Hazy Declarations

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AN: Hitting a bit of writers block with Risks and Consequences. I got stuck on ONE word, and that messed up my entire flow. Maybe I will message some of you guys for assistance. But until I can escape this dilemma, here are five little confessions from Tony and Pepper. Some long some short. All cute and sappy! I love sappy! Sorry for any mistakes.

I walk through the glass door with the objective of giving him hell for not signing the latest set of contracts from Fujikawa. But quickly my resolve falters when I catch a glimpse of his ruffled hair peeking from the gap between his two smart screens.

His back is sure to bother him tomorrow.

Sleep has claimed him and has left him with his back arched awkwardly and his head firmly planted on his desk. His hands encircle his head, but it surprises me that he does not use them as pillows. He is a man that prefers comfort and appearance…at least that is what he leads the world to believe. So I smile to myself as I consider myself fortunate enough to see him for who he really is.

Quietly I walk towards the leather couch where a small throw blanket sits neatly folded. I make my way to him, almost in a tip-toe because I do not want the sound of my stilettos to rouse him from his peaceful slumber, and I drape the cover over him. This is a big space, and no amount of temperature control can quite warm the entire workshop. It simply is not retrofitted for sleeping down here.

My next intention is to walk out of the workshop and leave him be, but intention only goes so far before you actually have to do. And do I do not. Instead, I opt for smoothing his messy hair with my fingers. I hope he does not stir because how uncomfortable would that be. We have been getting closer ever since he was found, but I hate to admit we are not that close. Not yet anyway.

He does move as he scoots closer into my touch. So I hold my breath a little as I comb through his hair gently and examine his features. He looks nothing like the man that he carries around awake. He is not detached and sarcastic but completely trusting and honest. His face actually possesses certain softness. One that I admit would love to caress.

I am not sure if the feelings I get around him now are new, or if they have simply bubbled to the surface because of who he has become. Perhaps I was afraid of who he used to be. Selfish. Womanizing. Self-destructive. He has made a drastic change in his life though, and I could not be more proud. Well, I think deep down I have always admired him, because despite his old habits he is a great man with immense vision. I guess I have always been proud of him.

"Potts?" His whisper brings me out of wherever I just was.

I clear my throat before I try to retreat my hand slowly from his hair. "Sorry if I woke you."

He must sense my discomfort, and he chooses to pick at it…because that is what he does. "I had no idea that I included this into the job description." He smiles sleepily with his eyes still closed.

No response flows from my mouth. Partly because I am embarrassed and partly because I am amazed by the handsome way his lips twitch up into a crooked smile.

The way I see it, there are two choices: I can either mumble out an excuse for my transgression of sorts, or I can banter back to ease the tension. I choose the latter. "Don't get used to it; you don't pay me enough to do this regularly." I release my breath slowly so he cannot pick up on my anxiety.

With the same small smile he shakes his head. "I can change that."

While he gets the words out I bring my hand back to join me at my side. "You can't afford me."

"Hmm…or I can just fire you so I won't have to pay you to do it."

I smile softly at his relaxed form. "What are you proposing?" I tease.

"Not proposing." He mumbles and shrugs nonchalantly. "Yet."

My smile falls as I hear him. I know he does not mean anything he just said. I will chalk it up to a lapse in reason due to his sleepy haze. Nothing more. "Ok, Tony." I take the liberty to rub his back over the blanket almost in maternal fashion. "Good night."

I turn to let the sleep drown him again. I am almost fully out of the workshop when I hear him whisper, "…love you, Pep". And with a sigh he slips back into his dreamland.

You can imagine how difficult it is for anyone to ignore such words coming from a person that means the world to you. It is even more challenging when they are uttered by him with such sincerity and no inhibitions.

"Dim the lights, Jarvis." I whisper to the AI as I walk out and up the flight of stairs.

What will come from this I do not know, but I smile with hopes that Tony remembers this when he regains consciousness tomorrow morning.


Ugh, I almost "awww"ed myself at Tony's little confession.

I'm telling you guys, I love sappy. But then again, who doesn't?

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