He dressed in the armour catching his reflection in the scattered mirrors which were to be found around the room.

"Ah, what splendour!" he thought to himself as he hefted the glorious sword and took a few practice swings. With the sparkling sword in sheath, the mask under his arm and shield on arm he sat upon the chair in the centre of the room awaiting his fate.

It was dusk before a squire of the king came to him in his room. He had being attended to all day by servant who exchanged few words with him before sidling quickly out of the door.

"Alas," he had mumbled to himself dismally "It seems that humans do not accept the lizard kin as readily as first seemed."

The squire walked across the room towards him, his face was a sheer mask of urgency. His cheek twitched and he spoke rapidly,

"A merchant caravan carrying a delivery for the city of Terra was ambushed by bandits recently. The caravan was to deliver a handmade silken flag made by the Head Seamstress of Duskan, which was stolen in the raid. Rumour has it that the bandits have set up camp in the Terran forest to the south of here. The King asks of you that you set out and return this flag as quickly as possible."

The squire turned to leave his scarlet robes flapping around his ankles;

"If you return alive with the flag, the King has stated that you will be knighted and given your freedom." he turned as if to walk away, he stopped "May the gods have mercy on you Sir Knight."