Chapter 156

Hiccups POV:

It's been nine hours since we all arrived in Dunbroch and despite it not being that long a lot has happened and I'd learned quite a bit about some things. To begin with I'd caught up with the other heirs on what's been going on with their clans and Dunbroch since the last time I was there. Turns out compared to my last trip with the Nuckelavee and the Kelpie the only thing that's really happened are men from all four clans have been trying to break my records. The only thing they'd broken so far though were their bones and occasionally the bones of some of their fellow clan members who got too close. Other than that things had been pretty quiet for them but then we began discussing the members of the Loch clan and why they weren't at the highland games I participated in. Apparently they were the smallest of the five great clans and the other clans' didn't think that much of them so they were mostly just ignored but Aunt Elinor believed it time to get closer to them by offering them out an olive branch.

It was through this discussion I learnt that Riptide was never that well liked among the other heirs due to his arrogance and acting like he was better than everyone. Of course it wasn't just the heirs that disliked him but also the majority of female members of the clans since he'd often try to get into their pants even if they were taken. The other heirs advised me to keep a close eye on Blanca since none of them liked the way Riptide was looking at her and to be honest neither did I. I also was warned to keep an eye on Lord Loch since he'd been giving my mother some looks and they were the same looks his son was giving Blanca and Merida. I made a mental note to have the Scouter I brought with me to keep an eye on them since the last thing I wanted was either of them going near my mom or wife and there was something I didn't like about them.

I did actually try to spend some time talking to both Lord Loch and Riptide and lasted a total of three minutes with each of them since if I stayed any longer I'd have started another brawl. The reason is Lord Loch kept pestering me to sell him Toothless claiming he was a magnificent beast and that would suit the position as his mount by showing people he was to be respected. I turned him down flat out telling him that Toothless wasn't nor would he ever be for sale but that didn't shut him up since he'd dealt with men who deal with dragons before and knew how to work them. When I asked him about these men who worked with dragons, I was not happy to find out he was talking about Viggo's dragon hunters who were interested in branching out their business a bit. Fortunately they stopped when the four other clans wanted anything to do with them or their dragon products claiming they'd cause more trouble than they were worth. After that I just walked away from him figuring his son couldn't be half as bad as his father, sadly I was proven wrong on so many levels.

When it came to him he tried to buy Toothless from me claiming he wanted to make himself a mount worthy of his clans heir and when Toothless dies he'd make him a fine new jacket. He punctuated the last part by lifting the collar of my grootslang coat claiming it looked like I knew what he was talking since my coat looked to be made of dragon skin. I glared at him and grabbed his hand and squeezing his hand bringing him to his knees while telling him that my coat was not dragon skin. When I let his hand go I began to walk away until he chuckled and told me that I had a strong grip and claimed Blanca must like having it on her waist when I have her bent over in bed. My teeth clenched when he said this but the thing that set me off however was when he claimed he'd pay me some good money to allow him to be in that position and Blanca might like being with a real man for once. When he said this everyone turned to stare at us as I slammed my prosthetic fist into his gut sending him flying back onto the floor but this time it didn't start a brawl since everyone heard what he said about Blanca. I would've gone further but Blanca walked up and put a hand on my shoulder while calmly whispering into my ear that he wasn't worth it before she led me outside. When we were outside the other heirs joined us slapping me on the back telling me how much they envied me for being able to deliver the punch to Riptide which is something they'd wanted to do for a long time.

Now I was lying in bed in the same room I did when I was last here with my parents in the room up the hallway while Blanca lay on top of me like usual when we were in bed together. Looking down at the peaceful smile on her face and had to say I was a little jealous of the peace she had since my mind was focused on something else. I may have been looking at the ceiling but using the eye of the dragon to see through the peer stones of the Scouter I'd sent out to keep an eye on Lord Loch and Riptide who right now were in their own room talking. It was then Lord Loch caught my attention when he said.

"I don't like this son, we didn't know Hiccup Haddock would be here."

"Father, please don't tell me you believe in those ridiculous legends about him fighting monsters and having gifts from the gods."

"Don't underestimate him Riptide, you saw how fast he moved when one of our own mentioned his wife and you don't you forget how hard he hit you." Riptide rolled his eyes.

"So he's got some fancy magic tricks and a mean punch." He shrugged. "It's not like he's going to be able to stop the plan." This peeked my interest.

"I suppose you're right son."

"In the end he'll go down with the other clans along with his parents and the land will belong to our clan." He then stood up from his chair. "I want Haddocks pretty wife and the princess when the lands ours though." Hearing this my blood boiled as lord Loch smirked.

"You never could say no to a pretty face." He shook his head.

"That and I want to see the look on Haddocks face when I show up with his wife on my arm completely broken and the princess has a fire in her eyes I want to extinguish."

"Just remember to wait till after the plan is done and the other clans dealt with." Riptide nodded. "Now let's get to bed boyo, the games are tomorrow and it would look suspicious if we weren't well rested for them."

They both went to bed and I knew right then and there I needed to talk to the other heirs and Merida about this since they were my friends and I knew I could trust them. I knew I couldn't go to the lords or my parents with this information since they'd brush it off claiming I must've misheard their conversation or misunderstood them. Along with this I'm not entirely sure what they were up to so before I spoke with my parents or the lords I needed to first figure out what the Loch's were up to and get the evidence to show the lords. With these thoughts in mind I gently moved Blanca off my chest before I climbed out of bed and walked out of the room while grabbing my grootslang coat and third arm sash since I doubted the heirs wanted to see me in just my pants.

Ten minutes later

I was standing in the now empty great hall with the three heirs and Merida all of whom were curious to know why I had woken them up and brought them down here so late. To make sure we weren't going to be interrupted I had my ninja stand guard in the various hallways to ensure we weren't going to be disturbed. When we were all sat down Merida let out a yawn before glaring at me as she said.

"You better have a good reason for wakin us all up at this time." There were nods from the heirs.

"Trust me my dear cousin I would not have woken you all up if it wasn't important."

"Then don't keep us in suspense." I sighed and reached the back of my head towards the part where my eye patch was held.

"Well might as well start with this." I unstrapped my eye patch and brought it down before I opened my eyes, exposing the eye of the dragon to them in the process making them gasp as I pointed to it. "This is an ancient magical artifact that was gifted to me by the Japanese gods after I lost my real one in my battle against the demon lord Akuhei but that's not as important as it's capabilities." They nodded.

"And what can it do?" I pulled out a Scouter from my inner coat pocket.

"This is an automaton I built and use them to keep an eye on things." I could tell they were confused until I pointed at the body. "It has a small mystic stone in its body allowing me to control it through a connection I form with it using a talisman in my prosthetic hand." I punctuated this last part by making my Scout fly up while having the insignia of the tree of life flip over to expose the talisman before I had the Scouter land on my finger and pointed at the eyes. "The eyes are made of a mineral known as peer stone that's connected to my eye allowing me to see and hear what they see and hear." Young Macintosh then said.

"So you use those Scouter things to spy on people?"

"Only when I feel they're up to something and I know Lord Loch and Riptide are up to something." Merida then asked.

"What makes you say that?" I then told them everything I heard Lord Loch and Riptide talk about in their room and when I was done none of them were happy and Merida made her displeasure known by saying.

"Those no good pieces of horse dung." This was followed by her angrily muttering some things before she turned to me. "Why didn't you tell my dad or the other lords?"

"Because we don't know what they're planning and we don't have the evidence to prove that they're up to something." She quieted down when I said this before Wee Dingwall asked.

"So what do we do if we can't find out what they're up to or have the evidence?" Young McGuffin then babbled in the ancient Scottish tongue.

"We can't just sit back and let them do damage as that would be madness."

"For now, we need to keep quiet and keep an eye on the members Loch Clan members and make sure they don't do anything suspicious and I'll keep an eye on them with my Scouter." They all nodded. "We meet back here tomorrow night and talk about this again and any progress we've made on figuring out what they're up to but in the mean time we do not let Lord Loch or Riptide out of our sights." They all nodded before I got up from my seat. "With that said, we all better head to bed before someone realizes we're missing and comes looking for us." They nodded before we all left for our rooms but when I got to mine I found Blanca sitting up in bed waiting for me before she asked.

"Where were you?" I took my coat off and hung it up as I answered.

"Meeting with the clan heirs to discuss the members of Clan Loch." She frowned. "I know you think I'm just being paranoid but I know they're up to something now."


"I had one of my Scouter's keep an eye on them and heard them talking about a plan to take down the other clans allowing them to completely take over the land." I then clenched my fists and grinded my teeth in anger as I reached the bed before I took a breath and looked into her eyes while caressing her face with my real hand. "Riptide said he was looking forward to breaking you and showing your broken form to me on his arm." She frowned and slowly took on her half snake form gently circling her tail around us.

"Hiccup, I can't be broken that easily and I know nothing will happen to me," She gently caressed my face. "because I know you'll protect me from anyone who threatens me."

"Do you really have that much faith in a simple human." She shook her head making me frown until she said.

"I have that much faith in the hero that I'm proud to call my husband." I smiled at her and leaned in.

"You always know exactly what to say to calm my nerves my sweet serpent." She just giggled before I pulled her into a gentle kiss as I continued to caress her cheek feeling her smooth scales beneath my fingers and slowly pulled away smiling. "It's been a long time since I've been able to embrace you in this form." She looked down smiling.

"I haven't needed this form for a while and I thought that you prefer my human form to this one."

"Blanca, I don't care what form you take as long as you're comfortable with in the form you choose." She smiled.

"You really do love me."

"With all my heart since the day I first looked into those beautiful sapphires you call your eyes." She sighed and embraced me before pushing me back down against the bed while returning to her human form and crawling up my body.

"I love you Hiccup Haddock, my mighty warrior."

"And I love you Blanca, my sapphire eyed serpent." She leaned in and gave me one last kiss before we both fell back into the realm of sleep.


The light of the sun coming down on us came far too early for my liking but I knew we needed to greet the day and with it all the challenges it brings. Today however I knew was special since today was the day of the Highland Games, which is something I knew Blanca was interested in seeing since we spoke about it back at our house. Looking down at her I let out a sigh since I hated waking her up when she looked so peaceful but knew I needed to wake her and gently shook her shoulder before she opened her eyes. I smiled as she looked at me with those sapphires she called eyes before she asked.

"Is it morning already?" I nodded.

"Sadly, it is Blanca and today is the beginning of the highland games so we better get up and get ready for the games." She nodded and sat up hesitantly. "If it were up to me I'd be in bed holding you in my arms the entire day but sadly that's not an option." She smiled as I threw my legs over the edge of the bed.

"Someone's has to defend their records don't they?" I paused as I stood up before I smiled and turned to her.

"Very funny Blanca but I have more important things to worry about then my records." She frowned.

"You're talking about Clan Loch aren't you?" I sighed.

"I know they're up to something and I'm worried what that something is."

"Hiccup, you have a Scouter watching them constantly along with the other heirs who include your own cousin." She wrapped her arms around me from behind. "I know if things get bad, you'll be able to protect everyone like you always have in the past, even when it's at the risk of your own life." I smiled at her words.

"What did I do to deserve such an incredible women like you as my wife?" She just giggled before kissing my cheek and we began getting ready for the day.

1 hour later

We were all down in the great hall enjoying breakfast with Blanca next to me on my left while Merida was on my right and the other heirs were sitting across from me except for Riptide who was five people down. My parents on the other hand were sitting with the lords along with uncle Fergus and aunt Elinor talking about their own things while I took a bite out of the salted pork on my plate and smiled at the flavor. It was then Young Macintosh asked.

"So you planning to compete in any of the games this time Hiccup?" I swallowed the meat.

"To be honest with you I'm not really sure."

"Decided to give some people the chance to break what some are calling your unbreakable and legendary records." I shook my head while looking down and groaning.

"Please don't mention those records." I looked back up. "People are still bugging me for advice on how to bulk up for the games while parents are asking me to mentor their kids to be champions." Wee Dingwall answered.

"Well you can't really blame them." I turned to him. "Being a champion in the highland games is one of the highest honors someone of Dunbroch can ever achieve and with the records you set in the last games you've become a legend around these parts, especially considering the beasts you faced last time." Young McGuffin then spoke in the ancient tongue.

"It's true since after you left I did some digging in the archives and found that nearly every encounter with those beasties ended with the people encountering them dead while those who survived barely walked away to tell the story and there's been no record of the beasts ever being killed." I raised an eyebrow. "You're the first human being in history to ever kill those beasts." Merida then said.

"With all this on your shoulders you cannot blame the parents for thinking you'd be a good influence on their wee ones." She took a bite from her apple and swallowed. "After all who wouldn't want their child to be a record breaking hero who's taking down monsters that plague the land and threatened the clans?"

"Makes it difficult for me to enjoy a peaceful walk or weapons practice." She chuckled.

"Such is the price of fame my dear cousin." It was then my uncle Fergus and aunt Elinor walked up to the front of the great hall before my uncle Fergus announced.

"NOW THAT WE'VE ALL BEEN FED AND WATERED, I'D LIKE TO ASK YOU ALL TO JOIN ME ON THE FORESTS FIELDS WHERE THE HIGHLAND GAMES SHALL TAKE PLACE WITH THOSE COMPETING DOING SO FOR THE HONOR OF THEIR CLANS AND THE PRIZES THAT AWAIT THEM!" Everyone cheered before my Uncle Fergus got a smile on his face that I didn't like for some reason. "WHO KNOWS, MAYBE ONE OF OUR FINE COMPETITORS SHALL SUCCEED WHERE SO MANY OTHERS HAVE FAILED AND BREAK ONE OF MY VISITING NEPHEWS RECORDS THAT HE SET LAST TIME HE WAS HERE!" I groaned since this announcement would no doubt bring multiple competitors coming to me wanting to challenge me in multiple events and he knew this himself.

"He just said that last announcement just to annoy me." Blanca giggled.

"Your uncle was just joking."

"Yet the results of his joking is no doubt going to give me a head ache and ensure I don't have a moments peace during the games." I then turned to Merida. "Hey Merida!" She turned to me. "Are Harris, Hubert and Hamish still up to their old pranks?" She nodded.

"They had to give up a view though since they're not as small as they once were so they can't fit into some of their old favorite hiding spots." I smiled.

"Where are they?"

"Knowing them, somewhere causing trouble." She then cocked an eyebrow. "Why do you want to know?"

"What, I can't simply ask about the well being of my three of my sweet little cousins?" She just gave me a look that clearly told me she didn't believe me. "Okay, I figure I can ask them to help me get a little payback on your father for the impending head ache I am no doubt going to be getting thanks to him." She just chuckle as Blanca playfully slapped my arm but I just grinned at her making her role her eyes as we stood up and made our way out of the Great Hall with everyone else but I silently whispered to the heirs and Merida. "Keep an eye on Riptide and Lord Loch." They nodded before we all walked out and began heading to the field where the games were being held.

20 minutes later

The games were in full swing with everyone competing in the games, watching them or just enjoying getting to know the members of the other clans. I know the wall of muscle was trying to charm Modi into giving him a kiss but she just giggled and gently swatted him on the arm that he was using to hold her hands. I on the other hand was simply enjoying walking through the crowds with Blanca on my arm and taking in all the different sights and sounds, which you could not find on Berk. Presently Blanca and me were enjoying a traditional Scottish dance being performed by four of the local women on a stage for the entertainment of the others. So far things had been peaceful for us but I was secretly having my Scouter fly above the crowds keeping an eye on Lord Loch and Riptide who were fortunately sticking together. It was then a man with a hurley in hand came rushing through the crowds looking around before he spotted Blanca and I. He smiled in a way that made me worry before he rushed over to us and said.

"I've been looking all over for you lad." I recognized him as a member of my uncles' clan by the color of his kilt.

"What is it?"

"One of our players twisted his ankle and can't play hurling with us so our team is one member short and we need you to fill in for the big game against Clan Loch." I raised an eyebrow.

"And why should I play in his place exactly?"

"Because you're the best man for the job and you can play because your aunt and uncle are the queen and king of the land so you're technically an honorary member of the clan." I opened my mouth to reply negatively but Blanca placed a hand on my shoulder brining my attention to her.

"I would love to see you play in the games Hiccup and it would be nice to see you take part in one of the local events." I smiled at her.

"Why is it impossible to say no to you?" She just giggled before the man interrupted our moment by asking.

"So is that a yes to you playing with us?" I let out an annoyed sigh and nodded making the man smile in a way that made me think his face was going to split open.

"Great!" He grabbed my arm and pulled me. "Let's get going lad, we've only got two more minutes before the team forfeits." I turned back to Blanca who just giggled and followed behind as I was dragged to the field where the two groups were waiting. "Great news lads, Hiccup here is playing." There were cheers from the men except from those on the Clan Loch team who didn't look happy before one of their men asked.

"Hey, is it true you have a prosthetic given to you by the gods?" I nodded.

"Yeah, it's true."

"Is it also true it has immense strength and powers." I nodded beginning to see where this is going.

"Yes it's true but if you're afraid of me using those powers in the game then don't be since I don't cheat and I'll be more than happy to remove it for the game and take your team on with one hand." He must've thought I was being arrogant since he then said.

"Then prove it and take it off." I sighed and turned to Blanca.

"Can you hold my prosthetic arm for me?" She smiled and nodded.

"I'd be happy to Hiccup." I removed had my Groostslang coats sleeve roll up as I pulled out the box to hold my prosthetic and handed it to Blanca. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience Blanca." She just smiled as she opened the box.

"It's alright Hiccup." I placed my hand on my prosthetic shoulder. "I know how much playing fair means to you and besides." She smiled. "I want to see you put those Lochs in place." I smiled but ground my teeth in pain as my prosthetic was removed before I placed it in the box.

"Don't worry Blanca," I held up my real arm. "my real arm may not be as powerful as my prosthetic but it still has enough strength to both hold a hurley and use it to hit a sliotar through the goals." She smiled before she grabbed me by the gap in my armor where my head came out and pulled me into a kiss, which I was all too happy to return before she pulled away smiling.

"For good luck." I just smiled at her before walking to the team before I was handed a hurley and got ready to begin the game.

5 minutes later

The games been going on for five minutes and so far the games been pretty good, for my team at least since so far it's ten to three in our favor and I've scored eight of those points. It was then I was running towards the sliotar with my hurley in hand getting ready to hit but then saw a member of Clan Loch by Blanca flirting with her and I could tell by the look on her face she was disgusted by him. It was then he did something that made my blood boil, he gave Blanca a slap on her rear and all I saw was red when she gasped in shock and pain. Not thinking I struck the sliotar as hard as I could but my target wasn't the goals but the man who dared to lay a hand on my Blanca. The sliotar flew through the air at speeds that made it whistle before it struck the guy right in the mouth throwing him back headfirst into the crowd. For a moment there was silence before the Clan Loch team ran up to their fellow clan member while I walked up to Blanca and asked.

"Are you alright?" She nodded.

"Yes, just annoyed."

"What did he do to you?"

"Besides hitting me on my lower back he just kept flirting with me despite me telling him that I'm happily married." I saw a look of disgust in her eye when she mentioned flirting.

"What did he say to you?"

"Something about how I should leave you and come have some fun with him and that he knew lots of fun things we could do in his bed."

My grip on the hurley tightened as my anger grew before I turned to the man who was being helped up by his men to reveal the sliotar lodged deep in his mouth while I began walking to him. One of his friends angrily glared at me and walked in front of me opening his mouth to obviously yell at me but I didn't give him the chance. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him down to eye level glaring right into his eye and said.

"Quiet!" He just gulped before I let him go and he backed away in fear as he wet himself but ignored him and walked up to the man with the sliotar in his mouth that looked at me with fear in his eyes. "Let's get something straight shall we?" I grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up so he was eye level as my eye patch unwove itself to show the eye of the dragon making his eyes widen at the sight. "If you ever even look at my wife again then so help me I shall use every torture method I've ever learnt and I've been to a lot of places and learnt a lot of torture methods so keep that in mind before you even think of looking at her." He nodded making me smile as the eye patch reformed. "Good!" I then put the hurley down. "Now then." I took hold of the sliotar in his mouth. "We'll be needing this back for the games." I ripped it out of his mouth and with it five of his teeth but I ignored his pained screams and returned to the game since I knew after that display no man would be crazy enough to flirt with Blanca.


Night had fallen over Dunbroch and I was now sitting in my room going over today's events in my head while Blanca lay in bed reading. After the hurling game ended I got roped into challenge after challenge by multiple men to the point where I only got to put my prosthetic arm back on. Surprisingly despite me only having one arm I still came out on top of every challenge, winning multiple prizes and the respect of multiple people. There were a few problems with the man who I threatened running around telling people I was a demon but I just explained to them the eye I keep behind my eye patch was a fake I built to scare people. This got most of them to ignore the guy with some calling him a scared lunatic while others asked to see my fake, which could cause so much fear, but I just told them it was for interrogation purposes only. It was then I was brought out of my thoughts when my Scouter that was watching Lord Loch and Riptide showed me something was up when Lord Loch began pacing in his room while angrily muttering. It was then he turned to his son and said.

"I don't like this Hiccup lad, even with just one arm he's shown to be incredibly powerful." Riptide replied.

"Don't worry father, we'll take his prosthetic tomorrow night when everyone's out cold, after all" He reached into his satchel that was next to him and pulled out a palm sized black leather bag. "Once we've spiked the drinks barrel with these knockout salts and that idiot Fergus gives his toast where everyone will raise their drinks and drink them including Hiccup, they'll all fall unconscious." I gasped hearing this. "Then we sell the men to Goliath the Grizzly and keep the women for ourselves, the lands are ours, the villages will be easy pickings with their best warriors gone and we become the most powerful clan in all the land."

"Don't get too excited son, you never know what might happen that could be a problem for our plan." He then looked down in fear. "And you know what Goliath the Grizzly can be like."

"As long as we deliver what we promised then we'll have nothing to fear."

"Just watch yourself son." Riptide nodded. "Now let's get to bed since we won't be getting much sleep tomorrow night since we'll be delivering all the men to Goliath." Riptide nodded and went to bed while I hummed in thought before I said.

"Well that explains their plan." Blanca looked up from her book.

"Hiccup, what is it?"

"Apparently the members of Clan Loch are planning to spike the drinks at tomorrows dinner with something to knock everyone out and then sell the men of the clan to someone named Goliath the Grizzly." She gasped.

"So what are we going to do since we can't let that happen and without proof the lords will never believe us?" I smiled.

"Don't worry Blanca, I'll talk to the heirs tonight and we'll come up with a plan to stop this from happening." She nodded as I stood up and walked to the door before turning to her. "I'll let you know as soon as I get back from the meeting."

Ten minutes later

I was once again sitting in the great hall with the heirs but this time we were joined by the triplets who were informed by Merida that something was up and as such they wanted in. I'd just finished letting them know what I learnt about what Lord Loch and his clan were planning and I could tell none of them were happy but I didn't tell them who their partner is. It was then I was brought out of my thoughts when Merida asked.

"Do you have any idea who those beasts are working with?"

"All I know is they called him Goliath the Grizzly." As soon as the words left my mouth silence fell over us to the point where someone could hear a pin drop. "I'm guessing you guys know him." Wee Dingwall answered.

"He's been an enemy to four great clans since before we were born." Young Macintosh continued with.

"Our clans have been after him for years but he always manages to slip away." I rubbed my chin in thought as I said.

"If this is the case then if we play things right, we might be able to kill two birds with one stone." They each looked at me in confusion. "Here me out guys, if we do things right we can not only take down the entire Clan Loch but also capture Goliath the Grizzly so he can be locked up once and for all." There were stairs at me before Merida smiled.

"What's the plan cousin?" I smiled and then began telling them the plan to bring down the Loch Clan and this Goliath the Grizzly guy.

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