(A/N A two part story became a three part story. and then I decided it needed a part four that brought us back to base and the tales of this beautiful fairy tale love shared by these beautiful fairy tale girls.)

Jade dropped Sam and I off at home. "I'm sorry the movie was such a bust.?" I said, once we were inside.

"That's okay Kitten," Sam said. "I think in this case it really is the thought that counts. It went better than it could have. Than I was worried it might.
I wouldn't mind if the fourgy thing happened down the road I suppose. You were right, nothing is as nice as what we have together. But we both knew that. I'm just glad to be back with my girl for a shower and a night where we go to bed early, but go to sleep late."

"I like the sound of that." I said, kissing my sweet Sam.

"Rickie and Ollie were a surprise." Sam said a moment later, as she followed me toward the bathroom. I figured she wanted to get that makeup off so I saw no reason to delay.

But that stopped me. I turned around and stepped back into her arms when she opened them to me. "They were so adorable." I said. "And together forever, even after death. That will be us. I know it will. But did you hear Rickie? Fourteen years since the last time she touched her. Fourteen, Sam. That's more than three quarters of our lives since the last time she touched the woman she loves."

"I doubt it'll be much longer for her, Kitten. Although she seemed in decent health to be honest.
Don't worry, pet. That won't be us. We'll be one of those couples that die twenty minutes apart.
I figure they must have made their peace or it wouldn't have been fourteen years. She would have pined away before now."

"Oh Sam, don't even say that. But yes, you are totally right, I agree." I said. But I didn't even want to think about that. A nice lady like Rickie, or anyone pining away for their dead love.

Sam was right of course, they'd obviously made their peace with the arrangement. Plus she did see and speak to her quite easily. Although since she couldn't see the others I still would be willing to bet Ollie split her time between spending time with her sister and possibly Blackie doing ghost things and being with Rickie. I was so happy they'd be back together soon.

Because right now they had it better than a million couples, but really they weren't even in the same world anymore.

"C'mon, beautiful." I said. "I need some Sammy snuggles to warm the coldness of death off me. And get the color and zombie stickies of death off you. There's still a little bowl of salt in the shower from where I tested the glue."

About half the time, a little more maybe, we didn't bother with the lights when we showered. Preferring to light a candle or two. This was one of those times. Maybe we should have gone with the utilitarian lighting since we had to get Sam's zombie makeup off. But we chose comfort.

We got in the shower on scalding hot. "Now the first thing I need you to do, if its ok, is hold me really tight and kiss my neck." I said.

Sam joined me in the spray and took me in a bearhug. It didn't lift me off my feet but did take all of my weight off them. She was crushing me a bit and I had to breathe shallowly, to be able to breathe at all. Which was perfect, exactly what I needed.

I took the time to let myself feel my very eventful day. My residual shame from my YayDay debacle. The movie basically being a flat bust. My fear of the ghosts. My sadness once we got to know them. I needed to know if I needed to cry now that it was over and I was safe and held.

But what really started me crying was how much I loved this girl. This sexy, strong, amazing, intelligent, woman who held me.
I had done something monumentally stupid.
Something as stupid as people seemed to think I was.
I don't know why they thought that. Nona always said it was because I was prettier than the other girls and they were jealous. But I'm almost sure that wasn't the reason.
I tried so hard never to be that girl. Never to be the girl they expected me to be. But Sam was the only one who really seemed to believe I could. No matter how many times I proved her wrong. And then I did this.
YayDay was stupid Cat from start to finish. But Sam just wiped it away and forgot it. Never trying to make me feel bad.
Doing everything she could to not make me feel bad.

After I cried a bit about how lucky I was. A not uncommon occurrence in this shower. I was able to see that the movie was not a bust from anything that was my fault. It wasn't as inspired as the meatball bush, but it was a good thoughtful present that Sam would have normally liked. Or maybe it was a dirty, naughty present that I should be punished for. tee hee.

As I finished my little moment, I became more conscious of Sam's hot mouth on my neck licking and kissing, suckling gently, than on her strong arms around me. I moved my hands down to her firm round bottom. I started squeezing it; one globe in each hand, but also squeezing it, pulling her toward me.

I kissed along her upper chest. Running the tip of my tongue along her collarbone. "Sammy, silly, put your tongue in my mouth." I said, needing to kiss her.

She moved her mouth to mine and kissed me with just her lips. Her arms shifted in how they were holding me, and she kissed me again. Sweetly, but more insistently and still not with the tongue I craved.

Then she gave it to me. My agile pink sweetie.
I was in a lusty mood from the neck kisses, but she kissed me so tenderly, suddenly I just wanted this.
My Sam, the hot spray, and sweet loving kisses.

Caressing her tongue with mine, the give and take of our lips. Slow and smooth transition from one kiss to the next. Melting into her. Mingling our spirits in love. Adoring her. Putting everything I felt; how I ached for her, yet my heart glowed. The exquisite dance of need and fulfillment that was the joy I took in her.

"Why Puckell, I never knew you were such a romantic." I said.

"What do you mean Kitten?" Sam said, confused.

"That pretty poem you just kissed into my mouth. To not even need words. It's enough to humble a poor girl." I said.

I could see her blush in the dim light flummoxed by my flirty compliment.
I was so happy to have pleased her to speechlessness.

"The right muse can make a poet out of anyone. Even someone like me, I guess." She said eventually.

I reached up to where I'd put a small bowl of salt the day before so it would be out of the way. I wet my fingers with body wash and moved them through the salt until it was damp enough to stick together in a kind of gritty paste. It made me realize I'd never given Sam a salt scrub. Normally I would do it on the table and scrub her all down.
Which would leave her skin like brushed silk. But there was enough in the bowl that after I took off the scars and stitches I'd still have enough to scrub her back and her feet.

I dabbed it on the makeup gave it a minute then rubbed it in and the latex broke apart and rolled up like pencil eraser rubbings as it came away. Then I put some body wash on the loofah and began to slowly gently go over every inch of her. This should be enough to get the zombie basecoat off. And I was being meticulous enough I doubted I was going to miss any spots.

Sam made little pleasure noises as I washed her. And I quite naturally made noises in response. I loved washing her as much as she loved me doing it.
Not to mention there were tingles and sweet twistings and turnings in my insides every time I heard her make those sounds.
I followed the loofah's progress with lines of kisses. I didn't taste any makeup, but I wasn't sure I would if it was there in small amounts. But I deemed it fine and scrubbed her back and feet. Exfoliating them and massaging them at the same time.

And then it was time for my reward. I'd washed and scrubbed my sweet lover and now I got to adore her with my mouth and hands.

As I touched the inside of her thigh she opened her legs to me.

Because whatever I might do next, the first thing I had to do is just admire her.

Her sweet love blossom was so beautiful and I had not taken the time to just look at her and admire since this morning. Twice a day minimum I liked to take a couple minutes to just to look at her and appreciate the beauty of her sweetest gift and marvel at my luck.

If every hopeless, helpless moment I had ever had. Every pain and fear. Every time something kicked me down a hole so deep it felt endless; was to earn this, it was worth it.

Not just her pussy, you daft tart. All of her.

I guess I was mixing my stories. I liked to admire her treasures whenever I could because I was a dirty girl. I cherished my good fortune far more often than that. Love and gratitude were the cornerstones of my life. This time the dirty cuntlicker and appreciative philospher overlapped.

I leaned in kissing and sniffing lightly at her. Tickling my mouth with her hair then moving down to her full slick lips. kissing them and licking out the tip of my tongue to trace around them.

"Oh Kitten," Sam said.

I kissed her a bit more deeply. Running my hands over her legs and her bottom.

I kissed over to her hip bone, then along to the other one. Kissing up her tummy a bit then back down.
I licked and sucked on her chubby little mushroom clitty button until it was hard and pokey. then I licked down deeper.
I lifted her leg and put it on the side of the tub so I could really get in there, which of course ended up in a fair amount of water in my mouth.

I retreated from what I'd hoped to do and began the slow and thoroughly enjoyable kissing trail up her tummy, covering it with kisses. Moving on to her incredible breasts, spending some time there. Showing them how much I loved them. Then I came to her lovely mouth and after kissing her thoroughly I said, "Do you want to switch positions a bit so there's no risk of me drowning and keep this up. Or shall we be done in the shower and go to bed?"

"Do you want me to wash you Kitty, sweet?" Sam asked.

"No we took a shower earlier and I got a good rinse when we were huggling under the spray. Just get out first and I'll wash my face real quick then I'll join you." I said.

Sam got out and I got my tube of apricot face scrub from behind the shampoo and squirted a pea sized ball onto my fingertips where I worked it into a lather and began to scrub my face in small circles just like the instructions said.

When I was finished I turned off the spray and got out. Sam was standing there with a towel to dry me.

When we were both dry, we walked into our room and got into my bed, because it was my turn on the rotation.

Coming up behind Sam, as she crawled into my bed, it was all I could do not to just dive on her nether regions like a starved beast and give her front and back play areas both a thorough licking.

Another time, and probably soon, I won't be able to control myself. But this time I was polite and didn't tackle her tongue first.

Although once she laid down and I saw all of her, my animal need fell back for a moment as it was engulfed with a wave of love. I climbed in beside and a bit on top of her and crawled up her body to her mouth, kissing my lovely girl.

"Every day, every moment, I love you more." I said.

"Yeah, I know what that feels like." Sam said, kissing me again.

"You do? Yay?" I said.

I kissed my love for a long time, happily. She is the best kisser and I love doing it. But eventually her naked body pressed to mine, her breasts against mine, her pubic hair brushing my skin, got to be too much and my hands began to explore her body as I continued to kiss her passionately and move against her.

Initially I was just driven to touch her. To feel her skin and her body. Stroking my hands up and down her sides and over her front. Bringing my hands up to her head, running my fingers through her long soft hair. Holding her face and kissing deeply.

That continued for some time, especially holding her and kissing her with varying pressure and depth. Feasting on our love and filling my soul from her lips.

But the more full of love I grew, the hungrier other things became. My hands began to knead and stroke her breasts. As well as cupping them and playing with her nipples. My other hand slid down her tummy to her furry gooey slit and slippy lips.

I cupped it and stroked it. fingered it and playfully tugged and spread her lips. But it was a losing battle. As soon as I touched it the need to taste her began to grow. The need to smell her and immerse myself. Delighting in her completely.

I moved slowly down.

First admiring her full firm breasts with my tongue and her fat pink nipples with my eager lips. Then moving over her taut belly, with just that sexy soft bit of a tummy over the muscle. I kissed back up her ribs and when she knew where I was going she raised her arms so I could nuzzle under them.
Sniffing ninety eight percent soap but there was that tiny bit of her natural scent the skin always held onto.

I was a bit disappointed I hadn't thought to do this before the shower.

But, it was like sucking my thumb sometimes still. Something that for whatever reason I found so odd I could barely admit it to myself let alone confide, even in Sam. It was a struggle even to say the word armpit in my own head. Underarm was so much nicer. Sadly also less specific and not as hot.
I knew Sam didn't care. She'd stick them in my face all the time if she knew how much I thought about it. And the fact that I thought it was dirty or strange would just make it better in her mind.

I'd get there.

Having explored this side, I visited the other before going back down her ribs, across her tummy, and back to the fuzzy feasting zone.

I liked the way her hair was growing in. Very sexy. Long enough that there was no longer a noticeable difference between where it had been shaved and trimmed.

I kissed her slick lips, then licked them. I lay on my tummy between her legs and looked at her. Kissing, licking, and looking at my girl. As I was turning her on her lips were thickening and her treasure box was opening slightly. Her inner lips parting, the skin of her sweetness flushed as excitement filled it.

I could feel the heat radiating off of her on my face.. I leaned closer, basking my lips in her warmth. Then leaned in that extra inch and kissed her. I allowed myself to begin to lick deeply. I took my hands and grabbing each side I eased her open to me.

Kissing more deeply as I licked.
Licking more thoroughly as I kissed.
Making love to my Sammy with my mouth.

Of course with Sammy everything was making love.
Because it all just made me love her more, created more love within me.
Broadened my ability to love.
But this was the best kind of making love, the kind with fucking in it.

I slid two fingers in and rubbed the roof of her vagina getting the back of her clitoris and behind as I sucked and licked at the nubbin in the front.
Sucking, licking, then moving back down to feast around my entering my fingers.

Pulling my fingers out and rubbing, then stroking, gently massaging one of her lips between my index finger and thumb on each side as I kissed the open wet deliciousness between. Lapping up the juices that were beginning to come to me as Sam moaned and called my name. That was new. I liked it. Her calling out to me in her pleasure.

My fingers went back in to coax her higher toward ecstasy and I licked the dewy slipperyness from her lips were my fingers had been. I put my mouth under where I entered her and sucked the flesh of her lips in, savoring it.

"Kitten," Sam said, "I want to distract you."

"Alright my love, sounds yummy." I said, moving.

Sam and I loved going top to tail.

As everyone does, I assume. It's awesome.

But we didn't do it more because it's distracting to try to lick someone out when they are doing the same thing to you. You lose your place in the pleasure of it all. And just do whatever feels good.
Which is perfect, don't get me wrong and the intimacy of a full body hug with mutual oral is incomparable.
But earth shattering orgasms require a clear head and some forethought on the part of your partner.
Not to mention I could savor Sam better undistracted.

So normally we took turns and kept 69s for when we were feeling more cuddly than lustful.
We were doing it everyday just usually as foreplay or afterplay: only sometimes as primary.

This felt like a lovely evening to make one of those times. We'd already had sex several times. We were reconnecting as a couple after a group thing, no matter how flat of a group thing it was. And I was still feeling just a little stupid and unloveable from my behavior with Frobbie and the YayDay nonsense-ness. So cuddle sex sounded very good right now.

Not to mention Sam seemed a lot bigger than me because her personality had more presence and she had at least fifteen pounds more boobs and bum but she was just over an inch taller than me and we actually fit together like a puzzle.

So I turned myself around and smiled down at her as I did my favorite part about having a boring utilitarian slit of a happy place.
Watched myself as I lowered onto this beautiful woman's waiting mouth. With no boobs, no hair, and no outside labia to speak of, there was nothing to block the crystal clear view watching her happy tongue come out to meet me. Feeling the hot wetness enter me as I watched.

I've watched her eat me a dozen times or more. Sometimes through the whole act, until my eyes shut involuntarily with the surges of orgasm. But there was just something different something crazy sexy, about kneeling over her face and lowering myself onto her waiting mouth.

I squinched myself over so I could kiss each of Sam's hipbones before I got back to what I was doing. but that still moved me off her mouth and she went, "Hey,"

Since I immediately was back she didn't say anything else and I didn't respond.

I took Sam's thighs in each hand and pulled her legs up next to my ears. Giving me deeper and more convenient access.
I lowered my mouth and began to kiss and lick again as I felt Sam doing the same to me. My arms were wrapped around her thighs and my hands were on her, spreading her for my eager questing tongue. Licking and lapping at her sweet tender flesh. Whisking away each drop of nectar I found as I explored her.

Sams hands moved from where they had been tickling and teasing the edges of me as she licked inside. They came down around my waist as she hugged me to her and I hugged her thighs in return.

Sam turned her head to the side and gently grabbed the soft skin of my inner thigh with her teeth. Then she nibbled her way down to my slit.
Now this was distracting. It was that tickle hot where it both made me want to wriggle and giggle and it made me want to gush like a volcano.

But I couldn't squirm all over Sam's face. Might clench my thighs and pop her head off like a Barbie doll. So I had to channel all that energy into licking her. Putting all my focus and concentration into it.

Not ignoring what Sammy was doing, that would be a crime against nature, and all Sam's hard work. Just maintaining focus. Something that I struggle with, as you know.

But Sam made it easy, by having a lover's treasure that was so fascinating. So beautiful, mesmerizing and profoundly delicious.

I stuck two fingers from each hand in and spread my hands apart opening her more deeply as I tried to lick as far in as I could go. Though the angle was not the best for depth.

I backed off a little because I was just stretching my neck for no better results. I continued to kiss and lick, to make out with her sexy lips as well as occasionally kissing all around the outside, much the same as I liked to rain kisses down on pretty much any reachable part of my girl.

I thought about the fact it was Sunday night and tomorrow we would go back to just being friends. Officially we only had Sweetheart Sundays so we never would slip publically we tried to keep it friendly during the week.
A couple as crazy in love as we were didn't do the best job unless there were other people around but we did try and that was the agreement.
So I did have a melancholy moment thinking about this all having to end in the morning.

But Sam's treasures on offer, plus what she was making me feel and the warmth and adoration in her embrace. I was quickly cheery and cherished.

My fingers worked within my wonderful Sammy as my kisses fell freely on her skin. If I was going to make her cum in this position, it was by hand. With liberal tongue and clit work of course.

Who could resist sucking and licking that little gal with her adorable little shaft and wee mushroom head. When I pressed the hood back away from the tip with my lips it mostly stayed. Leaving a good portion of the cute pink knoblet bare. I licked that exposed skin and Sam jerked as the electric zing of it cracked through her.

That jerk and the moan that accompanied it triggered something in me and suddenly I was licking and sucking on her clit while fingering her with intent. That point in every lovemaking session when the switch flips and you stop casually trying to give your partner pleasure and start actively trying to make them cum.

It wasn't because I was ready for it to be over. I wasn't and I was almost certain Sam's orgasm would cause a shift in activities but I doubted it would end anything.

I'm pretty sure it was because she was turning me on so much. licking and touching her, to say nothing of what she was doing with her mouth and hands.

I always had a small sympathy orgasm making and watching Sam cum and I think I was focused on making her cum because I was ready to see it and cum a little myself.

However a fun little tandem cum becomes something different when you're being licked and fingered expertly yourself during it.
I felt something a lot bigger building.

Simultaneous orgasm! I'd heard the term. never really thought about it one way or another. But suddenly the idea seemed golden and glowing.

I began to use the waves within my own body as a gauge to work Sam's pleasure. Pressing and relaxing in time to the building within me.

The noises Sam made told me I was doing it right and as far as my experience of her told me; she was exactly where I was.

The concentration thing became a bit of a challenge here.

It was hard to ride that line between abandoning myself to pleasure and having the presence of mind to keep enjoying my beautiful girl.

Sam seemed to be having the same problem. It was okay because the swirling pleasure took us through those times when our partner lost track of what she was doing and enabled the wave to keep building and building in power but not quite cresting.

I could feel that this time it was really coming and I was determined to bring Sam with me. I licked and sucked at her clit. Leaving off for long licks down her pussy lips, fast hard kisses back up to her clit, all the while fingering her as I felt her finger me.

It hit me, just as I heard Sam gasp in and let it out in a long low groan. That was quickly followed by hard rapid breathing and grunting moans as she came hard on my fingers and tongue. But I was blinded by the light of my own thunderstrike of an orgasm as I moaned and shook on top of my Sammy-lamb.

When it was over. We lay there. Embracing exhaustedly top to tail and caught our breath back. Then I turned around, lying beside and on top of her.

"That was incredible," Sam said.

"I have no words." I replied. "For how hot that was, or for how much I love you. But if it's cool with you, and you could give me a few minutes, I would love to keep showing you."