One week later

Naruto and Tsunade sat on Tsunade's bed, stripped down to their underwear. As Naruto reached over to start touching Tsunade's body, she stopped him and turned toward the door.

"We're going to have a guest joining us," she said.

"We are?"

"Yes. Remember our first session, when Shizune grabbed hold of your cock and jerked you off?"

"Yeah... it was hot."

Shizune walked in through the door and stood over the bed. The first thing she did was pull off her kimono robes to reveal more of her shapely body. Naruto's eyes grew wide as he beheld Shizune's smooth skin and the form of her breasts. Of course they were not as large as Tsunade's monster tits, but they were quite curvy, large, and tempting in their own right. Naruto could make out the outline of her hardening nipples under the thin fabric of her bra. Unlike Tsunade, Shizune had a more understated beauty. She typically covered herself well, leaving much to the imagination. Naruto could never really tell if she had a nice chest or not... until now.

"How would you like," Shizune said, "instead of just feeling my hand wrapped around your cock, to feel my pussy?"

"I shared with her some of the juicy details about our sessions," Tsunade said, "and she insisted on participating in a hot threesome."

Tsunade pushed Naruto on his back and tugged off his undershorts. His dick stirred to life, stimulated by the prospect of doing both Tsunade and Shizune at the same time. Naruto caught his breath in his chest as he beheld both Tsunade and Shizune stripping off their underclothes to reveal their naked breasts and pussies.

"What should I do?" Naruto asked, eager to begin.

"Just lie down."

Tsunade positioned herself so that she was on her knees, crouching just above Naruto's face. As Naruto looked straight up, his eyes were drawn toward Tsunade's pussy, which filled his vision as she descended on to his mouth.

"My pussy wants it," Tsunade said as she settled down onto Naruto's face. "Eat me out, Naruto."

Naruto moaned in appreciation as he reached up with his hands to latch onto Tsunade's ass. Her pussy was wet and hot in anticipation of oral pleasure, and Naruto expertly snaked his tongue in and out, past her damp matting of pubic hair to penetrate her vagina lips and flick against her swollen clitoris. As he did so, he constantly moved his lips, squirming for position against the weight of her hips, meeting her wet pussy lips with his own as she ground her snatch against his face. As he ate his lover out, he felt a new sensation against his cock. It was Shizune's hot tongue, sliding up and down, tasting his organ.

"I've been listening in sometimes from the next room, whenever you've done it in the office," Shizune said as she continued teasing his penis. "You don't know how hot it made me. I wanted to join in the fun."

The naked Shizune, already wet from watching Naruto perform oral on her colleague as well as the sight and feel of Naruto's hard cock, quivering in anticipation of ecstasy, positioned herself over his body. As he felt the slight pressure from Shizune's vagina pressing against his cock, trying to find the right angle for penetration, he sucked and kissed Tsunade's pussy with extra vigor, causing her to cry out in delight. He felt some of her musky juices seeping out and dripping down both sides of his chin. Naruto kept up the cunningulus continuously, pausing only to breathe in through his nose, savoring with each inhalation the scent of her raw juicy pussy. He moved his hands from her ass cheeks up her torso to her breasts. He enjoyed a stunning view of her tits from below, which always looked like they were ready to explode from her chest, and his hands groped her mercilessly, working the sensitive tit flesh and squeezing her nipples just the way he knew she liked it. Meanwhile, Shizune, taking hold of Naruto's tool, worked the tip of his cock against her wet, swollen labia, moving it in circles against her, letting herself grow increasingly wet in erotic anticipation.

"It looks like you're ready for me," Shizune announced as she gradually settled her weight down on top his cock. Naruto grunted in response as he felt the slickness and the pressure of her pussy enveloping him as she prepared to ride his dick.

"Oh!" Shizune moaned. "Your cock inside me feels so good..."

"Time to step it up a notch," Tsunade said as she arched her back in response to being tongue fucked by Naruto. "Call in the clones."

With that, Tsunade raised herself a few inches off of Naruto's face, allowing him to weave the sign and utter, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

A half dozen nude Naruto clones appeared around the threesome, each of them with fully erect cocks.

"What should we do?" one of the clones asked Tsunade.

"Come over here," Tsunade gestured to him. She placed her hands under her voluptuous breasts and thrust them forward toward him. "Fuck my tits."

Tsunade pointed toward another clone. "Come over here so I can suck your dick."

"Oh," Shizune moaned as she rode Naruto's cock hard, sliding up and down and back and forth, "that sounds like a good idea. I want to suck some cock too."

She corralled one of the clones toward her, where she eagerly took hold of his cock and started going to town on him.

Naruto, through it all, continued his methodical eating out of Tsunade along with his fucking of Shizune, who continued to ride him cowgirl style, drawing continued moans of pleasure from both of them. Tsunade and Shizune, both hungry for more, sped up their rhythmic grinding of their hips against his mouth and cock, which felt incredibly good, but which was rapidly nearing his climax. Clone #1 slid his dick between Tsunade's tits and, from a crouching stance, moved his hips up and down, moving with ease between her luscious sweaty globes. Clone #2 arched his back in ecstasy as Tsunade feasted on his cock, slithering her tongue over and across it, pausing to play with the sensitive tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue, sucking it with extra vigor, repaying him every bit for what original Naruto was doing to her pussy. Clone #3 was experiencing similar pleasure as Shizune deep throated his cock.

"What about us?" the fourth clone inquired. It was getting rather crowded, with two women fucking one guy on top of simultaneous fellatio and tit fucking.

"Come behind me and rub your dick against my back while you reach around and grab my breasts," Shizune suggested.

"The rest of you can just jerk off to us for all we care; after all you're just clones, so honestly, we don't give a shit about you," Tsunade said casually. She pointed to one of the clones. "But don't you come yet. I'm going to need some nice hard cock to finish me off."

"Yes ma'am," the clone responded.

It was a rather bizarre, yet strangely hypnotic sight, a miniature orgy full of thrusting, moaning, sweating, and hip pumping. Naruto's oral performance on Tsunade was starting to pay dividends, as he noted the increased sudden gush of fluids streaming out of her pussy and tricking down his face, and he felt the convulsion of her hips as the electric sensations ran through her body, pushing her over the edge and driving her to speed up her sucking and tit fucking. Her moans were muffled, with clone Naruto's cock filling her mouth, but even so, it was clear from her pitch and volume that she was coming hard. Tit-fucking Naruto couldn't take it anymore, her glorious breasts were just too hot and sexy for his poor dick to endure, and he cried out as the dam broke and the cum rushed out, spurting upward and spraying her wet, heaving breasts with splotches of pearly white. At the same time, fellatio Naruto hit his limit, and Tsunade milked his dick with her expert mouth and tongue as he exploded inside of her mouth. Tsunade did not let up though, and she continued to suck on his dick through every twitch and quiver of his seismic orgasm until she had sucked him dry of all his cum. Original Naruto's dick, buried deep inside Shizune's pussy, felt the pre-cum seeping out, and he followed through with a jagged thrust upward with his hips. It was enough to pass his limit, and he came as well, shooting his semen inside Shizune in bursts with each violent pump of his hips. The final thrusting of his pelvis was enough to send Shizune over the edge as well. Comprehending the orgasm hitting her, she responded by sucking the other clone Naruto's dick extra hard and fast, easily bringing him to orgasm inside her waiting mouth. The other clone, rubbing his dick against her back while grabbing her tits and making out with the back of her neck, came right afterward, shooting his spray up her back. The fifth clone Naruto, reduced to jerking off to the erotic sights before him, cried out, "I'm coming too!" as he unleashed his cum on all of them, spraying his seed every which way, most of it landing on Tsunade and Shizune, but some of it even landing on original Naruto and his other clones. Original Naruto, wholly engrossed in the sensations of the moment, ignored what would have normally been repugnant to him and focused only on finishing his orgasm inside of Shizune.

Tsunade, lifting herself off the exhausted Naruto, reached out for the final remaining shadow clone, the only one of them who had yet to orgasm, and, pulling him to the bed, lay on her back with him on top.

"That felt good, love," Tsunade said, "but I need to cap this off with you destroying my pussy with your cock."

She cried out as the clone sucked her tits with his eager mouth, running his tongue over her hard nipples, while he reached down to stimulate her already wet post-orgasmic vagina.

"You're already so fucking wet," the clone uttered as, without further delay, he plunged into her, filling her up and stretching her walls out with his thick, rigid cock. After Naruto's thorough oral job on Tsunade, her vagina was completely wet, both from her own secretions as well as his saliva. The clone Naruto's dick pumped in and out of her snatch with incredible ease, rapidly sliding in and out as he slammed his hips against hers with each thrust. Tsunade pulled his head down and locked lips with him as they put their arms around each other, their hips furiously grinding against each other, as if each were striving to break through the invisible barrier between them, each move urging his cock to push deeper inside of her.

So close on the heels of her last orgasm, Tsunade felt another one building up from the hard cock buried inside of her, and she moaned ever more loudly in pleasure. "Mmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmm!"

"Are you feeling good?" clone Naruto asked, still moving in and out, maintaining his constant thrusting.

"Yes! Oh, don't stop!" she screamed desperately as, with one final thrust, Naruto pushed his cock as far inside of her as he could possibly go, sensing the vague pressure at the tip of his cock which told him that he was touching her cervix, and he cried out "I'm coming!" as the cum spurted out inside of her.

Exhausted from all their sexual exertions, the clones vanished shortly afterward, their mission complete, and Naruto, Tsunade, and Shizune, their bodies entangled and covered in all manner of bodily fluids - sweat, saliva, semen, and pussy fluids, fell asleep amongst the sheets of the bed.

That night, Naruto had an amazing wet dream, better than any he had ever enjoyed as a horny virgin teenager. He dreamt that every woman he had ever, for even the briefest, most fleeting moment, fantasized about, was having hot sex with him, all at once. All these incredible hot women at his feet, completely nude and ready for action. Hinata, Sakura, Shizune, Anko, Karin, Kurenai, Temari, Mei... to name a few. Almost every hot woman he had ever encountered. Their gorgeous tits and pussies invited him. With the help of his army of shadow clones, he proceeded to have hot sex with every one of them, all at the same time. Cum was flying everywhere, all over the place. Many cries of pure, unadulterated ecstasy escaped the women's quivering lips as firm dicks penetrated mouth, ass, and pussy, in various obscene combinations, in one big outrageous fucking orgy of unbridled hedonism. And at the center of it all was Tsunade, her unrivalled body putting all others to shame, opening her arms to him, inviting him to fuck her senseless. The feel of her soft smooth tits under his hands, the firmness of her belly, the girth of her hips, the hot wetness of her pussy wrapped tightly around his cock, overwhelmed his senses and he came hard inside of her. Even when he was done, he immediately felt the urge to do her again, and, with her help, he got hard again within minutes and penetrated her again, coming so many times that his balls were drained completely of sperm and his dick was ready to fall off because he couldn't fuck no more. At that moment, if he would have died, he would have counted his short life a full one.

When he woke, he was just as messed up as when he was asleep. His own dried cum was streaked on his body, along with splotches of pussy juice courtesy of Tsunade and Shizune. His balls ached from the monumental exertions of the night before. But the two women were gone. Startled, Naruto stood up and ran around the house, looking for them. Where the hell were they?

He found a note on the dining table addressed to him. It was from Tsunade, inviting him to her office the next day.

At the appointed time, having had a full day to recover from his sexual exertions, Naruto presented himself once more at Tsunade's office. He found her seated behind her desk, business as usual, dressed in her usual clothes. Her cleavage, as always, was quite plainly visible.

"When I first met with you, Naruto," she said, "you were a hapless virgin. I dare say you've gained quite a lot of experience."

"Yes, I have, thanks to you," Naruto said, seated in his chair, looking from her face down to her breasts and back, feeling his cock stir to life a little.

"I think our special training has come to an end. I have nothing more to teach you."

Naruto's cock immediately deflated a little, as his erection vanished.

"What? No more sessions?"

Tsunade smiled and nodded.

"Now it's time for you to take what you've learned and apply it. Fuck and conquer. Women everywhere will be helpless against your charms. Remember Hinata? I guarantee she wants to fuck you now. I think you'll find word has spread in Konoha about your sexual prowess, and hot women will be lining up to get some."

Naruto folded his arms.

"Well, Lady Tsunade, maybe you're wrong. Maybe you're the only one I want to be with. After all, when you've had the best, why settle for less?"

Tsunade laughed.

"Is that your way of asking me out? You want me to be your girlfriend? Are we going to go steady? Go out on dates? Have lots of sex?"

"Uh... yeah... I guess... all of the above... especially that last part."

Tsunade stood up. Saying nothing more, she walked around the desk toward where Naruto sat, watching her nervously. She swayed her hips seductively. He could see her voluminous breasts bouncing slightly up and down as she walked. With one quick motion she tore off her robes, revealing once again her hot naked breasts, glistening with her sweat, her hard nipples inviting him to suck on them. Naruto's eyes widened as he beheld her body once more, naked beneath her open robes, his eyes tracking downward toward the tuft of hair leading to her pussy. She leaned forward, reaching down with her hand to stroke his cock through his pants and brushing her tits against his shoulder as she whispered softly in his ear.

"Then let's fuck."