The Hogwarts Breakfast Club

The brain: Hermione Granger (I know I switched gender, but she is the smartest)

The Athlete: Neville Longbottom (Luna is the perfect basket case and im a huge Neville and Luna shipper. Now just imagine, Neville playing soccer or Quidditch)

The Basket case: Luna Lovegood

The Princess: Ginny Weasley

The Criminal: Harry Potter (Harry has to be the bad guy at least once and im a huge Harry and Ginny shipper.)

It all started in Saturday morning detention:

Arthur Weasley sat in the front seat of his black Corvette with his only child Ginny Weasley, listening to her rant.

"I can't believe they gave me detention for skipping class to go shopping, are you positive you can't pay the principal to get me out of this."

"The principal says everybody has to pay for their crimes, don't worry one detention won't make you defective. Try to have a good time, okay." Arthur Weasley handed his daughter her lunch and watch as she marched sadly into the school.

As Arthur Weasley drove away, Emma Granger drove up to school scolding her daughter on the fact that she had let the family down by getting a detention.

"When I went to school Hermione Jean, I never got a detention, your father never did, your grandparents never did and im sure that there parents never did, are you trying to be a rebel?" Hermione flinched at the sound of her middle name, her mother only used it when she was mad and Hermione never did anything to make her mad. Hermione was anything, but a rebel, she got perfect grades, never partied and did what her parents told her, she definatly wasn't a rebel.

"Well, are you trying to be a rebel?" Her mum continued to shout.


"This better be the first and last time you get detention, do you understand me?"


"Good, now grab your lunch and books, I want you studying in there, if you want to go to Stanford then you better get a 2400 on you SAT." Emma Granger frowned as she watched her daughter walking into detention, "Where did I go wrong."

Parked behind the Grangers sedan was a beat up old truck, Neville Longbottom sat glumly in the passenger seat while his dad slapped him on the back.

"Don't look so upset son, you showed a nerd whose the man and got detention for it, I did it all through high school and I turned out fine. Now if someone thinks there tough in there, I want you to show them who the real man is okay. Go get them son." Frank Longbottom slapped his son on the back once more before Neville got out and slammed the door. Neville watched his dad drive away before heading inside, not noticing the blonde girl walking behind him. As Luna Lovegood walked behind Neville she didn't even notice the dark haired boy walking behind her.