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The POTO Characters Present The Three Little Pigs

Erik's House.

The two pigs run into the third pig's house and lock the door.

Raoul:*turns* Thanks for letting us in. *looks around* Where is he?

Christine: I think we left him outside.

They open the door and drag Erik inside.

Erik:*sarcastically* Thanks for remembering me.

Raoul and Christine: You're welcome.

Erik: grrr.


PS: Come on. Huff, puff, blow it down.

Ayesha: Huff *gasp* puff.

PS: OH, how can you be tired? It was only a few miles. It's not even my fault Erik built his house half a county away from the others. Now come on. Say the lines.

Ayesha: No.

She is suddenly above a boiling pot of water.

Ayesha: Okay! I give! I'll read! *she's safely on the ground again* Okay. Open the door and let me come in.

Erik: Intruders!*starts to wind up with a Punjab lasso*

PS: Ah, ah, ah. No lassoes in my story.

Erik: *pouts* But it's part of my image.


Erik: *quickly* Not by the hair on my chinney-chin-chin.

Ayesha: Then I'll huff and puff and blow your house in.*she takes a deep breath and blows. Nothing happens* Nothing Happened!

PS: Of course not. It's made of brick.

Ayesha: Then how am I going to get to them?

PS: Well, You *whispers in Ayesha's ear*

Ayesha:*grins* Okay. *runs off*

PS: Now to prepare the others.


Christine is reading a magazine, Raoul is fixing his hair, and Erik is installing an organ. PS appears.

Erik: Is the story over?

PS: No.

Erik: Drat.

Christine: Then why are you here?

PS: To prepare for the finale.

PS snaps her fingers and a trampoline appears in the fireplace.

PS: Ta-Ta. *disappears*

Raoul: What was that all about?

They hear a loud yowl and Ayesha jumps down the chimney, lands on the trampoline, and gets thrown back up the chimney.

Christine, Erik, and Raoul look confused.

PS: The big bad ca- er...wolf landed in a deep well and the three little pigs lived happily ever after. The E-

Erik: Wait!

PS: What?

Erik: What about these two? *points at Raoul and Christine*

PS: *sighs* Oh, very well. The first two pigs moved into separate apartments and only visited the third. The-

The door crashes open and a dripping Ayesha stands in the doorway.

Ayesha: DIIIEEE!!!

She dives at PS, who grabs the trampoline and holds it up in front of her. Ayesha bounces off it and out the door.

PS: The End.