Summary: Vampires don't exist everyone knows that. Except Bella Swan who is being sent to Forks to live with a vampire that was deemed her mate. How will she deal with her new life, new knowledge, and new school while trying to stay away from the vampire who claims he will never love another. ExB Possessiveward

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Fair warning, this is not going to be a story where Bella falls in love with Edward in one day and is suddenly accepts her fate. I don't like stories like that, it's unrealistic. A normal person would fight for their life and freedom. So if you think Bella is being a bitch or being overdramatic I'm warning you now that she won't be giving in for a while.

Chapter 3

The first thing I notice when I wake up is that I'm the most comfortable I've ever been in my life. Underneath me is the most amazing bed I've ever slept in, above me is a warm blanket that seems to fit around me perfectly. Being tucked away like this makes me feel safe. I sigh in contentment and snuggle my nose deeper into the blanket, smelling it's wonderful and fresh scent. A soft fur blanket perhaps? All of a sudden the blanket tightens around me and lets out its own noise of contentment. Did my blanket just puur?

My eyes snap open. It's not a warm blanket wrapped around me, but a vampire who's staring at me with golden eyes.

"What- I- What?" I stutter as I take in my surroundings. I'm in a room I've never seen before. I look back at the vampire above me and notice that he's naked. What the fuck? Holy shit, I'm naked too!

"Oh my god! Get off!" I yell as I try to push him off of me. When He sits up I see that the blanket is around my waist and realize he must have been sleeping on my breast. With this knowledge I immediately reach down and grab the blanket pulling it up so that it's tucked tightly under my chin. "Stop staring at me!" I snap, as his eyes have never left my body. "And put some fucking clothes on for Christ's sake!" I add as an after thought as I notice that he is still naked and apparently not immune to seeing me naked. Hello there!

I try to avert my eyes as my face heats up from blushing. I hear him chuckle and look to see him already in pants and a shirt. Thank god. I don't think my face could take any more embarrassment.

"Sorry love, I didn't mean to embarrass you." He says sincerely, but then a smirk is on his face as he crawls back over to me on the bed. "But it's not like it's anything you haven't seen before. Or kissed for that matter." He adds with a wink.

I was wrong. Apparently my face can take more embarrassment because it gets even hotter. Especially as I begin to remember last night and realize that he's right. I feel my face get even hotter as I remember how much I enjoyed kissing him all over, and him kissing me all over in return.

I clear my throat. "I'm not your love so I'd rather you not call me that thank you very much." The smirk falls off of his face. "And it's not something I'd like to see again, or kiss, for that matter. So please, stay covered." I mutter blushing yet again.

He smirks at that and I don't like the glint in his eyes as he starts to crawl towards me. He stops when he's hovering in front of me and I gasp and lean further against the headboard. He leans in and puts his nose against my neck and inhales loudly letting out a quiet growl. I feel his lips against my neck in a kiss and my body gives an involuntary shudder. He drops his forehead into the crook of my neck and I feel his lips curve up in a smile.

"It seems to me love, that your own body doesn't agree with you there." He whispers in my ear as he slowly drags his hand down my blanket covered body until his hand is hovering softly over my center. So softly that I unconsciously whimper and thrust my hips up slightly into his hand wanting more. "That's it baby, just feel, don't think." My thoughts turn to mush as his hand presses harder against me as my hips continue to thrust without my mind's consent.

"I- I- Oh god," I whimper as he begins to press open mouth kisses on my neck, where he bit me last night. I don't know why, but knowing that he's kissing his mark makes my hips thrust faster.

"Yes that's it baby." He uses his pointer finger to circle my clit over the blanket and I completely lose it. "Come for me my Bella." My mouth opens in a silent scream as I come on his blanket covered fingers.

I breathe heavily as I come down from my high and when I hear him chuckle my eyes snap open to his.

"I-" I don't know what to say. I'm so embarrassed. How could I act like that? Like some whore. As if last night wasn't enough, I go and repeat my actions this morning. I close my eyes as tears start to cloud my vision. I feel so ashamed. So angry.

"Bella love, there's nothing to be embarrassed about." He cups my chin and brings my face up to his. He waits until I open my eyes before he starts to talk again. "This is a part of mating, it's natural. Our bodies crave each other and that's nothing to be ashamed of. I want you just as much my love." His words mollify me slightly, but not much.

"I'm not embarrassed," I lie to him as I wipe my tears away and push him away from me. He moves back and sits opposite me, something I know he does on his own, as I wouldn't be able to move him. "I'm angry." I finish and he looks at me confused.

"Why? As I said, it's completely natural. It-"

"I don't care if it's natural and expected." I cut him off. "It's not what I want. I don't want this and I don't want you."

His face morphs into one of shock and hurt before it quickly is replaced by a smirk.

"Now now Isabella, I think it's already been proven that you do indeed want me." I sniff and cross my arms over my chest. He suddenly becomes serious. "That being said, I understand what you mean about not wanting this." I look back at him with shock. "I do Bella. I know that you were thrust into this life and that you didn't want it. Believe it or not I understand, I didn't ask to be brought into this life either." He says as he strokes my hair back from my face. "But I eventually came to terms with what happened and learned to embrace this life and the people in it, I hope you can do the same one day." He finishes of quietly as he looks deep into my eyes.

Why was he being so sweet all of a sudden? Was he not just mocking my want for him five seconds ago? His moods are giving me whiplash.

"Yes well, I'm sure you were not taken from your home, by force I might add, in order to become a sex toy for some vampire who you've never met before in your life, let alone even knew existed."

"You are not a sex toy Bella." He growls at me. "Do you hear me? You are my mate, the one person I am destined to love for all eternity. You are my equal and my love. Never will you be a possession or toy for me or anyone else to control." He sounds angry as he says it and I'm thrown off by the passion in his words. But I don't believe a word of it.

"While I'd love to believe you vampire, your previous actions do not in any way prove your words. In fact, I'd say they prove mine."

"Vampire? Really? Is that what you call them man you lose your virginity to? You can't even use his name?"

My face heats up at his mention of me giving my virginity to him. "Once again you seem to be proving my point instead of your own vamp boy."

He sighs and rubs his hand through his hair making his bicep flex. Oh Wow. I look back to his face slightly flustered. Dammit Bella! Stop looking him like that. He is nothing to you and you do not want him.

"I'm not just for sex? Really? Then why is sex the only thing you've seemed to want since we met? Hmm?"

"Bella we've just mated, obviously there is a strong sexual desire there. It's to be expected, it's normal. Our bodies crave each other and as a newly mated couple, hell, they'll always crave each other!"

"I do not crave you."

"Love the less you deny it-"

"I am denying nothing. My body might unfortunately have some weird… desire… for you that I cannot control. But my mind, the part of me that's really me, that knows what I want, will never crave you. It will never want you. I will never truly want you."

It's silent for second before he responds. "There are clothes for you in the closet and dresser, feel free to take whatever you feel comfortable in. When you're ready come outside and I will escort you downstairs where both of our families are waiting to meet us." Before I can comment he's gone. Whatever. It's not like I said anything that wasn't true. Not my fault if the truth hurts.

I quickly change into a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a white long sleeve blouse. After I finish going to the bathroom I exit the room only to bump into the vampire. He wraps his arm around me to keep me steady.

"You can let go now." I huff.

"Thanks for the option love, but I'm good here." He replies as he rubs his cheek against mine.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" I ask startled by the feeling that overwhelms me when I feel him rub against me.

"Scenting you." He growls out.

"Scenting me- what?

"There are men downstairs Isabella, and they need to know you're mine."

"Yours? I am not- oh!" What starts off in an angry growl ends in a gasp as his face moves to my neck. He flicks his tongue out and licks the curve of my neck. "Oh sweet Jesus." I sigh. He purrs and my whole body vibrates.

"Mine." I hate the fact that his possessive attitude does nothing other than turn me on right now.

"I am not yours." I sigh out as my body betrays me by leaning so he has better access to my neck.

"Are you sure about that?" He growls as he starts to nip my neck and his hands begin to wander.

"Yes." I moan out embarrassingly.

"Well my love," He begins as he licks my neck on the word love causing me to moan again, only louder this time, "I don't believe a word you're saying and I don't think you do either." He continues to kiss down my neck and I continue to moan like a bitch in heat. "The sooner you admit you're mine sweet Bella, the sooner we can get past this and be happy. Because you are mine whether you want to admit it or not." He growls out in a dark tone that I've never heard him use before. Then his tone becomes lighter. "Now that everyone will know that you're mine, we need to go downstairs and meet with our families." And then he pulls away, and me being the hormonal girl I am, whimper. And I hate myself for it.

He winks at me and I scowl. Now that I've come back to my senses I'm pissed. I need to get a control of my body and keep this possessive, ass of a vampire away from me. I am not his. I will never be his. I am my own person.

I try to push him off of me, but he just growls and pulls me closer. I squirm against him but he doesn't budge.

"Behave love, we don't have time for a quickie, your parents are downstairs and quite desperate to see you. I don't think they'd appreciate you being up here with me while they wait for you down there. No matter how much you'd enjoy it my love." He playfully nips my jaw and I move my head away.

"You're disgusting. And I'm not your love, so stop calling me that. Just try not to be such an asshole in front of my parents. I want them to at least think that the thing I'm being forced to live with has some humanity in him." I seem to have hit a sore spot.

"Don't worry my love, they will love me as they will see how much I care for you my dear." He says and kisses me softly on the lips.

"Don't call me that. And don't pretend you care for me, you don't know me and you never will."

"We shall see my Bella."

And then he leads me down the stairs, still holding me by the waist.

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