Hey everyone…again! I know HERE COME A NEW STORY! I thought why not? Well I wanted to do this one based off of Fairy Tail the anime, you know with the powerpuff girls as the characters from fairy tail. If a lot of you like it I may continue but if not then I'll go ahead and delete it so without further ado TO THE STORY! Btw some of them might not be like some of the characters from the show or they may have powers that aren't on there or don't even exist. And it might not be just like the actually thing but you guys get the idea, Like I said I thought WHY NOT?! Plus they're all like 17 so let's go!



hikari zenbu atsumete

kimi no ashita terasu yo

OH YEAH kikoeten no kako no koe wa?

OH YEAH karetatte sakebu kara

OH YEAH kikoeru made kimi no kokoro ga


tsuki to taiyou no haitacchi

wasuremono wanai desuka?

okashii na kimi ga inai to

hoshii mono sae mitsukaranai

SNOWING sunao ni

egao ni nareta no wa

futari yorisoi

kasane atta "jikan" ga aru kara


hikari zenbu atsumete

kimi no ashita terasu yo

Don't say goodbye!


"How much further?"

"Are we there yet?"

"Im starving!"

"I wanna go to sleep!"

"Would you two morons SHUT UP ALREADY!" A red haired boy rubbed his temples for the ump-tenth time that day as he walked with two other boys, one had black hair while the other had golden blonde hair.

The three of them came from a far way in search of a rumor that they heard spreading around. To everyone else they looked like any other normal person but boy are they so going to be wrong. The red head, who was still restraining from chocking his two followers, had long hair pulled back into a low pony tail and blood red eyes; much to most ladies advantage, he was tall and muscular and quite handsome. He had on a red closed sleeveless vest with a black outline. He wore white baggy shorts with red sandals.

The black haired boy had his hair, surprisingly, spiked up naturally. He was just like the first boy but a bit more muscular than him and he had forest green eyes. He wore a similar shirt except it was green with a white trim and he kept his open. He wore black slightly baggy pants stuffed inside dark grey boots.

Lastly, the blonde boy wore. . .shockingly nothing but dark blue baggy capris and white sandals. His hair swept out from his eyes allowing people to see his ocean blue eyes that sparkled to some people. They each had a cloak hanging around their shoulders in their signature colors as they walked by.

"Geez, Sorry Brick, calm down." The black haired one said throwing his hands up in defense. The blonde one nodded.

"Yeah, and how long is this mission going to take?" Brick groaned.

"As long as it needs to Boomer." He said sharply. Boomer looked around at the small buildings in the village as he walked alongside the others.

"Im hungry, can we go eat?" Brick kept walking with tick marks popping up around his head all the way.

"We could have if you actually decided to bring money Butch, you could have stayed at the guild, why did you two come anyway?" Butch and Boomer looked at each other before smiling.

"To help out our big bro in his time of need!" They yelled in unison holding a thumbs up.

"More like being a pain in the ass." He muttered to himself.

"Aw don't be like that Brick, you and I both know they really do care for you." Brick sighed and looked up to his trustworthy companion Blaze. Blaze was a red flying cat with a small flame of orange hair on his head.

"You're right blaze, they can be a pain in the ass, but they're still my brothers." Suddenly a black cat with a lime green star on its forehead flew straight in front of Brick, also knocking Blaze down to the ground.

"That's the spirit Brick, show 'em whose boss!" Brick chuckled a bit to himself. He reached out and patted the little one on its head.

"Nice to see you too Panther." He smiled and flew back to Butch and sat on his head looking like a hyperactive kid.

"All of you are nuts in my opinion." Both Butch and Brick cringed a bit at the voice. Flying in front of Boomer was Mist. He was a dark blue cat with a white 'X' on his cheek.

Butch came up beside Brick after, "Why did we let Boomer bring him again?" Brick merely shrugged before continuing on ahead.

Suddenly, the boys heard shouting come from their left. They saw a bunch of girls huddled around what seemed to be three people. They couldn't quite see their faces but they heard the girls yelling, "I love you salamander!", "Show your iron form again!", "Make your wind again!"

The three of them were just going to walk by but what caught the boys attention was the fact that they yelled salamander, iron, and wind. 'It must be them!' They all thought. Without another glance they ran toward the crowd.

"Do you think it's another fake?" Blaze looked at Panther before turning back to the boys that ran off.

"Im not going to doubt it, but I doubt it." Mist rolled his eyes and sat down.

"Whatever happens, happens, im getting fish either way." The other cats nodded along happily before sitting and watching the ruckus as well.


"Bubbles, where are you taking me now?" A black haired girl asked for the 20th time in the past 5 minutes. She had short choppy hair that stopped just below her shoulders and lime green eyes. She trudged along in a lime green bikini top with a grey crop top over it, white shorts, and black sandals.

"Oh come on Buttercup, don't you remember we were supposed to meet Blossom in the village square." Bubbles said happily. She had golden blonde hair tied up in two pigtails and baby blue eyes. She skipped along in a baby blue tube top, white miniskirt, and little white wedges.

As they rounded a corner, they saw a girl with long red hair tied in a high ponytail and bright pink eyes reading a book. She had on a pink tank top, a black shorts and red heels.

"Blossom!" The said girl turned around and waved as Bubbles and Buttercup ran up. She smiled and placed the book in her bag while walking up to them.

"Hey girls, you ready to go?" The two nodded and the three of them made their way down the street until they came upon the loud screaming crowd. The three of them rolled their eyes about to continue on their way when they locked eyes with three strange boys standing in the middle of the crowd. The boys claimed to have been the three in-famous dragon slayers; fire, wind, and iron. The first, or the leader, had orange hair that framed his face. The second guy had short white hair that spiked off in different directions, and the last one had dark blue hair in and emo style. They weren't that cute in my opinion. Id take the ruffs over them any day.

"W-why am I suddenly feeling like this?" Blossom asked no one in particular, hearts forming in her eyes.

"I-I don't know but I suddenly feel draw to them." Buttercup said inching forward. Bubbles nodded.

"Why is t-t-this happening?" Without another word they 'anime' skipped toward the crowd, making their way through to the three boys inside. Just as they were about to latch onto them they were snapped out of their trance when they saw…

"Igneel, Metallicana, Celestia! It's us!" Brick, Butch, and Boomer burst through the crowd of girls with smiles on their faces that quickly disappeared. When blossom, bubbles and buttercup saw them, it's like the hearts in their eyes completely shattered.

"Who the heck are you three supposed to be?" The three boys in the middle stared at them in disbelief.

"YOU DON'T KNOW WHO WE ARE?" They yelled in unison.

"Pretty much since we're asking who you are in the first place." They each glared at Butch. They each threw a hand up in the air.

"We're the three legendary dragons, Fire, Iron, and Wind." The white haired boy said trying to show off. Boomer crossed his arms and the next thing you knew him and his brothers were walking away. And the next thing they knew were the crazed girls jumped on them and started beating them up for not noticing how 'special' the three were.

"That's alright girls, leave them be, sadly we have to go now." The blue haired one said. Each of the girls groaned and whined knowing their 'beloved' ones where leaving them.

"But you all are invited to our dinner cruise party tonight!" The orange haired one yelled. Just before they flew off they all looked at blossom, bubbles, and buttercup and winked at them and then they were gone. Buttercup scoffed.

"What a bunch of weirdos."

"Tell me about it." Her widened at the voice. She looked to her left and saw a surprisingly handsome boy staring right at her also with a surprised look on his face.

"Butch come. . .on?" His brothers came running up behind him but stopped after seeing Buttercups sisters. Blossom stepped up and smiled at Brick making him blush a bit.

"Thanks for your help!"

~And Then…~

The six teens were sitting in a booth at a small café, eating and getting to know one another. Blossom and her sisters sat right across from Brick and his brothers while their cats sat down beside the boys feet on the floor eating away at the fish the girls bought for them. Bubbles couldn't help but snuggle onto Mist considering she loves animals.

"So what brings you three into town?" Blossom asked started a conversation. She was trying to take their attention away from the food which was flying everywhere by how they were eating it.

Boomer swallowed his pizza in almost one bite but answered blossoms question none the less, "We heard a rumor that three dragons were going to be in town but turns out it want nothing but a bunch of knuckle heads." Bubbles giggled at the little comment he made.

"Wait, you're telling me that three dragons were supposed to have come through here?" Butch nodded while scarfing down a bowl of noodles. The girls eyes widened.

"THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE, WE'D ALL BE DEAD BY NOW!" buttercup yelled. Blossom nudged her in the shoulder before turning back to the boys. Butch set down his food for minute to think.

"Why were those girls so head over heels with them? I mean come on we're more good looking than them!" He exclaimed causing buttercup to stifle a laugh at his outburst.

"Apparently they were using a charm spell to hypnotize the girls to thinking they were in love with them." Blossom explained, "I don't understand how they got one because they've been banned for many years." The boys just shrugged and went back to chowing down.

"Well we best to be going, maybe we'll see you three around again sometime." With that the girls got up to leave until they kept hearing multiple shouts.




"Don't do that, you're embarrassing us!"


Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were walking along the beach talking about the different wizard magic around and the different guilds.

"I'm to join the Fairy Tail guild someday, that's a promise." Buttercup said looking triumphantly out into the horizon. Bubbles jumped up happily.

"Oh, oh, me too! They're the coolest and strongest guild ever!" Blossom laughed at her sisters.

"I hope you two know that it's probably going to be difficult to join that guild and plus we haven't even worked on our magic lately. We need to work on it." Bubbles merely waved at her.

"Oh come on blossom, do we look like a bunch of people that forget everything every time?" She looked at her sisters and crossed her arms.

"Okay okay, I get it." The three of them laughed still walking when a certain someone blocked their path. They barely had to look up when they came face to face with the orange haired boy from before. Blossom rolled her eyes as he stared at her.

"What do you want?" He smirked and threw an arm around her shoulders.

"Why my dear I just wanted to know if you were going to come to our dinner party later." She scoffed and threw his arm off her before crossing her arms.

"I think I'll pass." She placed a fake hurt expression on his face.

"But why?"

"Because, you and your friends are a bunch of creeps." An arrow seemed to have come and pierced him in the back, well in re imagination.

"A creep? Why would you call me that?" A tick mark popped up around Blossom's head.

"Your charm spell. You used it to think that all the girls were in love with you and your little 'buddies'." He smirked again while showing off his ring finger.

"So you caught on quickly, I knew you were a wizard the moment I laid eyes on you." Buttercup groaned.

"Whatever just get out of here!" He narrowed his eyes at her.

"You three wish to join fairy tail right?" Blossom, bubbles and buttercup stiffened at those two words. Bubbles couldn't help but smile.

"Have you three heard of salamander, one of fairy tail's wizards?" Bubbles eyes brightened even more if possible.

"YES, you're saying you're that salamander?!"

"Of course I am. Wouldn't this face lie to you?" Buttercup crossed her arms.

"Had to tell." He just brushed her off before turning his attention back to blossom.

"So what do you say, come to our party and I'll get you into fairy tail." As much as blossom hated to say it she nodded and walked off with her sisters.

"I still think it wasn't worth it." Bubbles said when they made it back to their hotel room.

"Well I know how much you two want to get in so why not?"

"If you say so."


"Ahh, that was a good meal don't you agree?"

"You said it bro, if only every time we ate was like that."

"Now, you three ready to head back or what?" Brick, Boomer and Butch leaned against the railing watch the sunset until they noticed the cruise ship the 'idiots' were talking about earlier.

"Hey isn't that the cruise ship those bozos were talking about earlier?" Boomer asked petting Mist.

"Hey yeah you're right." Butch looked at Brick.

"Do you think those girls actually went on that thing?" Brick shrugged.

"You never know but considering them they probably didn't, unless they were bribed." Just as they were about to leave they heard a few girls way blabbering about 'them' again.

"I wish I could have gotten invited into salamander's party."

"Wait, whose salamander?"

"*gasp*, you don't know who salamander is? Him and his brothers are the famous dragon slayers!"

"Yeah and they're from the greatest guild ever, Fairy Tail!"

That's what made the boys stop dead in their tracks. Since when were they in fairy tail? Something fishy is going on and it's not just the fish the cats are eating.


"Ah, im so glad you three could make it." Bubbles took the hand that was offered to her by the 'wind boy' and walked off onto the dance floor with him. Her sisters were in the same predicament as her with the other guys. The three of them dressed nicely for the occasion.

Blossom wore a dark red strapless dress that almost touched the floor. It had a slit that came all the way up to her thigh and a low dip in the back; for shoes she wore a pair of black heels. Bubbles twirled around in a one strap wavy dress that was just as long as blossoms. It was light blue at the top and merged down to a dark blue shade; to match along she wore some white wedges. Buttercup had on a long dark green one sleeved dress that had a slit just like blossoms but it came to her knee. A pair of silver heels finished off the outfit perfectly.

As the music played along slowly, the girls danced up close with their partner hating it more than anything.

"Are you enjoying your evening?" Bubbles shrugged.

"I guess so." He smirked deviously.

"Well, it's about to get even better." He grabbed bubbles arm roughly and tried to pull her into the back room they had. She fought back defiantly hoping to get herself free. Feeling pain hit his arm he let go in less than a second and saw his hand was red. Bubbles took this as her chance to run and find her sisters. When she found them she noticed they were in the same situation as her until the boys had let go of them as well giving them a chance to run and find her.

"Guys, what's going on?" They each had their back against each other while the boys and other crew men surrounded them while holding some of the other girls who were unconscious.

"A trap." Blossom glared at her so called 'lover boy' before getting in a stance. Just as she got ready to throw an attack a crashing was heard just in front of them. Much to the girls surprise, the boys they met earlier were standing before them with peeved looks on their faces.

"Its you again!" the blue boy yelled. Him and his friends stood in front of them, dropping into a stance and getting ready to fight. Boomer rose his hand and a giant symbol formed from it.

"Why don't we take this fight on land." All of a sudden the wind picked up and the waves began crashing onto the boat making it rock back and forth. Everyone was trying to hold onto something to keep from flying off except boomer who was controlling it. In a flash, the waves literally threw the bout back onto shore.

Blossom, bubbles and buttercup were, thankfully, safe due to Brick, boomer and butch's cats carrying up and out of harm's way. They landed safely onto the sand and watched as the boat, that was now lying on its side, slightly burn with crew members scattered around the whole thing. Brick and his brothers stood side by side on the boat glaring daggers down at the boys. Buttercup was about to drag her sisters up to help them but was blocked by the cats.

"Don't worry, they're gonna be fine." Blaze said reassuringly. They just nodded and stood back.


"So you claim to be members of fairy tail?" Boomer asked darkly.

"So? What's it to you?" Butch growled.

"Listen buddy, I don't care if you're a good guy, bad guy or what. We're not going to let you dirty the Fairy Tail's name!"

"Like you know anything about Fairy tail!" Brick growled before him and his brothers grabbed their cloaks and threw them off. Showing their rights arms, they showed their fairy tail marks.

"We're the Jojo brothers, fairy tail wizards, and we've never you seen before!" Blossom and her sisters couldn't believe what they were hearing. They actually talked and fed fairy tail wizards and didn't even know it. But knowing they helped Brick, Boomer and Butch jojo was an understatement.

"Is that so, Bring it on!" The orange haired boy shot a giant purple ball at them. Butch and Boomer jumped out the way while Brick stayed right where he was. The magic exploded on impact, engulfing him in flames.

"Brick!" Blaze still blocked blossoms way just as the fire began to decrease.

"And they call themselves fairy tail wizards." The three imposters were about to walk off when…

"Ew, this is so gross, are you sure you're really a fire wizard? Because this is the nastiest fire I've ever tasted!" Everyone around was basically having heart attacks at what they saw. Brick was eating the fire! He swallowed it all like it was nothing.

"Thanks for the grub poser, now I got a fire in my belly that's raging to get out!" He punched both of his fists together, making a fire dragon symbol appear, and blew out fire, "Fire dragon roar!" Cooking them like smoked sausages. Orangey and his friends barely dodged the attack.

Next thing they knew, Butch was behind them. He clapped his hands together making an iron dragon symbol appear and he used his iron dragon fist on them, "Iron dragon fist!" They all went flying. Lastly Boomer flew up into the air and placed his hands out in front of him making a wind dragon symbol appear. He summoned a giant ball of wind and knocked them down to the ground, "Wind dragon wind sphere!" Also knocking them unconscious.

This was the best show you could have seen, at least until you saw the area around them was destroyed.

"That was AWESOME! We so got to join fairy tail now for sure!" Bubbles yelled excitedly. Her sisters, along with the cats, sweat dropped at her for being the perky one in a crazy situation. Off in the distance the girls heard marching heading their way. Buttercup's eyes widened.

"Holy crap, it's the army!" Before the rest of them could panic, Brick, Boomer, and Butch grabbed the girls by their arms running away as fast as they could with them flying in the wind behind them.

"Oh shit, we got to get out of here!" Blossom looked at them with panic written across her face.

"Where are you taking us?" Brick kept running with his brothers.

"You said you wanted to join fairy tail didn't ya!?" She felt her world go in slow motion for the moment. He looked back at her and smiled.

"Well then let's go!" She smiled the biggest smile ever.

"Alright!" Running off down the street away from the army with smiles across their faces were Brick, Boomer, Butch, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup who were soon to be awesome members of fairy tail!


Gu~ no ne!

Dokoka e tsuretette

buriki no umi ni notte futari de

(GO!GO! Let's go! Romansu!)

Kataomoi no dooru wa

kotoba ni dekinai kara setsunai

(GO!GO! Let's go! Romansu!)

Namida ga dechau yowamushi da ne

anata no koto omou tabini

Tsuki no (tsuki no) yoru wa (yoru wa)

itsumo (itsumo)

usagi wo sagashiteru

Gu~ no ne denai kurai ni (Hey! Hey! Hey!)

mahou kakerareta mitai

zutto yume kara samenai no

koi wa hitorigoto

Gu~ no ne denai kurai ni (Hey! Hey! Hey!)

kotenpan ni suki nandesu

donna jumon wo tonaetara

tsutawaru no deshou?

Kanpeki gu~ no ne

Ikinari dakishimete!

kakuu no ouji sama onegai

(GO!GO! Let's go! LOVE! LOVE!)

Omocha no daiyamondo

kirakira kagayaku made mitsumete

(GO!GO! Let's go! LOVE! LOVE!)

Tooku ni ite mo machi tsuzukeru

anata no kisu todoku hi made

Hoshi no (hoshi no) hikari (hikari)

terasu (terasu)

haato no rabirinsu

Gu~ no ne anone sore de ne (Hey! Hey! Hey!)

mune ga shimitsukerarete mo

nazega totemo shiawase na no

koi wa fantajii

Gu~ no ne anone sore de ne (Hey! Hey! Hey!)

majo ni kusuri nomasarete

kaeru ya buta ni nattatte

anata akiramenai

Sutekina gu~ no ne


Ichi gu~ no ne!

Ni gu~ no ne!

San gu~ no ne!

Yon gu~ no ne!

Kanpeki gu~ no ne!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Gu~! Gu~! Gu~!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Gu~! Gu~! Gu~!(2)

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Gu~ no ne denai kurai ni

mahou kakerareta mitai

zutto yume kara samenai no

koi wa hitorigoto

Gu~ no ne denai kurai ni (Hey! Hey! Hey!)

kotenpan ni suki nandesu

donna jumon wo tonaetara

tsutawaru no deshou

Gu~ no ne are ya kore ya de (Hey! Hey! Hey!)

atsuku natteiru mitai

anata igai wa mienai no

koi wa buraindo

Gu~ no ne are ya kore ya de (Hey! Hey! Hey!)

mechakucha ni suki nandesu

itsuka anata ni iwasetai

"mairimashita" nante

Okaeshi gu~ no ne

Gu~ no ne mo denee ze!


Well there it is tell me what you think and like I said if you like it I may keep going but if not then I'll delete it.