Tony cranked his acdc music full blast as he worked on improving his armor. Wearing his white wife eater shirt with oil stains, black pants and work shoes, didn't notice Loki standing behind, with his scepter getting a spell ready to fire. Sensing something was wrong, Tony whirled around giving a manly squeak and dropping his torch .

"What the hell? How did you get in here reindeer games!?" Tony yelled trying to get his watch on that called his armor.

"Miss me man of iron?"Loki replied sweetly, sitting on the table Tony was working on.

"Like hell I did! I thought Thor got your scrawny ass locked up?" Toby tried to stall.

"Very easy. Chameleon spell. Whatever it is your doing won't work." Loki inspected his nails.

"Why the hell should I believe you?!" tony huffed.

"It is pointless." Loki jumped off the table an advanced toward him,stalking.

"M-my team will be back!" tony bluffed.

" Not for a while, captain America is out jogging, the assassins are on a mission, the hulk.."Loki shuddered thinking of the last counter with the big green jolly giant,"He's at the zoo along with my brother.." He spat at brother"leaving us a grand ole time" Loki leered.

"I think I'll pass." Tony spat hugging the wall with his back.

"Why must you make things complicated?" Loki rubbed the bridge of his nose, pulling the scepter from behind his back and firing missing as tony ducked and rolled to left.

Tony got up and bolted out and up to the living area yelling Jarvis, while Loki walked calmly. Seeing Tony with his back to him shot the spell. Tony hit the ground with both knees, trying to curl into a ball to relieve the pain, her screamed in agony. All was silent when the pain passed.

"w-w-what...d-did you do to me?" Tony laid on his stomach,trying to get his bearings, while panting.

"Just a teeny spell. It's more of an improvement really." Loki walked over to the man child,kneeling down rubbing the tail that stuck out of the mans pants.

"Nya... Whaah..."tony began but cut off as Loki rubbed the furry appendage,"n-no...Nya... Don't do tha.." Tony weakly batted at look.

"Can't help it, your just so adorable. I have a gift for the wittle kitty." Loki said sickly sweet, making a soft toy mouse appear,"Let's play." Dangling the mouse in front of Tony's nose,letting the catnip permeate the air.

Tilting Tony's head up looked into Tony's eyes which were dilated. Dangling the toy in front of Tony, who weakly was try to grab at it; Tossed the toy onto the couch watching Tony sway a little to get it. Loki stood up, watching the giant neko grab and nuzzle the toy. Sitting beside the man, grabbed the toy and laid it in his lap, Toby eyed the toy. Trying to grab the toy he fell into Loki's lap, who began to pet and scratch Tony's ears, "Sounds like someone likes that..." Loki heard a thumping sound, looking at the end of the couch saw Tony's fluffy cat tail hitting the couch," someone really likes that."

"n-no...Nya...puuuurrrr..."tony weakly tried to get away,"d-don't...s-stop..."

"don't stop? Then I won't." Loki twisted and pulled gently. Making Tony arch into the tortures touch,"For someone was telling me to stop you sure like the attention." He placed the catnip toy in front of Tony. Tony's eyes widen and glazed.