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Chapter 5- Brotherly Bond and Finding the Dalken Gem

It's been a few days since Tyson and Yusuke fought and the Yu Yu Turtle gang tried to find the shadow demon with the Dalken Gem but they couldn't find it again. Tyson has his stuff at the door knowing Yusuke will kick him out. Yusuke put his hands on his brother shoulder. Tyson is in shock. Yusuke tells Tyson that decides he can stay. Tyson tries to talk to Yusuke but Yusuke tells him he doesn't want to hear it. Tyson sighs annoyed but know his big brother hasn't forgiven him. Tyson goes to living room and he watches the TV. He wants to play video games. He hears the doorbell ring. Tyson answers the door and it reveals to be Keiko. Tyson is shocked to see Keiko.

"Hi, who are you?" Tyson asks Keiko nicely.

"I'm Keiko, who are you?" Keiko asks surprised to see Tyson.

"I'm Tyson Urameshi. You're pretty, Keiko." Tyson tells Keiko as he kisses her hand.

"Thank you, Tyson, are you related to Yusuke?"

"Yeah, I'm his half brother."

"Oh, you're his cute little brother from six years ago. How…" Keiko starts to say but Yusuke cuts in.

"Kei, what are you doing here?" Yusuke asks confused looking at her.

"I came to visit, Yusuke, I haven't you seen in two weeks, my boyfriend should at least tell me something."

"Boyfriend? I'm sorry, Keiko, I shouldn't have said I didn't you my brother's girlfriend." Tyson says apologetic to Keiko as he starts to leave.

"It's ok, your brother isn't like you." Keiko tells Tyson while glaring at Yusuke.

"Hey, I'm right here you know!" Yusuke tells Keiko annoyed.

Keiko and Yusuke start to argue about how rude Yusuke is being. Tyson goes off alone in his room. He fixes more equipment. Keiko asks Yusuke what wrong with him. Yusuke tells Keiko he's mad at his brother. Keiko asks why. Yusuke reveals that Tyson is the bad guy. Keiko gasp but she tells Yusuke to ask why his brother is bad guy. Yusuke tells Keiko he doesn't want to hear it. Keiko wants to comfort Yusuke but he tells he's fine. Keiko tells Yusuke she'll talk to Tyson while he cools off. Yusuke sits there quietly. Keiko sits by Tyson who playing video games. Tyson pauses the game.

"Are you ok, Tyson?" Keiko asks Tyson seriously.

"No, I really screwed up with big bro. He doesn't trust me, Keiko. I'm the bad guy. I've made him angry before as a kid. I was a little troublemaker, six years ago, I did something very bad: I stole money from a teacher I didn't tell anyone not even big bro, and what I did came back and hurt him cause he got blame for it. He found out about and knew it was me who did it and got me out of the situation with the teacher, he and I got into fight about it. I told him I didn't want to see him again and we didn't talk after that…"

"You've made some bad choices, Tyson, you chose to be a bad guy. Do you want to be good guy and help your brother? He's mad at you. He also feels responsible for you." Keiko tells Tyson seriously but she continues. "Something I didn't see in Yusuke until later. He's your brother. He's mad and not trusting of you. But I know he loves you and he wants you to make the right choices. Don't worry he'll talk to you."

"I guess. He's my stubborn, snarky, caring big bro."

"Yusuke, a big brother." Keiko says giggling at the thought but turns serious again. "Here I'll play videogames with you."

"Really, wow thanks, Keiko."

"You're welcome.."

Keiko plays the video game with Tyson. Yusuke hears Keiko and Tyson laughing and he comes into the room. Yusuke sits down and watches Keiko and Tyson. Tyson and Keiko continues to play the game for hours until Yusuke asks Keiko can he talk to his brother privately. Keiko nods and she kisses Yusuke in the cheek. She goes into the kitchen to start making food.

"You know you're one lucky kid. You got hang out with dad."

"I know, bro." Tyson answers. "I did but he talks about you alot. He says you're a better man than he ever was. He always said you got in trouble a lot but when you had the near death experience you changed but dad wanted me to be like you. After that fight we had I got into more trouble. I went to juvie and mom was tired of it…"

"Hey, Ty, it's ok. You made mistakes and you trying to live your life and I'm sorry for yelling at you, I was disappoint that's all." Yusuke explains. "You shocked me and I kinda can't trust you."

"I know, I lost your trust, bro, and I want to earn it back."

"Ty, I know you will."

"Ok. Tyson says somberly but smiles mischievously at Yusuke "Big bro, your girlfriend is cute when are you going marry her?" making the spirit detective wide eyed.

Yusuke stutters nervously and turns beet red. Keiko also turns red in face embarrassed hearing Tyson from the Kitchen. Tyson snickers jokingly knowing he got his big brother. Tyson goes into the kitchen to help Keiko with breakfast as Yusuke follows behind. Keiko smiles at how well Tyson can cook. Tyson smiles back at Keiko. Tyson talks to Keiko and asks what she sees in Yusuke. She laughs and Yusuke chastises Tyson about flirting with Keiko. He tells Tyson he's making breakfast wrong. Tyson and Yusuke argue about Tyson's flirting. Tyson tells Yusuke he's better at flirting. Yusuke argues otherwise. Keiko laughs at both of them Yusuke, Tyson and Keiko eat breakfast. Yusuke's shell cell beeps. He picks it up and answers it. It's Don telling him they found the shadow demon Yusuke tells him he's on his way. Yusuke tells Tyson to watch Keiko and Rodney's coming to help.

Rodney comes to Yusuke's house soon after. Tyson and Rodney sit down and play videogames while Keiko watches them. Tyson and Rodney finish playing games while Keiko tells Tyson she's going to get some groceries for him and Yusuke. Tyson asks Keiko shouldn't he come with her to watch her. Keiko tells Tyson he has more important things to think about. Tyson kisses Keiko on the hand again and tells her thanks.

"Wow, dude, you're great with women." Rods say nicely.

"Thanks, Rods, I have an idea on how I can earn my big brothers trust back and I can still be a bad guy at the same time."

"Being a spy."


Tyson tells Rodney that he can get the info from Adonis and relay it back to him and he tells Rodney to tell Yu Yu Turtle gang what's going on. Rodney agrees to the plan. Tyson gets his radio and he contacts Adonis. Adonis answers Tyson, Tyson ask Adonis is he near Karai in anyway. Adonis says no. Tyson asks Adonis for a favor and asks Adonis where the Dalken Gem is located. Adonis tells him the creature with the Dalken Gem is near Sarayashiki Junior High. Tyson eyes widen and knows that's his big brother's old middle school. Tyson tells Rodney to find his big brother and others and tell them where the Dalken Gem. Rodney asks what he's going to do. Tyson tells Rodney he's going to find the creature before Karai does. What Tyson didn't know Adonis and Dr. Nartiv are almost to where the Dalken Gem is. Meanwhile Rodney finds the manhole cover that leads to the TMNT's lair. Rodney runs as fast as he could using his lightning powers as a boost. He is exhausted and he is almost there until he sees the doorway and he passes out in front of the doorway. Mikey sees Rodney he gets him up and puts him on the couch. Rodney wakes up and he sees Yu Yu Turtle gang standing over him.

"Rods, are you ok?" Mikey asks seriously. "What happened?"

"Tyson wanted me to tell you guys that the Dalken Gem is near….Sara...something...Junior High." Rods tell the Yu Yu Turtle gang tired.

"Sarayashiki!" Yusuke and Kuwabara yell out at the same time.

"Where's Ty at now, Rods?" Yusuke asks seriously and worried.

"He went to try find the creature before Karai does." Rods replies tired.

"What! Guys, we have to find my brother and Dalken gem before the bad guys do."

"I have a read on the Foot Ninjas. They are near Demon's Door cave." Don tells the others.

"We need to split up. Yusuke, Mikey, Kuwabara and I will try to find Tyson and the creature. Donny, Hiei, Raph and Kurama you guys try to stall Karai." Leo says to the others.

The Yu Yu Turtle Gang go their separate ways. Rodney asks what should he do. Mikey tells him to rest and recharge and join them when he's ready. Rods nod his head. Yusuke, Leo, Mikey and Kuwabara go in one direction and Raph, Hiei, Kurama and Don go in the opposite direction. Meanwhile Tyson in his tiger form is almost at the Yusuke and Kuwabara's old middle school. He gets to there and he see the vampire demon with the Dalken Gem.

"Alright, monster, hand over the gem!" Tyson tells the vampire demon seriously.

"Why should I, Mr. Urameshi, it makes me more powerful." The vampire creature says sinisterly as he creates an aftershock knocking Tyson over. Tyson growls angrily. The vampire demon appears behind him. "You are related to Yusuke Urameshi are you not." Tyson is in shock that vampire creature with his nails in his back.

Mikey, Yusuke, Leo and Kuwabara get to where Tyson is a they see vampire creature with his nails in Tyson's back. Yusuke is in shock and enraged to see his baby brother in trouble. Leo, Mikey and Kuwabara get their weapons ready just in case. Yusuke charges at the vampire demon with a glowing fist. The Vampire demon sees this and he moves out of the way with Tyson.

"Spirit Detective, if you don't want your brother dead, I suggest you and your friends put your weapons down." The vampire demon tells Yusuke.

"Don't do it, big bro! I'm ok." Tyson tells Yusuke seriously.

"Your choice, Spirit Detective." The vampire tells Yusuke.

"Urameshi…" Kuwabara starts to say but realizes Yusuke hand stopped glowing. "Guys, put your weapons down."

Leo and Mikey nods as all three put away or put down their weapon. The vampire demon smiles sinisterly as he stabs Tyson in the back causing Tyson to turn back to normal. Yusuke yells out to his brother as run to catch him. The vampire demon disappears. Yusuke panics as Tyson passes out.

"Ty, wake up, please, don't do this to me." Yusuke says worried as holds Tyson. "Ty…."

To be continued...