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Summary: Vampires don't exist everyone knows that. Except Bella Swan who is being sent to Forks to live with a vampire that was deemed her mate. How will she deal with her new life, new knowledge, and new school while trying to stay away from the vampire who claims he will never love another. ExB Possessiveward

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Chapter 1

Tomorrow is the day I've been dreading for a year. The day I'll have to give up all my freedom and dreams. The day my life will become someone else's.

Tomorrow is my eighteenth birthday.

Tomorrow is the day I meet mate.

I try not to cry as I put another piece of steak into my mouth. Crying won't stop what's coming. All it will do is embarrass my parents and myself at this fancy restaurant they booked for my last night home. My last meal.

You might think I sound a little bit dramatic, but you would too if you knew you were being shipped off to a different state tomorrow to be the lover for some man that you don't know.

My mother tries to show me the good in it. "He's genetically programmed to love you forever. To never want another in any way. He'll take care of you, give you things we never could." She smiles as she says it and lists off experiences I can have and places I can see with him by my side. However that doesn't stop her from crying every night when she thinks I'm asleep. She's cried every night since the day we found out my fate. Even worse is sometimes I hear my Dad's cries mixed in with hers. The first time I heard my father crying along with my mother I was shocked. In my seventeen years of life I have never heard him cry or even get chocked up. That night I cried harder than I ever thought possible.

It was on my seventeenth birthday that I found out I was "destined" for another. I use the term destined that way because I find it to be a load of bullshit. If we were destined to be together we would've found each other, not been forced into meeting.

I, like every other teenager on this planet, loved my birthday. Who wouldn't love a day that's all about them, from choosing where to go for dinner to opening presents friends and family got specifically for you. Now we have a tradition at the Swan house of opening presents first thing in the morning, so I ran down the stairs as soon as my alarm went off so I'd have time before school. Naturally my parents were both waiting for me with smiles and pancakes with chocolate chips in the shape of a smiley face. Childish? Yes. But still my absolute favorite. It was when I was opening presents that I got to a manila envelope that had no return address. Inside was a dvd with a blank case. Curiously I put it in and my parents and I sat back and watched.

The dvd showed a man named Aro. For the next ten minutes he explained that vampires are real and that he comes from the ruling society of them in Italy. Apparently there is a test done when you're a baby that finds out if you're a potential mate for a vampire. This test was set up long ago before vampires were myths to lessen the killings every year. When vampires started to become myths the doctors continued the tests forgetting that this was one of its uses. At the end of every year the Volturi—which is the name of the ruling society—would find out which babies were possible mates. Made much easier now that they could just hack into all the files on the computer. Yeah thanks computer, you really helped out. Apparently there's some device they have that matches you up with your future mate. The lucky vampire to be my mate is finding out at this time too, according to Aro. And on my next birthday I would receive plane tickets, for that same day, for my parents and myself that would deliver me to him.

Deliver me. As if I'm an object. Although I'm sure that's how they pictured me.

Naturally my family didn't believe a word of this and were just genuinely creeped out. Vampires aren't real, and how the hell did this man I've never met before know my name, address, and birthday.

All day at school I couldn't get this creep out of my mind causing me to be unable to embrace all the birthday wishes and presents from my friends. It was supposed to be a great day, but I couldn't shake the nerves of something even worse happening.

My parents took me out for dinner and it seemed like everything was looking up. Then when we got home from dinner my fears were confirmed. Parked in front of my house was a fancy black car with completely tinted windows. My dad, being a cop, ushered us inside with him between my mom and I and the car. As soon as we got out of the car a man with black hair started to get out of the black car. Before we could even take one step he was in front of us, his red eyes shining in the night. Next thing I knew I sat in between my parents on our couch in the living room with the man in front of us. He carried us in. All three of us at the same time.

My mother grabbed me shaking and my father jumped up to grab his gun. Before he could move the man was in front of us and shoved him back into the couch with so much strength that it caused the couch to slam against the wall.

"I'm Felix." The man spoke in a deep voice that commanded attention. "I was sent by Aro to make sure you received his birthday present on time." He looked to me for an answer so I quickly nodded as silent tears streamed down my face. "He will be pleased to hear this. I have also come with a birthday present from your mate, Edward." So that's the demons name that I was being given to. "I went to visit him this morning to personally give to him your name as well as a picture of you." I was disturbed.

"H- how- how'd you g- get a pic- picture of me?" I stuttered, afraid that he would respond with violence. My mother hugged me tighter and my father stiffened, ready for a fight.

"Your school website of course. I also have a packet here for you to fill out. I will then return it to your mate so that he may learn more of you and make your stay with him as comfortable as possible." It sounds like he's speaking of a business deal. "I also have a packet of information on him as well as a photo for you to keep and look over. He has put everything in there; he says he wishes to have no secrets from you and wants you to be comfortable upon your arrival next year." One year. I think I'm going to be sick.

Felix does not seem to notice my state, or if he does he doesn't comment. He only gives me two manila envelopes, on top of one it says Edward and the other says Isabella. "That's Edward's information," he says pointing to the one with his name on it, "and that's the one for you to fill out." I nod dumbly not knowing what else to do. He then hands me a wrapped present and a card. He says nothing as he does this, knowing that I know what it is.

"You may have the rest of the night to fill out the packet, when you are done leave it in your mailbox. I will be around to pick it up before any of you are awake and deliver it to your mate tomorrow. I don't want to have to come in tomorrow and watch you fill it out because you refuse to do it tonight. Your mate is very anxious for it and it will be given to him tomorrow. Have a good night Isabella. Mr. and Mrs. Swan." And then he's gone.

It takes half an hour before we are completely able to grasp what happened, and then the tears come. Upon opening the present I find a locket with a weird crest on the front. The letter he wrote, in which he addressed me as love—cue vomit— he explained that is his vampire family's crest. The Cullen crest. And that he would love if I would wear it on the day I'm brought to him and every day after. He also says I'm free to put whatever picture I want inside. Well thanks for that freedom bud. Knowing that his request is more of a demand I make sure to put it in the key bowl by the door. Knowing that I won't lose it there… unfortunately. I then shakily open my manila folder. I'm not ready to read about this vampire yet. I answer all the questions, and there are a ton, it takes me about two hours. The questions include what's your favorite color, favorite food, favorite book, favorite television show (which I'm sure he'll love considering it's Buffy The Vampire Slayer), and even questions such as how much money do your parents make a year and when am I next expecting my period. Some very intrusive things that he has no business knowing.

That night I fell asleep sobbing in my parent's arms as my mother cries with me. My dad just holds us both in his arms and tried to keep a brave face on for both of us.

I shake out of my memory as well pull up into our driveway. We all silently get out of the car and make our way inside.

"I'll put my leftover steak in the fridge for you dad." It was only meant to break the silence, but instead it breaks us.

It isn't until two in the morning that I make it up to my room after putting the steak in the fridge. Tonight was spent hugging, crying, and making promises of calling every week. I drop onto my bed and am immediately surrounded by darkness.

The next morning I wake up to my mother shaking me awake.

"The tickets came today. Your flight to Seattle leaves at ten, which is in two hours. From there we get on another flight to a place called Port Angelus, and then we drive to Forks from there. The Cullen's will have a car waiting for us at the airport and will meet us at their home." I just blink at my mother and get up. All my stuff is packed. It has been since we bought all the winter clothes last month.

That was when I finally decided to read the file I received on my birthday last month, the one about my mate to be. Edward. Just thinking his name makes me shudder in disgust. He's very attractive, I'll give him that, too bad for him I was never one that focused much on looks. He has bronze hair and a very sculpted body, but remembering Felix to be very attractive as well, I assume it's something all vampires share. He also has gold eyes, my parents and I wept with joy when we found out that the reason behind that was that he drinks from animals and not humans. He claims it's because he doesn't want to be a monster. In my opinion though he wouldn't be forcing me out of house and my life if that were the case. My joy left when I read about his "rogue" period as he calls it. My parents say that at least it was the filth of society and he hasn't "slipped" in about ninety years. They just want to try and hope that I can remain safe there. I just hoped I wouldn't become his blood bank. Most of the information in there I didn't even try to remember. I do not care what he enjoys or what would make him happy.

When I finish my shower and get dressed I head down stairs to my parents. Before I leave I grab the locket out of the key bowl where I dropped in one year ago and put it on. The only time I've taken it out since then was to put a picture of my parents and me in it. I haven't worn it and even now I make sure to tuck it in under my shirt. I don't want to see it. See myself branded with his family crest.

I walk outside along with my parents and see a car waiting for us. Not just any car, a limo. Of course it's a limo. Another thing I learned about him and his family is that they're filthy rich. His father is a doctor somehow and over the years they've earned more money than they know what to do with. Apparently he can't wait to spoil me. Gag. This appeased my parents though; at least they knew their only daughter wouldn't be left hungry. She would be taken care of and want for nothing in life.

Nothing but freedom and happiness that is.

The drive didn't take long and soon I was in my first class seat (cue eye roll) looking down at Phoenix as we flew away. I spent the whole plane ride sleeping as well as the next one. Staying up would only make me anxious and I was tired from my lack of sleep last night.

Too soon we reached Port Angelus and once we got our stuff from baggage claim we walk outside to find a man with a sign that reads CULLEN. Of course. Of course he tortures me further by writing Cullen instead of Swan. My real name, the name I will always consider mine. Suddenly I can feel my new necklace against my skin as if to mock me. You're a Cullen now Bella, you will never be considered a Swan again.

We walk up to the middle aged man and he flashes us a smile as he takes our bag. I think he can tell we aren't in the mood for talking because he takes one look at my dad's somber look in the front seat and my mother holding me while crying in the back and says nothing to us the whole ride.

The ride is about an hour and a half but it feels like only minutes as we suddenly pull up to a white mansion. Yes I said mansion. I already know I won't be comfortable living somewhere this big. I close my eyes and clutch my mother tighter to me. I feel tears streaming down my face and onto my mothers jacket and she runs her hand through my hair and tells me how much she loves me. We both know that no amount of love can stop this from happening. I hear my dad's car door open and he comes around and opens mine as the driver gets my luggage from the car.

My dad offers me his hand but I don't take it. I can't move. I can't breathe. My whole life is slipping away and I know that within the next five minutes it'll all be over. My mom lifts my face up and wipes away my tears.

She has nothing to say and even if she did it wouldn't matter because all of a sudden the door slams open and I clench my eyes closed as I see a man standing there. A man with bronze hair and golden eyes.

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