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So there have been a lot of requests looking for the sequel and due to real life writing time has been scarce. So here is a little teaser for all you eager for the next installment.

"Orochimaru-sensei," called a young Anko, running to catch up to the man. She had finally been released from the small medical suite. She had a few bandages on her face and neck and probably several others that were covered by her clothes. She winced slightly as she jostled her arm that was in a sling after it had been fractured.

Orochimaru couldn't help but sneer inside but he masked his anger well. He looked at the young girl and gave her a kind, proud smile that never quite reached his eyes.

"I got second place, isn't that wonderful?" she cheered for herself, her voice echoing in the empty hallway of the stadium. The building long since emptied of its occupants and vendors, the event having ended several hours earlier.

"It is indeed impressive for your first attempt at the chuunin exam," placated Orochimaru. Inside he continued to seethe. How could this have happened? His student, the seven year old prodigy that he took under his wing. How could he have possibly failed? But no, he knew he couldn't fail, he had never failed at anything before, suffered setbacks maybe but failed no. She was a perfect specimen, dedicated, brilliant, and crafty, much like himself. So the failure must have been hers but how could he know that for sure? Perhaps a test was in order.

"Anko-chan, we're going to run some tests. I want to make sure next time that no one stands in your way," said Orochimaru. He would find out one way or another and one way or another he would give her the strength to not fail him again.

"What kind of tests, Oro-sensei?" she asked shyly. She was careful about using the shorter name, he didn't seem to care much for it.

"All kinds, we'll start by testing your muscles and flexibility then we'll see how your chakra works, hmm. What do you say?"

"Will I get stronger?"

"These tests will help me find the way to best train you. Whether I should focus on taijutsu, ninjutsu, or genjutsu. It is important I find out your potential to train you properly.

Orochimaru's eyes snapped open. His was greeted by more of the endless white all around him. How long had he been trapped in this place? The empty never ending void. He had long since devoured the remains of his first discarded body.

Now, he lay coiled as a thin, long white snake, the purple marks around his eyes the only remnant of his identity. The last discarded body lay feet away from him, what was left of it anyway, only a leg and an arm and part of the torso. The rest had been torn away and eaten over time.

"That boy will pay," hissed the snake angrily. "Oh yes, the boy will pay."

He rested his eyes once more to conserve his strength and continue to bide his time.

Orochimaru couldn't help scowling. This was the third time he had tested Anko's growth since he began testing her. He had expected her chakra capacity to have increased much more significantly. Yet her capacity had grown less than 10% in the last year. Her maximum strength less than 5%. She learned well enough what he taught her and at a rapid pace but he was reaching a point where he couldn't teach her more because she simply didn't have the chakra capacity. He couldn't improve her combat skills because she wasn't strong enough or fast enough.

"So was it better?" asked Anko. The anticipation in her voice was obvious as she sat up from the cot she was laying on while waiting for him to come to her.

"Hmm, a little," said Orochimaru, giving the girl a kind but false smile. He studied her over, she'd grown maybe an inch in the last year and her muscle tone had improved but she was still scrawny and not nearly strong enough.

"So what are working on improving next then?" asked Anko. She was so eager to please the man that saw potential in her, the closest thing to a father she'd ever known or would ever know.

Orochimaru could barely hold back his sneer for the girl. He was tempted to write her off but there were still avenues he could pursue.

"You have a sharp mind, Anko-chan. Let's see just how sharp, eh?" asked Orochimaru. Maybe focusing on the physical was the mistake, maybe he should have been looking at the way she thinks, find ways to capitalize on that. Unfortunately it would require more tests, more funds but perhaps this time he could get the village to pay for the tests as he had with so many other of his projects.

"I'm a genius," said Anko with a giant grin. Eager to please and he'd told her many times that she was a genius.

His dream was interrupted by a cracking sound. His eyes snapped open and scanned all around him and then he saw it, the first interruption to the white in however long it had been. A crack, a tear in the fabric of the void space. And the crack was growing. Then another crack formed.

Orochimaru could not help but hiss in anticipation. It was only a matter of time now, he just needed to be a little patient and the seal would finally dissipate. He curled back up again and closed his eyes, letting his memories grab hold once again.

Anger... it boiled under his skin as he watched again as his student failed him. Taking second place in the Chuunin Exams yet again only this time it was far worse. Jiraiya's young upstart brat defeated her. Completed defeated her. And yet the humiliation of that defeat belonged to him. The buffoon's apprentice defeated his own. A no clan, talentless, hack of a boy defeated the genius prodigy he hand selected and trained. It was absurd to even consider.

Clearly it wasn't a strategy issue, she really was a genius. But she lacked the power or ability to win. If that was the case then he would give it to her no matter how much it cost or how many would have to die to achieve it. Even if in the end she had to die as well.

"I'm sorry, Orochimaru-sensei," sobbed eight year old girl. "After all those tests and the training to improve my weaknesses and enhance my strengths and I failed to win."

"Worry not, Anko-chan. You will be promoted anyway I'm sure," he reassured the girl despite no longer caring. Now, she would serve another purpose for him. He would remake her, improve her or she would die. "Let's just call this one bad luck, neh?"

Anko sniffled but nodded in appreciation. A new light of determination shining in her eyes.

Orochimaru couldn't help but be at least a little please at how dedicated to him she was. She was the perfect pawn. The best little play thing and now he would no longer restrain himself when it came to her.

"I think it's time we travel the world. You could do with some experience. Pack your bags, we leave tomorrow morning."

The next time Orochimaru opened his eyes he was on muddy ground with a beach nearby, the ocean waves gently lapping. He tasted the air with his tongue briefly, it was musty from the swamp only meters away but also carried a familiar scent.

"Juugo, where are you Juugo? I need you," called Orochimaru weakly.

The orange haired man came out of the swamp, his clothing little more than rags now. He looked at peace. A strangely calm expression on his face, a crane resting on his shoulder, he walked cautiously toward the snake.

"Come here, boy, I need you now. I am weak," hissed Orochimaru.

Juugo trudged forward toward the snake. "You've returned? It's been so lonely here. Will you keep me company now?"

Orochimaru's eyes glowed yellow transporting both himself and Juugo to a place out of time and space, similar to the seal he'd been trapped in yet different. Here a white tile floor and black tiled walls surrounded them.

"What is this place?"

"A place of peace," answered Orochimaru. "I need you now. Here you will be forever more at peace and I will live again. This is my offer to you."

"I can be at peace? No more hurting people? And I won't be alone?" asked Juugo.

"I shall be here with you from now on," said Orochimaru.

"Please, give it to me. End my madness," said Juugo.

Orochimaru closed his eyes and when he reopened them he was back standing the mud, his clothes, Juugo's clothes, were in tatters but he was alive and whole once more. He felt his skin bubble and shift itself into the form he knew only too well. "To be me again," he chuckled looking over his now flawless skin. Holding a single hand up before him he stared at its perfection momentarily before the flesh bubbled again shifting into a spear tip shape. He grinned, his long forked tongue gave the sharp edge a lick draw a little of the sweet blood. His grin broadened and his hand shifted back to the four familiar dexterous fingers which wiggled for a moment. His laugh filled the air only moments later, "Kukukuku… kyaahahahahah!"