Who said it's not possible?

What the hell was happening? This didn't make any sense. There was no way, no possible way, that this could be right, Lauren thought, looking down at the sheet of paper in her hands. The results couldn't be accurate, maybe she had mixed up her samples, she thought, knowing even as she thought it that it wasn't true.

The only reason she'd even done the test in the first place was for a little piece of mind, to convince herself that it was just in her head; that her symptoms were the result of a sleep deprived, highly caffeinated and downright overactive imagination. Nothing more. The former two she accounted to the fact she was dating a succubus, and the third to the fact she was surrounded by the world of the Fae.

But now, here she was, staring at the results which did the exact opposite. Because according to the results, her suspicions, which had been slowly growing for the last two weeks, and which she had been trying to pretend didn't exist, were correct.

The thought which had first jumped into her mind when she started to run the test, and which she'd done her best to squash down, returned. The thought that by actually doing the test, by externally questioning the possibility, she was admitting, on some unconscious level at the very least, not only that the thought had occurred to her, but also that she believed it might actually be true (if you ignore the fact that medically speaking, such a thing is not possible). Except she couldn't do that, she couldn't ignore the facts that were the bottom line of human, and Fae, biology; humans, and in her experience, Fae, required a male and a female in order to reproduce.

Which is why she couldn't be pregnant.

At least, not unless she'd unknowingly encountered a Liderc*, she thought, a humourless chuckle escaping her lips. She couldn't help thinking it, the thought just popped into her head, and how could it not, given her current predicament. It's not like she would remember it, if she had encountered one.

Never the less, it was incredibly unlikely, they were almost extinct, and it was even more unlikely one would go after her as she was so thoroughly surrounded by her Fae friends; there were plenty of easier, more unsuspecting, targets.

She was torn as to what to think. On the one hand, she was a doctor which meant she believed in science, and the proof that she held in her hands (substantiated by physical symptoms or not), Fae related or not, was just not possible. But at the same time, that's exactly the point: she believed in science. And the science was telling her that it was.

By this point the whole dilemma had given her a headache, and a tide of nausea was beginning to build. Hoping to avoid a repeat performance of this morning, and most mornings (and sometimes other times) lately, wherein she had spent a considerable amount of time on the bathroom floor, crouched over the toilet as she lost her breakfast, she decided on a course of action which would determine things, one way or another.

She would do an ultrasound.

*Liderc is the Fae from the episode where Bo and Lauren go undercover in Hecuba prison. I don't know whether they are actually extinct, but for the sake of this they are.

A/N: I only started watching lost girl about a month ago, but in that time I have become somewhat obsessed and have watched every episode. The idea for this came to me a while ago, and I probably shouldn't have started it as it will take me away from my other stories, but I couldn't resist any longer. Especially as I am a Doccubus fan, and I don't like where season 4 is heading (Lauren and Dyson competing is ok, because she can't decide either way, but I don't like that she picked Rainer over both of them!)

I haven't entirely decided where I'm going with this, (or at what point it is set) - there will at the very least be a couple of follow up chapters, or, if people like it, I will turn it in to an on-going multi-chap fic.

In saying that, please let me know what you thought, and whether you would like to see more!