A/N: So... I don't know if anyone noticed but...lol...I switched Cammie to Cassie in the middle of the second chapter! I didn't even notice until 11:43, 8/23/14. YAY ME! But anyways, her name is Cammie! ;-)

Clove POV:

(flashback) I walk out of the dark room and see Cato. I want to fall to the floor and sob. I have NEVER been so happy in my life. I run to him and he engulfs me in his warms arms. I'm home. Finally, I'm home. (flashback end)

So... we are sitting in the hover craft. Cato's head is in my lap, and I can hear his gentle snoring. He's so cute! Cammie is back in Katniss's arms. Katniss. One day I want to kill her with every fiber in my body. Another she's holding my baby and has a debt on me I can never repay. Crazy huh? But maybe she's not so bad.

"What?" I jump. Katniss is looking at me with an eyebrow raised. I'm confused. "What? You were staring at me. Why?" I chuckled.

"I just think its funny how two days ago we were enemies, and now I'm trusting you not to strangle my baby!" I smile. She smiles back at me.

"I thought it was funny how you careers have such a soft side." I smirk.

"Have you every been to Two?" I start. "You don't have an option whether to be tough or not. Killing is programed into your body from the day you are born. They want your bloodlust to overpower your mortality. You don't have a choice, but Cato and I chose not to. Funny huh? That we were still reaped even though we had a kid? 'A reaping's a reaping' people will say. Bullshit. A reaping is only a reaping if your name isn't the only name in the entire glass ball!" I said. Katniss looked horrified.

"They set this up?" she gasped.

"I told you. You don't have an option. That was our punishment." I state. There are a few minutes, where nobody says anything. I'll let that sink in. All of a sudden, the hovercraft starts shaking. Haymich comes is and tells us that there is some "slight turbulance". Slight my ass! That was an earthquake in the air. I glare at him.

"Haymich, don't bullshit us. What's going on?" Katniss asks. Cato's eyes pop open as another bout of "turbulance" shakes the craft. Plutarch bursts through the door.

"WE ARE BEING FIRED AT! WE ARE BEING FIRED AT! EVERYONE GET A PARACHUTE! WE HAVE TO JUMP! NOW!" he yells, over the sound of the bullets and bombs. I look down at the baby in my arms.

"WAIT!" I scream so loud that everyone stops. "What about Cammie?" I say in a small voice. Plutarch looks apologetic at me.


"NO! I won't leave her! I CAN'T! PLEASE! There has to be something! All this stupid invisibility technology and we can't come up with something the allow a baby to skydive!" I yell, tears are streaming down my face.

"Clove, I'm so sorry, but we have to go. Even if you take her, she'll die on the way down from the pressure. WE have to leave her in the hovercraft." I want to fight him, but I know I won't win. I fall, cradling Cammie in my arms, sobbing hard. Cato comes over, and hugs me. He's trying not to cry. I can tell. But it's not working, he has stray tears falling onto his cheeks.

"We have to go, darling," he whispers in my ear. Sobbing harder, I lay Cammie on a seat, kiss her, and hug her once more. Cato goes over and has his last moments with her while I pull on a parachute.

"OK EVERYONE! 3,2,1, JUMP!" Haymich yells. We all jump out of the plane into nothingness.


We land in a forest, it looks the same as the D2 one, but I can tell the difference. This one looks less worn down, less trained in. I pull off my parachute, and look around. Katniss is to my right, and Peeta is behind me. Where's Clove? I start looking around frantically, looking for her. I hear a rustling coming from my left, and my head shoots that way. Clove comes out of the brush, parachute abandoned, and runs into my open arms.

"She's gone!" she sobs, " My beautiful baby girl! She's gone!" Her voice is mad, angry at the capital. But it's mostly dripping in despair. It makes me want to cry but I have to stay strong. We sink to the floor and she cries into my chest.


I watch Clove on the floor, my heart breaking. I can't imagine what I would do if I lost Prim. But Cammie was her child, her flesh and bones! She's so lucky to have Cato. I look to Peeta.

"We should give them some space," he mouths. I nod, and we walk out of the clearing, Haymich, and Plutarch following. After a few minutes I hear Plutarch say,

"OK guys! Here's the update. We currently have six people. Katniss, Peeta, me, Haymich, Clove, and Cato." I swallow hard. No crew, no pilot. No Cammie. "We landed in the outer forests of D12" Oh my gosh! We are near home! "We can't stop there for obvious reasons."

"Why? Because the capital will think to look for us there?" I ask. Haymich looks guilty at me.

"You didn't tell her yet?" Plutarch says, looking at Haymich. Haymich sighs.

"Katniss, as soon as you got out of the arena, the hovercrafts came in with fire bombs." I shake my head, not understanding, not wanting to understand. Haymich fights my stubborness with a slow nod. "Katniss, there is no district 12."