This was the vacation she had been promising herself since forever. She'd always loved the idea of Ireland; it'd been magical and mystical in her mind and she couldn't think of it without picturing unicorns and leprechauns, even though she still is 28.

She gripped her luggage and purse tightly as she walked to her gate (she could still recall her thieving days) and her flight had just been called. New York City, New York to Dublin, Ireland. She inhaled and exhaled deeply, trying to calm her nerves. The idea of flying thousands of feet up in the air had always-

Some jerk just rammed into her shoulder. She startled and turned, her mouth opening to yell just as a pair of startling blue eyes met her own green.

"Sorry about that, lass," the jerk said, "I'm in a bit of a rush."

"It- it's fine," she stammered (why was she stammering? She doesn't stammer, no matter how attractive the jerk is). "No harm done." She gave him a thin smile, not a real smile, but a smile nonetheless. Oh my god, what was she doing? It's not like he's hot or anything. His dark hair and scuff was just average and his eyes aren't sparkling, that's the lightning- Good lord, was that chest hair under that V-neck?! She swore internally, V-necks were her weakness, but she had a rule, no jerks, not since him.

He gave her a toothy grin in return and stuck out his right hand. To be more specific, his only hand. He had a hook in place of his left.

"Killian, Killian Jones," he said, introducing himself.

She glanced at his hand and crossed her arms. "I thought you said you were in a rush?" she answered, flicking her hair out of her face.

"I always have time for a beautiful lass- such as yourself," he quipped, drawing his hand back in. "What's your name? It's only fair." He only seemed a little put off by her rejection.

"Good-bye, Jones." She brushed past him and they bumped shoulders again and walked to her gate.

Little did she know, they had the same flight.

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