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'Gisella, where are you?' there was silence before I heard Frank Sinatra coming through the hallway. I followed it and saw a door; I opened it and saw stairs leading me downstairs. 'What is this?'

'This is your "Man-Cave" grab the iPad and press the App Universal,' when I turned it on she smiled at me as if she had another secret. 'Press Obsession,' I did so, and watched the wall, behind the couch, move forward in several sections, showing me several DVD bookcases filled with DVD's.

'But I sold all of these.' I watched as she nodded.

'I had Sharky purchase them for me. I know you didn't want to lose your DVD's.' she was silent as I looked around.

'But I thought that this was your present.' She shook her head and walked towards me.

'Originally, but something came up.'

'Does it have to do with our honeymoon?' she looked away before groaning as I poked her side. 'Can you tell me?'

'No, that will spoil the surprise.' I shrugged. 'I'll just tell you that you will love it so much.' I leant down and saw that her hand was on her stomach. She was ignoring me.

'Come on,' I pulled up upstairs and saw that all my clothes from my apartment were already here. 'I knew me staying at your place all the time, was a bad idea.' She giggled before settling down on the bed.

'So do you want to permanently move in before the wedding?' I nodded as she felt back onto the pillows. 'Good, because I'm tired.' She closed her eyes, and kicking her shoes off.

'What about clothes for tomorrow?'

'My clothes are in the dresser and wardrobe as well. Do you like the wardrobe and bathroom. I had it specially redone as a "his and hers" so that your half of the wardrobe could be bigger than it was originally.' I laughed as she moaned and rubbed her stomach. 'I want real coffee.'

'Decaf not doing it for you?' she opened her eyes as I walked back into the room from the bathroom and wardrobe area.

'Abby had a Caf-Pow in front of me today, and I wanted that.'

'Wow.' She nodded.

'Sleep. Talk tomorrow.' I nodded and got ready for bed, before helping her.

'How big is your pay check. You seem to have a lot of designer in there.' She smirked and rolled onto my usual side of the bed.