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Chapter 12: The End?

The Titans sat around the table, all of them, together, for the first time in a couple weeks. Cyborg and Jinx had spent the time leading up to the group breakfast cooking to their hearts content. The table was loaded with waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon, ham, bagels, toast, as well as an assortment of tofu.

"Thanks for making all of this you two," Robin said, pulling bacon onto his plate.

"Don't even have to ask, Robin. Happy to cook, I'm eatin' too, remember?" Cyborg said.

Everyone loaded up their plates, getting whatever they could before the rest of their team took what they wanted. Some went for fruit, others went for bacon, barely anyone went for the tofu.

"How are you two doing?" Jinx asked, motioning towards Beast Boy and Raven, who were seated at the end of the table together.

Raven put down her fork, and looked up, she cracked an unusual smile and said, "We're great."

No one knew how to respond to that, and Raven had said so on purpose. Making an awkward moment would allow her to drag Beast Boy out and go on their "trip". Everyone ate on in silence, unable to look up and see a happy Raven. After all that had happened, they expected her to be a bit more angry and restless.

Raven waited until Beast Boy had finished eating and was poking at the piece of tofu that was left on his plate. She put her had on his and excused herself.

"I'll be right back," she said, standing up.

Everyone nodded silently, and waited for Raven to leave. She didn't teleport, like they expected, she merely walked out of the room.

Beast Boy put down his fork and looked up at the table. Everyone was staring at him, in an almost "What did you do to her?" kind of way.

"She's fine, guys."

"Sure, and you can beat me in video games," Cyborg teased.

"I so can," Beast Boy said, getting up from his seat, ready to rush over to the TV. He realised he couldn't and sat back down. He had to follow Raven very soon, they had their own mission to take care of.

"Robin?" he asked.

"What's up, B?"

"Raven and I are going to take a break and go somewhere for a couple days."

"I was going to suggest that this morning. No one knew how to say it."

"So thats why you guys were acting wierd."

"Yeah, why not take Raven out tonight? Or go to a movie?"

"Boyfriend Robin, we will attend a movie tonight." Starfire said, forcefully enough that Robin almost saluted.

"I'll take it easy, and so will she, Rob."

They nodded in understanding and Beast Boy got up to leave the room. Cyborg stopped him on the way out, just outside the room.

"Be careful, B."

He put his hand on Beast Boy's shoulder and then turned and walked back into the common room, the doors closing behind him as Beast Boy stood frozen.

'They know.'

'I know they know,' Raven responded to him, once again using their mental link.

'Anything we can do about it? We don't want them to follow us, right?'

'Right, but there's nothing we can do to stop them, most we can do is leave behind our communicators and use my portal to travel instantly. They'll have a hard time tracking us.'

'Alright, where do you need me to go?'

'Come to my room.'

'On my way.'

Beast Boy walked with purpose down the hall, heading towards the girls side of the floor, where Raven's room was located. He hadn't been into her room in a long time. He mostly spent his time either in the med lab or somewhere else, spending time with Raven. Though the same could be said for Raven, even with the problems in the past weeks, they managed to spend time together.

He turned the corner and walked down to the end of the hall, where the door engraved with "Raven" stood. Instead of knocking, he entered the code and the doors slid open. Raven had given him the code in secret, during a hug they shared, when she woke up in the med lab.

She was meditating on her bed, as Beast Boy entered the room. He didn't disturb her, and remained silent, taking a seat on an antique chair that she had near chest of ancient artifacts.

"I'm surprised, Gar," Raven said without opening her eyes.

"At what?"

"The fact that you don't disturb me anymore. You use to always make as much noise as possible and include me in everything you do."

Beast Boy closed his eyes and looked down, sighing before looking up, "Now that you include me in everything you do, I have no reason to bother you. It's just nice to spend time with you."

Raven smiled. Tender moments like these wouldn't happen for a while due to their mission. She was about to take Beast Boy directly into the hornet's nest. There was no guarentee that they would return unhamrmed from this mission. Something like this had been sitting in the back of Raven's mind. That dream she had, always itching to fulfill itself. She considered that every one of her emotions had said this was a good idea and that bringing him would be a huge benefit to their attempt at finishing her father once and for all.

"I'm glad you're happy," Raven finally said.

Beast Boy smiled and continued to sit in the chair, waiting for Raven to fill him in on the details, or at least stand up. She continued to meditate for another ten minutes, gathering energy and siphoning off some to Beast Boy in case she needed to use it later. She then opened her eyes and looked out at him. They locked eyes, piercing green and light lilac colliding. She sighed and stood up.


"Always, where are we going?"

"Well, I was hoping you could help me out with that a bit."

"Me? How can I help?"

"Well, you know a lot about the area. My emotions told me that there's an island somewhere off the bay that is extremely remote. That's where my father's made the portal."

"Islands off the coast... Let's see." Beast Boy began to rub his chin, thinking that maybe he would look older as he thought. He missed Raven rolling her eyes, as he continued to think. "Well, there's a couple islands that are off the coast. Though I'm almost a hundred percent sure that they have nothing on them, just some trees."

"I'm sure he's on one of those," Raven began, "He would find an island that doesn't have any population, less people that could find him out. It probably is also hidden well, if he took control of Slade, then he took control of his base."

"So, how will we find it?"

"We will have to go out and look. There's no way for us to know from here. However, when we get there, I can try and phase us through the ground, though it will be really dangerous. Knowing my father, he's left the portal open, and he'll bring his minions through."


"Yes, my father couldn't have been the only one who came through the portal." She was sitting on the edge of the bed now, hands folded, thinking about how to tell him that it was going to be a challenge to actually get close to her father. "There's most likely a lot of minor demons within the base, if it is in fact where my father opened the portal."

"So, not much to worry about, right?"

"Hopefully. I should be able to force them back through the portal, or if I really need to, I'll kill them."

"Kill… them?"

"Yes, Beast Boy. Sadly, with my father, I can't show mercy."

Beast Boy didn't want Raven to have to kill anyone, but these were demons, and her father had the upper hand at least for now. He had nothing to say, he had no way to stop her even if he wanted to, aside from asking.

"I can't stop you," he said.

"I know, and I appreciate you not trying to."

"So the Island off the coast is the place we're going right? Are we going to tell anyone else that we're leaving? Even as a cover story?"

"They already know. All we can hope to do is just leave without them noticing or tracking us. The less we bring, the easier it will be for us to do what is needed."


"Alright, are you ready?"

Beast Boy looked into her eyes once more and considered what they were about to do. They hadn't heard a peep from Trigon in a week. He might have been planning, or he might be recovering. Maybe when Slade impaled himself with the staff he dealt a mortal blow to Trigon.

Beast Boy sighed, and nodded. "Let's go."

Raven came closer to Beast Boy and wrapped her arms around him. If she was going to have to travel, she might as well travel comfortably. Once more, the dark cloak of Raven's energy rose up, encasing the Chromatically Challenged Couple™ and then sinking down to the floor.


It was a cool evening off the coast of the Jump City Bay. It had been immensely hot the past week, and was just now starting to cool down. From a nearby Island, the coast was visible, the city gleaming and showering the area in light.

However, on the Island, it was quiet, and dark. Birds could be heard chirping every once in a while. The few animals who were on the Island had since gone to sleep and the only sounds aside from the birds was the rustling of the trees and plants from the light wind that blew out from the mainland.

The light rustling was disturbed by two popping up from the ground in an embrace.

"Well, this is a nice place." Beast Boy commented.

Raven smiled, had they been able to go out on a second date, then she would have considered a picnic with him out here. It was definitely a beautiful place. "It really is."

"So," Beast Boy began, "Where do you think this secret base is?"

"I have no idea… let me try on my own to phase into it. If not, we can look around. I'm sure you can spot it with your night vision."

Beast Boy nodded and looked on as Raven chanted her mantra.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos…"

She was again, cloaked in her dark energy, and she sank into the ground. The way her teleportation worked, was it used an image in her mind in order to move through the void and relocate her physical body to the location. She wasn't able to do that here, however. She hadn't been inside the base, so she wouldn't be able to portal inside.

She figured that since she knew her father, she would use the image of him as a locale, instead of an actual place. She phased into the void and began to search for her father. A few minutes passed before she felt a tug and was yanked back to her original position.

"No luck?" She heard. It was Beast Boy.

Raven sighed, she had hoped that would have worked, but also was relieved that it hadn't. If it had worked, she would have popped up right next to her father, which would have had bad consequences.

"None," she responded.

"I guess we'll have to go in the hard way then?"

"Seems that way. The Island isn't that big so we should be able to find the base sooner or later."

They turned away from the shore, and looked inland, trying to see if anything caught their eyes. No such luck either. They would have to scour the Island, which wasn't huge, for an opening.

Slade wasn't able to teleport through walls like Raven was, even if he had been controlled by Trigon who could, he wouldn't have built the base with the insight that he would one day be able to phase. Somewhere on the Island, laid a door that Raven would be able to pass through.

The two searched around where they had popped up, the north side beach, and found little to nothing. Walking eastward, they began to notice the sand had shifted in where it was settled. Beast Boy was the first to notice it, as it was dark and he has night vision.

"Hey, does this… sand look different?"

"Different how?" Raven said, lighting up the area by feeding some energy into her hand.

He crouched down, looking at the sand. "It looks almost as though it's been wiped."


"Ummm… Like someone tried to hide something."

"You mean like footprints?"

"Essentially, yes."

"Any chance that you can see where they lead?"

"No, but we do now know we're in the right place. It's on the side facing the city, so at least we know where it is."

"So, somewhere around here… where would Slade put it?" Raven said, lifting off the ground to get a better view.

Beast Boy had no idea where he would hide his base either, and began to wade his way into the thicket of trees that was present twenty feet from shore. The Chromatically Challenged Couple™ searched for what seemed like forever. They weaved their way throughout the jungle-esque forest, searching for any clues. Raven had given up trying to find anything from the sky. The second she flew over the forest, she couldn't see the ground, and there was nothing shining or showing any sort of metallic gleam. They walked together through the forest, as they had left their communicators at the Tower.

"We've been at this for hours…" Beast Boy groaned, walking with his shoulders slumped.

"Yeah, and we have to find the entrance. If we give up and just leave now, then the rest of the Team will ask where we've been all day, and you're a horrible liar," Raven said with a smile.

"I am not a horrible liar!" Beast Boy said angrily stomping his foot. A metallic sound rang out from when he stomped. Both of them looked down at the sound, then back up at each other.

"Leave it to you to find it on accident," Raven teased.

"At least I found it!"

"Yeah, yeah…" Raven said, while she began to use her powers to uncover what was a metal plate.

"Can you open that, Rae?"

"I'm pretty sure I can, as long as I just rip up this little piece, it won't be quiet though."

"Alright, let's do it," Beast Boy said, changing quickly into a silverback gorilla.

Raven began to pull at the middle of the metal plate with her powers, bending metal could be heard and the sound of bolts and washers breaking off and falling to the floor underneath. The metal plate popped up with force and ripped open.

Dropping down the newly formed hole, Beast Boy looked around. The base was made just as you'd expect an evil genius' base to be like. The walls were made of concrete, and the floors were made of metal. The ceiling held buzzing lights that you would find lining the buildings of businesses and schools. There were markings on the floor in different colors. Blue, green, yellow and red lines ran on the right side of the floor.

"Beast Boy," Raven said in a whisper.

'You can just think, you know?' He said in her head.

She shot him a glare, reminding herself that he was only trying to help, and he was right, it'd be better to speak in each other's heads. 'You're right,' she answered finally.

'What do you think these lines are for, Rae?' He asked.

'I was about to ask you the same.'

'I've seen something like this before, when I was a kid,' Beast Boy began, as they slowly headed down the hall, following all four of the lines before they branched off.


'In the lab my parents worked in. They used it to guide people around, to show people where stuff is.'

'So what do the colors mean?'

'Ummm, if I remember correctly, they were color coded for security purposes. I remember mom having to take me past a guard when we went to her lab, which was the yellow one.'

'So, yellow is high security then. What about red?'

'Red was off-limits for me.'

'Shall we try yellow first? Or Red?' Raven asked, standing at the split between the two colors.

'I'd say red, if we're trying to get this done as fast as possible.'

Raven began to follow the red line, walking as quietly as possible. Beast Boy still hadn't changed out of his gorilla form, which was probably a good idea, as they had no idea what would be in the base. For his size, Beast Boy moved silently, able to soften the sound by not walking on his knuckles as many apes do, but on the pads of his feet.

The red line led down a maze of hallways, past where the green, blue, and yellow all stopped or branched off. The hall opened up farther down into a room that was pitch black. Nothing could be seen from the dark entryway.

"So nice of you to have joined us, traitor." The demonic voice resounded off the walls, creating an echo.

Raven didn't recognize the voice, though she was sure it was a demon.

"Who are you?"

"Me? Why I'm one of your father's generals."

"My father's generals?"

"That's right, after you failed him, he recruited us to fuel his war."

"So then, who are you?"

"You may call me Xeroth." The demon was lanky, and tall. He had no armor, but obsidian colored robes. He wore a gold necklace with a scathe mark that Raven couldn't identify. His red eyes pierced through the darkness and Raven was able to easily locate him.

"Very well, Xeroth," Raven began, "Tell me something, how many generals are there?"

"Including myself? Five."

"Since when have demons been so polite and proper?" Beast Boy asked, having shifted out of form.

"Oh, make no mistake, I will kill you. But go about it so archaically?"

"Ok dude, I understood about half that."

Raven would have found this humorous normally, but right now, she was focusing on Xeroth.

"All of you guys have specialties if I remember correctly," Raven remarked.

"Indeed we do."

"What are you proficient with?"

"Shadow magic."

"So like my own?" Raven asked, concerned that her enemy was giving away all of the details.

"Close, but not exactly. I shall demonstrate them with a fight. One on one?"

Raven didn't want to fight him one on one, but if a demon was trying to be fair, she figured she could attempt to be as well. She had no intention of losing, and was the daughter of a highly powerful demon. Her powers should easily be able to outmatch Xeroth's.

Raven stepped forward, now prepared to fight Xeroth.

"One on one, fine."

Xeroth ignited his hands in black fire, which was his shadow magic, while Raven did the same, though hers was dark magic. Xeroth began by shooting beams of energy at her, which Raven deftly dodged. He began to attempt to whip his magic in an arc to hit her, which was easily gone under or above. Raven was toying with him, and Beast Boy could see it. He was stuck on the sidelines, but was cheering none the less.

Raven had the advantage over Xeroth. Though his demeanor was calm and respectable, his attacks were the exact opposite, untrained, though powerful, and not in the least bit accurate. His attacks flew all over the place, slashing the walls. Beast Boy had a good view of the fight due to his night vision, though Raven was having a bit of trouble, only able to see the red eyes and glowing attacks sent flying her way.

Raven was learning his moves and predicting them with increasing speed. She hadn't been touched, nor had she attack Xeroth yet. He was slowing down, barely able to do an arc attack anymore. Raven smiled, and Beast Boy caught her smiling. He knew this was going to be the moment to watch.

Raven crouched down and touched the floor, shooting a black beam across it. Xeroth moved too slowly and his legs were swept out from under him. Raven then proceeded to encase him and sunk Xeroth into the floor, sending him to an alternate dimension.

"Nice one, Rae," Beast Boy complimented. He had just watched his girlfriend deftly dodge every single attack, and defeat one of Trigon's generals in one hit.

She stood up and looked over her shoulder, smiling at him with her eyes closed. She hadn't expected to be able to deal with Xeroth so easily, but if you can send someone to an alternate dimension, why not? With Xeroth gone, the shadows that were haunting the room dispersed.

Beast Boy walked over to Raven, and grabbed her hand and strolled down the hallway with her, leaving the room behind.

"So, there are four more of these guys?" Raven asked.

"That's what he said. You know, this is kinda designed like one of the games I play."

"Really?" Raven asked, legitimately surprised.

"Yeah, it's a game with dungeons, and before you make it to the final boss, you sometimes had to fight mini-bosses."

"So realistically, according to your game, there are four more rooms each one housing a mini-boss, or in our case, a general?"

"Not necessarily. They could work together." Right as Beast Boy said the mini-bosses could work together, they entered the second room. It was just like the first, except instead of being covered in shadows, it was bathed in two different colors of light from fires that burned in the corners.

"Welcome." Two voices said in unison.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me," Raven said, appalled that Beast Boy's game analogy was coming true.

Beast Boy smirked, "These are mine, alright?"

"I'm too upset over this coming true to bother fighting anyway," Raven said, sitting down and pulling her hood up.

"So, who are you two?" Beast Boy asked, stifling a laugh.

"I am Anteroc."

"And I am Coretna."

The demons looked like brothers, almost identical. The only difference was that on their head was a scar that Anteroc had on his left side, and Coretna had on his right.

They were shorter and plumper than Xeroth. They did not wear robes either, they had on track suits. Which Beast Boy found humorous, though he wasn't going to taunt them about it.

"So you guys have special abilities as well?"

"Yes," Anteroc began, "We are opposites. I use fire magic, while my brother uses ice magic."

"You will not be able to defeat us," Coretna stated bluntly.

"We'll see about that."

Beast Boy leapt forward, changing quickly into a panther, charging right for the two. Before they could react, he was already upon them. He swiped out, though they dodged away and split up. Beast Boy rushed to the side, keeping the brothers on their toes. They attempted their first attack, by shooting bolts of fire and beams of ice at the rampaging cat.

In panther form, Beast Boy was easily able to dodge their attacks. He was reading their reaction times and their methods of attack. He was trying to impress Raven after all. He couldn't lose to these two. She had defeated them in one move, so that's what he was trying to do.

He continued to run around the room, jumping over their attacks and pushing the two brothers into position. When he was finally ready, he stood in-between them and changed into a gorilla. Slamming his fists on his chest and roaring, the two brothers panicked and shot a huge bolt each. Beast Boy, smiling inwardly, transformed into a fly and merely moved out of the way, as the bolts of fire and ice shot past each other and impacted their respective opposite.

Beast Boy landed near Raven, and transformed back into his human form. "So?"

"That was nice."

"Nice, that's it?" He said, almost angry.

"Well, I mean, that was awesome!" Raven attempted at using Beast Boy's terms and they sounded bad coming from her.

"Yeahhh… Let's leave it at nice." Beast Boy said.

They got up again, walking past the two. One frozen to the ground and not moving, the other with plumes of smoke rising from the impact point.

"So who do you think we'll have to fight next?"

"I have no idea. I've actually never encountered these demons before. They must have been handpicked by my father."

"Well, I guess the next guy is yours?"

"We'll see, maybe I like watching you fight…" Raven teased. Knowing that Beast Boy enjoyed showing off.

Beast Boy, being the kid at heart that he was, flexed his muscles and tried to impress Raven even more so than he just had. Though she wouldn't care to admit it, his tactics against the brothers worked out very well and he executed them perfectly.

The room they found themselves in next was not like the others. It was coated in metal completely. The walls had lights built into the sides and were surrounded by metal as well.


"Yeah, yeah," Beast Boy interrupted, "What's up?"

The demon at the other end of the room looked a bit upset, but continued regardless. "I am the fourth demon that you have to deal with."

"And your name is?"

"My name is Gerthun. I have control over all sorts of metal and objects that contain metals." Gerthun was an imposing demon. Tall, and muscular with black hair that draped down over his forehead and down his back. He had what looked like bolts imbedded in his face, though the tops were only visible.

"Ah, so you're like Cyborg."

"I do not know of this Cyborg, but I assure you, there is no one else like me."

"Just out of curiosity," Raven asked, "Why don't all five of you just fight together?"

"There is no honor in an enemy that you cannot defeat on your own."

"Since when do demons have honor?" Beast Boy instantly regretted that statement as Raven's hand impacted the back of his head.

"This one is yours bonehead." Raven said, trying to hold back from calling him stupid.

"What did I do?"

"Raven is half-demon, little changeling," Gerthun said.

"Oh… crap…"

"Yeah, and now you have to deal with him!" Raven said, using false anger. She knew he didn't mean it, he was just being himself.

"Alright then."

"So, what can you do metal man?" adopting a fighting stance.

Gerthun grinned and turned his skin metal color.

Beast Boy dropped his stance in awe. "Dude, that's so cool! You can change the color of your skin?"

"Not just the color, but the element."

Gerthun didn't waste any time, he shifted all of his body into metal and charged at Beast Boy who had no stance and wasn't in an animal form. Gerthun changed his fist into a hammer and swung at Beast Boy, who deftly dodged. The training he had from Robin in the past was paying off and he would be able to keep Gerthun at bay without having to transform into an animal. He was becoming cocky.

Gerthun was amazed at his speed and ability. Though he had some moves to spare. He turned and swung his arm over, extending his arm at the same time. Beast Boy was caught by surprise and was smashed into the ground, creating an impact in the ground.

Gerthun smirked and wound up to attack him again. He was halfway through his swing when he noticed that Beast Boy wasn't in the spot where he had been just a second ago.

Beast Boy had transformed, even though he hadn't wanted to and was flying as a humming bird around Gerthun, looking for a weak point. He was caught by surprised again, when Gerthun reached out and grabbed Beast Boy. Thinking quickly he changed into the biggest thing that popped into his mind that the time.

In the form a hippopotamus, Beast Boy was impossible to hold and Gerthun was forced to drop him. Beast Boy went to transform once more, but was caught by a swift punch and thrown across the room.

From the sidelines, Raven was concerned, but she knew that Beast Boy had taken far worse beatings than this and was probably just trying to show off. If he would quit messing around then he would be able to finish off the fight and Raven would take the next fight and they would be closer. At least they knew this was the right place. Perhaps at the end of all these demons was her father. She figured he'd be there, but also a part of her thought that the demons would want to take her out themselves and try and gain popularity with her father by bringing back both her and Beast Boy's corpses.

A sickening snap was heard, as Beast Boy's right arm was broken. He had been careless and Gerthun got a tight grip on him and snapped it. Raven panicked, this could be the end for Beast Boy, and Raven was preparing to step in. Honor meant a lot to her, though she would rather keep Garfield than her honor.

Beast Boy stood up, and in anger, roared. It was guttural, almost feral. He began to change, slowly. Crunching and cracking of the bones as they rearranged could be heard. He was morphing, though it appeared extremely painful. Beast Boy's nose elongated, forming a snout, and his pupils disappeared. He sprouted fur all along his body as his uniform was ripped off. Muscles grew out in places that you would only see on body builders, and a tail sprouted from behind him. Gerthun was too shocked to say anything and could only watch as Beast Boy finished his transformation.

Beast Boy finished his transformation and howled. Raven was shocked, the last time she had seen him transform like this, he was the Beast and he had done it to protect her. This time was different however, it wasn't the same Beast she had seen before, nor the same one she'd seen in his mind.

Beast Boy, now in his Beast form, looked at Gerthun. Gerthun took a step back, having no knowledge of what would happen next. Beast Boy raised a paw up and a black chain sprouted from his palm. The chain wrapped around Gerthun and dragged him over to Beast Boy.

Beast Boy, in his new Beast form, disappeared for a second and reappeared in the same spot. Deep gashed exploded out on Gerthun, sending metal fragments and blood out everywhere.

Gerthun's eyes rolled into the back of his head, and Beast Boy tossed him aside. He walked over to Raven.

'Impressive, huh?'

'Gar…field? You have control?'

'Apparently. Let me see if I can change back.'

Beast Boy's face looked like it was in pain, and then he slowly began to back out of the form. It didn't look as painful when he first transformed, but it was definitely still a problem. When he was done transforming back, he was crouching on the ground.

"Ok, that was awesome."

"Awesome? You do see what you did to him, right?"

"Yeah, I finished another demon."

"What the hell was that chain thing?" Raven asked, distraught.

"I have no idea, but it was cool wasn't it?"

"Yes, very. I'd like to see you use that again when we're done here."

"Alright, I can take the next guy if you want too!"

"What about your arm?"

"Oh yeah!" He swung his arm around while he held his shoulder. "It must have healed when I transformed."

"That's odd…"

"Kinda, I can break bones in other forms and transform back and they heal, so maybe this worked backwards?"

"Could be. It's helpful none the less. Let's go finish off this last guy so we can find my father."

Beast Boy nodded and they walked again towards the back of the room which led to a hallway and hopefully the next room. The metal ended and the floor changed again, this time to hardwood.

The room opened up, well lit and covered in ancient artifacts.

"These are from Japan…"

"How do you know?"

Raven pointed to a display that was off to the left side of the room, "Those are Katanas."

"Katanas? Like samurai swords?"


"I'm glad to see some of you humans have taste."

Raven and Beast Boy looked over to the door that would have led forward to the next room. Standing in full armor, with red eyes gleaming from behind the mask, was the final demon among the generals.

"I was impressed with your last fight Beast Boy." He said.


Raven punched his shoulder.

"Ouch! What was that for?" He said, rubbing it.

"We're supposed to be fighting the demons, not thanking them."

"Perhaps you would care to fight me then, Raven?" the demon said.

"Of course. May I know who you are first?"

"I am Ritensu. Your father's first general." Ritensu was an imposing figure. He stood tall, and well built, but not excessively muscular. He wore full Samurai armor, also known as Tosei-gusoku (modern armor), and the only thing visible was his ravenous red eyes.

"I assume your technique includes Bushido?"

"Essentially, with a bit of demon law added in."

"So then you would prefer a sword fight?"

"Of course. Choose your weapon."

Raven walked to the display, and looked at the blades. She had fought with blades before and was well versed in the history of Bushido and swordplay. She picked up a blade at the top. It was very long, and curved, though Raven was part demon and it wasn't extremely heavy for her.

"A splendid choice, the nōdachi is a great weapon."

Raven unsheathed the blade and looked at it. Confident that this blade was the one she wanted.

"When I win, I'll be keeping this."

"As you wish," Ritensu said.

She moved back to the middle of the room. Holding the blade in her right hand, she rubbed the blade with her left hand, coating the blade in black flames. She held is backwards and leaned down into a stance that she could launch from.

"Are you ready?" She asked.

Ritensu drew his blade, a Tachi, and mimicked her stance. The two had a standoff. Beast Boy was beside himself. He loved action movies like this and always wanted to see one in real life. His wish was coming true, and didn't believe that Raven could possibly lose.

Raven and Ritensu refused to budge, waiting for the other to make a mistake. Fed up with the time it was taking, Raven let out a scream, and rushed forward. Ritensu copied her moves, screaming as loud as possible. The two passed each other in an instant, stopping a step after they passed each other. Their swords were out, both had slashed.

Ritensu's blade snapped in half, and Raven's cloak showed a hole. It was over, Ritensu fell to the ground.

"RAVEN, THAT WAS SO COOL!" Beast Boy shouted, no longer able to contain himself.

"Glad you enjoyed it." A blue glow showed from behind her cloak as she quickly sealed the slash that had hit her, though she had dodged most of it.

"Are you alright?" Beast Boy asked, still not moving.

"Of course," She said, after she had sealed up her wound. She moved back over to where he was and grabbed the sheath. She covered the blade and used the strings from the display to strap it to her back. "That was entertaining, huh?"

"You have no idea," Beast Boy said, holding her hand and pulling her through to the next room.

Having defeated the five generals, the Chromatically Challenged Couple walked down the hallway. It didn't change to any different matieral, though it became more homely.

The walls changed from concrete to what you would normally see in a home in Jump City, drywall with paint over it. It began to look like a home. They moved slowly when it changed, afraid that something would jump out at them. Beast Boy was in front, with Raven close on his heels. He moved with purpose, using his night vision and increased hearing to scout.

They found themselves in a lobby area, with hallways heading different directions and a staircase going down. Raven pointed towards the stairs.

'Down there, I feel an energy source.'

Beast Boy nodded and moved towards the stairs. Heading down, they came into a room with a swirling portal. Minor demons were all over the place, though they hadn't detected the two yet. Raven drew her blade again, and crept into the room.

Within an instant, she had killed four demons that had been guarding the portal. She drew her blade up and tried to slash the portal, but met with the magnetic field and her blade was forced back.

"Damn, we'll have to close it some other way…" Raven said.

"Jinx's curse!" Beast Boy blurted out.

"She said it would explode, back up," Raven added.

"Truth, Justice, and a Slice."

The converter which was humming quietly below exploded violently. Clouds of smoke billowed from the portal as it failed to sustain power and wobbled. Had it not been sealed in by the magnetic field it most likely would have become a black hole.

"You're serious?" Beast Boy said, waving the smoke out from in front of him.


"It was that easy to shut down the portal?"

"We had to fight demons to get here."

"At least you got a cool new form and I got a cool new blade."

"Yeah, you should definitely incorporate that into your outfit, it looks awesome."

"Let's explore here a bit. Maybe my father is here."

"Right, after you."


Trigon sat in a room that was on fire. Corpses lay around the room. In a rage of fury over losing to Slade, and losing control of his body, he took it out on a group who had stumbled upon him. He just felt the portal close, and his generals were all dead. He had to find them. He had to complete his object and kill his daughter and the Changeling to prevent the prophecy from coming true.

Many centuries ago, before Trigon had become Trigon the Terrible, he was a lowly demon. He had stumbled across an ancient painting within a cave on his home-world. It showed a green figure and many green animals, and a giant shadow surrounding him. The shadow took the shape of a Raven.

He had spent years looking at the pictures and trying to figure out its meaning. Not much was ascertained, aside from the fact that this figure was the most dangerous person in any universe, the ultimate weapon, the ultimate power.

Trigon had set out across realms destroying and conquering anything that he possibly could, in an attempt to rid the universe of such a power. He wanted to be, and was currently the most powerful being alive and wanted no challenge.

The boy would have to die.


The Chromatically Challenged Couple wandered throughout the home that they were now in. It was definitely a main base for Slade. It had a giant TV, a kitchen, an upstairs with bedrooms, and down the separate hallways that the couple had explored, many labs and rooms full of computers.

They didn't find Slade, nor Trigon. It was empty aside from them now. The demons had been dispatched and the portal had been closed. They had achieved every objective they had set out to accomplish except for confronting Raven's father and defeating him.

Raven was at a loss, she was sure that he would have been here defending the portal. Perhaps he had noticed that the portal was closed and was avoiding them?

Suddenly, Beast Boy and Raven both fell to the ground. Neither moved, neither showed signs of life.


Raven and Beast Boy awoke in an abyss. Raven's eyes widened, this was the place from her nightmare. A sole tree occupied the only place within her vision.

'What's wrong Raven?'

'He's here. I've been here before.'


'I had a dream about this place… a nightmare.'

'What happened?'

'You were dying…'

'No worries then, I have no intention of dying.'

Raven stood up, as did Beast Boy, and they walked slowly towards the tree. It was grey, though the leaves still on it were splattered with color.

"Welcome, dear daughter."

Trigon walked out from behind the tree. His black demon form showing now, instead of Slade's body. He walked with purpose, right up to both of them.

"I assume you wish to kill me?"

Raven nor Beast Boy said anything. Raven instinctively reached for her blade, which was missing, and lowered her hand back down. Ready to shoot a blast of energy at him at any moment.

"What have you done to us?" Raven asked.

"You know what I have done."

Raven gritted her teeth, "You moved our souls to a realm for a fight."

"It would have been a waste of time for me to come to you in that Island base. So why not end things here?"

Beast Boy, having grown tired of Trigon, quickly shifted to a grizzly bear and swiped at Trigon. He took a step back and backhanded the bear, sending it flying.

"I will kill him slowly… in front of your very eyes, daughter. He will know the true meaning of pain."

"Don't count on it. We've learned some tricks."

Raven stuck her hand out, remembering the image of her sword, and created one from pure energy. She began to quickly swing at him. Keeping him busy and attempting to decapitate him. One of the few ways to kill her father, who was currently immortal, was to sever the head and send it to another dimension. The other ways were much more brutal.

Beast Boy, recovering quickly changed to a cheetah and ran full speed at Trigon. Changing last second he morphed into a Rhinoceros and charged full speed. He landed a hit on Trigon, who didn't budge. Beast Boy was knocked out of his form, and promptly kicked in the face. He skidded back a few paces and laid there.

Raven, having noticed the nasty kick Beast Boy took, attempted to pull her father's attention back. Before she knew it, she took a hit to the face. Before she was able to fall to the ground, her father landed a flurry of hits on her chest, legs, and stomach. Raven fell back and landed hard on her back.

Trigon walked over to where Raven was splayed out on the ground. She looked up, half of her face swollen from the cheap shot, right as his foot connected with her forehead. He placed his foot on her neck, and Raven, with what little energy she had left, began to try and shift his foot off. It was no use.

'Is this where I die?' Raven thought as the cloud of death surrounded her vision.

Suddenly, the cloud receded, and she noticed the pressure was missing. Opening her eyes slowly, she saw a ravenous Beast Boy who was now in Beast form, swiping furiously at Trigon, who was now giving ground up.

"You'll do well to remember that this is my realm, changeling."

A guttural sound came from the Beast's throat. He roared and charged. Raven could barely keep up with him. Beast Boy moved with a speed that would put Kid Flash or Más y Menos to shame. Trigon sped up as well, almost keeping pace with Beast Boy.

Then it happened, Beast Boy landed a blow. Trigon's armor near his arm shattered against the Beast's claws. Trigon, now seeing he was touchable, upped the ante. He swung out as Beast Boy came back again; landing the blow and knocking him back. He continued the assault, much as Beast Boy had and swung at the boy. He landed multiple blows, though Beast Boy was able to dodge some.

He was losing ground now to Trigon. It was taking all his attention to just dodge the couple hits he was taking, and maintain his form. He was suddenly up against the tree, and could no longer back pedal to avoid hits. Trigon sped up and unleashed a flurry of blows as his hands ignited.

Raven watched in dismay, trying desperately to move. Trigon stopped his assault, and looked over at his daughter. He walked over to where she was attempting to get up, and grabbed the end of her cloak. He dragged her over to where Beast Boy was, and held her up.

"Look at your precious Changeling," he ordered.

Raven looked down at the tree, and saw a lacerated Beast Boy. A single tear ran down her face. It was the same image she had seen in her nightmare. All that was missing…

"Rae…" he said as he reached out his hand.

"NO!" Raven shouted.

She gathered what energy she had left and conjured her blade, it was fueled with rage, and popped into existence ignited in black flame and facing backwards. She jabbed it backwards and caught her unsuspecting father right in the stomach. She was instantly dropped. She came crashing down next to Beast Boy, and instantly crawled the last couple feet over to him. She quickly looked him over and raised her hands. Using what energy she had left, she healed what she could.

"Don't give up on me, Garfield…" she said, weakly.

"I'll never give up, Raven."

He grabbed her hand, which made her stop healing. He stood up, and once again, transformed into the Beast. The transformation was almost instant now. Raven looked up as he rushed off, and then blacked out.


Raven awoke in a frozen tundra. She hadn't been here before, and wasn't sure how exactly she had gotten here. Was she dead? She spent a lot of energy healing Beast Boy, but he had stopped her before she had used up all that remained.

"You're not dead."

Raven rolled over and sat up, looking at where the voice came from. It was Beast. The one that she had just seen Beast Boy transform into.

"But… you changed…?"


"What happened?"

"You're unconscious. You spent too much energy healing."

"But how am I here?"

"Beast Boy is quite the character isn't he?"

"Don't change the subject."

"He did it."

"How did Beast Boy get me here?"

"This is his mind. He used the link that you created to project you here before he let go of your hand."

Raven thought for a moment. 'How does he know how to do that?'

"He didn't, I had to teach him."

"Wait, you can read my mind now too?"

"The link, remember?"

Raven sighed, and stood up.

"So where are we?"

"You're inside Beast Boy's mind."

"Well, now I know how he feels when I bring him with me."

"Yes, indeed. There is someone you need to meet."

"I have to get back out there and help Beast Boy, or he'll be killed."

"You doubt him that much?"

"I don't doubt him, I just know how powerful my father is."

"Garfield knows Trigon's moves now, and you did more to help him than you realize."

"I only healed what I could."

"You did something else too. Come, walk with me."

Beast turned and strolled off. Raven sighed and followed him. When would she be able to just spend time with Beast Boy, or at least get a straight answer for once?

"So what do you need to show me?"

"Something that you should have seen long ago."

"Look, I'm tired of riddles, can you just tell me?"

"I can tell you."

"Will you?"


Raven groaned, and the Beast merely smiled, if you could call it that.

"Patience, Raven. Garfield is fine, and you need to see this. You can help him from here."

They walked through the tundra and upon the horizon, a forest could be seen. They proceeded to walk once they got to the tree line and walked deep within the forest.

"Why am I not cold? It is snowing after all."

"Beast Boy."

"He's preventing me from being cold?"

"Technically. He loves the snow, but despises the cold. So the snow is aesthetic."

"I see. How much farther are you taking me?"

"No farther, in fact."

"No farther?"

"Yes, go ahead of me into this clearing. You'll need a few minutes before I rejoin you."

Raven was hesitant. Beast stood stoically like a statue and refused to move. Raven ended up giving up and walking into the clearing. At first glance it was empty. Then halfway to one side, was a small boy who was building a snowman.

Raven found it odd that a child was in Beast Boy's mind, but Beast brought her here to help, so she may as well try and talk to this kid.

"Hello?" Raven said, walking towards the boy. He was no older than six, and had blonde hair and pale white skin. It wasn't until she got over to the boy, that she noticed he had emerald green eyes.

"Hello Ms."

Raven wasn't good with kids, but was going to attempt to be the nicest she could.

"Hello there… What's your name?"

"My name is Garfield! What's yours?"

Raven smiled, it was her boyfriend, only he was six. "My name is Rachel. It's very nice to meet you."

Six year old Garfield smiled at her, and she returned the smile.

"Wanna help me?" He asked.

"Of course!" She said, bending down and scooping some snow up, placing it on the snowman to make him more round.

"So, what are you doing here Ms. Rachael?"

"I came here to see you," Raven said, now understanding why she was here.

"You came to see me?" The boy asked, stopping what he was doing, obviously shocked.

"That's right."

"Why did you come to see me?"

"I need your help."

"What can I do?" The young boy looked up at Raven.

"She needs to meditate with us, Garfield."


"Yes, young one."

"Fluffy?" Raven asked.

"Don't ask," he said.

Raven smiled, hiding a laugh.

"Are you going to meditate with us Ms. Rachael?"

"Yes, if you'll let me."

Young Garfield sat down on the ground near the snowman, and the Beast sat down next to him.

"Come sit with us Ms. Rachael!" Young Garfield said.

Raven sat down next to the two.

"Now Raven, do you know what to do? Do you remember what you saw earlier?"

"I think so."

"Then you need to give what you can."

Raven closed her eyes and remembered the previous fight that Beast Boy had against Gerthun. She knew that she was going to be opening Beast Boy's latent abilities. She didn't know that he had them, until she was him use magic like hers in his Beast form.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos," Though it wasn't Raven who said it. It was young Garfield.

Raven smiled, and crossed her legs. She quickly joined in-sync with Garfield. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos."

The three were now chanting in sync, all three of them with energy around them. Raven's was black and resembled fire. The Beast and young Garfield had a green aura with black lines tapered through it.

Raven focused her mind, trying to focus on the auras that were near her. She was attempting to imbue the two with some of her energy, and possibly open more latent talents.

"Don't focus on us, focus on him," Beast said, trying to guide Raven.

Raven continued to hone her thoughts, finding her center and then locating Beast Boy's. Opening a soul and looking at it was less majestic than many made it out to be. It could easily be described by opening a computer. It had many parts that all worked in sync to create the person you would see before you. The parts create their personality and who they are as a person.

Raven located Beast Boy's, which wasn't too difficult, it was all around her. She opened it slowly, having never done this before.

"Good. Now see if you can transfer some of your energy."

Raven wondered how Beast knew what she was doing, but didn't question it. He had done nothing but try and support Raven and Beast Boy every step of the way. He couldn't risk hurting Beast Boy, as he needed to continue to live within Beast Boy.

Raven, after opening Beast Boy's soul, found some interesting things. The different parts of him were represented by orbs. All of them were white and has some sort of colorful aura around them. One however, did not. It was black, and on fire. It looked extremely similar to Raven's powers.

She pulled it closer and began to open it. Within the orb contained energy she had been storing, as well as his latent abilities. He could do almost everything Raven could.

'How is this possible?'

"We don't know, Raven. It's there though, and he needs them for the fight with your father."

"Please help him, Ms. Rachael!" Young Garfield's voice said.

Raven focused on the black orb and the powers that had yet to have energy reach them, and began to fill the ball up. It wouldn't take very long. She had already poured a huge amount of energy into Beast Boy.

Once completed, she came out of meditation to a different place. The areas that she had been through were still there, though now everything was floating, almost exactly like her mind.

"Thank you, Raven," Beast said.

"Thank you, Ms. Rachael!" Garfield said.

Raven merely smiled at both of them before falling backwards and blacking out, unable to sustain herself anymore. She had spent way too much energy healing Beast Boy, and then granting what she could before passing out. The last image she saw when she looked up was the sun, which was a light green and now shining down upon them.


Beast Boy had been holding his own against Trigon. After being healed he noticed he felt better than before he had started. He had shattered half of Trigon's armor and landed a swipe on him, and Trigon had connected some hits, but neither fighter seemed to be giving ground.

Beast Boy lunged forward to swipe and his hand was encased in black energy. He stopped short of Trigon, and Trigon himself froze. Beast Boy stopped and looked at his hands. He had powers like Raven's. How did he? Maybe Raven had done something to help him. He couldn't worry about that right now he had to stop Trigon.

He reared up again to swing and Trigon, not expecting this, barely dodged out of the way. He evaded around the Beast and moved towards the tree. He was quick, and made it before Beast Boy could catch up.

"One more move, Beast, and I kill her."

Trigon was standing over Raven's body, his foot on her neck.

Beast Boy didn't think twice. He used his newly found powers and grabbed Trigon's limbs, locking them in place. All inhibitions were gone, he couldn't focus on being in control. It broke free.

The Beast mauled Trigon's body, swiping constantly with his razor sharp claws fully extended. Trigon was helpless. He had powers of his own, but the strength and ferocity of Beast Boy's attacks were keeping him from concentrating on anything. He was bleeding profusely. Black blood spilled out from every open wound. His right arm had been fully severed and his other limbs weren't far behind.

Beast Boy was in a rage. All he saw was a target that was trespassing on his territory and he felt a strong urge to defend. He saw nothing but Trigon, and had nothing on his mind but death.

Beast Boy grew tired, and slowed down, finally stopping. A pool of black blood below what remained of Trigon was slowly seeping outwards.

Trigon fell to the ground, Beast Boy cutting off his powers and transforming back to normal.

He ran over to Raven who was completely passed out and raised her up into his arms, looking to make sure she was at least still breathing and that everything was alright. She had a couple bruises and some minor cuts, but otherwise, she looked perfectly fine.

"Raven?" He asked.

She didn't move, nor seemed to hear what he had said.

"Raven, wake up!" Beast Boy said, a little worried now. Did she spend too much energy? Did she need to take some back? Why couldn't he transfer some now on his own? He had powers after all.

Raven's eyes moved a bit, and Beast Boy relaxed a bit. He pulled her close and made sure to wrap her cloak around her, attempting to keep the pool of her father's blood from coalescing around her.

When Raven came to, she was looking up at the green emerald eyes that she had grown accustomed to.

"Hey…" she said, trying her best to smile.

"Hey… you scared me for a minute there," Beast Boy said, wrapped her up in his arms even more than before.

Raven smiled, and then looked down at his hands, "Watch where you put your hands, Romeo."

She then closed her eyes and passed out again, having expelled too much energy. She would need to rest before she was able to move again. She felt safe though, her last fleeting moments of consciousness. She was in the arms of the man who had saved her.

Beast Boy picked her up, bridal styled and began to look for an exit. He walked past Trigon's corpse and was heading in a direction he thought would yield results when he heard a voice laced with evil from behind him. It was Trigon, what little life remained, was trying to tell him something.

Beast Boy put Raven down carefully and walked back over to where Trigon was. He was happy that Trigon was dying. Raven hadn't told him, but the other ways to destroy her father was to completely bleed him out, violent and not the preferred manner, but definitely effective.

As he knelt down to hear Trigon's last words, he felt the anger and dark energy rise from within.

Trigon coughed up some blood and smiled, "You'll never get rid of The Demon Within."


Thank you all for reading The Demon Within. I know the ending is bit open to interpretation and there are a couple things left unsolved. There will be no epilogue as this story might very well possibly have a sequel, and a third coming along. I didn't design it to be a single story, so please, enjoy what you've read and wait in anticipation of my next story!

Thank you one again for reading.