Author's notes: I've been working on this little overkill project for the whole week.

It's... totally diferent than anything I've written before and I have to say I kind of like it.

Please let me know what you guys think.

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OH MY GOD WHY DIDN'T YOU GUYS TELL ME ABOUT THE SPELLING MISTAKES :)) I have corrected them now - so embarassing :))

"On your knees, you fiend!" Sir Percival pointed his broad sword at Mordred's soft neck. "You dare swear your leagence to the King, you warlock?" He growled filled with the hate that years of fear had brought about him. Sir Mordred swallowed thickly.

"P-Percival... all... all I did was... was light a fire..." Mordred whispered, the sharp tip cool blade scraping his neck ever so lightly, not enough to draw blood. Not just yet. But a hair closer... just a hair closer... Mordred was petrified with fear.

"Magic is foul. You are foul." Percival spat out, his voice filled with venom. His eyes ablaze with the raging fire of hate. And maybe fear. Mordred forgot everything about the blade at his throat and shook his head violently drawing his own blood in the process, not feeling the pain.

"No... No..." He whispered, a greater fear than the one of the blade gripping at his heart. "Percival... I'm not..." He tried lifting his hands, palms up and wide open, begging Percival to listen. Except, instead of listening to him, Percival took a step back, placing his sword to Mordred's chest.

"I should run you thorough right here..." A tear slipped Mordred's deep blue eyes. "But the King cherishes you and bringing your dead body to Camelot to be spat upon and burned at the stake in the middle of the city would break his heart." Percival looked down at Mordred who'd shied his gaze away to keep his tears from falling. "I will not hurt my King that way." Percival added. "You'll be tied down like a dog till we get back to Camelot." He growled.

Mordred looked back up into Percival's steel blue eyes. The same colour of the gleaming sword that he was pointing at Mordred's heart. His tears fell then. Hot and salty down his cheeks. Percival's lip curled upwards at the sight.

"You shall not impress me by crying..." Percival let out through gritted teeth. Mordred shook his head and wiped his tears away with the back of his hand.

"Percival, like you, I have sworn my leagence to the King. I would never lift a finger to harm him or the kingdom." He said bravely, puffing his chest right into Percival's blade. "The King knows I am of druid origins. He knows I have magic, and still has accepted me in the ranks of his knights." Courage flowed through Mordred's veins, out of nowhere. Percival's confidence wavered a little.

"The... the King kno... knows?" His eyes went as wide as they could go, his blade lowered just the slightest fraction of an inch. Mordred nodded. "Why hasn't he told us all, then?"

"For fear that this would happen." Mordred whispered. Percival's blade moved lower just a bit more. "For fear you would not trust me..." Percival stood perfectly up right then, squaring his shoulders and snorting. "Like you don't trust me now..." Mordred added with sorrow. "I would never betray you, Percival." The young knight added with passion. "Never. Your friendship means the world to me." When Percival didn't react Mordred added to himself "if it's all I can have." before looking away.

Mordred sighed when Percival didn't do anything.

"If it will make you feel better, you can bind me." He said out loud. Or run me through. Spare me the pain of your loathing. He added in his head.

Percival gasped out loud, once again pointing the tip of his blade under Mordred's chin. "What have you done to me? You have enchanted me!" He yelled at the young man. Mordred shivered looking into Percival's eyes.

You can hear me? He thought looking straight into Percival's eyes to see his pupils dilating.

"Stop doing that!" Percival yelled, grabbing Mordred by the collar of his chain mill. "Stop talking inside of my mind!"

But how...? Only... only druids can hear me... Mordred thought to himself not realising Percival was still able to hear him. Not seeing the punch that landed in his jaw. It made him stagger back a few steps.

"Stop that!" Percival yelled, but underneath it Mordred was overwhelmed by a wave of worry. He felt more than heard Percival wonder if he'd hurt him and sensed how much of his strength the older man had held back while landing the punch.

Unless... Mordred thought, holding his jaw, looking up at Percival. "Percival..." He said out loud just as the older knight was launching forward into another punch. Mordred stood his ground receiving the blunt of Percival's fist in his belly. It didn't hurt. At all. Mordred blinked placing a small hand on the cold chain mail covering Percival's shoulder. "Only a few people can hear my mind, Percival... Druids... People with magic..."

"I do not have magic." Percival let out stepping back, hands over his ears, eyes closed tightly.

"No, you don't." Mordred confirmed. He took a small step forward. But you didn't let me finish. He thought. Percival looked at him then, hands still over his ears, fear clear in his gaze. Druids, people with magic and... Mordred took a deep breath. And... my soul mate... He whispered with his mind. Percival's eyes went wide, wide, wide. My soul mate can hear me even if they don't have magic... my soul mate can feel me even though I am not with them... as I can feel them... Percival...

"No!" Percival turned his back, taking a few steps away from Mordred, waves of fear and confusion radiating off of his being. Mordred closed his eyes and focused on the link he was now clearly feeling. He opened his heart to Percival, a smile forming on his face. His words falling from his mouth just as his feelings reached the scared man in front of him.

"I would never hurt you, Percival. I love you." Mordred sighed. "I have loved you since we've first met. Your big heart and your big body. Everything about you. I've loved but have not allowed myself to feel. But now... now that I know... that you are meant to be mine and I meant to be yours..." Mordred opened his eyes. Percival had turned and was now looking at him in a daze, as if hypnotized. Mordred's eyes glowed golden. "This is who I am, Percival. I stand with my soul bared open for you to take or cast away, as you please."

Percival simply stood there, dumbfolded, watching Mordred begin to glow slightly under the rays of the Sun filtering through the thick foliage of the Darkling Forest. Small firefly-like sparks formed all over the young druid's body and Percival simply watched them play around his form, his face, in his hair. They seemed harmless yet so full of life. A quiet hum started in Percival's mind. It was a sound from within himself, yet from outside himself. As peaceful as the whisper of a mountain stream, as strong as a river running with the power of a rainy season. He blinked slowly. The sound seemed to grow stronger as his ears began picking it up from outside himself. Quiet. Small. Like the wings of a frail butterfly.

"What is this?" Percival finally found his voice after endless minutes standing, just standing, watching Mordred glow in his entire warlock glory.

"What is 'this', Percival?" Mordred said out loud but his words echoed in Percival's mind.

"This sound..." The knight whispered, a little intimidated, a little wowed.

"So you do hear it." The druid's words echoed in Percival's mind once again. He nodded in admission. "It is my heart's song." Mordred smiled and the whole nature around him seemed to hum in perfect synchronicity with the song. "Only you can hear it. Only you can feel it. For mu heart only sings it for you." The warlock said while reaching a hand out from his body. It glowed golden like his eyes. Golden, warm and inviting. Percival looked at it for a second before his own hand extended from his own body dropping the sword he'd somehow managed to hold onto and taking it. The sword touched the ground soundlessly almost as if slowing down in its fall trying not to disturb their moment.

When their hands touched a shower of sparks lit around their connected limbs. They didn't hurt. They were warm tingling Percival's skin as he watched them mesmerized.

"Mordred..." A single whisper broke the quiet surrounding them.

"Yours. All of me." Mordred answered the question in Percival's heart. The question his lips were too afraid to utter. "Have me?"

Percival looked up into Mordred's wide, fearful eyes and wondered how he could've have ever been afraid of him, blamed him of treason, wanted to kill him. Percival's blood ran cold with understanding that had Mordred died of his sword his heart would have stopped on itself before his own sword would have had time to rip it open. Mordred shivered sensing his thoughts and sent him a feeling of forgiveness and love.


"I'll never be afraid of myself. You are part of me." Mordred answered with his voice and thoughts as one.

Percival simply stood there unsure of what to do and how to feel. There was a connection with the druid knight , that he could not deny, a connection that ran deeper than friendship, deeper than being brothers in arms. But. Still Percival could not wrap his head around the fact that Mordred, a man, was meant to be his soul mate.

Mordred sensed Percival's doubts and lowered his head. He slowly let go of Percival's hand and looked away admitting defeat.

"I will go set up dinner." He said quietly as his magic retreated back inside of him.

Percival felt cold and empty the second Mordred let go of his hand. Even more so when his beautiful golden glow began fading away, retreating back into his body. He felt frozen. Like a statue. Unable to move or stop Mordred from pulling away from him. Panic and sadness found their way into his heart before a wave of resignation overwhelmed him. But it was not his own. It was Mordred's. Percival stood still closing his eyes, focusing on the feeling, testing the warlock's words about being able to feel him even from afar. Though the subject of his focus was but a few feet away he could not have been further away.

Percival found that the young druid had not lied. He felt love and sorrow and need and longing and saw himself through his soul mate's eyes. Strong and gentle, loyal and devoted. Stubborn yet frail in the child's eyes, for Mordred was little more than a boy.

Percival also felt the warlock's power. His true power. His true devotion. His true heart. And it was that which made Percival move, take a step closer to the one that the Fates had ordained for him. His movements were swift and certain once he'd made up his mind.

He stepped up behind Mordred as the young man was skinning the rabbit they'd caught for dinner and placed a big hand on his left shoulder. Mordred turned his face to him.

"Promise me you've not enchanted me."

"I swear it on my life!" Mordred answered filled with passion. "Even if I would have tried to it would not work." He added. "You are part of me. I can not enchant myself." A small smile played at the warlock's lips.

"Why are you smiling?"

"There is another with powers much greater than mine that has found his half. He thinks his magic works to fool his half. Enchant him as it may." The smile on Mordred's face grew wider. "His half allows him to think it works for he wants honesty to come from his mouth. Yet he keeps quiet just to spare his half from choosing between him and the law of the land. From making a choice that has been made years ago when they first met."

"I think the warlock should not hide from his half. It just wastes time for the both of them."

"Does it?" Mordred asked, a slither of hope in his voice.

"It does. And time is precious." Percival answered looking into his eyes. Mordred's heart began to race.


"I'll take you."

As Percival closed his mouth many things happened at once. Mordred's mood shifted completely with a power only love can grant, his smile blinding in the last rays of the evening sun, his magic flaring out of his body in a veil of gold that wrapped around Percival's body like an armour and pulled him to Mordred's body as the warlock stood to his full height to wrap his hands around Percival's torso and cuddle into his chest with a whispered "I love you" that echoed loud and clear on Percival's mind. Before he even knew what he was doing Percival was wrapping his own arms around the young knight creating a golden cocoon for them both. Mordred's head fit perfectly on his chest, his whole body fit perfectly Percival thought. He felt Mordred's smile and head the thought answer.

I was made to fit with you.

Percival let his cheek rest on top of Mordred's curls while closing his eyes.

I never thought I'd have a man to share my life with. He thought without realising his thoughts were no longer just his own. Mordred's answer surprised him though not as much as he'd heard the warlock for the first time.

If you want to take a wife, have children... Percival didn't allow the though to go on exhaling a sharp and much to loud "NO!" making Mordred jump a little in his arms.

"How can you think I'd take a wife?" Percival pushed Mordred at arm's length, searching his eyes. Mordred met his gaze shrugging.

"You must want children. You must have plans for your future. Plans I can not grant you... I will not keep you from them... If you want to take a wife, then..." Percival grabbed Mordred by both of his arms and gave him a shake. He barely used any of his strength, but Mordred shook like a rag in his arms.

"Do you know me to do anything in halves?" Percival growled.


"Then stop sounding like an idiot!" Percival growled and Mordred smiled nodding just a little. Just enough for Percival to see. Percival nodded his own head letting go of the young knight's arms. "Now, come, we need to eat."

Yes, love. Mordred's mind replied without filter. Percival smiled. One of his rare smiles that filled the world with joy. He caressed Mordred's cheek. "Say that out loud." He whispered while his hand lingered on Mordred's face. Mordred's breath caught in his chest.

"Yes, love." He whispered in a small voice, blinded by Percival's smile, quieted by the waves of warmth coming off of the tall man. And Mordred knew. He knew before it happened. He knew.

Percival bent over and placed his lips on top of Mordred's in a sweet, chaste touch, fleeting and barely there, like the wings of a white butterfly. But it was enough. More sparks took life from the small connection tingling the skin on Mordred's cheek over Percival's finger caressing his jaw.

The second touch of lips was more certain, more underlined with confidence and Mordred closed his eyes, holding onto Percival's hips for purchase as his head was starting to whirl, his magic now complete and dancing all around them, feeding the nature, making the forest grow lush and beautiful, flowers blooming in the dead of night from the light that Mordred was. Light fuelled by love. No greater strength had rushed through Mordred's veins. No greater weakness. No greater sense of completeness.

When Mordred's mind caught up with his magic he began kissing back, opening up to Percival's warmth.

It caught Percival off guard. No one had ever given themselves to him like that in a simple kiss, in a simple touch. He wrapped his free arm around Mordred's waist, pulling him with a little too much force. Mordred huffed into their kiss and smiled, pulling his lips back from Percival, making him growl deep in his chest and cup his other hand behind the young man's neck to stop him from moving backwards though he felt it in his bones that it was the furthest thing from Mordred's mind.

I love your strength. Mordred's mind soothed.

You're so frail. Percival answered with his mind as his lips were too busy to speak. A small sound left Mordred's tiny body as the warlock took a fence to his thoughts.

I am more resilient than I look, love. The young knight retorted, his hands roaming up on Percival's body and fisting in the short blonde hairs in the back of his skull. Percival's body reacted at the sweet feeling, his hips pushing forward into Mordred's thigh. You like this... Mordred though and Percival could feel the smugness in his statement.

"Yes!" Percival hissed through gritted teeth as their lips parted for the briefest of seconds. Mordred allowed his head to fall back with a small giggle of pure happiness and Percival took his chance latching his hungry lips onto the perfect white skin of Mordred's neck drawing out a low moan of pleasure from his young lover.

Mordred pulled on the older man's hair again, his eyes rolling back inside of his head while a chant of Percival's name grew inside of his mind and his heart. He felt dizzy. Happy. Euphoric. Like he'd drank the sweetest of ales or the very nectar only the gods would have been allowed to touch. He barely felt when Percival bent down and simply swooped him up in those strong, wide, warm arms, carrying him to their bed rolls. His bones almost melted when Percival placed him down on one of the bed rolls with such care as if Mordred would have been made of precious, breakable glass.

"I won't break." Mordred whispered caressing Percival's face, his fingers scraping over his light beard. It shouldn't have been so erotic. The feeling of skin on skin. It shouldn't have been liquefying for his insides. Yet it was. Mordred felt as if his whole being was being pulled apart and glued back together in a new, better, stronger form. "Stop holding back. Please stop holding back your strength." Mordred whispered as his lips gently touched Percival's.

Percival stood on his haunches, holding Mordred's tiny hands in his giant ones, searching deep inside the blue pools of his eyes. "I will hurt you." Mordred shook his head.

"You will not. You'll take care of me. Please... Percival..." Please let go. Mordred pleaded with his whole being.

Percival saw the trust in the young man's eyes. Felt it through their connection. So he reluctantly let go of his fears and gripped Mordred's hips with all the need he felt. Mordred moaned in response, crushing their lips together, falling backwards onto the bed roll. Percival wanted to support his body weight not to crush his lover but found he had no purchase in them, Mordred's magic pinning him down to the warlock's small body. He mewled into their kiss, rutting his groin in retaliation and moaning in time with Mordred from the delicious friction it caused.

Gods! Yes! Finally! Mordred screamed inside of his head fighting him for dominance of their kiss. Percival did not grant it. He fought just as roughly. Tongues and teeth colliding in a fury of overwhelming feelings. Short, hurried gasps of shared air filled his lungs as mewls and moans filled his ears and Mordred's sweet song filled his head.

Mordred pushed against Percival's chest just a little and the older man moved back allowing for air to enter his lover's body as he watched the warlock swallow hard, his head thrown back, eyes closed, Adam's apple bobbing gently in his throat as he swallowed. "Too much?" Percival asked nuzzling gently at the underside of Mordred's jaw making him shiver with pleasure. Mordred moved his head and opened his eyes meeting Percival's for a brief second before an impish smile appeared on his face as he whispered some ancient words and his eyes glowed bright gold. The very next second Percival felt a shiver down his back. But it was a brief feeling as Mordred's magic wrapped warm and tight around every inch of his now very exposed skin. Percival shook at the feeling. It was like a million hands holding him, touching him, caressing him. And out of all of them he could tell exactly where Mordred's own were, as they burned his skin in the most delicious of ways.

What did you do? Percival found himself asking with his mind. It was so much easier to communicate like this when your lips were busy with kissing, nibbling, licking at your lover's skin - his neck, his chest, those candy like nipples. Percival was so hard it hurt as he moved in between Mordred's legs, crushing his erection into the hard ground to keep from pushing into his lover right on the spot. Mordred mewled even in is mind, fisting his hair, pulling at it just right, wrapping those godly legs around his thighs, pulling them even closer together, as impossible as the feat seemed to have been.

Got rid of... of Gods!... obstacles... "Oh, Gods! Percival..." Mordred moaned as Percival nibbled a little lower on his belly. Percival smiled into Mordred's skin.

"I know not what I'm doing..." He whispered as his face turned as red as his cloak. He felt Mordred willing himself to calm down before his answer came as Mordred caressed his cheek.

"There's nothing to know... just do what your heart and body want..." Percival turned a deeper shade of red as images of what he wanted to do to Mordred began playing in his head. Mordred closed his eyes smiling wider and wider with every image Percival was unknowingly sending him. "See... you DO know what to do..." Mordred opened his eyes to meet Percival's shocked ones. "Seems you've always known how to communicate without words, love..."

Percival dropped his head to Mordred's belly, hiding his eyes. Why am I such a child? He thought to himself.

You are no child, love. You body knows what to do. Let it. Mordred persuaded gently. Or better yet... Let me... The young warlock used his magic and flipped them over. Percival found himself on his back on the ground. It was soft and warm, just like Mordred's magic, just like a welcoming bed. And then Mordred was on top of him, slim and warm and soft in all the right places and sending maddening images into Percival's mind of what he wanted to do to him and how it would feel and Percival found he didn't know what he was doing anymore. His lips were busy with Mordred's lips, his hands were full of Mordred's ass, his groin perfectly aligned with Mordred's, rubbing, teasing, demanding. It was too much for him to separate, to understand.

Mordred relinquished Percival's lips to move lower on his body. He kissed down the knight's neck, nibbling ever so lightly at that spot right above his collarbone, making the man mewl and arch his back under him, effectively lifting both of them off of the ground. Mordred pushed back down both with his body and his magic and Percival made a sweet, low sound from deep within his chest. Mordred smiled feeling Percival sending him back the pleasure of being subdued by magic. He allowed himself a second to enjoy Percival's pleasure as he twirled his tongue around the knight's left nipple and toyed with his right one through the thick, silky blonde fur on the bear-man's chest. Percival pulled his hair and Mordred bit down not so gently on the nipple in his mouth, twin moans leaving their mouths, echoing in their minds. By the time Mordred finally took pity and let go of his nipple he'd worked the skin into a rosy colour and the man under him into a moaning mess.

I never knew you were so receptive, love. Mordred thought placing wet kisses down the middle of Percival's belly though the soft fur tickling his lips and tongue. Percival moaned, eyes closed shut, hands fisted in Mordred's curly hair. He tried his hardest to move his body, but Mordred's gentle magic was pinning him down with ease, leaving him vulnerable... exposed and as helpless as he'd ever felt as Mordred moved lower and lower. Percival's eyes opened wide as a rather embarrassing moan left his lips when Mordred unexpectedly took his entire length in his mouth, stopping only when his lips were buried in the thick layer of fur surrounding it. Mordred swallowed around him, his throat constricting, doing amazing thing to his member and Percival arched up into the heat around him in spite of the magic holding him.

Mordred moved up slowly, his tongue working the underside of Percival's member until he'd reached the generous tip. His hands moved up to tweak at Percival's nipples as his tongue slithered under the head of Percival's cock, his lips kissing at the tip. "You taste like the sweetest of treats, my knight." Mordred whispered, his voice hoarse from having expended his throat to the unbelievable length of his soul mate.

Percival wanted to speak, reply... but his brain had forgotten how to function. All he could do was feel. Between the delicious pain Mordred was inflicting to his nipples and the warmness of the young knight's mouth on his member Percival was lost and unable to do anything anymore. But then Mordred relinquished on of his nipples in favour of playing with his ball sack as he gently sucked just at the tip of his engorged cock as he made his magic slowly slip inside of him and touch the most tender of spots and Percival lost track of the world. He exploded in Mordred's mouth as the warlock swallowed everything down, sucking him dry, wave after wave of need and pleasure. Sparks flew into the forest as if thunder itself would have lit the night's sky, touching the nature around them, nourishing it instead of burning everything in their path. Colours exploded all around Percival while Mordred pushed him further, higher than he'd ever been, images of his own body wrecked with euphoria flashing in his mind from Mordred's own. He kept gasping for air and Mordred took no pity of his lungs, suckling even harder at his cock, making it come to life once more.

"Mmmmordred..." Percival mewled out wanting to beg for time to rest and Mordred shushed him with a simple kiss on his chapped lips.

"There's more I want to show you, to give you..." The warlock whispered. "Let me..." He added, kissing Percival slowly, deeply, drawing him back to sanity. He wrapped his strong arms around the warlock, pulling him down onto his chest, relishing the sweetness of his kiss.

I need a moment to recover. I am not as young as you, my Mordred. Mordred giggled even in his mind.

You are not old, Percival... just... in need of practice. Mordred teased rutting his painfully hard erection in Percival's upper thigh moaning softly from the pressure.

"I'll show you 'out of practice' right now, little one." Percival said with sweetness in his voice, grinned and flipped them so Mordred was once more with his back to the ground. He caressed Mordred's hair out of his face, placing a gentle kiss on his plump lips as Mordred raked his nails down his back. Percival slowly let go of Mordred's lips, nuzzling his nose lightly. "Do not touch me..." He purred. "Let me..." He flashed a few images to Mordred's mind of what he wanted to do and the young knight smiled pushing his hands high up over his head, his own magic creating a soft, glowing tie at his wrists. Mordred gasped.

"My own magic betrays me..." He whispered, a soft, amused smile on his lips. A soft smile that soon faded when Percival put his thoughts to actions and moved to nibble lightly at the warlock's neck, leaving pinkish marks in his wake. Mordred mewled and arched his back off the ground, but Percival had no trouble keeping his lover from writhing too much under him. He moved lower and repayed Mordred for the attention he'd given his nipples by doing the exact same thing - Percival played with Mordred until he had his fill and his lover was begging him to touch him, eyes closed, head thrown back in pure pleasure. Percival had always had a soft spot for being begged, so he teased a little more before moving lower. With his hands. With his lips. With his entire body. He wrapped a giant hand around Mordred's arousal making him hiss.

"Ca... careful... love... I'm... tender..." Mordred whispered, cheeks turning red, making Percival grin. He gave a gentle tug at the hard member in his hand earning a sound between a mewl and a hiss of pain.

"There... there... little one." Percival cooed. "Let the old man make it all better." Mordred wanted to smile but Percival dipped his head and took his member in his mouth and suckled lightly, testing the feeling and Mordred's essence on his tongue. The feeling was new, enticing and very welcome. And so were the little sounds Mordred was making at Percival teased him with shallow little suckles. Mordred mewled and began begging again. With his words and his mind. Begging for Percival to take more of him in his mouth, to allow him to move, to allow him to touch, to allow him to come. Percival got dizzy from the sound of his own name chanted inside of Mordred's wrecked mind.

He opened his mouth just a little wider and took half of Mordred's length in, his tongue going down on the underside of the hard member to lick at its base. Mordred's fur was ticklish to the tip of Percival's tongue, his taste addicting, his smell intoxicating. Percival drew in greedy breaths of his lover's smell, filling his lungs to the brim as his lips touched the soft skin of Mordred's lower belly, his throat opening up as he swallowed to accommodate the weight and girth of Mordred's cock. Mordred moaned, pitifully failing at arching his back under Percival's weight.

Gods... please... move... please... just... close... so close... Percival... Gods...

Percival followed instructions and began bobbing his head furiously up and down. His jaw locked tightly until it hurt. It hurt so good. It made his cock come back to full staff and his body to shiver as he, somehow, found the self control to realize that Mordred's balls were needy and untouched. And what a pity is was to waste such deliciousness.

Percival shifted positions, drawing his arms under his chest, sneaking them under Mordred's thighs to keep him steady as he relinquished the warlock's cock earning himself a whine of loss that soon turned into a mewl between clenched teeth as Percival took one of Mordred's balls in his mouth, rolling it against his tongue, suckling gingerly before doing the same to the other one and slowly returning to the first.

"Per... Percival... I... I can't..." Mordred whispered.

"Let go, little one... let go..." Percival whispered, his tongue dancing lower still on Mordred's body, under his ball sack, right inside of him.

Feeling Percival's tongue breach him slightly was the very last push Mordred needed. He came shouting Percival's name to the four winds, his magic flaring outside of him to pull Percival to his wrecked body. Lights filled the night's sky from Mordred's pleasure, dancing in all the colors of the rainbow, mimicking the explosion of color inside of Mordred's mind as he spilled himself in-between Percival's belly and his own. As his spasms of pleasures died down he felt Percival's long finger had finally entered him. Mordred pushed down, moaning from the pleasure and a small pang of pain from moving too fast.

Percival bit his bottom lip, looking down at his finger disappearing over and over again into Mordred's tight, velvety heat, imagining how it would be for his cock to replace that finger. Mordred was so tight that Percival wondered how it would be possible for that to actually happen forgetting that Mordred could actually hear his thoughts and reply with images - images of Mordred opening himself up and pleasuring himself with the blunt, thick ends of candles late at night when images of Percival's naked torso would flash in his foggy mind, images of Mordred coming while biting into his pillow, at the mere thought of having Percival own him like that, images that made Percival's blood run boiling hot. Images that made Percival force another finger inside of Mordred making his lover cry out in pain for a split second before starting to impale himself on them again.

Mordred gave Percival an image of him splitting his fingers inside of himself to help quicken the process and Percival mirrored the actions Mordred had sent him. The long, thick fingers brushed against that special spot inside of Mordred and he gasped. Yes. There. He thought, his eyes flashing bright gold, sparks flying from his tied hands.

"Touch me..." Percival asked, gently nudging at Mordred's hands, the magic ties falling apart in a shower of golden light. Mordred instantly wrapped both his arms around Percival's shoulders, pulling their chests together, kissing whatever patch of Percival's skin he could reach, too far gone to care, too lost to matter. Percival moved his fingers inside of him faster and faster, brushing Mordred's pleasure spot with every stroke, making the young knight's cock spring back to full mast in almost no time at all.

One more, love, please... I... I need it... Mordred thought and Percival obeyed with pleasure. Where two fingers had fitted snugly, three were unable to move. Mordred moaned feeling himself stuck on Percival's thick, delicious fingers. His magic came into play and slicked Mordred's insides enough that Percival's fingers managed to slip out a little and in a lot more as he moved the about in random patterns, aiming to stretch as much as pleasure. Mordred began mumbling, begging again. Begging for the real thing. Begging to be one.

Percival's teeth drew blood from his lower lip as his fingers slipped out one last time and he gripped the base of his own cock to stop himself from coming at the sight of Mordred's wide open hole spasming, waiting, welcoming him. He ran his hand up over the tip of his own cock and moaned at the feeling of his own warm skin covering the head of his cock.

"God, Mordred, what have you done to me?" He whispered, his eyes moving up the warlock's body to his flushed face. It was the single most beautiful sight Percival had seen in his life as he leaned forward to cover Mordred's body with his own. Mordred wrapped his frail arms around Percival's neck, his slim, beautiful legs around Percival's waist.

"Please..." Mordred asked, his eyes wide open, sincere, needy.

Percival finally - finally - gave in and pushed himself slowly into his young lover. Mordred mewled out a small "yes" pushing himself up a little to welcome Percival inside of him. Percival pushed further at an agonising pace, but he finally managed to find himself completely enveloped in Mordred's body, in Mordred's being. No longer two people, but one being, full, complete, only one.

Their lips met someplace in the middle. Their hips moved in some random rhythm, an echo of their one heart beating in tune. Their magic enveloped them in light. Every moment seemed to slow down. Every second seemed to last an eternity. And an eternity was not enough for all their feelings to be expressed inside of it. Dark and blonde, strong and frail, blue and blue, all collided as one, like the waves of the sea, flowing naturally from one to the other, in to the other. Minds became one, pleasure doubled.

But when eternity ended, hips pistoning with all of their might, twin screams of euphoria filling the clearing at night, white light and sound spilling in and around the both of them.

Mordred pulled Percival closer to him as his heart fought to find a normal rhythm. Percival nuzzled his neck, placing a small kiss on his damp skin. He tried to move off his small lover, not to squish him, but Mordred mumbled something about comfy and warm and please stay so Percival carefully, with the very last of his strength leaned down over Mordred and allowed himself to fall asleep on top of him, inside of him, still one with him.

Morning came much too soon. The chirps of birds awoke Percival.

He found himself still on top of his young lover. Still naked. Still connected. Still wrapped up in Mordred's magic that kept the cold of the morning air away from his bare skin.

"I did not dream." He whispered placing a small kiss on Mordred's mouth.

Mordred stirred under him and opened up his blue eyes, a smile forming on his lips instantly at the sight of Percival looming over him... inside of him.

"Good morning." Percival whispered.

"Good morning." Mordred answered in a sleepy voice, stretching his lithe body like a kitten, tightening around Percival in the process. "Mmmm... feels good to wake up like this..." He squeezed his muscles once more to show Percival just what he was referring to.

An impish smile formed on Percival's lips. "You know... we're not due back in Camelot until tomorrow..." He whispered as he pushed himself slightly into Mordred gaining a small, uncontrolled moan that he swallowed up in a kiss.