Chloe watched as Beca was congratulated by her temporary teammates after the game. Not only did she pitch a shutout, she had only allowed two hits and had a triple and two doubles at the plate. As Beca suspected there were scouts at the tournament and Chloe smiled as two people sporting polo's approached her girlfriend, she couldn't see what the college symbols were though. Beca had mentioned UCLA when they first met and she knew that was the brunette's top choice. Chloe was also planning on applying, hoping to get a volleyball scholarship (even though she knew it wasn't likely to happen) but she wanted to be with Beca. They hadn't talked about it yet but with their senior year coming up, she knew they would have to talk about their future. She felt confident in their relationship to withstand whatever was to come.

She winked as Beca glanced her way before turning her attention back to the scouts. She was too preoccupied checking out her girlfriend she didn't hear someone approach. "She has always looked hot in a uniform." A voice startled her. She looked to her left to see none other than Amber standing there. Comment that was just made aside, Chloe didn't like the chick. It had been the second time that the girl referred to her girlfriend in such a manner. Plus she knew how Amber treated Beca the short time they were together.

"You know, I would really appreciate if you would stop checking out my girlfriend." Chloe stated, trying to sound calm while feeling anything but. "You had your chance and fucked it up."

"Maybe, but I want another chance with her and some redheaded bitch isn't going to stop me from trying." Amber sneered causing Chloe to turn her attention towards her with the glare. She opened her mouth to respond when someone interrupted.

"Amber, if you think Becs is going to ditch Red here for you, you're dumber than you look." Sarah said, seeming to come from nowhere and Chloe was thankful. "Now take your ass elsewhere before you really see what a redhead can do when you really piss her off."

"Whatever." Amber scoffed before walking off. Chloe and Sarah glared until she was a good fifty feet away then Chloe blew out a long breath of air causing Sarah to chuckle.

"You good?"

"Yeah, thanks for stepping in." Chloe said. "That bitch is really testing my patience."

"I only met her once and it was enough. I have no idea what Beca ever saw in her."

"I'm not sure either." Beca chose that moment to step in to the conversation. "I have much better taste now." She was just ending her conversation with the scouts when she saw her sister and girlfriend glaring at the retreating blonde. "Everything okay?"

"Yeah." Sarah answered. "We were just having a little chat with the girl. Nothing to worry about."

"I'm not sure I believe you but I don't really care if it concerns Amber." She tugged on Chloe's shirt, bringing her in closer. "You know, I have about thirty minutes before my next game. You want to sneak off for a little sexy time?"

"You know your sister is standing here right?" Sarah deadpanned.

"Yeah, so? Not like you don't know we have sex. Chloe's loud, I'm sure you've heard her ge-" She was cut off by a hand over her mouth.

"Please, stop talking." Chloe's face was as red as her hair. At this Sarah just chuckled.

"She's not wrong Red." The older woman stated. "I'm going to get a pretzel from the concession stand." She began to walk away but called over her shoulder. "And no quickies before your game Becs!"

"Kill joy." Beca pouted then giving Chloe a look over. "You're all sexy in my jersey, and I want to have my way with you."

"We're going to need more than thirty minutes baby." The red head stated then leaned to whisper in her ear. "You, plus those pants make me thirsty." Beca groaned.

"Don't say things like or I'll never be able to concentrate." Chloe bit down on her ear and Beca completely lost it, moaning loudly.

"Fuck it." The redhead stated then grabbed Beca's hand leading her away from the field and to somewhere more private.

Later that night Beca and Chloe walked into Amber's house for the party. Beca was reluctant to go but Hailey and surprisingly Chloe talked her into it. Chloe and Hailey had it off already, chatting it up in between the games (after Beca and Chloe's little time out, that is.) "How long do we have to stay here for? I'm tired." Beca complained.

"We won't stay for long if you don't want to. This might be the last time you see these girls for a while, if at all, so have a little fun babe."

"You're right." Beca groaned. "I hate it when you're right." Hailey spotted them from the kitchen and waived them over.

"Come on, there's Hailey." Chloe grabbed her girlfriend's hand pulling her along.

"Hey guys. What do you want to drink? We have tequila, vodka, rum, beer."

"Beer for me." Beca answered.

"I'll have a rum and coke." Chloe added, surprising her girlfriend.

"Really?" She asked, Chloe hardly ever drank. The only times Beca had seen her was when she felt safe enough that nothing would happen, usually at Aubrey's house when it was just their group. Chloe just shrugged.

"It's just the girls on the team from earlier right?" Beca nodded. "And Sarah's picking us up in a few hours." Again Beca nodded. "And you're here." She said then kissed Beca (missing Hailey's aww.) But she really her saying to Beca I feel safe with you. Which warmed the brunette's heart more than anything. "So let's have some fun!" The redhead wooed and Hailey cheered.

"How about some shots!?" She was already pouring three before either girl had a chance to answer. "To new friends," she started as she raised her cup towards Chloe then towards Beca, "and to reconnecting with old ones."

"Cheers!" Chloe yelled as she lifted her glass before they knocked their shots back.

Later that night after they had texted Sarah to come pick them up, Chloe had just walked out of the bathroom, well on her way to a good buzz when she saw her girlfriend's ex walk up to the brunette. She narrowed her eyes as the blonde swung her hair over to the side and leaned against the wall next Beca, she trusted her girlfriend so she hung back wanting to see what the blonde was going to do.

"So Becs…you having fun?"

"Yep." She answered, albeit unenthused. "What do you want Amber?"

"I want to apologize. When we were dating, I didn't treat very well. I was afraid to come out at the time."

"Apology accepted." Beca pushed off the wall and finished her drink. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna find my girlfriend and wait outside for Sarah to pick us up."

"Wait." The blonde stopped her by grabbing her arm. She stepped in front of and closer to Beca, causing her to take a step back into the wall. "I miss you."

Beca chuckled. "I don't know what you're doing but you need to step back."

"Come on Becs," The blonde caressed. "We used to have fun. I'm sure we can again."

"No we can't."

"I saw those UCLA scouts talking to you today."


"So, you'll be back in Cali next year playing for them. And I'll be here, we should get together."

"First of all, I'm in love with Chloe." She pushed off the wall, causing the blonde to take a step back. "Even if I were to play for UCLA there would be no chance in hell I would EVER put our relationship at risk." She said causing Chloe to smile. "So fuck off." She added but unfortunately Amber didn't seem fazed.

"Come on Beca, there's no way that you're relationship would last long distance." Okay Beca was starting to get pissed.

"You don't know anything about our relationship, besides we're not going to be doing long distance." Chloe furrowed her brows, before she had a chance to ponder what Beca clarified. "I'm signing with Georgia."

"What!?" Chloe shot forward at the news. Beca jumped, surprised. She thought Chloe was still in the bathroom. "What are you talking about?"

"Chlo…what, I thought you were in the bathroom." Amber seemed to fade into the background, and the rest of the girls gathered around, after hearing the news.

"You're signing with Georgia?"


"What about UCLA? You've dreamt about playing with them for so long." Beca took Chloe's hands in hers. This wasn't how she wanted Chloe to find out but now the cat was out of the bag.

"My dream has changed. Being with you, with our friends, and Sarah and Kayden, that's my dream. You've changed my whole world Chloe. When I first moved to Georgia I thought I was leaving my life behind, but in fact it was just beginning." She paused to wipe the tears that escaped the redhead. "I know the coach at Georgia talked to you about signing a letter of intent with them."


"Aubrey." Beca answered. The unlikely pair became friends and often talked more than anyone knew. "I know you're hesitating because of me. But don't, Georgia is our home…you are my home Chloe." She barely finished stating before lips cut anything else she was going to say off. The group around her, except for one certain blonde, awed at the couple.

"I love you." Chloe whispered against her lips. The two caught up in their own world. The group around them had dispersed and neither noticed that Sarah had shown up in the middle of the speech and was watching them with a smile.

"I love you too Chlo." Beca spotted her sister out of the corner of her eye. "Let's go home, yeah?" Beca asked and Chloe smiled, leaning their foreheads together.

"Sounds amazing."

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