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Get Free


Anessa Ramsey

            Spike couldn't help but stare at the crowd gathered at the Bronze.  He knew she was out there somewhere but couldn't see because of the lights on the stage.  She was probably wondering what he was doing on stage.  He didn't care.  It was time for it to end.  He was tired of having his feelings dumped on and being used for sex.

            Buffy stared at the stage as the first chords of the obviously loud rock song came on.  She hated heavy rock.  It was Spike's type of music.  It was open mic night at the Bronze so she had to live with it.  Willow and Tara were giggling softly and Xander and Anya were watching the stage when the lights flipped on, focusing on the man standing in front of the microphone, a guitar slung around his shoulder.

            "Oh my God!" Buffy said, eyes wide.  All the gang looked up at the stage and muttered equal exclamations of surprise.  They were quiet though when Spike began to sing.

I'm gonna get free
I'm gonna get free

I'm gonna get free

Ride into the sun

She never loved me

She never loved me

She never loved me

Why should anyone?

            She recognized the song.  Dawn played the cd all the time.  It was by a group called The Vines.  It was completely appropriate.  She paid attention, noticing that Spike played the guitar and sang…and he did it well.

            Spike closed his eyes, losing himself in the song.  The chords came naturally.  He'd spent days memorizing them.  It felt good to have a guitar in his hands.  It had been a long time.

            For the first time in weeks he felt free.  He was free of Buffy and her manipulations.  He was free of his past and the chip in his head.  He was himself.  It felt wonderful.  As the song came to a close he knew it was time to go.  He'd been in California for far too long.  He'd say by to the niblet then be gone by morning. 

            He thanked everyone and took of his guitar, hopping off the stage.  He almost made it to the door when he was stopped by the entire lot of Scoobies.  Buffy was leading them.

            The witches and demon girl went on and on about how good he was while the whelp said he could do just as well.  Yeah right.  Buffy just stood there, watching him.

            "Where are you going?" she finally said when the others stopped talking.

            "I've gotta pack."

            She looked like he'd just hit her, she was so stricken.  "Why?"

            "Because Summers, I'm leaving.  I'm going to say by to the bit and be gone by morning.  I've stayed too long."


            "But what slayer.  You love me?  Highly unlikely.  You want me to stay?  Just as unlikely.  What will you do without Spike to beat on or fuck to feel?  Do your friends know about that?  Why don't you tell them…wait, I just did.  You have no say in my life.  Go fuck Angel.  Make him all soulless again.  You like monsters…you'll love him."  All the bitterness and anger over her use of him spewed out and ran over them like molten lava.

            He turned and walked out, leaving Buffy to face an astonished group of friends.  She would have too, if she'd been able to move.  And then it happened.  She broke down in front of them.  The tears came pouring out…so did the whole story.