The Uzumaki Necromancer

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Chapter I: Naruto's Release

Darkness shrouded his every sight... hunger clouded his every thought... a deep frost permeated his every nerve. He could feel the cold steel of his chains around each wrist... the wintery cold draft in the room that made him envious of Yukigakure no Sato, for surely it would be warmer to his body, clad in his ripped jumpsuit he'd worn for two years now.

In the darkness, Uzumaki Naruto stood, hanging half an inch from the cold stone floor of his prison by the chains around his wrists. Nothing of his person could be seen because of the lack of light his personal dungeon held.

The Uzumaki was now just as surely a prisoner confined as the fox in his gut was, a captive against his will with no means to escape.

Like I want to escape anymore... He thought coldly. Nothing... nothing matters at all... no matter what happens, I'm dead... it's all useless...

Tsunade... Sasuke... Konoha... all of the others... I don't even care anymore... why can't all the pain just end already? Why can't I just feel the warm embrace of the Shinigame?Anything but Orochimaru and Kabuto's tests...

Sudden light entered the room as the door opened soundlessly. The blonde occupant was forced to shut his eyes for a moment from the bright light and when he opened them, sighed.

" Why hello there, Naruto-kun. How are we doing today?" Kabuto asked mockingly. Naruto looked at him with once bright blue eyes before dropping his head back down, too tired to even reply. It was no wonder, as the light revealed the Uzumaki's condition to the world.

His body looked a mess... his jumpsuit as in tatters, the top half gone completely and the bottom torn and shredded enough to barely be considered shorts. His stomach was sunken in with the ribs prominently shown. His once tanned skin was now very pale from the lack of sunlight and his hair no longer stood in spikes and was duller than it once was. His face was equally sunken with the only factor making it recognizable was the set of whisker-like markings on each cheek.

Nothing to say Naruto-kun? You always have for two years straight."

"Just... just get it over with..." the Uzumaki stated in a dead voice.

Kabuto's mocking smirk grew then and as he snapped his fingers two Oto ANBU stepped from the shadows and released Naruto's chains, catching him just before he hit the floor. The pair followed Kabuto through the base untl they arrived to a room where Orochimaru sat in a throne-like chair where he observed the training of his latest potential vessel, Uchiha Sasuke.

As the quartet entered the room, the Sannin's eyes turned to them and he smiled in that psycopathic way only snake summoners can. Idly, he noted that somehow during Naruto's near two-year imprisonment, he had grown to be the exact same height as Sasuke, an even six feet.

"Naruto-kun, so nice to see you up and about and out of your room. I thought we would have to send a hunter-nin squad to find you since we haven't seen you in so long." Naruto thought that grin of his was sickening... but he was just too tired to care anymore.

Sasuke heard his old teammate's name and turned to look at him. The form he saw brought distaste to his mouth, but he shook it off. Whatever happened to the dobe was of no concern to him, so he would just wait for his sensei to finish up so that he could learn more.

" Are you ready to submit to me then, Naruto-kun?" The Snake aske with his half-smile firmly in place.

The blonde's dead eyes rose and looked at Orochimaru before he slowly nodded. "If-" he coughed very roughly due to his dry throat. "If it gets me out of those 'sessions' from you and Kabuto... then hai, I will submit."

With a smirk Orochimaru asked, "You will submit what?"

"I will submit... Orochimaru-sama." Naruto stated and dropped his Sannin's smirk seemed to grow.

"Perfect... Kabuto, get my newest subordinate clothes aand nourishment... Kami-sama knows that he needs it."

The spectacled medic nodded. "At once, Orochimaru-sama." He left with the blonde in tow and did not return for two hours.

Before he left, however... "And Naruto-kun? We will begin your physical rehabilitation once you have eaten."

When the blonde returned, only Kabuto was with him and he now stood without help. He also now had clothes. Black sandals, blood red pants and a hooded cloak of pitch black that was open to show his bare chest with the seal clearly visible on his stomach and a fist-sized scar just shy of where his heart should be. His skin was still pale and his hair was cut back to its former length. Though his appearance was still pale and devoid of life, he was at least presentable.

"I have returned Naruto-kun, Orochimaru-sama." Kabuto stated with his fake smile never leaving.

The snake-like nin rose from his seat and walked to the Uzumaki, handing him a blue scroll with a red swirl on it. "I want you to begin your studies with this scroll. It can only be opened with Uzumaki blood and seen with Uzumaki eyes."

The blonde nodded and swiped his blood across it before opening it to see complex designs and intricate inscriptions inside of it. The others who looked in it saw nothing, however.

"I take it you can read it?" Orochimaru asked and Naruto nodded.

"It will take some time to decipher it though."

"Then get to it. Kabuto will monitor your progress while I keep track of Sasuke."

"As you command, Orochimaru-sama. Come, Naruto-kun, you have work to do."

"Whatever..." he replied and followed Kabuto out the room, aware but uncaring of the Uchiha's eyes on his back.

Sasuke was curious... what could have happened to turn his teammate- so full of life, of energy, of will and fire- to become this submissive man before him? What happened to you dobe?

Four Months Later

Otogakure no Sato's resident Uzumaki sat at his desk in the room he was given, going over his fuinjutsu notes. They were up all along the walls, desk and even the low ceiling. He was busy at work on his latest project for Orochimaru. He was tasked with attempting to find a way to lessen the strain on Sasuke's body while he used the Cursed Seal of Heaven.

During the last four months of working with the Uzumaki scroll, Naruto had noticed something rather interesting. It started with him getting a feel for his chakra once more, but at one point his chakra jutted out of his palm like a blade. Naturally, he became curious and so pushed more chakra until the blade shot off like a kunai and was attached to his body by a silver chain.

Kabuto reported this to Orochimaru, and the Snake was unsurprised. The Yondaime Hokage's wife was famous for her ability to create chains of her chakra, so why shouldn't her son be able to? He didn't tell the boy of his parentage though, no need for him to get ideas about returning to Konoha.

One more thing he did was attempt to speak to his tenant.


Naruto opened his eyes to the familiar sewer-like scene of his mindscape. In irritation, he sighed as he walked to the cage holding the strongest of all bijuu.

He soon came upon the cage holding his kitsune tenant. "Alright, what do you want Fox?" He asked as he made eye contact with a pair of crimson eyes with slit pupils.

''I'm just curious, ningen. What could possibly break you? You stood up to me of all beings. ME! Who the hell do you think you are to stand up to me and then be broken by that snake of all people?"

"What's it matter to you, Furball?"

"There it is again! You disrespect me RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Yet you listen to the Snake like a slave."

Naruto sneered at the Nine-Tails and practically exuded hatred from his very being. "You want to know why I gave up fighting him? BECAUSE HE CAN ACTUALLY HURT ME! You can't do anything from behind that cage of yours while for the last two years... I've gone through every mental and physical torture the Snake and his damn medic come up with! All your power does is increase my rage and make me fight on instinct, damn fox! Do you understand now?"

In response, the Kyuubi snarled and growled before hitting the gate. "Don't you dare think that this seal will hold me back forever! One of these days I'll get out, and when I-"

Naruto spoke up calmly then. "Fox, we need to cooperate." His interruption stopped the Fox mid-rant.

"What?" was the demon's intelligent reply.

"You heard me. We both know that I'm going to need your power, and you need me alive or else you'll die. It makes sense that we work together."

"What exactly are you saying?"

"Fox, when the time comes, I'm going to leave this place and set my own path in the world. I won't be the fool I once was anymore, and I sure as hell won't be the submissive man I am now. I'm going to need your help to do it."

The fox had calmed throughout Naruto's explanation and rested its head on its forepaws. "At least you admit that you need me. And tthe logic of teaming up instead of fighting is undeniable." The demon stayed silent as it made a decision. "Alright, we'll work together. But don't get any ideas, ningen, I'm not doing this for you, but so that I can stay alive."

"Glad we have an understanding, Fox. What will our terms be?"

"'Simple. I lend you my power and you make sure you stay alive." Naruto nodded before the fox said something else. "And one more thing: I also want you to kill someone for me."


"The man who controlled me the night I attacked Konoha: Uchiha Madara."

Naruto's surprise barely showed on his face. "Madara? I thought he was supposed to be dead or ancient? How could he do that?"

Kyuubi growled. "Those damn eyes of his... his had ascended far above any other of his clan before or after. I would not be at all surprised if he had attained immortality from those blasted Sharinga of his."

"Could any Uchiha gain this power?" The Uzumaki asked with distaste, already imagining Sasuke with such an ability as eternal life.

"I'm not sure, but all I care aboout is making sure that bastard is dead! No one controls me and gets away with it!"

"You've got yourself a deal, Fox. When I have the chance, I'll find Madara... and I'll end him."

End Flashback

After their deal, Naruto and his tenant had established a telepathic and sensory link. The former let them speak by thought and the second allowed Kyuubi to feel all Naruto did. Naruto had spent his timtime with seals basically keeping Orochimaru happy and tweaking his Shiki Fujin so he could better control Kyuubi's chakra.

Naruto walked around the room and gathered his notes and sealed them in a scroll protected by a Chi Fuin (Blood Seal). He then turned to his shelf and grabbed a second scroll from it and smiled to himself. Let's see how you tic... He thought to himself as he opened the scroll labeled Edo Tensei (Impure World Resurrection). It's a good thing the snake wanted me to learn this and use its power. Can't believe he would give it to me just because of my monstrous chakra reserves.

"The Sannin truly is an idiot for giving you that kinjutsu just because he thought you would be loyal." Kyuubi replied with humor lacing its deep voice.

Shame on him, eh Kyuubi?

The Fox smirked to himself. "Indeed it is, Kit, indeed it is...

Six Months Later

"So the teme absorbed Orochimaru, eh?" Naruto asked Kabuto, who looked completely lost without his master.

"Hai, Sasuke absorbed Orochimaru-sama... but I don't understand it! It is supposed to work the other way around!"

Naruto rolled his eyes he continued scanning the Edo Tensei scroll. Over the months, between Naruto and Kyuubi, they had discovered the jutsu's many secrets and uses. And while a person who had any empathy left would be abhorred by the 'human sacrifice' aspect of the technique, Naruto had slowly lost that from being surrounded by psychopaths, torture and murderers on every side. Not to mention the need he had to block out emotional pain from the Snake and Kabuto for two years straight during his incarceration.

Even so, his logical side told him that taking too many sacrifices would be suspicious, so Kyuubi told him that he knew of a loophole it to get past using human sacrifices, but would not divulge it without him knowing the jutsu inside and out.

"Kabuto, what is the main ability of the Sharingan?" Naruto asked coldly with a hint of mocking in his tone.

The silver-haired medic thought for a moment. "To decode and analyze jutsu?"

Naruto's tone then became that of explaining something to a small child. "And wouldn't Orochimaru's body transfer technique count as a jutsu?"

Kabuto's eyes widened as he realized how obvious the answer was. Just as he was about to speak, an explosion could be heard. Quickly Kabuto stood. "Naruto, hold off the invaders while I go gather Orochimaru-sama's notes!" Kabuto ran off without an answer, leaving Naruto alone.

He sighed and sealed the Edo Tensei scroll inside a storage seal hidden within the Shiki Fujin's intricate design that he drew there himself.

"Always leaving me with the hard work, eh Kabuto?" Naruto shook his head and performed quick handseals. "Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei!" He shouted and with a clap of his hands, three coffins rose from the ground, already prepared for anytime he should need them, three of the ten he already had made ready for battle. The coffins opened to reveal the three genin that had been in the Chuunin Exam in Konoha and from Sound: Tsuchi Kin, Abumi Zaku and Kinuta Dosu.

"Take care of the invading shinobi. I just need a little time to gather my things." The three nodded stiffly and headed down to locate the invaders.

"Dammit... finally got rid of the Snake and then this happens? Can't I just relax for once in my life? Kabuto probably already got the notes and just left me here for dead. Spineless coward."

"You realize those three have no chance right?"

Naruto sighed. "Yeah, but they're mainly to gauge their strength and maybe even wear the intruders out a little."

"And then you go in for the kill?"

Exactly... and now, we wait.

Naruto chuckled to himself, a sound which echoed through the base and was heard by a certain purple-haired kunoichi who thought it familliar and followed the sound.

Just who is that?

And that's the end!

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