What do you do after you've saved the world?

To Naruto, that was a very pressing question. The end of the war was just the beginning of a new life for him. He was done fighting. Konoha and the ninja world was at peace. Everything was all good. There was just one serious problem.

He was still a hapless virgin.

"Damn," Naruto said out loud to himself, "I really need to get a girlfriend."

It was some time after Sakura had confessed to him, trying to get him to stop chasing after Sasuke. At the time, Naruto did not return her feelings. Now, he figured, was as good a time as any.

He knocked on Sakura's door one morning.

"Naruto! What brings you here?"

It was now Naruto's turn to be nervous.

"Uh... Sakura... hey... I was wondering... remember that time you said you love me?"

Sakura blushed.


"I know it's kind of late and all, but I was wondering if you still felt the same way."

Sakura smiled.

"Oh, I see. You're here to ask me out finally. Single life getting you down?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Well, sorry to break it to you, but that confession happened a while ago. Like several years. I've moved on. I'm not in love with you anymore."

"What? You have a boyfriend?"

"I sure do. Does it surprise you that other men find me attractive and want to ask me out?"


"I don't think I'm ready to share that with you at this time."

"Oh. I see."

"You know, you were hitting on me for years, and I finally opened up to you, and you missed your chance. You had a prime opportunity to get together with me and you blew it."

Sakura pointed a finger in the air as if to emphasize a teaching point, or as her ninja teachers would say, "the take-home message."

"I hate to break it to you Naruto, but the world does not revolve around you. Even though you're the most powerful ninja in Konoha and a war hero and all that. When it comes to women, you have no fucking clue."

Naruto shrugged, crestfallen. He sauntered away from Sakura's home, trying his best to conceal his disappointment. He'd really thought that things between them were going so well!

A short distance away, behind a corner of a nearby alley, Shizune watched the events most intently. She scribbled some notes into a notepad, writing down the following observation: "subject has no fucking clue about women."

Later that day, Naruto walked over to the ramen stand to take his lunch. As he sat down at the counter, he noticed Hinata sitting alone next to him. She looked much the same, except something was different. As his eyes were drawn down toward her chest, he realized what that something was.

Her tits were huge!

Was she always this big? Maybe they were, and he'd just never noticed. Hinata's tits were easily D cups. He'd always thought they were more like B cup size.

Damn, son!

He shook his head and averted his eyes to avoid being called out as a pervert... which he was, of course. Hinata turned toward him and smiled.

"Oh, hi, Naruto," she said.

Memories of their long ago encounter played back through their minds. It had happened shortly after the battle with Pain. During that time, Hinata had confessed her undying love for him.

"Naruto... I love you!"

Those words, so boldly spoken by Hinata, echoed in Naruto's mind. He remembered she had confessed to him in the heat of a battle. He remembered, at that moment, he had been stunned. Then it all came back to him. Images of Hinata hiding behind a tree to spy on Naruto training. He had never understood it at the time, but she had secretly been in love with him all those years.

Naruto rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he tried chatting up Hinata.

"Say, Hinata, you look... different."

"Do I?" she smiled and turned toward him, her low cut shirt showing off her bodacious curves.

"Remember that time you confessed to me, and then asked me out later after the battle?"

"Sure I do, Naruto. You gave me the 'friends' speech. I was heartbroken for months afterward."

"Oh... yeah... sorry about that. My bad."

"Are you trying to hit on me or something now? After all these years?"

"Well... what if I am?"

"You're just finally noticing my naturally large breasts, aren't you?"

"I wouldn't say that..."

"I always had to tape them tight against my body so they wouldn't get in the way. I had a complex about my body and didn't want other people to notice. But now, after getting some counseling, some therapy, I'm finally comfortable with my body image and I can unleash my big boobs on the rest of the world."

Hinata had become unusually vocal. Naruto could not remember the last time she had said so many words without interruption. She was usually so shy. Was this a new, more confident Hinata? If so, she was quite hot!

"So..." he ventured. "Wanna go out with me?"

"Not a chance," Hinata said, waving her hand in front of Naruto's face. "You're just interested in my boobs, after all. You shameless pervert."

Naruto slumped in his seat, once again thwarted. He ate his ramen soup in silence. Afterward, he walked off and took a stroll through Konoha, trying to get over his abject sexual frustration. From a nearby shop, Shizune again watched him from the shadows. She took out her notepad once more and jotted down: "subject likes big tits."

The next morning, Naruto found himself summoned to Lady Tsunade's office. It had been a while since he and Tsunade had talked, so he felt himself in unfamiliar territory as he entered the doors leading to the Hokage office. Shizune guided him inside and closed the doors behind him. She pointed out the single chair in the middle of the room, which sat a few meters away from Tsunade's large mahogany desk. Behind the desk, Tsunade was busy reading papers and signing documents. A large stack of papers sat on one side. Naruto looked around. The office room was sparsely decorated, very Spartan, and the windows facing the street were closed with drapes, although the faint rays of the sun shone through, illuminating the room.

"You called me here?" Naruto said as he walked in.

"Please," Tsunade said, gesturing toward the chair in front of her, "have a seat."

Naruto sat down. Shizune left the room.

"It's come to my attention, Naruto," Tsunade said, stopping to look up from her work and gaze at him, "that you're trying to get a girlfriend."

"Well..." Naruto laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his neck "heh, heh, maybe, yeah."

"It's also come to my attention that you're failing miserably."

Naruto stopped laughing.

"Hey, now," he said, "I don't see how my personal life is any of your business-"

"It's very much my business, because you are the future leader of this village. You may think that you know everything you need to know to be the best ninja in Konoha, but there is one key skill you are missing. You are totally pathetic and vulnerable when it comes to women. I've been watching you. I've had Shizune keep tabs on you."

Tsunade produced Shizune's notepad and flipped through the pages in front of Naruto. The pages were filled to the brim with Shizune's laconic and blunt observations about Naruto's "love" skills - or lack thereof.

"Talk about embarrassing. Could you be any more pathetic? Did you know, Naruto, that there are female ninja out there who are skilled in the art of seduction? What do you think would happen if an enemy ninja, who happened to be a hottie with big tits, were to approach you? Do you think you would stand a chance? You think you could resist her charms or take control of the situation?"

Naruto swallowed hard as he thought about that. Shizune came back with a tray of tea cups and handed a cup of tea to both him and Tsunade.

"No, probably not," he answered at last.

"So," Tsunade said, "in other words, if a female spy came to you and wanted to fuck you, you'd probably be totally helpless. You'd probably divulge every secret possible just to get laid. After all, you're so desperate to get some, you're even trying to ask out Sakura. What the fuck is wrong with you man?!"

"Ha ha, yeah," Naruto muttered. "I guess I really do suck when it comes to women."

"Let me share something with you, Naruto," Tsunade said, pointing a finger at him. "I've watched you for a long time. I've taken a personal interest in your career. I want to see you overcome your little 'problem.'"

"Uh, okay. And how do you suggest doing that?"

Tsunade stood up and walked slowly toward a nervous Naruto, who remained seated while sipping on his tea. He couldn't help but start to notice her figure. She had always had a beautiful figure - pretty face, large busty chest, slender waist, big hips, long legs.

"I wouldn't mind teaching you what I know."

His eyes were drawn almost magnetically to her chest. Concealed by the folds of her kimono robe, he could appreciate the large swell of her breasts. At the center, the robes revealed her cleavage, the smooth pearly white color of her skin, that shapely quality of her breasts as they jutted out, seemingly restrained by her clothes, wanting to come out. He liked the way her breasts looked. He started to wonder what it looked like under her robes.

"You said... teaching me?"

"Yes," Tsunade smiled. "I'll give you special training. You must learn how to conquer a woman's heart. But in order to accomplish that, you must become comfortable with a woman's body. You must learn the delights of a woman's body."

She stopped in front of him and leaned forward to meet him eye to eye. Naruto found her gaze hard to meet, so close up and personal. His eyes went down to her cleavage again. He could make out the deep valley that formed between her two breasts and observed the depth of that valley, imaging that if he looked hard enough, he could see all the way down to her belly. The folds of her robes loosened somewhat as she leaned forward, allowing Naruto to see more of her breast flesh. Beneath her robes, he could see the perfect fullness of those globes, but it was just covered enough so that he was unable to see her nipples. He found himself very much wanting to reach forward and touch her.

"Do you like what you see?" Tsunade asked.

His mouth dry, Naruto nodded. He put his now empty cup of tea to rest over his groin, trying to cover up the swell of his erection.

"Are you sexually attracted to me?"

Naruto nodded again.

"Good... You must do everything I say," Tsunade said.

She opened up the folds of her robes slightly to expose more of her chest to Naruto, still concealing her nipples.

"Do everything I say, if you want this," she added.

"What do you want me to do now?" Naruto asked.

"Don't move. Stay still."

Naruto felt hands touching his, removing the tea cup from him and tying them behind the back of the chair. It was Shizune, tying him up. The whole time, since Tsunade had explained everything to him, he had completely forgotten that her loyal assistant was even there.

Tsunade walked back to her desk and cleared the papers from it. She sat down on the desk and faced Naruto.

"First," she said, undoing the belt of her robe and opening it up slowly, "We must train your senses. Starting with the sense of sight."

Naruto swallowed hard as he watched her pull each side of her kimono robe apart, revealing more and more of her chest as she did so. Her full breasts were gradually revealed to him. He marveled at their perfect shape, enormous size, smooth pearly color, and the way her breasts sloped toward their peaks, leading to her nipples. Each nipple was perfectly formed, large areolae, one inch in diameter, with the nubs of flesh protruding from their base, growing more erect. He could even make out the slight indentations along the tip of the nipples themselves. Naruto could not help but stare at Tsunade's incredible tits, and Tsunade smiled with the effect she was having on her young pupil.

Tsunade licked a finger and ran it along her breast, each one, starting at the top of her breast bone and working its way in circles around her breast, working their way inward toward her nipple, where she gently rubbed and squeezed it, moaning to herself as she did so.

"Are you getting excited, Naruto?" Tsunade moaned as she closed her eyes and arched her head backward.

"I'm thinking about you, Naruto," she added. "I'm thinking of the things you're going to do to me. The way you're going to touch my breasts. The way you're going to caress, suck, and fuck them..."

Her robes were completely open, revealing her naked chest and torso. Her lower half was covered by her black pants.

Naruto, his eyes focused on Tsunade's amazing tits, felt a bit of pressure on his groin. He looked down and was surprised to find Shizune undoing the zipper of his pants.

"What are you-"

"Shh," Shizune put a finger on his lips and tilted his head back toward Tsunade. "Eyes on the mistress, only."

Naruto could barely think as he felt Shizune pull the zipper down and then reach into his pants, sliding her hand quickly through his underwear to pull his erect penis through the opening of his pants.

Exposed to the open air, his cock quivered a bit, as if embarrassed, then pointed straight upward, firm, hard, and throbbing, as if newly emboldened.

"Watch me, my dear," Tsunade said. "Watch this body. Learn every contour, every curve. This is the pleasure that awaits you. You just need patience, and it will be yours."

She pulled down her pants, leaving only her thin black panties to cover her most private area.

Tsunade ran her hands up and down the length of her body, from head, down to her chest and abdomen.

"Imagine, Naruto," she said, "I'm thinking about you touching me like this, first with your hands, then with your tongue... then with your cock."

Naruto gasped as he felt oil being poured onto his cock, and Shizune grasped it with her hand softly.

"You've got a very nice cock," Tsunade said. "I can see it from here. It's nice and long and thick."

She spread her legs apart on the desk in front of Naruto and put her hand down her panties, gasping as she slipped her own fingers inside of her vagina.

"I'm thinking about how good it's going to feel inside me," she said. "Imagine your cock wrapped tightly by my pussy. You want to feel my pussy, don't you?"

"Yes!" Naruto gasped as he felt Shizune's hand slowly stroke his cock, sliding up and down.

"I know if feels good having Shizune do that," Tsunade said, "But you must resist, lover. You must hold off cumming as long as you can."

"I'll try!" Naruto uttered as he felt a tingling jolt of pleasure emanate from his dick, from Shizune rubbing her hand over the tip of his penis. He tried not to think about how good it felt.

"That's the only way you can make me come," Tsunade said, gasping as she slipped her own finger in and out of her pussy. She found her moist, hot clitoris and began stroking it under her increasingly wet panties. Naruto could see how her whole body trembled as she stroked herself, and his eyes were drawn to the triangular center of her groin, to those panties maddeningly covering her core. He noted the growing patch of wetness spreading across the thin fabric, and the moist strands of pubic hair that he could see above and to each side of her thighs. At that moment, he desperately wanted to see her pussy, and even more, wanted to thrust his hard dick inside of her.

"You want me, don't you?" Tsunade said. "That's good. I'm thinking of how you're going to pound my pussy."

She stroked herself with increasing speed, moaning more with each time: Ah! Ah! Hah! Nnnn!

At the same time, Shizune picked up the speed on her hand job, pumping Naruto's cock without mercy, the slickness of the body oil and the light pressure applied by her expert hands sending fresh waves of pleasure up and down his dick, causing his hips to quiver as if demanding more, more, more.

"Oh, I want you so bad, Naruto," Tsunade said with urgency as she continued touching herself, bringing herself to a climax, "I want your hard dick inside of me, thrusting in and out of my pussy, (oh!) you can't take it anymore, (uh!) you're going to cum-"

Shizune gave one final jerk and squeeze to Naruto's cock, and he could not contain it anymore. He bucked his hips, rising briefly from his seat and extended his back in an arch as he cried out a guttural cry of pleasure. The cum exploded from his cock, flying into the air, the space between him and Tsunade, ribbons of the creamy fluid spurting out as he ejaculated hard. Shizune continued to stroke him, as if urging him on, until the final burst of cum came flying forth and he felt the familiar post orgasmic quiver travel up and down the length of his body. At the same time, Tsunade also came, crying out Naruto's name as she touched herself, her juices flowing out, soaking her panties and seeping down her thighs onto the desk. She arched her back like Naruto, and her head flew backward as she cried out.

When they were both done climaxing, the two stared at each other for a while, across the short distance between Naruto's chair and Tsunade's desk. Both were breathing heavily and sweat dripped down their brows. Both had the flush of pleasure on their faces.

"This is just the beginning," Tsunade said. "Do you want me right now? Do you want to have sex with me?"

"Yes," Naruto said earnestly.

Tsunade smiled and licked her lips. "Good. But you can't touch me just yet. You must wait, love. Be patient and you'll be rewarded."

She got up slowly off the desk, and, still half naked with her robes open, walked toward him. Her chest was right in front of his face. Her tits were inches away from his mouth. Naruto desperately wanted to lean forward and take those huge tits in his hands and mouth. He leaned forward, but the bonds still restrained him. Tsunade noticed that and smiled.

"Come back next week," she said as she closed up her robes and walked away, leaving poor Naruto horny and frustrated in his chair.

A whole week...

It was going to be a very long week...