kyoya and pointed directly at him.

"Have you finished the background check?" He asked, suddenly becoming pretty serious.

"Of course." Kyoya replied after eventually finding his voice, adjusting his glasses and pulling open his laptop. "And I must say, it's quite interesting." Tamaki rubbed his hands together and grinned, gracefully seating himself next to Kyoya and crossing his legs. "Alright Phantomhive, lets learn all your little secrets, tell me what you've got!" Kyoya nodded and brought up the boys information on the screen.

"Ciel Phantomhive, 15 years old, born and raised in London, England. Occupation: Owner of the Funtom toy company and head of the Phantomhive noble fami-" Kyoya was cut off by Tamaki's sudden outburst of "Ehhh?! He's an Earl?" Kyoya adjusted his glasses once more and sighed. "Yes, he is also the sole owner of a very popular and successful toy company. Now if you'd let me continue…" Tamaki nodded. "Both parents are deceased and has no remaining family. They died in a fire that burnt down their manor. Ciel had it rebuilt and took over as head of the family as well as the company." Kyoya felt his heart twist as this information, his chest becoming heavy. He was just a boy, a teenager. He was so small and frail, how could he possibly live on so contently knowing he has no family? And how could he take on such responsibility at such a young age? And how the hell was he doing a better job at it than his father had? The megane shook the thoughts out his head and concentrated on reading the data in front of him, only to realise that there was nothing left to read.

"Eh? Is that all you've got on him?" Tamaki asked, peeking a look at the screen. "Well what about his friend?" Kyoya shook his head and brought up the information for the tall blackette. "It's practically the same. Sebastian Michaelis, 15 years old, born and raised in London, England. Apparently he's a childhood friend of Ciel's and moved in with him after his parents died." He saw Tamaki slowly nod his head. "Well it makes sense. He loses all his family, sinks into a pit of despair and then suddenly, his childhood friend comes to his rescue! Taking him under his wing and promising to stay by his side! Oh it's like a movie!" By this point, the blonde prince had entered fantasy mode, passionately creating his own version of events. Kyoya just sighed and shook his head and looked back at his laptop, baffled by how little information he had on the pair. What the megane didn't know was, as the Queens guard dog, Ciel had to go undercover quite a lot and therefore had access to their personal records and could change them according to which role they were playing. All they ever really had to change was their ages and Sebastian's back story but they always kept it vague and erased all other information that might be available out there.

Kyoya frowned then closed his laptop. This boy was certainly interesting and Kyoya was determined to find out everything he could about him. What he didn't know was that Tamaki was already plotting a way to get Ciel to join the club and with this new found information, his plans may have included the word 'blackmail'.

The remainder of the week passed by pretty smoothly, well, as smoothly as it could when you have teenagers constantly harassing you to join their stupid club. No matter how many times Ciel refused the invitation, the host club members just kept coming back so Ciel was extremely grateful when the weekend came. But then he remembered the mountain of paperwork and contracts waiting for him at the manor because he hadn't had any time to fill them out due to school. He inwardly groaned to himself as him and Sebastian traveled back to the manor in their hired car.

The Saturday morning sun shone brightly through the window of the study, causing Ciel to sigh as it illuminated the stacks of paper that surrounded him. He finally had a break away from school and he was spending the whole weekend filling out forms and contracts. With a sigh, he dropped his fountain pen and leant back in his oversized chair, observing the mess that sprawled out on his desk. On his left were several stacked piles of paperwork waiting to be filled out. On his right was another pile next to a silver tray that held a steaming cup of Earl Grey tea. In front of him was his current work, a stationary cup holding a variety of different pens and his eyepatch, one of it's strings lazily hanging off the edge of the desk.

He stared at the china cup for a moment before bringing it to his lips and taking a well needed sip of the hot liquid. He placed the cup back on the tray before glaring at the paper before him and continuing with his work.

Down in the courtyard of the manor, Ciel was unaware of a long black limo pulling up the driveway. Each member of the host club piled out the car, Haruhi almost falling flat on her face as she was pushed out the car by the twins.

"Tamaki-senpai...are you sure we're welcome here?" She asked after finding her balance, now staring up at the victorian style manor that stood before them. Wow, so he really is an Earl, this place is huge!

Tamaki was just about to answer when Kyoya spoke instead. "The Phantomhive name is famous for its hospitality, I'm sure even uninvited guests such as ourselves will be given the same treatment." Haruhi felt slightly reassured by these words but she still felt they were intruding, especially since she could sympathize with Ciel, considering the same thing happened to her.

With confidence, Tamaki strolled up to the main door with the rest of the host club following in suit. After ringing the doorbell, they didn't have to wait even a minute before a very formally dressed Sebastian answered the door. "Ah, it appears we have guests…" Sebastian greeted with an awkward smile, realising he was wearing his Phantomhive uniform yet amused at the annoyance the situation would cause his young master.

"What's with the outfit?" One of the twins, Kaoru, asked with a raised eyebrow. There was a moment of silence before Sebastian answered. "...Cosplay. It's a hobby of mine." Tamaki's violet eyes shone at the butler's response, quickly grabbing him by the shoulders excitedly.

"You and me will need to have a very long talk later!" He grinned before stepping back from the now rather confused Sebastian. "But today, we are here to visit the master of the house." Tamaki added.

Sebastian nodded and stepped back to let them through. "Of course, please come in." The host club walked through the door one by one, each taken back by the spacious beauty of the manor's interior. Much like Ciel's home in England, his Japanese manor was decorated with a range of victorian furniture, paintings hung on the maroon walls and extravagant chandeliers hung from the ceiling. Even Tamaki had to admit that he was impressed by just the sheer size of the place, never mind the expensive ornaments and vases that filled the halls.

Sebastian only need to see the expression's on the teen's faces to know exactly what they were thinking and couldn't help the smirk that fell on his lips. "This is nothing compared to Ciel's manor in London." Sebastian stated as he continued to lead them through the hall.

"You mean his actual home is bigger than this?" Hikaru asked, finding it hard to believe. This just made Sebastian's smirk grow bigger as he nodded. "Very much so." He lead the stunned students into the main living room, pausing at the door as he allowed them all the to file into the large room.

"Ciel is currently working in his study. Please make yourselves comfortable whilst I go change and inform the young master of your arrival." Sebastian mentally cursed himself for his slip up of calling Ciel by his respected title but was relieved to see that none of the teen's seem to have noticed and were too involved with inspecting their surroundings. Sebastian continued with a small bow and left.

"He certainly has a unique taste in furniture." Kaoru commented as he sat down next to his twin on the larger of the three loveseats that filled the room. "Yeah, what's with all this creepy victorian stuff?" Hikaru added.

"I like it!" Cheered Honey from Mori's shoulder as he tried to reach the top of a nearby bookshelf.

"Honey-senpai! Please be careful! We are guests here!" Haruhi exclaimed, rushing over to the pair.

Over in the other side of the room, Tamaki was expecting the wallpaper, running his fingers over the gothic pattern. "I didn't expect him to be so old fashioned." Tamaki said, looking over to Kyoya who stood beside him, jotting down notes in one of his books. "Well, if we consider his use of formal speech and his talent for chess, it suggests that his parents may have been quite traditional."

"I see.." Tamaki looked thoughtful for a moment before going back to inspecting the rest of the room.

Up in the study, Ciel had long given up on his work and was now standing in front of his parrot's cage, the African Grey happily making it's way up the boy's arm. His parrot had been the one thing that he had demanded he bring with him to Japan. Not that he'd ever admit it, although he had a feeling Sebastian already knew, he had grown rather attached to the bird. It was quiet and well behaved as well as elegant but lethal if Ciel wished it to be so. He also found it amusing when the parrot, whom he'd named 'Raven', mimicked the odd bit of speech, not only copying Ciel's words but his voice as well. The bird's most amusing vocalization was when he called Sebastian's name, sounding exactly like Ciel and often confusing the demon butler.

Raven was currently sitting on Ciel's shoulder, happily rubbing his head against Ciel's pierced ear with affection, small purr-like croaks escaping the bird's throat. There was a sudden knock on the door before it slowly opened and someone slipped inside. There stood Sebastian, wearing black jeans and a grey shirt with a black cardigan. Ciel instantly narrowed his eyes and took a few steps forward, Raven jerking slightly at the sudden movement.

"Sebastian, what the hell are you wearing? That is no way for a Phantomhive butler to dress." Ciel spoke coldly with a hint of disappointment. Sebastian ignored his master's question, knowing that his appearance would make sense shortly and continued with explaining the situation. "It appears we have guests."

"Guests? I don't recall arranging any meetings this month."

"No, my Lord. These are visitors from our school. Thus, explaining my appearance." Ciel instantly let out an exhausted groan, cupping his forehead in his hand and earning a sympathetic purr from Raven. They're even harassing me at my house now? These guy's just don't give up.

"It's them, isn't it?" Sebastian smirked at the question, knowing exactly who Ciel was talking about.

"Yes, my Lord." Ciel sighed. He didn't have time for this. Not only did he have a ton of paperwork but he also needed to look through the case files for the missing students. After a minutes contemplation, Ciel reluctantly made his way over to his desk, grabbing his eyepatch and tying it tightly around his head before making his way out the study. He couldn't help but smile at the excited squawk that left his parrot, excited about being able to explore his temporary home.

"Let's get this over with."