When Reid gets home from work that evening he is very excited. He walks up behind his wife and kisses her neck as she prepares dinner.

"We're getting closer!" he says happily.

"Oh, sweetie, we can get much closer than this," she teases.

"So very true, my love." He chuckles and turns her to give her a proper kiss hello. "But I meant at the power plant. That book really was the missing piece of the puzzle and if we can finish manufacturing the pieces that were looted when it was deserted we could have electricity starting to roll out in a month or so."

Garcia gives him a hug. "That's GREAT, Spence! I am so proud of you!"

He smiles. "Thanks."

"Proud of you, too, Uncle Spencer!"

Reid looks over to the kids play table and smiles at Henry. "Thanks, Henry." He then notices the other child. He frowns, knowing he doesn't recognize the little boy. "So, who's your friend?"

Declan's face is down, his cheeks flushed. He is still painfully shy, scared he will do something bad and get in trouble with this new adult.

"Him Declan," Henry replies.

Reid squats down, smiling. "Hi, Declan. My name is Spencer." The little boy waves. "So, uh, are you in preschool with Henry?"

"Him just gots here for a visit," Henry explains.

"Ah, okay. Well, welcome to the house, Declan." Reid stands and walks back over to his wife. "Dare I ask?" he whispers.

"Go knock on JJ's door and tell her dinner will be ready in 15 minutes. All will be explained as we dine."

Reid nods. "Okay. No hint?"

Garcia smiles. "Nope. It's more fun this way."

Reid rolls his eyes. "Alright. Have your fun. Just remember this when you have a craving in the middle of the night and don't want to get out of bed."

She giggles as he walks upstairs. Reid pauses outside JJ's door. It suddenly hits him: JJ shouldn't be home from work yet. Concerned, he taps on the door.


There is the sound of someone struggling with bedclothes. "Uh, yeah, Spence?"

"Pen told me to tell you dinner in 15 minutes."

"Okay. Will be down there soon."

"Alright. And, uh, who is Henry's friend?"

"Long story. Will tell you at dinner."

"Okay." Reid turns and heads to the master bedroom. "I hate when those two get all secretive on me," he mumbles.

In the other bedroom, JJ strokes a hand down Emily's face. "I still can't believe you're finally here."

"Me neither." Emily turns her head and kisses JJ's palm. "God, if this is dream I hope I never wake."

JJ smiles. "No dream. We're here together, Emily. And we will be forever."

Emily pulls her into a kiss. "I think I can put up with you for that long," she says as the kiss ends.

JJ just smiles. She stands. "Come on: let's rinse off quickly and go down to dinner. Time for Reid to meet you and Declan formally."

Emily frowns. "Uh, JJ…Declan's dad was responsible for Reid's…abuse. Maybe…maybe we need to tell him first? Let him react away from the kid. I just…don't want him to scare Dec if he gets pissed."

JJ thinks a second. "You may be right. He always showers when he gets home since he is working with a lot of metal being machined. Let's clean up and intercept him before he gets downstairs."

Emily nods and gets up. JJ studies the woman's body once more. The scars are still red; several are of the keloid variety. JJ shivers. Emily senses the scrutiny and turns.


"I'd have never known what happened to you, Em. My life would have been so fucking cold forever." Her voice cracks as a tear slips down her cheek.

Emily steps to her. "He told me you'd been killed. The last day I was his captive he said two of his men had killed you and they were…were coming to…" She takes a deep breath. "He was going to let them rape me as reward. I didn't know if he was lying or not but I knew he would die before I left on the off chance it was true. Don't get me wrong: I love that kid downstairs. But my life would have been so empty if I hadn't found you, Jennifer. I love you and I am here to keep you warm for the rest of our lives."

The two share another hug and kiss then get ready to intercept Reid before he goes downstairs. When JJ hears him in the hallway she hurries to the door.

"Spence, got a second?" she asks.

"Sure, Jayje, what do you- -" His voice sputters to a stop as he stares at the stranger in JJ's bedroom. Garcia's description of her didn't do justice to the woman's beauty. "You're Emily, aren't you?"

She nods and steps forward. "Yes."

He shocks her by stepping past JJ and pulling her into a hug. "Thank you for saving my wife's life, my best friend's life and my life."

Emily smiles. "Glad it all worked out." She eases back, staring into his eyes. "I can see you are strong of heart and mind. Not many get past the drug addiction Hankel forces on them, let alone the torture."

Reid gives her a crooked grin. "I had a lot to live for."

Emily nods. "I understand." She glances at Jen, then back at Reid. "Uh, so, um, did you see a little boy downstairs with Garcia? Uh, your wife?"

Reid nods. "Declan? Yes. She wouldn't tell me why he's here though."

"He's with me. I, uh, I was…on the island there was…I needed…crap, I should have practiced this," she finally mutters.

Reid looks completely baffled. JJ steps past Emily, and takes his hands.

"A woman offered Emily help escaping. In return she asked Emily to take Declan with her. Emily agreed since he deserves a chance at a real life."

Reid nods. "I agree."

"But, Spence, he's the…the son of Ian Doyle," JJ finishes.

Reid looks shocked. His legs wobble and JJ grabs his arm and leads him to a chair in her room. Emily walks over and squats down in front of him.

"He's a real good kid, Spencer. He even saved my life. He is so scared of the world because Doyle was horrible to him. He was trying to beat that little boy into a monster but Declan didn't crack. I promise you, Spencer, he is not and will not be his father. I stake my life on that," Emily vows.

Reid thinks a second then looks at JJ. "My father was an abusive drunk. I'm not."

JJ shakes her head. "No, you're not. It's not in you, Spence."

Reid looks back to Emily, he gives her a smile. "He's cute. And he looks so much like Henry and JJ I'll be able to ignore his poor excuse for a father."

Emily sighs in relief. "He calls me Mommy. I lost…my first son just a few days after he was born. Declan is my second chance to live for someone other than me. Thank you for being so open minded about this."

"No problem. So, let's go meet my new nephew formally," Reid says, smiling.

The three head downstairs. When Declan sees Emily he smiles and runs to her. She lifts him up.

"I see you have a new friend."

He nods and whispers in her ear. "His name is Henry."

"That's a nice name." Declan just nods. "I understand you met our friend Spencer." Declan nods again.

JJ walks over to her son and lifts him into her arms. "Henry, this is my friend Emily. She's Declan's mommy."

"Hi, Emily."

"Hi, Henry. It's really good to meet you."

"You, too. Are you and Declan gonna live here?"

Emily blushes. That had not exactly been discussed. "Uh, well, I was…we were…we didn't…um…"

JJ looks at her son. "Would you mind if they did?"

Henry shakes his head. "No. A'cause then I'd have a brother already and not have to wait for Aunt Penny's baby who could be a girl. Yuck!"

The adults laugh. JJ shakes her head and kisses his temple.

"Interesting thinking but you might not want to call Aunt Penny's child 'yucky' even if it is a girl."

Garcia walks over. "That's right. Because I know ALL your tickle spots!"

He squeals as she starts to tickle him. Declan's eyes had widened as Garcia went at Henry. He leans close to Emily's ear.

"Is she gonna hurt him for saying something bad?"

"No, kid, she's just tickling him. See, he's laughing. No one will hurt you or Henry, Dec. I promise."

He sighs and relaxes a little. "Okay. Uh, can we eat now? I'm kinda hungry."

She smiles. "I'd say dinner is almost ready. Why don't you ask Mrs. Reid if you can help with anything?"

He turns to Garcia. "Um, Mrs. Reid? Can I help?" he asks quietly.

Garcia walks over. "First of all, Em, I told him to call me Aunt Penny."

"Oops. Sorry, Dec, I didn't know," Emily apologizes.


Garcia nods. "Secondly, maybe Henry can show you where we keep plates, knives and forks and you two can set the table." She looks at Emily. "It's one of Henry's chores so maybe they can do it together?"

Emily smiles. "I think that sounds good." She looks at Dec. "What do you think?"

"Okay, Aunt Penny. And I can get chicken eggs, too. I'm real good at that. Doc said so."

Garcia smiles. "I'll keep that in mind tomorrow morning and you can help me if you're awake."

He grins. "Deal," he agrees, already warming up to the lovable woman.

Emily sets him down and he follows Henry to go get the table set. Reid steps up to Emily.

"He's a good kid. I can see he was nervous about upsetting you or Penny. We'll make sure he knows he's safe now. I'll try to be a decent role model for him."

Emily smiles. "Something tells me you'll be a great role model. Thank you for…for accepting him."

Soon the group sits down to a dinner filled with talk of what goes on in the little town and what Emily can do to contribute to the burgeoning society. JJ and Garcia both suggest law enforcement. Emily shrugs.

"I…I don't know. I mean…the way I kept order and enforced laws back in Fidelis is a whole lot different than here. What if I…I don't know, revert or something and somebody gets hurt?"

JJ squeezes her hand. "Take a few days to get acclimated. Maybe Declan can go to preschool with Henry tomorrow to meet more kids and the teachers can see what he knows." She looks at Declan. "Have you ever been to school, Declan?"

Declan frowns. "I don't think so. What's school?"

"It's where we learn stuff and play stuff and make friends," Henry explains.

Declan looks at Emily. "You go, too?"

"Uh, well, I could walk you there but you don't want some old adult hanging around while you're having fun and learning stuff."

"No. But you can stay for it."

Everyone chuckles. Emily ruffles his hair. "Good answer, kid. How about I walk you there and stay until you feel comfortable?"

Declan slowly nods. "Okay. But if I don't like it do I have to stay?"

"You'll like it, Declan. Except for the girls. They are yucky, always trying to kiss the boys and stuff. Gross!"

The adults laugh again, knowing some day Henry will probably feel very different about being kissed by girls…or maybe boys. Who knows?

A few hours later Emily finishes singing a lullaby to Declan and Henry. As she tucks them into Henry's bed, she points.

"Dec, I'll be in that room right over there, okay? If you need me just call out for me or come to me, okay?"

Declan nods. "Okay. I love you, Mommy."

She kisses his head. "I love you, too." She pats Henry on the head and stands.

JJ moves to the bed and gives her son a kiss. "If Declan needs anything try to help him, okay? Or come get me or Emily, alright?"

"'Kay, Mommy. Love you!"

"I love you, too." She kisses him again, then gives Declan a kiss on the head. "Goodnight, Declan."

"Goodnight, JJ."

The women turn down the lantern in the room so it just gives off a light glow. As they walk out they hear Henry comfort Declan.

"We'll be fine, Declan. Mommy and Uncle Spencer and Aunt Penny and now Emily won't let nothing happen to us ever."

JJ pulls the door until it is just slightly ajar to help keep the heat in as well as possible. She and Emily go into her bedroom and close their door all the way, knowing they will be a bit noisy soon. As soon as it is closed, Emily pulls JJ into an embrace and gives her an emotion-filled kiss. When it ends, she runs her hands through blonde locks.

"This is real, isn't it? I have a home. A…a family like I never imagined. And a new life. It's all real, isn't it?"

JJ nods. "Very real. And very, very permanent."

"I think I like that part most of all."

They kiss again. Slow, probing kisses. Their tongues dance together as their lips caress each other. Their hands dance all over each other, investigating the landscape through clothing. When the finally come up for air, Emily leans her forehead against JJ's.

"God, I could kiss you forever."

"Same here. Though there are a few other things I'd like to do, too," she notes as she slides her hand under Emily's shirt to a perky breast.

Emily inhales sharply, her breasts immediately going erect in her lover's hand. "Oh, Jen."

They kiss again, this time divesting each other of clothing as they go. Soon they are naked and moving towards the bed. JJ lies down, pulling Emily on top of her. Emily stares into eyes purple with desire.

"You are so beautiful."

"So are you, Emily."

Emily shakes her head. "Not like you, Jennifer. You're body is perfection. Your eyes are gorgeous. Your lips are invitations to ecstasy. I am scarred, my eyes wary, my lips…well, they are okay," she finishes with a grin.

"I love your lips." JJ kisses her. "Your scars are fine." She kisses one on Emily's shoulder. "And your body is mine."

She rolls, putting the taller woman below her as her mouth goes to one of the breasts standing at attention. Emily arches up, moaning as JJ's tongue flicks the sensitive peak. She spreads her legs, allowing JJ to settle between them. Their centers thrust together as JJ moves to the other breast, once more torturing it pleasantly with her tongue and teeth.

"Jen…gotta…taste you. Need more. Please, more," Emily begs.

JJ lifts herself up and stares into Emily's eyes. "Trust me?"

"With my life."

JJ turns, lowering her center to Emily's hungry mouth. The brunette secures her lover's hips right where she wants them as her mouth dives into soaking golden curls. As she feasts she feels a strange tickling against her thighs. Just as she registers that it is JJ's hair, she feels the warm mouth suck in her clit.

"OH JEN!" she screams.

Never before had she given and received love in equal measure. To that point, until Jennifer, she had never orally serviced one of her play things, not wanting that sort of intimacy with a woman whose only designs were on the perks being one of Emily's whores could get her. Those were women to be used as needed.

Jennifer was a woman to be worshipped and appreciated.

To that end, Emily quickly recovers and starts to lick at JJ's folds, nipping at them, sucking them, doing to her lover the things that bring her pleasure. Soon they are both moaning, the vibrations adding to the pleasure felt by their clit. And finally, as one, they climax.



Emily drinks in the nectar of JJ's love as the blonde sups on the brunette's. Finally JJ rolls off so they can both catch their breath. Their fingers lock together between them.

"Jen, you…you make…me feel safe and loved."

"You are both, Emily. Both of those things and so much more."

JJ turns around in the bed and cuddles up to her woman. Emily yawns.

"Damn. I'm so tired but I so don't want this night to end."

JJ kisses her. "We can sleep now, Emily. We've got the rest of our lives to make love."

Emily smiles. "Suddenly I hope to live a long, long time."

They share another kiss. JJ gets up and gets Emily a tee shirt and an old pair of shorts to sleep in. She turns down their lantern and pulls on her own pajamas. In bed they cuddle close for warmth…and because they don't want to be far apart.

"I never dared to dream of someone like you or for a life like this," Emily admits.

"I always knew I'd find the right person, man or woman, to spend the rest of my life with," JJ says. "But I have to admit, I never dreamed I would meet that person quite the way I met you."

They both chuckle. "I should hope not or I'd have to worry about your dreams." She kisses JJ again. "I love you, Jennifer. Thank you for teaching me to live."

"I love you, too, Emily. Thank you for saving my life, and then completing it."

With a final kiss and hug, they snuggle in together for the first night of the rest of their lives.

The End…?

A/N: just wanted to say thank you to everyone that came along for this ride. I know it was quite different than my regular series but I hope I stayed as true to the TV personalities as possible, especially in showing the evolution of Hotch, Emily and Morgan. Will there be a sequel? Who knows! I just write what the voices in my head tell me to. :-)

So...now back to work 64 in my ongoing series. Yall rock!