It's OrLu Day people!

Almost Five Years ago exactly, I posted the very first Orga x Lucy fanfiction out there. Now…MadSoullessQueen has talked me into doing something (I know everyone is shocked, right? She's my enabler), so I suggested OrLu Day because a week long ship is a huge commitment! xD So please thank her for encouraging me to be proactive with this, helping me with an idea, and encouraging me to draw out you OrLu shippers! Mad props for the MadQueen everybody!

Theme and the guidelines:

It is a One Day One Shot on January 24, 2019 with Orga and Lucy as the ship. That is the 5 year anniversary date of Gods, Dragons, and Stars!

The theme is: 5 of Something(s)

Example: It could be 5 orgasms, 5 babies, 5 rings, or as Mad suggested…5 spankings. xD

It just has to contain 5 of something(s) to symbolize the 5 year anniversary!

So spread the word and let's get some more OrLu stories out there, because the sweet man has waited long enough.

Also, let me know if you are participating because I would LOVE to read other people's interpretation of him! 3

Finally, as a bonus, I will not only post a special one-shot on that day, but I will also update another chapter of GD&S!

Thanks Everybody!

(I've used a lot of exclamation points, I know, but I was practically yelling when I wrote this…)

P.S. My stories/updates are only being done on AO3 now so that is where I will post.