I recommend reading "The Raven" by Poe before reading this, if you haven't already. This story is a continuation of that poem. If you need a link, just PM me :-)

Edgar Allan Poe was a poetic genius. This barely does his work "The Raven" justice but I thought it would be nice if the man found solace after the loss of the sweet maiden Lenore. Let me know what you guys think of the poem and what the symbolism I used means to you :-) I'd love to read your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

Dark, darker shadows approaching their towering peaks encroaching;

Agony consumes my soul. Oh! Pain for the lost sweet maiden Lenore

I plead, "Is she truly gone or is my affection a pawn

In the lies you spawn thereupon the top of my chamber door.

Such a dastardly guile for I surely will see her once more."

Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore!"

The squawk of the fowl resounded, its baleful shrieking surmounted

Bonds to ration tore, at the incessant crows of Nevermore.

With the cacophony abounding, its louring caws surrounding

Abruptly there came a pounding sounding at my chamber door.

Dread flooded my veins. "Tis the wind," I remembered. "As before

Only this and nothing more"

Roused from my nightmarish trance to my chamber door I cast a glance.

I hesitantly arose and opened the door once more.

When staring askance out into this vast atramentous expanse

By chance I found an olive branch atop the snow covered floor

A snippet of the spring to come, life amidst winter's bleak floor

This it is and so much more

As I turned and grasped this token of resilience unbroken

An alabaster bird caressed my pale cheek as it flew o'er;

It came to lie on oaken Lion without a word spoken.

Then the Raven's wings awoken, its proud eyes haughty no more.

The Dove swooped from its roost and swallowed the sable Nevermore.

Nameless here for evermore.

With triumph gleaming in its eyes, back on the lion the dove lies.

A serenity enveloped me, peace seldom felt before

"Thou must have devised such peculiar tranquility," I surmised.

"In spite of such reprise, my prior query I must restore;

Your name fair fowl, I am compelled with interest to implore."

Quoth the Dove, "Forevermore."

Oh! How I have tremendously missed devotion's infinite bliss

Not unlike the warm delight felt in the presence of Lenore.

Whenever I reminisce, I frequently feel pain's distinct hiss

But now a tender kiss to my scar is what the vision bore;

And despite her death, mirth follows the remembrance of Lenore.

Quoth the Dove, "Forevermore."

Assuredly in this jubilation is certain salvation!

Granted by a dove, bolstered by the lion, beside my door.

Redemption, an undeserved donation of endless duration,

My heart swells with elation. Despair shall dwell here nevermore.

I pray, "Is that distant utopia haven to Lenore?"

Quoth the Dove, "Forevermore!"

With those words uttered the ethereal bird was sent aflutter

Gliding adroitly to the pane the Raven came in before.

"H-Halt!" I stuttered as the dove crossed the threshold of my shutter.

Crossing the chamber's clutter, gawking after forevermore.

The sun ascending in the sky along with my faith once more.

Soul lifted forevermore!