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Orga and Laxus grabbed their bags and were about to initiate the next phase of their plan and cause a thunderstorm in order to get back to Jaque's estate. Jaque had told them which balcony that they would need to land on before they left. Laxus and Orga would both keep an eye out for Mr. Tadashi; however, they knew that if the man was still masking himself then the chances of them missing him wandering the country side greatened.

Laxus looked over at Orga, after he slung his coat over his shoulder and asked, "You ready?"

Orga nodded his head and replied, "I'll meet you back there in a few hours."

Then without another word, they both morphed into lightning to create the largest/scariest thunderstorm that area of Bosco had ever seen.

Several hours later...

Laxus had just landed on the balcony of his and Orga's room. He hated that the two would be sharing a room, but strategically it was the best option. It was the largest and connected to another bedroom that would be shared by Jaque and Coralie. But for appearances sake, most of the servants believed that the Happy Couple were sleeping in the two separate rooms and believed that Laxus and Orga had already left. Only a few guards were aware of the two mages existence, because they didn't want Mr. Tadashi learning about their existence.

As Laxus walked towards the balcony door, he suddenly heard Coralie's laugh fill the room followed by her stating, "I thought I had finally beaten you!"

Laxus looked over at Jaque who had a large grin on his face. The couple was playing chess with a very unique board and pieces. The pieces were of different textures and the board had ridges to determine where the pieces could go by touch and not sight.

"I've had the board since I was a child and love the game," Jaque said kindly to Coralie, "While your move was clever, it will take a lot more for me to lose."

"I'll just have to find a game I can beat you at," Coralie smiled before she gave Jaque a kiss on his cheek.

Then to Laxus's surprise, Jaque looked in his direction and said, "Coralie, I believe one of the mages is back."

Coralie turned to look at Laxus and replied, "It's Laxus. I'll go get some hot tea from the other room."

Laxus wasn't one to interfere so he just hung his coat up on the rack to dry. However, Laxus seemed to notice that Jaque seemed very aware of his presence—even though he could not see him. Finally Jaque said, "Mr. Dreyar, would you care to have a seat?"

"Sure," Laxus stated in a half sigh. While he didn't mind Jaque and thought he seemed like an alright man, Laxus didn't really like talking to strangers or talking on the job.

Jaque motioned for Laxus to sit across from him and once the Dragon Slayer had sat down, Jaque stated, "Your soul seems quite troubled Mr. Dreyar."

Laxus arched his brow at the man and asked, "What would you know about my soul?"

"Forgive me, while you have not given me permission to see into your soul, there are times were I can sense when something is 'off' with a person," Jaque admitted to him as he leaned back into his armchair.

When Laxus didn't respond, Jaque continued, "Coralie tells me that you are close to one of her childhood acquaintances—a Lucy Heartfilia. I never had the privilege of meeting her myself, but I did meet her mother when I was a very young boy. Layla was a light that seemed to burn brighter than the sun. You see most people's eye problems can be solved with magic in our world; however, it is because of my magic that I do not have vision."

Laxus looked over at Jaque to study him. The man seemed calm and totally relaxed in his presence. Most people were still intimidated by him, even though he was a mage of Fairy Tail. However, Jaque Moreau didn't seem fazed by his presence at all.

Then Laxus asked, "Why does your magic keep you from seeing?"

Jaque smiled at him and replied, "I believe it is quite the opposite. While I cannot see the details of your face or the beauty of Coralie—I can see the other things around you."

"Gramps said that you can see people's souls, but only when they let you," Laxus stated slightly annoyed that the man could seem to read him.

"While that is mostly true," Jaque confirmed, "I can see the way the universe around your presence is affected. It is almost like your Dragon senses I believe Mr. Dreyar. You can smell me, notice when my pulse changes, and other characteristics like that. In a way, I can see people for who they really are without ever seeing them. I just don't know their motives unless they allow me that privilege."

Laxus thought that Jaquce's magic sounded intriguing, but he didn't really care what the man thought about his soul. He knew who he was. However, there was something he was curious about so he asked, "So are you ready to get married the day after tomorrow?"

Jacque got a faint smile on his face before he replied, "I have never been more ready for anything in my life."

Laxus arched his brow before he asked, "Why's that?"

"Well, my Father and Mother always had a happy marriage. It wasn't perfect, as nothing ever is, but they both tried every day. They were equals and companions in every sense of the word," Jaque admitted, "While most people are rather afraid of my magic, because many people don't want people to see them for who they really are, Coralie was the exact opposite. She had had to play a specific role most of her adult life. She was a prisoner because of her wealth and Mr. Tadashi, so when she had the opportunity to share who she really was for the first time it was like a weight had been lifted off of her."

"So you are her hero?" Laxus asked with slight interest.

Jaque chuckled and replied, "If anything, I think she saved me. But no, we didn't immediately fall in love. We had our stolen moments where I could see into her soul. I saw a girl with a happy childhood that had that ripped away from her. Coralie was not meant for the cage that Mr. Tadashi put her in. She deserves to be free and happy."

Laxus heard Coralie enter the room behind him before she said, "I am happy now."

The woman who had been a cold hearted bitch only two days before was now soft and kind. She poured tea for everyone before Jaque added, "So to answer your question about the wedding Laxus, I don't think I have ever been happier."

Coralie smiled at Jaque before she added, "I agree."

"What about you though?" Jaque asked Laxus.

"What about me?" Laxus asked in confusion.

"Is there not a woman in the life of the Great, Laxus Dreyar?" Jaque asked.

However, before Laxus could reply, Coralie sat her tea cup down fast and said in a serious tone, "Laxus, there is something you should know about Minerva."

Laxus and Jaque both got quiet when Coralie continued, "When she came to my estate, because she knew that Orga was going to be there, she told me that she wanted to get even with him and make him pay."

Laxus looked back and forth between Jaque and Coralie, before he replied, "You didn't think to mention this to us sooner?"

Coralie shook her head and added, "I'm sorry. With everything happening I just wanted to get away. I apologize for not saying anything sooner, but you need to know that Minerva wants to hurt Lucy."

Laxus narrowed his eyes at Coralie and Jaque asked, "Lucy Heartfilia?"

Coralie nodded before she replied, "Yes. She didn't go into detail on what her plan was, just that her and her father would make Orga and Sabertooth pay for becoming weak."

Just as Coralie finished her statement, a boom of thunder echoed in the sky just as a black streak of lightning hit the balcony. Jaque looked towards the door and stated, "It appears that Mr. Nanagear is about to join us as well."

Laxus's brows were furrowed in anger at the thought of Minerva and the former Sabertooth Master plotting something to hurt Lucy, plus that Coralie had managed to leave out these details for a whole day. Then Laxus remember something that Coralie had mentioned when they had first met her and asked, "Did you really know where Lucy's location was for her training?"

Orga walked up with a confused look on his face just when Coralie replied, "No, I did not. I just said that because Minerva somehow found out that both of you have feelings for Lucy. It was just my way of trying to get you to help me."

Jaque's eyebrows rose at the news of Laxus and Orga both liking Lucy. However, Laxus wasn't satisfied with that answer when he asked, "But does Minerva know where Lucy is? Does Minerva know you aren't really a bitch?"

Orga took a deep inhale, but Jaque's eyebrows furrowed in anger at Laxus's choice of words against Coralie. However, Coralie remained calm before she replied, "I understand that my role when you first met me was quite deceptive. The truth is, I knew very little of Mr. Tadashi's involvement with Minerva and her father. Minerva just saw me as a tool—the way that she sees most people. While I believe that she still thinks I am on their side, which will soon change after we beat Mr. Tadashi once and for all. I do not think she will contact me before the wedding, but if she does—then I will try to find out as much as I know. I do not think she knows where Lucy is right this second, I also don't think she plans on making a move until she knows for certain on what Lucy's choice will be."

"What are you talking about?" Orga asked in concern.

Laxus took a deep breath before Coralie answered," From what I could gather, Minerva won't harm Lucy if Lucy ends up with Laxus, because she doesn't want to get Fairy Tail involved if she doesn't have to. She is after all still terrified of the woman from your guild called Titania."

Orga took a seat next to Laxus before Coralie turned to him and said, "However, if Lucy chooses you then she will reign down her anger on you."

Laxus looked over at Orga who looked stunned. The Dragon Slayer just let out a heavy sigh before he punched Orga in the arm and replied, "Either way, Fairy Tail is getting involved—Blondie or no Blondie."

Everyone looked at him before Laxus shrugged his shoulders before he added, "Pretty sure Natsu considers you guys nakama, Lucy won't let anything happen to you, and my Gramps sure as hell won't stand by now that you have a guild that puts its members first."

Orga gave him a weak smile, but Laxus could tell that the news still shook Orga to his core. However, Laxus didn't know how Lucy would take the news. On one hand, fuck Minerva for putting that kind of pressure on Lucy and Orga. If Lucy was like the rest of her team and if she really wanted to be with Orga then she would tell that psycho-bitch to go fuck herself and be with Orga anyways. Yet the Lucy that Laxus knew, knew that she would never want anyone to get hurt because of her. If she thought that Orga's life might be in danger then she might back off. Either way, it sounded like there was a big plot against Sabertooth and Laxus knew that his Gramps would want to know.

After a few minutes of silence, with just the crackling of the fireplace for noise, Jaque turned to Coralie and said, "I think we should let our friends rest."

Coralie nodded with a sad expression before she replied, "I will make sure to bring you both some breakfast in the morning. There are drinks and enough food for sandwiches in the fridge. However, feel free to help yourselves to anything. The bathroom is fully stocked with anything that you might need and Jaque and I will be in the next room."

Laxus nodded his thanks; however, Orga still sat there stunned. Then Coralie turned to both of them and said, "For what it is worth, I am very sorry for all of this."

"It is shitty news, but at least our guilds can be a little more prepared, so thank you," Laxus grumbled.

Coralie just smiled faintly before she and Jaque entered their room. The two Slayers sat in silence for another moment before Laxus said, "I think I could use a beer. Want one?"

"Sure," Orga sighed.

Laxus didn't know why, but he hated seeing that wannabe Lightning Dragon Slayer looking so down. He grabbed them two beers from the fridge before he popped the tops off and handed one to Orga. Orga didn't say anything in response but took the beer from his new partner.

Finally Laxus said, "Minerva doesn't have fucking clue as to where Lucy and Natsu are right now. So you don't need to be worried."

"You heard what Coralie said, that's not the problem," Orga replied in an annoyed tone, "She's not going to attack Lucy until she knows what her decision is."

Laxus remembered that and shrugged his shoulders before he asked, "You worried about what Lucy will do once she knows?"

There was a brief pause before Orga replied, "It's not just that. Lucy has the right to know before she makes her choice, but no matter what—my guild will still have to possibly suffer because of Minerva and Jiemma. Sabertooth isn't just younger people looking to be the best and toughest now. We have families that have children. I don't want to see anyone suffer because of power hungry assholes looking for revenge."

Asuka's face popped up in Laxus's head, just as he imagined that Eve's popped into Orga's. His Gramps got pissed when Asuka almost got hurt during a guild fight. He couldn't imagine his guild's anger if Asuka got hurt from one of Fairy Tail's enemies.

"You guys don't have to go through it alone," Laxus stated, "Either way, it sounds like we got some time to plan. When we get back, we will let Sting and Gramps know and we will be ready for them. Gramps has a pretty good network and we might be able to track them down and stop them before anything even happens."

Orga nodded in understanding before a faint smile appeared on his face and he replied, "If I didn't know any better Laxus, it almost sounds like you care."

Laxus harrumphed at the accusation before he replied, "Whatever."

Two days later…

It was finally the day of Coralie's and Jaque's wedding. The day before had been very quiet and uneventful. Laxus had listened to music most of the day, whereas Orga read. They both took turns at going out and keeping the storm going, because they figured that having a present storm would give them the upper hand against Mr. Tadashi when he showed his face.

Orga and Laxus were hiding on a balcony in the room that the wedding was commencing in. If Mr. Tadashi showed up, then they would be ready for him. However, neither man thought Mr. Tadashi would arrive just yet—there were too many witnesses at a wedding. They both had a feeling that if anything were going to happen then it would be tonight or tomorrow. Mr. Tadashi's previous victims were all married to Coralie, so they figured he wouldn't break tradition with that just yet. However, it made Jaque and Coralie feel better knowing that Laxus and Orga were near and ready for anything.

Laxus hated weddings. He never really understood them, but then he never really thought much about marriage before. He didn't really have the best role models growing up when it came to stable relationships. He just assumed that he would forever be a bachelor. Now…now he questioned everything. Especially since the man standing next to him knew exactly what he wanted—and knew who he wanted…Lucy.

"So is this the kind of shit that you want?" Laxus grunted at Orga as he motioned his head towards the minister who was orchestrating Coralie and Jaque to say their vows.

"With you?" Orga joked, "You're not my type."

Laxus just rolled his eyes before growled, "Forget it."

Orga grew serious for a moment, because he could tell that Laxus was struggling with something, before he said, "I'd do this if that is what the woman I loved wanted. I'm not really big on weddings, but from what I've seen about relationships—you got to give and take."

"We both know who the woman you love is," Laxus grumbled.

"True," Orga added, "I just didn't want to make you feel worse."

"How do you know what I feel?" Laxus argued.

"I don't," Orga stated, "Was just trying to be considerate."

Then before anything else could be said, the minister pronounced Jaque and Coralie man and wife. Cheers erupted through the crowd before Laxus said, "Well at least at the reception there will be beer."

Two days later…

It had been two days since the wedding, yet there were still no signs of Mr. Tadashi. Laxus and Orga had continued to keep the storm going and the new married couple seemed to be even happier. Laxus supposed that some good had come out of this weird and awkward mission. He didn't want to admit it, but he could see why Lucy and Orga got along so well. Orga seemed to be an ok guy—and that just pissed Laxus of more. He just wanted to go home.

It was nearing midnight when Laxus got back after stirring up the storm. Orga was sitting on the couch reading and Laxus was just about to ask if there was an update when all of the lights went out.

The two Slayers could see in the dark just fine, but then they heard Coralie in the other room ask in a scared voice, "Laxus, Orga, are you guys ok?"

Then they heard Jaque state, "Laxus, Orga—the lights in this estate have a magical backup generator. That shouldn't have happened."

Jaque and Coralie entered the room when Laxus asked, "Where are you guards?"

Orga checked the hall, but there was no one there.

Laxus could feel his adrenaline starting to pump through his veins when Orga commanded, "Jaque, Coralie—get in the safe room and lock all of the doors."

The couple nodded and Coralie led Jaque away as Laxus and Orga secured the room. Once the door was closed, the two men felt all the room in the air suddenly grow still just as the hairs on their arms stood straight up. The two looked at each other and didn't say a word because they already knew—Mr. Tadashi was there in the room with them.

Laxus and Orga both started to radiate their magic off of their bodies when they finally heard a guard scream, "THE ESTATE IS UNDER ATTACK!"

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