Hi everybody! Previously on Fairy Tail, Butch and Buttercup, along with Brick, Blossom, and Bunny, were making their way back to the guild but Boomer and Bubbles happened to fall into some trouble. Sounds corny but WHO CARES?! XD Well to the story!


"HONEY WE'RE HOME!" Butch kicked the guild doors in and started carrying the big sac of money towards the master. Panther came inside next and was dragging Buttercup behind him with his tail wrapped around her waist. He went and laid her down on a table before flying off towards Bell.

"Hey Bell! Do you have Fish?! I want fish!" Bell giggled and gladly gave Panther a bid piece before going back to cleaning dishes. She glanced behind him and saw Buttercup just lying lifelessly on the large table.

"Uh Panther, what happened to Buttercup?" He simply shrugged and went back to munching. She gave him a stern look.

"Panther, what did you do?" He looked up at her and thought he felt an evil aura coming off of her. His eyes grew wide and he started shaking slightly.

"Um w-well I may have sent her on a roller coaster ride. I thought it'd be fun to spin her around and everything." He trailed staring down at his half eaten fish. Bell rolled her eyes and smiled and made her way over to Buttercup. She had swirls in her eyes and seemed completely unconscious. Bell poked at her face before hearing her annoying friend call her.

"Hey Bell what's-…did you kill her?" She narrowed her eyes at him and went to trying to wake BC up.

"Shut up Bliss and no I didn't. Panther sent her on one of his crazy rides." Bliss started grinning from ear to ear.

"Those things are awesome! Where is he? Panther!" He took off running in search of the black cat causing Bell to laugh at his crazy antics. Bell grabbed Buttercup by her shoulders and shook her wildly while yelling at her to wake up.

"H-huh? What? AHH!" Buttercup slowly came to but was scared the hell out of her mind by Bell. Bell had her eyes shut tight and was still shaking the life out of her. Buttercup tried calling her but it seemed as if she just tuned her out.

"Bell! Bell! BELL QUIT SHAKING ME!" She stopped suddenly after feeling a tap on her shoulder. She looked behind herself and saw Blossom smiling and waving at the two. They thought they saw someone standing behind her.

"What's up leader girl, back so soon? Where's Bubbles?" She shrugged and placed her hands on her hips.

"The mission went okay except the fact that the Lord there was a psycho! He kidnapped a girl for the bounty on her head!" Buttercup glared at nothing in particular but eventually shrugged it off. Bell placed her hands on her face and looked extremely hurt.

"How could he do such a thing! I hope he gets what's coming to him!" Blossom smirked and gave her a thumbs up.

"Don't worry, Brick took care of him! It was amazing!" Bell smiled.

"Well that's Brick and his fire magic for you. He's really one of a kind, along with his brothers." Buttercup huffed and crossed her arms.

"Well his Butch's cat acted as if he was trying to KILL ME!" Both Bell and Blossom burst into a fit of laughter before stopping after hearing a very quiet voice just behind them.

"Um Blossom, was that you?" Blossom chuckled nervously and scratched the back of her head.

"Heheh, you see, we sort of brought someone back with us after we finished the mission," Bell and Buttercup raised an eyebrow at her, "This is Bunny, she was the girl he held captive in his mansion." Blossom stepped to the side to reveal Bunny. She was fiddling with her fingers and looking around at the place. Bell immediately ran over to her and started asking her was she alright and did she need anything.

"So she's the girl you two decided to bring back? You think master will be cool with that?" Brick shrugged at his brother while gulping down his drink.

"Don't know, if he says no then we're going to have to find somewhere to take her but Blossom insisted that she stay with her and her sisters so." He shrugged once again and Butch nodded at him before turning his attention to Buttercup who was talking with her sister, most likely about the girl.

"So she's staying with us? Blossom, how do you know if the master will approve of her becoming a part of the guild?" Blossom gave her a pleading look.

"Oh come on Buttercup, we can't just leave her out on the streets. Where is she going to go? She doesn't even know where her family is." Buttercup looked over at Bunny. She was laughing lightly along with Bell and Buttercup couldn't help but smile.

"Fine she can stay. Bet you Bubbles will be too excited to hear about it!"

"No doubt, but where is bubbles?" Buttercup shrugged.

"I don't really know? We know she went on the mission with Boomer but they haven't gotten back yet." Blossom placed a hand on her chin.

"You think she's okay?" Buttercup smirked and cracked her knuckles.

"She better be, unless he wants to die by me."

"Buttercup don't you dare. If we get kicked out for it im going to kill you!"

"What? Do you not remember how they were when we first showed up?"



"Mist get bubbles! I'll be fine, just get her up to safety!" Mist nodded and zoomed straight after bubbles and wrapped his tail around her waist. He pulled her up and out of harm's way and placed her safely back at the top of the mountain. Bubbles ran back to the edge of the cliff and fell on her hands and knees looking back down to where Boomer was still falling.

"BOOMER!" Mist was about to fly back down but stopped after hearing him yell.

"Sky Dragon Roar!" Bubbles and Mist was silent the entire time until they felt the ground shaking beneath them. Mist floated down to the ground and looked over the edge before jumping back suddenly. Boomer came flying up from the help of his magic. Bubbles rose to her feet and ran over to Boomer snatching him up in a giant hug.

"Don't ever scare me like that again!" Boomer felt the heat rising up his neck and to his cheeks.

"Uh I won't?" Bubbles let go and started grabbing her stuff again.

"Is that all? Can we go back to the guild now? Its FREEZING OUT HERE!" Boomer chuckled and patted her head and started making his way down the mountain.

"Well the faster you move the faster we can get out of here." Everything was silent. Boomer stopped in his tracks to see if Bubbles was still behind him but was knocked over, head first, into the snow. When he popped back up all he saw was a giant snow trail and bubbles halfway down the mountain.

"Hey wait for me!" She stuck her tongue out at him.

"No can do! You have to hurry yourself!" He groaned and brushed the snow off of himself.

"Well could you at least give me a hand?!" Bubbles stopped and shot out water from her hands. It collided with the snow turning it into an ice slide. Yes an ice slide. It wrapped around the mountain and froze under Boomer's feet causing him to slip and fall; sliding out of control down the mountain. Bubbles' was further ahead laughing all the way down. Mist decided it was best for him to fly so right now he was waiting for the two crazy teens to hurry and make it to the bottom of the mountain.

"Kids these days."


"Master! How you doing?" He glanced up from his mug and gave Brick a once over before grunting.

"What do you want now?" Brick rolled his eyes and called Blossom and Bunny over.

"Well our mission was a success, plus we brought a little company along with us that he had locked up for who knows how long." The master's head shot up and he whipped his head over to Blossom and Bunny; his eyes automatically focused on Bunny.

"So she must be your guest, am I correct?" Bunny nodded and stepped up to him extending her hand.

"H-hi im Bunny." The master glared at Brick then placed the biggest smile ever on his face and gladly accepted her hand.

"Nice to meet ya, so what kind of magic do you hold?" Bunny reached inside her little pouch and pulled out the same key from earlier. The makes grinned.

"Ah I see you're a celestial wizard. In that case, Welcome to Fairy Tail!" He hopped up from his seat and jumped up to the railing on the second floor and called everyone to his attention.

"Everyone! I'd like you all to welcome our newest members of Fairy Tail, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, and Bunny!" The whole guild erupted into cheers, especially Bliss.

"YEAH LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" He was jumping from wall to wall and even bouncing off of people's heads.

This Bliss, an overexcited, enthusiastic, hyper….well you get it. He's a very strong talented wizard as well but can become quite a headache from time to time.

Everyone in the guild was having the time of their lives together. Well, all except a certain someone sitting away from the party goers.

'It can't be her can it? Bunny? Could she be the one that disappeared all these years?" They stared at the girl partially dancing with Bliss. He basically just dragged her out to the middle of the floor and started dancing with her. They smirked to their self and pulled out a small gold heart shaped locket with the letters 'B & B' engraved on the front.

"Glad you came back to me, Bunny."


Who's the person?...i know it's obvious but still. Anyway tell me what you think!