I can not believe Harry Potter; he is tearing pages out of library books. I love books, they are my life and he is destroying them. I do not understand what happened to Harry Potter; he used to be popular good kid who was nice to everybody. Now he is a criminal, spending every Saturday in detention. I miss the old Harry, the kid who stuck up for nerds, geeks and nobodies; the guy who was my best friend.

"Harry, stop that," I shout at him, unable to take it anymore. Harry stops his tearing up of the library book and throws it at the back of Neville's head.

Spinning around in his seat Neville shouts, "Bug off."

"Hey, there is nothing to do when you're trapped in vacancy," Harry says, as if it explains his behavior.

Ignoring Harry, Neville turns around in his seat and starts talking to Ginny, "Hey, you grounded tonight?"

Sometimes I wish I was Ginny Weasley; she is popular, rich and beautiful. She can attract the attention of every guy in the school and make every girl jealous and want to be her. Who wouldn't want to be her? I thought I did, but then I realized that she is mean, pushing anybody in her way down. I no longer want to be her, I feel sorry for her.

"I don't know, my mum says so but my dad told me just to blow her off," Ginny said sadly. "What ever my mom tells me not to do, my dad tells me to do; it's awful."

"Who do you like better: you mum or your dad?" Harry asked from behind them.


"If you had to choose between your parents, like in a divorce, who would you choose?" Harry clarified.

"I don't know? I probably would go live with my brother Charlie. It doesn't matter they just use me to get back at each other." This is why I feel sorry for her; she doesn't have anybody who loves her in her life.

"HA," Everyone turns around to stare at Luna, who makes her presence known at random moments.

"Shut up," Ginny says.

"What about you Longbottom, you get along with your parents?" Harry asks.

"My parents are in a mental asylam, they have been ever since they got out of the coma, so I don't actually know if I get along with them. I get along with my gran though; she took me in when my parents were in the accident."

"Im sorry Neville," I say, feeling bad for him.

"It's alright I can visit them and they remember me. What about your parents Potter, who do you like better?"

"I don't know, my parents are dead, my godfather adopted me when they passed away, but he died when I was thirteen. Lupin adopted me after that, but he died two years later when I was fifteen."

"Harry, you never told me this, who is taking care of you now?" I ask surprised that my best friend would hide something like this from me.

"Not exactly something you brag about; hey everybody guess what? Anybody who adopts me winds up dead."

"Oh Harry, you should have told me, you could have stayed with me and my family."

"Oh yeah, that would be a good idea. The screw-up hanging out with the perfect family."


"Face it Mione, you are the perfect daughter, you have perfect parents and you live your perfect life. I wouldn't want to ruin that for you." Before I could say another word he ran up the library steps to sit by himself.