I do not own Fairy Tail. The wonderful Hiro Mashima owns Fairy Tail. This is a Fanfiction about Lucy that takes place after the Grand Magic Games Arc.

Lucy's eyes opened while she let out an exasperated sigh. The sun began to shine through her curtains without her permission. She knew that today would be another uneventful day and Lucy could not help but feel depressed about the past few weeks.

Everything at the guild was slowly starting to go back to normal. It had been several weeks since Fairy Tail won the Grand Magic games and clients were still sending in job requests for specific mages that were seen at the games. This is the reason why Lucy continued to dread the repetitive days. The regular Team Natsu members rarely had the chance to all go on a missions together. Usually the moment one of the team members got back, the guild would get another request sent to them.

Lucy could not help but feel somewhat left out. The requests coming in were mostly for the rest of her teammates. Erza and Wendy went on a mission involving, from what Lucy heard, a large amount of sweets. Natsu and Gray were even requested to do a job together. Lucy's teammates were always kind and excited to see her once they returned, but Lucy could not help but feel somewhat useless since no one has requested a job for her. Lucy wondered if it was because she lost both battles she fought in during the games, but no one in the guild made Lucy feel like it was her fault. In fact, she was fairly certain they hadn't even noticed no one has requested her since everyone else has been so busy. However, Lucy couldn't help but feel like she let Fairy Tail down and she felt useless.

The sun did not feel any sympathy for Lucy when the beams of light finally hit her eyes. "Uggghhhhh, fine I will get up already," she moaned while she scowled at the window. Her mornings the past few weeks have been uneventful since she hadn't had to kick Natsu and Happy out her bed. Lucy was starting to miss her wild and crazy mornings a little bit with the two childish idiots; however, she would rather dance as Gajeel's Bunny Girl before admitting to either Natsu or Happy that she missed them staying at her house.

Lucy slowly looked into her closet to decide on what she wanted to wear today. Even though she might just sit at the bar all day talking with Mira, she thought it was still important that she look good. Lucy decided on a white mini skirt with layering lime green and navy blue tank tops. Surprisingly she was not in the mood for heels today so she decided to wear the cute new lime green ballet flats that Levy bought for her. She did her hair in her normal up do and tied it together with a matching navy blue ribbon.

Lucy approved of her appearance and finished getting ready before calling out Plue. Plue looked up at Lucy with his goofy expression and replied, "Puu-puun."

"Kawai," Lucy exclaimed, "Alright Plue let's go to the guild for another wonderful day!"

"Puu-puun," Plue replied as he started dancing around Lucy's apartment.

Lucy and Plue made their way to the guild and greeted everyone inside. The few people that were up that early in the morning smiled warmly at the young Celestial Wizard.

"Good morning Mira, can I get a strawberry smoothie today?" Lucy asked as she jumped up onto her regular bar stool.

"Morning Lucy, you look very lovely today and here is your smoothie. I already started preparing one for you a few moments ago when I noticed the time," Mira replied with her warm smile.

"Thanks Mira you are the best! By the way do you know when Natsu will be back from the last request, because I really want to go on a job with him," Lucy asked.

Mira looked down with a frown and said, "I'm sorry Lucy, but Natsu was supposed to be back today but he and Gajeel got in a fight on their last request and destroyed several houses, so a new request for Natsu and Gajeel was put up by the same clients to fix the houses that were destroyed."

Lucy sweat dropped at Mira's confession. Lucy couldn't help but be shocked when the request originally came in for Natsu and Gajeel to take down a few wyverns that were terrorizing a town, because the two only worked together when absolutely necessary. But the clients really wanted only Natsu and Gajeel ever since they saw the two Fairy Tail mages battle Sting and Rogue at the games. Leave it to Natsu and Gajeel to forget that they were supposed to fight monsters and start fighting each other instead.

Right now all of Lucy's teammates were out on requests. Gray had to go on a request with Juvia and also Lyon from Lamia Scale to help a village that was suffering from a drought. Apparently the small village wanted to have their houses coated in ice since it was so hot and they wanted a new swimming pool made. Wendy and Carla were out on a job with Chelia from Lamia Scale to babysit a new litter of Exceeds. Finally, Erza was asked to take down a large S-Class monster with the infamous Ichiya. Erza drew her sword at Master when that request was announced, only moments before Ichiya burst through the guild doors while yelling, "MEN!" Lucy cringed at the memory and felt sorry for her friend, but before Lucy could volunteer to go with Erza to help with the pain, Nichiya (the Exceed that looks like Ichiya) grabbed Erza and took off. Master and Mira only smiled and sweat dropped as Erza was taken away by the two Blue Pegasus members. No one was worried since they knew Erza would beat Ichiya up later. Most members were glad it was Erza going and not them.

"Those two are idiots!" Lucy heard as she turned around to see her short blue haired friend Levy.

"Oh, hey Levy-chan! How are you today?" Lucy asked.

"Morning Lu-chan, I am fine," Levy replied while doing a pouty smile "but I would be better if Natsu and Gajeel would hurry up and get back instead of fighting each other. Gajeel was supposed to help me on a request to find a really old book that has a really difficult metal lock. But Master made Gajeel go with Natsu instead, since we need to build up our client list again."

"I'm sorry Levy-chan, but hopefully they will be back soon and are you sure that you don't want Gajeel coming back for other reasons?" Lucy asked with a mischievous grin on her face. Levy began to blush and then all three women smiled nervously knowing that if Gajeel and Natsu had to do something together again than a fight was inevitable.

Levy was about to tell Lucy about a new book she had been reading when Master Makarov came out of his office with a pissed off looking Laxus and yelled, "Lucy can you come up to my office? We have received a request for you and you have to meet Orga from Sabertooth in one hour!"

The three women looked up at their tiny Master and all yelled, "Eeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?

Thank you for reading! This if my very first Fanfiction, so I apologize if something didn't get uploaded correctly. I also want to point out the reference to the guild members getting requests. It was in the chapter where Flare showed up in the Fairy Tail women's bathroom. Sorry can't remember chapter number. Gomen!